We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Tao are you okay?"

OOC: @Outis. Is she covered up now? I thought she was somewhat naked earlier.

Tedd looked at Grace, and slowly works his way up, and shouts, "H-h-hurry!" (s)he says, before falling down due to his Broken Ankle.

"I didn't wait until now to tell you all. A while ago I said 'Just get him free of that stuff and I can try to get him out'. But apparently no one heard me." Jessica said to Rex. She reached over to allow Savranth to lean on her and said to Ness, "Alright, now just let me carry him. It'll be faster if I just do this the normal way, and I can't really do that if we're both holding onto him." She instructed Ness.
"I've been busy looking into things on my own, since you all decided to mill about in that horrible city longer than I ever wanted to." She answered Savranth.

OoC: @Nail, I actually have no idea what a DNA test would reveal, if my next post takes a bit I'm looking stuff up

"Alright, I guess I'll ask around about getting to Shiantao then." said Rita as she wandered off in search of anyone who might look pretty knowledgeable.

"Roy" shrugged again "Yea sure, dunno what you're gonna find though, I'm not from around here, remember?"

"Hey Rocky. Tao didn't fly this thing very good, meow..." Tao said just as weakly before coughing and spitting out a large amount of collected blood.

OOC: @Outis. Is she covered up now?

I do not think that was changed, so no.

"Very well then. I shall be in the guest room." Loki said to Rita as she left, then climbed the strairs to the first floor of the main tower.

"I don't expect to find anything in paticular. As you said, you're not from around here. This is simply for registration purposes." Lazarus answered beofore shutting down the feed of the camera.

"This way please." one of the soldiers said, leading "Roy" to another room.

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Rita continued to look around for a person to ask

"Roy" followed the soldier

Ness complies with Jessica's instructions, leaving Sav to her as she leaves to find Dal and any others who need assistance.

Rex just scoffs at Jess before following Ness.

After a few minutes a doctor approached Grace. Kneeling down he began to heal her injuries. "I'll be with you in a minute, miss." He said to Tedd.

"I had some things to think over. And I agree. That one place... was sick... I do hope you're okay." Savranth asked Jessica with a pained smile.

OoC: Tedd's in Female form.

Grace groaned. The wound was pretty bad, and she seems to be suffering from a concussion... also, it seemed she was poisoned, perhaps? And... There seemed to be a arrowhead stuck in her leg.

Tedd started saying, "I'm not a-" He quickly chests his chest, and mutters, "Oh. Right."

Jessica did her best to ignore Rex as she helped Savranth to stand up. "I'm fine. Now let's get it to where you can hopefully say the same thing too." She replied to Savranth, initially sounding annoyed, but having some sympathy show through in the end. She closed her eyes, breathed in deeply, and focused for a few moments. An instant later, Jessica and Savranth appeared outside, near where the medics had set up, in a bright flash of light. "I got someone else who needs help over here!" She called out, occasionally panting and seeming much more tired than how she did moments ago.

The doctor was able to cure every wound and nullify the poison. "She should be fine, now."

Headmaster Anna was walking around the school's grounds.
These last few exams have been rather tiring. I do hope my students keep improving...

OoC: @Wacky: Check out the Codex for Healing Magic. Master Plus is the doctor's level. That should do it, correct?

Dal'Sheed hung his head and made an exasperated sigh. He didn't know whether to be laughing or mad. "Where did the ship come from?"

OoC: Correct, though the arrow will prove a mild annoyance. Nothing she can't handle.

Tedd nodded, "Okay... Okay..." (s)he mutters.
"And can you get her some cloths? And me, now that I think about it... Mens clothes for me, though, because... I don't like women's clothes?" Tedd says.

The doctor walks over to Tedd. And looks at his ankle. He places his hands on the boy's ankle and begins using healing magic to restore it to be like new. "When we get back to town, I think we can scrounge something up."

Some men help Savranth to lie down as a doctor looks over him. "How can he have so many broken bones without external injuries?"

Another looks at Jessica. "Are you okay, miss?"

Ness and Rex walk up to Tao and Dal.

Yukino stops searching the building and leaves Nightshire the way she came.

"I dunno...meow..." Tao said rather pathetically as she still struggled to get up. She gave a slight grin to Ness as she walked over.

OoC: @Nail, you still there?

Rita approached the headmaster "Excuse me, I was trying to get to Shiantao, but the only port city seems to be Port Letosh... how do people usually get there?"

OoC @Furioso: I am. This'll be my last post for the day, though.

