Star Wars: Outer Rim task force (Rp Thread)

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Zach felt something wasn't right all of his years of experince as a trooper was telling him this suddenly he woke up with a start a Chiss stareing down at him dressed in Jedi robes shook his head that classic Jedi "Poker face" expression evident on the man's worn features. Zach sat up and groaned rubbing the night's sleep out of his eyes mummering he walked over to his bathroom and closed the door. "0500 is truly an ungodly hour for a CO to be getting out of bed you know that Xerx?"

The Jedi master shook his head and walked among the quarters "Well a Captian should be a becon for his crew Captian Rodchester" came the reply as he looked down at some clothes strewn about the floor just as the door opened and Zach came out dressed in his Duty Uniform "Yeah well I don't feel like being a becon until Iv'e had my coffee" Zach said strapping on his blaster pistol "You know a vigorous walk will have the same effect captian" came the reply. Zach muttered and adjusted his collar "Well if it's all the same master Xerx...I prefer coffee before my PT" and with that both men walked towards the mess hall to meet with the rest of the crew.

Alysia sat in the mess hall, adorned in her Jedi robes, staring out into the void of space. She wasn't looking at or for anything in particular, just looking. The bent lights as stars passed seemed oddly beautiful, though she wished she could make out some kind of constellation so she could get her bearings. Well, bet her bearings without reaching out into the force.

She finished her meal of liquid-nutrients quickly; she never ate much because it wasn't in her nature, then stood to make her way back to the med-bay where she could do some good. Before she could leave however, the door opened, revealing Xerx and Rodchester. She smiled at their arrival; it was good to see Master Xerx on good terms with the captain this early in the morning; before said captain had gotten his coffee. "Good morning Master Xerx; Captain Rodchester. I trust you slept well?" she said, in her usual, overly-chipper tone; something truly alien at 0500 hours.

Grissk sat cross legged in his quarters on the ship, his lightsaber floating in the air directly in front of him. The steel walls of his spartan abode felt slightly less....close, was the best word he could find to put it. Behind him was his bed with a single gray sheet, and a pillow. Both looked to have never been used, as they should have. He'd grown up sleeping in a cage, there was no way he could find comfort in something as soft as the beds the Republic, or the Empire for that matter, had for even their lowliest recruits.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
No ignorance, but knowledge.
passion is but an obstacle to serenity
There is no death, only the Force

He sat there meditating as he did everyday after he awoke. Something to keep him from becoming what he once was, what he still was in part. His concentration slipped, causing the lightsaber to drop. He caught it easily enough and stood from his place on the ground and dressed. The vest and belt-droid went first, followed by his pants, and finally all was covered by the Jedi robe he wore when there was no need for him to be out of it. He said his greetings to the few he met, the droid translating for him, until he reached the mess hall. Once there he nodded to Master Xerx and Alysia, then sat down to quickly eat.

At a small table off to the side on the mess hall sat a single man eating his breakfast. The badge on his spotless and unwrinkled uniform marked him as Corporal, and the bars beneath were those of a recon specialist. Under all that was a black name pin that read "Corp. Devin Raiter".

Since he had sat down to eat, no other crewmen had taken the other seats at the table. But this didn't surprise Devin; he hadn't made any friends among the crew and he didn't plan to. In fact, it was likely that the rumors had already started. It seemed to happen where ever he was assigned. Eventually, word would get out that he used to be with the Empire, and then all bets where off. People would start suspecting him of spying, would start making assumptions. But Devin was used to it now. The mistrust, lack of eye contact, and dirty looks were just part of the job to him.

As Devin ate another spoonful of his breakfast, the Captain walked in and started chatting with one of the Jedi. It was bad enough that nobody trusted him, but having Skywalker's pet's aboard could only make things worse. Judging from Devin's own experience, the "New Jedi Order" seemed to have a very black-and-white view on the galaxy. The bantha crap from the normal crew he could take, but threats from a self-righteous Jedi would simply be to much. Mentally shaking his head, Devin returned to his meal, knowing he would probably loath the coming day.

It turned five military galactic standard and a formless beeping pulled Titus from the abyss his mind was inhabiting and into a conscious state. His neurometic was telling him that either his shift would be beginning soon or the ship needed him, either way he needed to be awake.

