We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Sasuke jumped to the side, dodging the bullets. "Help! im being shot at!" sasuke yelled loudly, trying to atract the atention of teh authoritys.

Yukino aimed the best she could as the missile flew at the city before launching a massive, explosive crescent fireball in its trajectory. "It's my cash cow, goddamnit.."

"I see."

Rémy stopped and stared at the fireball.
"Never mind, I think I found them." he said, stunned.


OoC @Remy: Oh dear...

"No, don--!" Savranth called out upon seeing Rémy pull up the crystal sphere towards himself. His warning came too little too late, however. The moment Rémy pulled the sphere towards him, the airship flew up sharply, hitting the ceiling of the docking bay, leaving a dent in the hull. When Rémy started spinning around, the airship did too, spinning and tumbling around in the docking bay, smashing against walls and other airships. Eventually, it hit the floor on its side and rolled out of the docking bay, going into freefall.

As the fireball hit the missile, it detonated prematurely.. Unfortunately for Yukino, this was no ordinary missile. As it went off, the explosion fed off the oxygen in the air, the blast rapidly expanding because of this. The blast radius grew up to 600 feet, with the shockwave produced by it yielding the same force as 80,000 pounds of TNT. With the city caught within the blast, nearly the entire thing was evaporated. What remained began plummiting to the ground.

Sasuke call out, and the bullets impact behind him, Thyme hit the floor almost instinctively, the other patrons who happened to be inside the Spice Rack soon after following his example.

Hearing the comotion, and still put on edge by the stunf Ridicully pulled a day earlier, five soldiers began making their way towards the inn.

@Nail: What? Why wouldn't pulling it towards himself make it reverse? "Anyway, it worked, didn't it?"

"FINE! You pilot it!" Rémy released the sphere to let Savranth take over.

Brooke looked around.
"Hmm... I wonder what the commotion is." she said as she calmly walked to the Spice Rack.

OoC: @Nail Forgot to say, the pistol is silenced. So it hardly makes a sound.

OOC: Hey. What have I missed?

The shockwave caused Yukino to stumble and fall off the edge of the city from the top of the tower. She stared in shock for a moment as she plummeted down. "...Woah... Not as planned..."

"Indeed." He notes the soldiers beginning to run toward the sound of gunshots. "Oh... something to do... Cool." Rex starts to follow the soldiers toward the inn.

@Outis: Legaia blew up Icarus' city, and Yukino put everybody on a ship, which Rémy crashed during takeoff and is now falling to the ground.

Sasuke sprinted after the Roookie, if he caught up to him he would tackle him to teh ground.

The Rookie was suprisingly fast for a guy still recovering from severe injury, and Tophat cut the connection between Sasuke's mind and his legs momentarily, causing him to fall forward.

@Outis: Legaia blew up Icarus' city, and Yukino put everybody on a ship, which Rémy crashed during takeoff and is now falling to the ground.

...Cool...So where is Rosh, or what was the last thing sne did with her characters? And how do you crash something, then fall to the ground?

@Outis: I dunno, dunno and it rolled out of the dock because Xiphatian engineers are dumb.

Befor sasuke fell over he threw three shurikens imbude with electricity at rookies legs, causing him to be stuned and trip over.

OoC: What's going on? I've been gone for the last few pages... Grace and Tedd are on the ship?

@wacky: Yeah, they are.

@Outis: I dunno, dunno and it rolled out of the dock because Xiphatian engineers are dumb.


OoC @Trilby: What Savranth said. xP
@Remy: More or less? o.o
@Kirke: Edited.
@Outis: Rosh's characters are on the airship along with everyone else who was on the flying city. Also, the airship hi the ground and rolled out of the dock because Rémy messed with the controls.

"Package delivered, target destroyed. Moving back to rejoin the fleet." the captain of of the heavy cruiser called in as it and the five light cruisers headed north.

The airship now in freefall, Savranth and everyone else who happened to not be buckled up in a chair fell towards the front of the ship, either smashing against the window or a chair. Savranth cried out in pain, the rough ride doing no favours for his broken bones. Making his way to the steering crystal on his knees, Savranth pulled it towards him, making the nose of the airship go up. Once the ship was steady, Savranth let go of the crystal. "Pulling the sphere towards you makes the airship fly up higher. Pushing it down lowers it. Swiping your hand over the surface of the sphere steers the ship..." he explained with a pained voice.
Fortunately, as it was falling towards the ground, the airship ecaped the blast radius of the missile.

Unfortunately for Rockbyrd, much of the burning debris from the once flying city landed there, making it and the surrounding area approximately 80% more destroyed.

