We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Nice poem. Got another? Can we just be done with this shit already?" Marco responds.

"Of course. But I don't think I remember any of them... I was young when I left there." Cassia explains.
"Sounds about right..." Savranth comments.

Felina and Ashley watch as the five beastkin leave the building in a hurry. "What happened in there?"

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"I guess..." said Rita as she walked further into the area, seeing if there was anything at all left over in the destruction

Envy howled in pain as the arrows and fireball hit him. While he was under assault he raised the pistol and fired 4 shots in the direction the fireball came from before leaping to the side to avoid the arrows again. He continued to run towards the town as his boiled/burnt skin and arrow wounds healed up.


"You're the death of rats?"

He looks at the gesture. "Hmmm? What are you looking at?"

The Death of Rats nods at the first part, and slumps at the second part, he makes the same sweeping motion again, like he's looking for someone. He gets on his shoulder, and points him in a direction.

"Well don't chase them! They've been through a lot. They probably assumed you were going to try and do something horrible to them." Jessica said to Tao, letting go of her coat with a sigh. She went off and searched through the rest of the building, looking for rooms and areas she hadn't been in and checked yet, as she had no intention of leaving anyone in the building.

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You bastard. You complete bastard.

Tao hurriedly left the building and looked around for any sign of the fish girls.

Dal'Sheed walks in the direction.
"Ooookaayyy... but if I get chewed by rats to death I'm blaming you."

Ness nods then looks toward Cassia. "I think I came across someone who may be related to you, Miss Cassia. She currently runs an inn in Lakewest." But... she's not a beastkin... Right..?

Rex just watches Tao run out and scratches his head. "...I don't want to chase her, but she might try to eat them."

The death of rats begins to look around, and points in another direction. Eventually, they see a lobster girl.

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... Wait why can he talk

"Nothing. Nothing comes after death. Obviously. You're just meat." Marco replies.

Jessica would find that the other rooms, all had themes, and seemed to have some pretty obvious purposes. Beyond that, though, no other beastkin were in there. And luckily it seemed the group caught this place at a time when there were no 'clients'.

"I wouldn't know anything of that. What makes you think we're siblings?" Cassia asked.
"I'll admit that I was seeing the resemblance, but I don't recall her having any ears. And she and the man had a daughter..." Savranth stated.

The beastkin that Tao had tried to chase were now long gone. Thanks to Jessica, they had been given a head start.

Death sighs, THEN FEEL FREE TO THINK OF SOMETHING, PREFERABLY QUICKLY. he said, as he watched him disintegrate, ever so slowly.

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Tao tried sniffing the air to see if she could follow the fishy scent.

"And who might that be?" He asks. "You know her?"

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Rita would find some houses at the edge of being were partially spared form the destruction. The roofs of almost all of them were destroyed, as well as the outer walls of some. Between the debris, there were no bodies to be found, however.

Margaret screamed when one of the bullets ripped through her left her. Her focus thrown off by the pain temporarily rendered the enhanced senses null, leaving several beastkin who were relying in her as blind as Envy was. Those that were remained where they stood for the time being, while others who were guided by an other beastkin with sensory enhancing magic followed Envy.

As Envy entered the town, he was being watched from nearly all directions. "Fire... Fire bad..." the voices continued to say before all shouting it, almost in unison. "Fire bad!!" Through the fog, the legion of angry forest inhabitants came rushing forth, 200 strong. Most of them resembled most of the living humanoid trees were hunched over, thick brances shooting from their backs, but others stood upright. These were smaller and had carvings in their shoulders, and some even carried bones on the branches on their backs. In the distance, even larger shadows could be seen moving, albeit slowly.

Entering the town, the treants saw Evaline and several other beastkin try and put out the fire, and thus they ignored them, instead turning their attention to Envy.

The death of rats shook his head, and continued to point foreword.

@Nail: Envy has a gun that shoots fire bullets.
The treants are trees.
I wonder who has the advantage...

Having found no one else in the building, Jessica was rather pleased. She walked over to where Marco's body lay. How's that guy still knocked out? And who's that weird guy standing next to him? She thought, since having been electrocuted, it wasn't immediately obvious to Jessica that Marco was dead. She ignored the other man for now and poked Marco's body with her foot.

Dal'Sheed continued forward.

"Ummmm... hello?' He hailed the lobster girl, not really sure who she was, or why the rat thing told him to go to her.