His roommates were beginning their daily rituals, so it seemed he wasn't needed immediately. He looked around for a moment before deciding he wouldn't be needed in his armour yet. He began pulling on his uniform, a simple thing that signified he was part of the ship's marine compliment. Then he checked his holdout, a small but powerful Arkanian blaster pistol that he kept strapped to the side of his leg at all times. It was there. So he pulled out his sidearm, a heavy blaster that had been issued to him about seven years ago, and placed it in the holster now on his hip.

He pulled out his personal grooming kit and began shaving himself, an action that he had ritualized into his mornings.

Seele woke from a dream, covered in sweat that glistening under the lighting of her quarter. She disentangled herself from the sheets and stretched before padding naked to the shower cabinet across the room. Defined muscles flowed under the skin, athletic and beautiful. Short blonde hair framed her face, highlighting her aristocratic features. Years of bounty hunting left her with scars that ran across her body, marking her flesh. There was a wild gleam in her eyes.

As the water washed over her she slowly rubbed her body with cleansing fluid, taking care to cover every spot and letting herself enjoy the sensual experience before she left the showering unit. A floating droid provided her single outfit, and she adorned herself with her equipment before leaving for the ship's mess hall. Jen was ravenous; her body demanded food, and her mind the opportunity to take in information and size up her comrades.

Kel had eaten his breakfast (tasteless goop was easily his favorite in the cafeteria) and was practicing his skills. He stood behind the Corporal, breathing faintly, mentally reciting the Jedi code while cloaked. When Master Xerx walked in, Kel dropped the cloak and walked over to him, giving a curt bow.
"Good morning." And Kel walked off, towards his room. He didn't much care for conversation, and he wanted his light saber. It made him feel safe. He walked past the Guardian who's name he forgot, but he seemed to ignore or not notice Kel. He sighed, and continued on.
His room was more lavish than the other padawans, he had gotten most of the luxuries they had denied. He was not sure why they did that, it didn't help force powers as far as he saw. Maybe it was a symbolic thing. He mentally shrugged, and retrieved the lightsaber on the table near his bed.
'And now what.' He returned to the mess hall, cloaked.

Lying on her bunk, she fiddled with the badge she had been given, it was emblazoned with the blue insignia of the new republic and embellished with white stars on black, the whole piece was bordered with a yellow trim. Below was her name, rank and position. Shipping her out here was a mean thing to do for expressing an opinion, but she may as well get on with it. No point on lamenting what can only be fixed by duty.

Realising it was soon approaching time for her shift, she quickly got out of bed, showered, tied back her hair and got dressed. Not in the vessel's standard uniform, but the simple black CEDF uniform and neatly pinned the badge onto it.

Sighing when she realised she was running late and quickly made her way towards to mess hall. Unfortunately people were blocking way in. Judging from their clothes, one was a jedi and one a member of the crew.

"Excuse me" she said, not wanting to barge through encase the crew member was a superior officer.

Kaelen hadn't slept last night. He was still laying in the exact same position as earlier, still staring at the roof. He still couldn't believe what had happened to him. One moment he had passed the Jedi exams and was celebrating with his friends, the next his master came with that damned saddened expression of him. Whenever he showed that face something was wrong, but he had never thought it would be that wrong. Kaelen was getting angry thinking about what had happened, he wanted to punch the wall or scream.

But as any Jedi knew anger is a dark emotion, Kaelen relaxed his muscles and took a few deep breaths. The anger slowly washed away, he sat up and rubbed his eyes. He had decided that he would show the Jedi council what he was worth on this mission, and he would keep that promise at all costs. Kaelen smiled thinking back to the crew members, there had been a few very 'interesting' females among them. His father has always interfered whenever he had approached one during a mission, but the old fool wasn't here now.

He stood up smiling as he grabbed his robes. He put them on and walked towards the bathroom. After finishing his morning routine he stepped out of the bathroom. He had one lock of his hair braided, as was common for padawans. He had sworn that before the year was over, he wouldn't have to wear it anymore. Kaelen grabbed his light saber, he span it around in his hand. He then placed it on his hip and walked out of the room.