The Xiphatian soldiers continued making their way towards the Spice Rack. At this point, Tophat could like sense their pressense a few blocks away.

The Rookie screamed out in pain as he landed and quickly rolled over on his back, facing Sasuke. He took his Silenced SMG and fired a stream of bullets against Sasuke.
(To the Rookie: Listen up: The military around here isn't so fond of tech, so we better get going!)

Sasuke dived behind a wall/into an ally. He threw a 5 more electric shurikens at the Rookie's arms and legs and one at the bag with Tophat in it, the last one sasuke had added more electric energy into, making sure it would peice the bags outer layer..

Yukino sighs as she falls before beginning to focus. The black mist begins to cover around her again as she looks at the city crashing into the city. "Looks like salvaging all the mythril is possible now..."

Rex shrugs at the scene of Rookie and Sasuke. "Well then... I'm not gettin' involved in that."

I suppose Tao is in the ship, trying to hold onto a chair.

Echo was in the hotel.

"So glad you decided to mention that before I nearly crashed the ship into fucking everything. It could have gone REALLY FUCKING BADLY!" Rémy snapped, rubbing his head. "Maybe tell your engineers to install a fucking manual. Or maybe, a logical CONTROL SYSTEM!"

Grace watches as the city was decimated... and just watched.
"Those poor people..." she mutters, as she slowly got up.

Tedd had made sure to buckle his seat-belt, because one thing he knew was that, when you're stuck with a broken arm with someone who dosn't know how to fly that thing, you buckle your bloody seatbelt in case of a crash.

The Rookie rolled to the side, avoiding most of the shurikens. One hit his left arm, paralysing it. He holstered his SMG and threw a grenade towards Sasuke before getting up and running again.

Tophat made Sasuke see several copies of the Rookie, running off in different directions.
OoC: @Silver: Tophat is in a armoured rucksack, so not really a chance of piercing it with a shuriken.

"You really think any of them decided to stick around to see what would happen to the flying city that erupted out of the mountains?" Rémy asked Grace.

The mist took the form of wings again and Yukino managed to right herself before flying down toward the rubble. Wonder what I can loot here...

Savranth slumped into the co-pilot chair with a groan. "Whatever..." he said to Rémy, not having the energy to argue.

Yukino would find very little lootable objects between the debris. Small fragments of mythril, at most no larger then a forearm aside, anything worth salvagin was either evaporated within the blast, or burried under mountains of debris.

Grace sighed, "It's destroyed their homes, their possessions, everything they didn't bring, at lest for those who left... Those who stayed probably lost their lives." she says, her antenna's drooping.

@Kikre Ah, okay.
Sasuke threw a regular shuriken at the granade, stoping in mid air and knocking it back little. Sasuke then jumped forwards, out of his cover and struck the ground with his sword, electricity began arcing out of the sword and traveign across the ground towards all of the copies.

The grenade exploded in mid-air and, being a frag grenade, sent deadly shards everywhere. A few pinged off the Rookie's rucksack and helmet, though thankfully none hit a vulnerable spot. The Rookie glanced over his shoulder and saw the electricity, before getting caught by it. He, and all the copies, fell to their knees and panted.

Following the obvious sounds of conflict, the five soldier arived on the scene where Rookie and Sasuke were fighting. Swords raised, they assessed the situation. Sasuke, who used magic, versus Rookie, who used guns. The decision who to help was quickly made. "Die, Legaian dog!" Two of the soldiers threw small fireballs at Rookie. Another ran over to Sasuke, a magical shield raised.

Yukino sighs a bit at the massive lack of mythril she would be able to find. She casually begins to pick up what she can and looks around for any intact evacuated houses afterward.

Ness returns to the library in Winterhorn and starts looking for a book on the Wild Lands.

@Nail would the authoritys be here by now? Nevre mind then, lol :p
Sasuke focused his chakra and pushed the sheild soldier aside once he had identifyed the real Rookie, as if to say 'i've got this'. He then dashed over to the Rookie, avoiding the fieballs(if he did get hit by any excess fire he would likely not be harmed as he is quite resistant to fier) and hit him in the side(by his holster) with the blund, but still electrified, edge of his sword. the SMG would likely be damadged and the bulles would have ignited from the sparks. The Rookie would likely be unable to get up. "And stay down!"

The Rookie gasped, but as he had been holding the SMG in his hands, all Sasuke hit was his leg. He fell over, and took out a frag grenade.
(To everyone nearby: Stand back or you will be blown to bits!)

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