Rita wandered into the remains of the buildings, rooting around for anything that could be useful, though she had no idea what would possibly meet that objective.

Looking at the treants Envy made a "wow" whistling noise before raising the pistol and rifle and emptying the clips of both weapons into the crowd of innocents trying to put out the fires. He had experience with guns, and was a pretty good shot because of it, but not a marksman. Once the clips were empty he turned and started to run from the town yelling behind him "This is just a taste of what Legaia has in store for you! Be sure to bring out the welcome mats when we come!"

The death of rats shook his head, and pointed in a direction. He seemed to think he was close.

Ness shakes her head a bit toward both Sav and Cass. "I understand that she had no ears... but the resemblance was uncanny to say the least. I had to at least ask. Also, why is having a child a factor in proving their relations?"

Rex exits the building and starts to walk toward the shopping district, yawning a bit.

Dal'Sheed looked in the direction, a little bit frustrated.

What are you wanting me to do here?

"Whatever..." Marco said as he disappeared.

His body didn't move when Jessica kicked it.

"Human and beastkin very rarely have children. Probably a factor in why they were... here." Savranth explains.
"That is true." Cassia confirmed. "So odds are she wasn't a beastkin."

The girl looked at Dal'Sheen.
"Someone is chasing us. I think she means to eat us!"

The death of rats sighs, points in the direction, and makes a walking gesture using his claws.

Death looked at Jessica, HE'S DEAD. he said.

Tao caught the scent and started to follow it, moving very quickly to make up for lost time.

"Who is chasing you?" He said, emphasizing the "who."

Rémy tried to follow Ness and Sav's conversation.
"Well, it seems that what this man is trying to say is that this other woman had a child and the child DIDN'T have animal ears, therefore suggesting that neither of her parents are 'beastkin'. Of course, that gives us three possibilities, that I can see," he replied to Ness.
"One; this 'Paprika' woman actually is beastkin, and somehow hid her ears. This suggests that a beastkin and a non-beastkin can have non-beastkin children. This would mean that it's also entirely possible that Paprika and Cassia are half-siblings, and Paprika has a human parent, therefore was not born beastkin. The third possibility is that it's a massive coincidence."
When he heard Savranth and Cassia's explanations, he continued.
"If it is rare, and beastkin hide their true nature, it's entirely possible there are many beastkin/non-beastkin families out there, who are birthing non-beastkin children, and because the beastkin parent is disguising themselves, nobody questions it."

Death of rats sighed, got off Dal'Sheen's shoulders, and began moving in the direction he was pointing... Tao would probably notice him, considering he literally ran directly in front of her.

Ness puts her hand to her chin. "I see..." But... there's still a chance... She sighs and shakes her head, giving up on the idea. "I shouldn't have brought that up. My apologies." Hearing Remy, she raised an eyebrow. "Yes, most of what you said makes sense. Now that I think about it, she was always adjusting the bonnet she wore, a lot more than one should..." She puts her hand to her chin once again.

Rex continues to walk around the shopping district, lazily shuffling a bit.

Jessica gave Death an odd look, then knelt down and checked Marco's pulse. "Dammit! I needed to talk to this guy!" She yelled as she confirmed what Death had said to her. "You don't happen to know who killed him, do you?" She asked Death, not looking up at him.

@Wacky: So I'm kind of unclear on this, what would Death even look like?

Looking in cubboards, Rita would find various foodstuffs, both canned and otherwise. She would also various tools elsewhere in the house. Aside from this, she wouldn't find much else of use, all the valuables having been taken already.

Envy hit some of the beastkin trying to put out the fires, but since the fog was still hanging thick in the air, none of the shots landed were fatal, although as was the case with the incendiary rounds, this hardly mattered. Some of the from the rifle hit the treants, ignited their bodies. Howling in both pain and anger, they continued thier chase, the smaller ones catching up quickly, even with Envy's superhuman speed. One of the hunched over treants that approached from the north side of town stabbed its fingers in the ground, there the roots extended and traveled towards where Envy went, explosively bursting forth when he was near. Wrapping the roots around Envy, the treant slammed him three times against the ground before tossing him back towards where the quicker treants were.

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"Not a problem. I brought it up, anyway." Savranth replied.
"Well, I'm going to go see about getting home, I suppose..." Cassia said as she got up to leave.

"I don't know. Something in a hood." The girl said.

Rex would find several shops. Clothing, weapons, food, technology and many others.

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