Kaelen went to get some breakfast, it wasn't what you call good. But he had tasted worse, far worse. Kaelen quickly finished his meal, he then looked around the mess hall but didn't spot his new master. He had a bad feeling about his new master, he was afraid that he was even more stern then his old master. Kaelen looked around, and when he was sure no one could see him he grabbed a few empty cans from the garbage.

He sighed as he walked over to the training room, the one thing he knew would calm him down and relax him. He activated a droid used to help train with deflecting laser beams, he then placed the cans apart from each other at different distances. Kaelen took his position and grabbed his light saber. The lasers started firing at him at an incredible speed, it couldn't be called training if you didn't push yourself to your limit. Kaelen began deflecting the lasers, and using his particular style he managed to deflect all the laser beams without much problem.

He smiled to see that all of the cans had holes in them, his skills hadn't suffered under his anger it seemed. He was just about to go another round when he saw the door opening, 'master' Xerx and the captain walked into the mess hall. He sighed and sheathed his light saber, he wasn't looking forward to seeing them at all. Kaelen looked at the cans, and then his hand. He smiled as he used fold space to teleported all the cans into the trash can, it wasn't necessary but it was fun. Kaelen walked into the mess hall and sat down at a table, not wanting to draw his new masters attention to him. He was feeling bad enough without some old fart trying to command him around.

Titus finished shaving and pulled his vibrosword from his locker, it was a beautiful piece of Echani technology that had been handed down to him from his father. He inspected it briefly before placing it in it's sheath on his back.

He checked that he still had his badge and nodded to his comrades who were still going through their rituals, before leaving for the mess. When he got there he noticed that most of the Jedi were there, as well as a few of the troopers, the imperial, and a Doshian.

He walked to the serving area and got himself a cup of caf and some of that liquid nutrient crap, they insisted that he couldn't go game hunting while he was on active duty so it would have to do. He went to an unoccupied table and began to drink his meal, passively observing the others while he did so.

"Pops I'll be back" Zach said as he went to the serving line to get breakfast leaving the Chiss and his ghostline apprentice. Xerx simply shook his head and looked over to the padwan he had taken in and trained as a healer "You will have to forgive Captian Rodchester my apperntice" he said ruefully. "It seems he belives that Master Skywalker sent us to act as chaprones for this task force of senator oragana-solo's" Xerx then smiled "As for how I slept it was quite peaceful...I find the void of space quite relaxing and it helps with both medataion and pleasnt dream" he then turned towards a small vending machine and put in a credit pressing the button for a choclate bar and some bantha jerky "I will see you later at the temple for medatation seems today will be another busy day" he said before turning back and walking off.

Devin jerked his head around as the Jedi appeared behind him. He was about to say something, but the Jedi was already walking away. As he returned to his meal, he remembered a bit of advise that his old Sargent would say: Never trust anything you can't see. Devin wondered if the Jedi was within his rights to lurk behind people like that.

Devin let his eye wander and spotted the Trandoshan a few tables away. Though he was dressed in Jedi robes, he didn't look the part. Something about his demeanor, the way he walked and talked, made him distinct from the rest of the Jedi aboard. Devin realized he was staring and returned his gaze to his half-empty tray.

After a moment of consideration, Devin decided to forego the rest of the bland meal. He tossed the rest of the nutrients into the nearest trash bin and returned the tray to the mess staff. Then he walked to the table that the Captain had taken. Devin stopped before the Captain and gave a crisp salute. When the Captain returned it, he dropped his hand to his side in attention. "Excuse me, sir." he said. "But I'm unfamiliar with protocol regarding Jedi with cloaking abilities. Are they permitted to..." Devin trailed off, trying to find a polite way to put it. There had never been any Jedi to worry about in the Stormtrooper Corps. he thought bitterly. " lurk behind other crewmen, sir?"

Fortunately before there was any real fuss, the 'crew member' moved away towards the serving line. In hindsight it would've been better to have addressed the 'crew member' as captain, then again, she couldn't go back in time change it. Inwardly sighing she stepped past the two Jedi and made a beeline for the serving line. Getting herself something not to dissimilar to what they served in the academy and found herself one of the few still empty tables to sit at.

As she sat and ate she pondered on what the other members of crew thought of her, she wasn't the only Chiss on board but from what she had heard Xerx had been born outside of the reach of the Ascendancy, that was something at least. However, with the suddenness of her transfer to the ship they probably thought that either she had done something to warrant it, which she had, or she was a spy.

"What? What? No, let me make one thing crystal clear, Chief. The Ace is my ship. I don't care what regulations you have, you are not going to make any alterations to her." Cadius rubbed his ear at the deck hand's rapid-fire Huttese. He again thanked whatever God might be listening that he was able to do this via comlink rather than in person. "I don't give a damn, my presence aboard this ship was requested. Do you want to take it up with Bel-Iblis?"

His presence had been requested, but asking him if he wanted to take it up with Garm Bel-Iblis was a simple trick, basically a lie without actually lying. He didn't -say- Bel-Iblis was the one who requested it. Just very heavily implied it. His presence here had more to do with his connections to Talon Karrde's organization.

And even those were pretty tenuous. But it was generally understood that Ace of Sabres was one of the more reliable crews and ships around, assuming you didn't mind the eccentricities of the duo. Where is Hektorr, anyway?

The Huttese got lower, and real quiet for a minute, then turned into some particularly rich and quiet cursing, Cadius barely able to understand most of it, although he did catch a part about a bantha that devours its own waste. Charming, he'd have to remember that one for other times.

"So you'll leave my ship alone? Thank you, Chief." He didn't give the deck chief an opportunity to respond, just clicked off his comlink and turned his attention back to what he had been doing.

What -had- he been doing? Oh, that's right, circling this same section of ship for the past five minutes. He glanced at a security officer who was looking at him like he'd grown a third eye or a second head. It didn't take a genius to guess that he'd probably walked past this guy, yammering into the nearly invisible comlink in his ear nearly a dozen times. Good to know that he was already developing his reputation for insanity, although in this case more through skillful albeit unintentional mimicry rather than intentional, outside the box planning.

Eh, it didn't really matter. You get to the same point either way, the only difference is that his usual path had better scenery than gray durasteel and bad uniforms.

Mess Hall was nearby, he noted. Lunch time was soon, wasn't it? Or was it breakfast? Or dinner? He couldn't remember anymore, he'd had his arms buried in the Ace's guts for most of the night and now his perception of time was all messed up. It didn't help that he'd made the mistake of letting Hektorr brew the caf for the work, and the way he made it the stuff could awaken the dead and was classified as a Class III narcotic, with possession punishable by five to ten on Kessel.

Ironic that you get sent to Kessel for drug offenses usually caused by possessing stuff -from- Kessel. He chuckled to himself as he stepped over the threshold. Officers and crew were scattered around in their usual pockets as he stepped into the line to get chow, eying the substance they laid onto his plate with an eyebrow cocked. Shipboard food was rarely good and never exciting, but somehow he found himself clenching in terror at the thought of Republic cooks. He'd spent most of this jaunt so far aboard the Ace of Sabres, repairing and modifying her, and besides it was where he was most comfortable anyway.

Unfortunately now shipboard supplies were low, and he found that as terrifying as Hektorr preparing a traditional Wookiee dish was, the prospect of Republic cooking was more nightmarish by far.

Titus's roommates (eight men) eventually caught up with him, taking positions at his table or around it him with similar meals. Conversations included the lack of quality of the meals, black listed gear going around the ship, imperial MRE's, and striking it as mercenaries. Which honestly was the norm for them, they weren't given much leave because of "the nar-shadaa incident."

Zach blinked at the pliot that had brushed by him he noted the Orion patch on her uniform but he couldn't get her number. It wouldn't matter he would figure it out when they ran flight combat drills in the simulator after lunch. As he grabbed his meal a marine came up to him and Zach noted the rank as the man spoke. "I'm gonna kriffin strangle that Chiss with his own rope belt" he said annoyed as the Corpral told him about the Jedi watching over his back. He then fell back in his seat as a beep came in on his wrist comlink.

"Good afternoon Zach" came the famillar voice of Han's wife, "Good morning...for us Senator" said Zach as he sat up at attetion. "So whats so important that you would call me personally?" Leia smiled and transmitted him a quadrant map "We have been getting reports from Bespin that Black Sun and Hutt backed privteers have been attacking gas shipments and have been exorting freighter captians for "Protection" money. I don't have to tell you how important it is that you show the republic's might in this matter. The hutts and criminals need to know they won't be tolerated in this new republic...good luck captian and may the force be with you."

As the transmission cut out Zach turned to Devin "Well you heard the woman...looks like we actually have stuff to blow up"

The master didn't seem to notice him which surprised him a bit. He smiled though, this meant there wouldn't be a Jedi lecture this early in the morning. He was almost about to go back to training when he spotted a female Chiss entering the room. Kaelen smiled brightly as he looked at her, she was his type of woman. She was wearing a black CDEF uniform and seemed to have a high rank on the ship. Kaelen was confident about his appearance, he had just washed and shaved too.

He decided to go over to her and talk to her, they would be on this ship for a while, the least he could do was make some friends. He stood up and walked up to the woman with a confident look on his face. Not overly confident, just confident enough to not look cocky. He looked at the woman and smiled, "Would you mind if I sat down here, beautiful?"

Kel followed Devin, and spoke up at his complaining.
"I can, and I will" He spoke clearly, coming out of his cloak again. He was grinning, but noticed his subordinate was having a lot less fun than he.
"And now I'll stop." Kel walked off, finding a fellow Padawan. They always make for better conversationalists. He went for Kaelen, who was hitting on a chiss he didn't recognize. He sighed, and sat down with them.
"Hello, madame, what is your name?" Kel smiled lazily.

Devin was caught off guard by the Captain's vulgarity. He had been expecting a much more professional and strait forward response. "Can I take that as a no, sir?" Devin said, still at attention despite his surprise. Before the captain could respond, his comlink beeped and he took the message.

"I can, and I will"

Devin whirled around the see the Jedi from earlier, grinning like an idiot. He was about to snap back to attention to address his superior, but the Jedi had already walked off again. Do Jedi have anything better to do than bother crewmen? Devin wondered, but kept his feelings concealed.

Finally, the Captain finished talking on his comlink. "Well you heard the woman...looks like we actually have stuff to blow up"

"Yes, sir." Devin said, snapping back to attention. He couldn't believe how excited the Captain was for combat. In Devin's opinion, there had been enough of that during the war. "Shall I await orders in the garage, sir?"

Zach stood up and nodded "Yeah head back to the barracks for now. Zach stood up finshing breakfast and made his way to the bridge pulling out his comlink "Xerx meet me on the bridge as soon as you can" he said as he walked down the hallway muttering to himself he would be in his office waiting for Xerx and the two of them would make plans

As she lazily ate her food and pondered on what the rest of the crew were like one of the Jedi approached her; judging from his attire and the single braid that dangled from his hair and caught behind his ear he was one of the many padawans aboard the vessel. Had the master already decided to send one of his apprentices to lecture her? It was a possibility, but from this ones demeanor she doubted it, he confidently swaggered up to one of the seats opposite her and asked, "Would you mind if I sat down here, beautiful?"Definitely not.

Bemused by this Jedi she casually gestured to the chair opposite her, "Not at all," she replied and waited for him to take a seat before she continued, or tried to.

Another Jedi approached and this time instead of asking if he might join her, he lazily slumped into another one of the seats opposite her and and said, "Hello, madame, what is your name?"

"My name is Trefs'tren'ifsano, but you can call me Streni," She said remembering that other species had trouble pronouncing names rooted in Cheunh, "What might I call you two?"

The woman seemed amused and gestured to a seat opposite her. "Not at all." Kaelen smiled and sat down. It seemed the woman didn't mind his compliment. Suddenly Kel sat down on a chair at the same table, Kaelen looked a bit annoyed. Just as things seemed to be going well Kel had to appear. Kel looked like a nice guy but he was reducing his chances.

"Hello, madame, what is your name?" Kel asked. "My name is Trefs'tren'ifsano, but you can call me Streni," Streni? That sounded like a nice name. "What might I call you two?" Kaelen's smile reappeared, "my name is Kaelen Amon. Unofficially a jedi knight, officially a jedi padawan." He stretched out his hand and shook Streni's hand. "Also. You have a pretty name, Streni." Kaelen was smiling more innocently now.

'Well THIS is breaking a few codes.' He sat down when told he could, mostly just half paying attention. He didn't want Xerx to find this out. He seemed a fan of group lectures.
"My name is Kel, the magical disappearing padawan." he waved his hand in the air theatrically before vanishing. He proceeded to start eating, not bothering to take the cloak off.
"Sure I can't call you Tres'tren'ifsano if I wanted to, Streni." He was grinning, but still invisible. Kel felt like an ass for what can basically be summarized as 'magical cock-blocking', but he felt Kaelen needed it, and this was somewhat entertaining.

Grissk finished his own meal and stood up from his seat. After placing his tray on the stack of trays awaiting cleaning and wandered to where the padawans sat around a Chiss woman.

"Padawans, let this female eat in peace without your disturbing presence,"The droid translated,Forgive them please, they are still young and have not yet learned to control their emotions to the fullest extent."

He turned to Kel poked where he believed his neck to be with a claw,"Now finish eating where you are visible to all, the crew does not need to feel they are being watched from every crevice and shadow of the ship." He again turned to the Chiss woman,"Again I apologize on their behalf if they caused you any grief. When you are done, search and find Master Xerx, it will be a good exercise for you. I will be waiting with him. There is a disturbance in the Force." The last part was meant to be a joke on his part, though a Doss smile is a bit of a vague expression to behold.

He walked the corridors of the ship until he found Master Xerx, on the bridge. Grissk did not enter, instead standing out side, awaiting the padawans and the Jedi Master.

"OW, my arm!" Kel turned visible again. He was starting to dislike this one, at least Kaelen was passive-aggressive. He got up, and gave a weak apology to the Chiss about time wasting, before heading off. He dumped his food in the nearest waste thingy, before turning invisible again. If you have it, why not abuse it? Kel smiled, and turned back to visible when he found Grissk.
"Hello. I control myself pretty well. Just saying, don't judge angry-pants."

"Hello. I control myself pretty well. Just saying, don't judge angry-pants."

"You have yet to pass the trials young padawan, and neither have you seen the universe in all its beauty and savagery. I was not always with the Jedi, young one, I know exactly how easy it is to fall. But as I asked you before, do not *Translation Error, cross-referencing for understandable equivalent* cloak yourself in light around the crew of this ship, they will have enough problems should we run into danger out here on the outer rim without you adding to their woes."

Alysa had returned to her second helping of the morning's coffee. She didn't really like the taste of the strange beverage, but she did enjoy the stimulating effects. She knew she had to be careful with the substance being a Ghostling; caffeine overdose was a real possibility.

It was as she finished that she noticed the other Padawans getting into a bit of a fight; apparently over not abusing force powers and/or women. Somehow, this didn't surprise her in the slightest. None-the0less, it would need to be curtailed, else she'd need to fulfill her job as Medic earlier in the day then normal.

Floating over to the other Padawans, she tried to break them up. "How about we all calm down; you know what Master Skywalker has to say about letting out emotions control us, right?" she said to Kel and Kaelen, the two most likely to get into trouble. Then she turned to Grissk, adding "This is just a suggestion, but maybe you shouldn't phrase your concerns as an order; humanoids tend not to respond as well when ordered."

Cadius took in the mess hall. Mess was the right word for it, a bustle of mercs, Jedi, and Republic personnel jockeying for space and the largest helping of whatever nightmare substance this was that passed for nerfloaf. He sunk his fork into it and tried to lift it to his mouth, only for it to apparently liquify and slip between the tines back onto the tray.

"I'm pretty sure this needs to come with a gallon of either juma or painkillers."

He switched to his spoon and loaded it, then slid it into his mouth as quickly as possible.

The worst part really was that it didn't taste all that bad. Something this horrendously awful, this badly prepared should feel like being stabbed in the mouth with disgusting, and it made Cadius contemplate just what it was they put into this. Nerf was right out, nerf did not move like that on the tooth. Gornt? No, not tough enough.

"Is this Mynock!?"

Cadius knew that on some planets they voluntarily ate Mynocks, even considered them a delicacy, but Cadius was firmly of the opinion that those planets needed serious help.

Needing a distraction from the horror in his mouth and on his plate, he looked around. This that a Chiss?

Blue hair and skin with red eyes...Cadius had heard of the Chiss and the Chiss Ascendancy, they were the boogeymen of dozens of spacer tales, bizarre, dogmatic, isolationist aliens with strange technology. His only direct experience with them had been during the Thrawn War, working with Karrde and the Smuggler's Alliance. What the hell was a Chiss doing on a Republic warship? Chiss/Republic joint op? Not a spy, no spy would be that stupid. Maybe a defector?


His concern shifted to amusement as he watched a Jedi wearing a blindfold start trying to flirt with the Chiss. The compliments might work better if it wasn't blatantly obvious you can't see. The comedy was unfortunately cut short by another Jedi walking over and behaving like a hooting jackass, using some kind of cloaking ability to act like the invisible spaz.

Note to self, start carrying thermal sensors. He spooned another mouthful of the unidentifiable meat product into his mouth, doing his best to swallow before he could taste it or think about it.

Xerx was on the bridge making plans to head towards the hylian way where most of the attacks have been taking place "The shivsasten will be relucatant to allow....excuse me Captian" Xerx turned and looked to the door "Grissk you may enter...I take it kel and kaelen are acting like younglings who just discovered thier ablites agian?" he said walking over to the door and opening manually not that he couldn't just use the force but more out of respect for Zach and his crew. "I suppose I will have to make training and medtation today that much stricter as it seems they have engery to burn" he said with a chuckle as he stepped aside to let the Knight in

"You should have that ghostling of yours find a way to keep em from harrasing my crew it's bad enough yer idealistic pretty boy farmer/sith lord's son master convinced his sister that having Jedi on my ship was a good idea." Came a reply from Zach who was bent over a table looking down at tatical maps. Xerx turned back to Zach "Captian..may I remind you to act the role of a Republic Captial Ship Captian, You are not among your cantina buddies from the rebellion anymore there is no need to be uncivilized"

Kel made a mental note to not make people stick to the celibacy thing in the future. Just makes him the bad guy. At least the Chiss seemed smart enough to not fall for his colleagues flirting.
'God help us when a jedi figures out all the uses of the mind trick.' He smiled, though he was annoyed he wasn't allowed to practice his go to. Not like he'd ever need to turn invisible or anything, golly, how could that ever be useful? He shook his head, and barely paid attention to the accomplished jedi, and his threat of stricter meditation. He actually liked that part anyways. His mind turned to loopholes. He could simply half cloak himself, but seeing the top half of a jedi would be worse than just going whole hog. Better yet, sod the business and go do some combat training. He went with that one, walking off.

"My name is Kel, the magical disappearing padawan." Kel waved his hand and he turned invisible. Still, through Kaelen's eyes nothing changed, Kaelen used the force to see. So someone using the force to cloak themselves was just as visible as anyone else. "Sure I can't call you Tres'tren'ifsano if I wanted to, Streni?" Kaelen was starting to get annoyed again, he wanted Kel to go but he didn't seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Then Kaelen noticed Grissk approaching. Great first Kel, then Grissk, just leave me alone dammit. Grissk started speaking and the bot started translating "Padawans, let this female eat in peace without your disturbing presence. Forgive them please, they are still young and have not yet learned to control their emotions to the fullest extent." He is calling me padawan and trying to tell me what to do? Who the hell does this guy think he is?! Kaelen's face betrayed a hint of anger as he looked at Grissk. "OW, my arm!" Kel said turning visible. He said something about having to hurry and walked off. Kaelen sighed, he didn't want to go but he thought it would be best to leave too.

Kaelen was just about to leave, when Alysa appear. Not another one.. Kaelen was starting to get very sick of the other Padawans. "How about we all calm down; you know what Master Skywalker has to say about letting out emotions control us, right?" Great even more people trying to lecture me, they aren't even a higher rank then me, dammit. Kaelen stood up and smiled at Streni, "I am afraid I must go now, I hope to see you again later." Kaelen smiled as charmingly as possible, then turned around and walked towards his new master.

"Grissk you may enter...I take it Kel and Kaelen are acting like younglings who just discovered their abilities again? I suppose I will have to make training and meditation today that much stricter as it seems they have energy to burn" Kaelen sighed, this just wasn't his day it seemed.

Kaelen walked towards the room and heard the captain and his new master arguing. He didn't much like his new master but at least he had proven himself, the captain was just another Jedi hater it seemed. Kel walked the other way, he seemed to head towards the training room. Kaelen would have joined him, if he hadn't interfered earlier. But now he didn't want to join Kel in skipping meditation. Kaelen decided it would be best to play the part of the good little Jedi for now, he only needed this master permission and then he would be instantly promoted.

Titus finished his meal and left the mess being annoyed at the building idiocy of the conversation his roommates were having. He went back to his quarters and began armouring himself in the set he had been building since he had been pulled from the fire all those years ago.

He had it on except for the pack, his kit, the kama, and the pauldrons. But they wouldn't matter if the systems weren't working properly, seals holding, HUD cycling, smart-link functioning, air filter functioning, vibroblade functioning, energy shield nonfunctional.
He started plugging the rucksack in, making sure it's systems were interfacing correctly, seals interfaced and holding, HUD interfaced and functioning, smart-link functioning, air filter interfaced and cycling, air supply functioning and full, vibroblade functioning, energy shield nonfunctional.

He looked at his locker pulled a datapad out and with a stylus wrote "shield still fucked, where did Katarn get a running one? Needs research."

He pulled his kama out and attached it to his belt, then pulled his pauldron out and attached it to his cuirass. He then began the long process of making sure all of his kit was functioning and still interfacing correctly with the armour

Yeah head back to the barracks for now.

"Understood, sir." Devin said, and left the captain's table. He was quite surprised at how... how unprofessional the captain acted. In the Stormtrooper Corps, and indeed most Republic units he'd served with, the commanding officer was much less lax. The difference was almost disturbing, and it definitely made Devin uncomfortable. The irony was not lost to him, however. To think of all the times he's complained to his fellows about overly stern officers, and the one time he has a relaxed and casual superior, that very trait makes his skin crawl.

As he moved to leave the mess hall, he spotted a grease monkey of a man, probably one of the hired pilots, trying to stomach the mess on his plate. As the pilot took another spoonful, Devin realized he recognized him; he was the captain of the privately owned ship aboard, though he couldn't put a name to the face. He approached the table and spoke up. "Excuse me, but you're the captain of that ship in the hanger, aren't you?"

"Hey, you're Cadius Eldane, aren't you?" Jen Seele exclaimed, cutting him off and pressing her body against his. "I've heard of you- wow, how it must feel to be such a swashbuckler! I love adventurous men! You will show me your ship, right? Oh I can't wait to see the inside!"

She arched her back, giggling like a schoolgirl, showing ample cleavage and turning her head upside-down to face the men he was talking to.

"Come on, let's go!" she chirped, pulling his hand. Outside, they passed an astromech droid, D1-G4, on it's way to the utility modules.

Cadius wasn't stupid. He knew a fight when he saw one. And the woman from Aridus alerted him- and his Wookie friend was close behind...

The bounty hunter had found the smuggler. The rest was the capture and covering of her tracks by destroying the ship. She shuddered, the shudder of a woman who feels orgasm approaching.


In an instant, the droid D1-G4 was engulfed in a surge of energy that blasted outward in every direction. Other droids were thrown through the air in a ferocious storm of lightning and vaporized metal. The walls and ceiling collapsed in molten slabs and the entire section shook. The pressurized oxygen tanks were impacted, caving in and releasing their compressed, liquid contents in a second explosion, ignited by the heat and energy. The chamber became an inferno, fueld by the air as a torch.

The bridge computers responded immediately, sealing off the section and cycling through an emergency check and self-repair. The words flashed across panels;


Cadius looked up from his mouthful of unidentifiable meat, chewed, swallowed. By the stars, you could lose a dog in this woman's tits. He cocked an eyebrow at her flirtatious dialog. Space, she's laying it on thick.. He looked at her for several seconds. Waited for the punchline. Then noted the pair of blasters on her hips.

A pair of blaster pistols isn't standard issue. So she's a merc like me...or she's not supposed to be here. And Mercs don't behave this way.

"Sorry, ma'am, my partner and I have a strict policy. No hookers aboard the Ace. Besides, I'm just getting over the last time I got an infection down there and I'd prefer to not get a fresh one." He pushed his plate back and got to his feet, heading out of the mess hall. "Nice tits, though."

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