The soldier leads "Roy" to a seperated part of the infirmary. "Please take a seat over there. Someone will be with you to do the procedure in a moment." he stated, pointing towards a bed and stepping aside. Not terribly long after, a person in a white coat entered the seperate room. "Alright then, let's get started. First, a mouth swab." the man in doctor said as he walked over to a cabinet and retrieved a cotton tip, sealed in a airtight plastic cover. "Open your mouth, please." After removing the cover, the doctor wiped the cotton tip on the inside of "Roy's" cheeck, placing the cotton tip in another plastic bag once done. "Now for a blood sample." Walking back to the cabinet, the doctor retrieved a needle from a drawer. "Roll up your sleeve and reach out your arm, please." After checking there was no air trapped inside the needle, the doctor looked for a vain and took a small sample. "Right. Finally, a finger print." Walking back to the cabinet once more, the doctor retrieved a relatively small metalic pads with a black screen at the top. "Just press a against this screen and hold it there for three seconds, then do the same until all of your fingers have been scanned." Once all of "Roy's" fingerprints were taken, the doctor looked over the scans to see if they were scanned propperly, then looked back to "Roy". "And we're done." With that, the soldier lead "Roy" out of the building.

OoC: And now I'm off.

Steiner made some make-shift crutches from the debris. He walked over to Tedd producing a cloth shirt from his pockets again "Here you go madam... Have I seen you before" His sword was on his belt now

"Some of the people who helped me to get him out fixed him up a bit so he wouldn't die of blood loss at least." Jessica answered the first man. With Savranth now taken care of, Jessica sat herself down on the ground and started rubbing her temples. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need a minute." She replied to the second person.

"Roy" complied to all of the doctors instructions. When the blood was drawn "Roy" un-rolled up his sleeve once the needle was out, at which point the tiny wound healed underneath the sleeve. The blood test would reveal human DNA. Once everything was settled "Roy" headed towards Rockbyrd

Tedd nodded, and got up.
"Good... Good..." he mutters, "Now Who else was hurt?" (s)he asked.

Ness returns the grin Tao gave her before walking up closer to inspect the catgirl. "Tao... could you tell me what happened?"

Yukino continues on her way to Rockbyrd with her sack.

The doctor began working on Savranth. His bones started resetting with a sickening crunch. He grimaces at the pain, but fortunately, it was far less than it previously would have been.

"Are you sure? If you have a headache, I can offer some assistance to you for that." The man said to her.

"I think we have got most of everyone.... Except him." The doctor said as he approached Steiner. "May I help you?"

"Oh? Well the ships from Shaintaio usually land on the shore on ship off their goods by other means. Or they use airships. Nightshire had a fairly large air port... But I doubt anything will be going to of from Shaintaio for a while. Is it urgent?" Anna asked Rita.

Tedd nodded, "It's okay... Just... I'm not sure, something about Quantum... It'll pass..." (s)he mutters, "Where's the one who was driving the ship?" (s)he asks.

"Don't worry about me. This is nothing, I've fought snakes bigger than that ship right there" He said despite all the pain. "Though if you could get me some new armour like my last suit I would be most grateful"

"I tried to fly the ship, but it didn't go so well...Can you get Tao up? This ground is all sharp and lumpy...meow..." Tao in her pathetic tone.

OOC: Tao's face can be seen by the way, but I can't link to a good one, so...Google it yourselves I guess if you're interested.

"...Yea, I've seen Nightshire... I do think it's urgent though. We were hoping that we could help put an end to the war. We don't really know what we could accomplish, we haven't even seen the place yet, but we have to try!" said Rita, her response influenced by Loki's revelation.

"Roy" continued to Rockbyrd

Ness nods slowly toward Tao, barely hearing what she had said. She picks Tao up, bridal-style. As she does this, Tao would notice that the same thing that happened with Sav would happen with her. The white light, healing factor bonus, everything.

She noticed Tao's face and smiled a bit as she walked. "Let's get you somewhere a little less lumpy, shall we?"

Yukino eventually hit the city limits of Rockbyrd and looked at the flames. "Hm... Even if I got jipped cash wise, the flames are still nice to see."

"You say that, but you're obviously injured." The doctor says as he halts Steiner. "If you could sit down, I could take care of your wounds."

"Well... I'm not sure. If I can help, I will try. Is there someone you need to speak to in Shaintaio?" Anna asked.

Rockbyrd was a diaster. Huge chunks of the floating city had fallen on it and lied around the town. Fire, smoke, and death seemed to ooze from it. While those who were physically able or willing to leave had evacuated when the city had risen, several other who were too sick or stubborn had remained and died in the collapse.

Tedd says, "I'm fine, I'm... Fine..." he mutters, falling to the ground.

"Alright, you have his Spellbook, Nansane?" Mr Verres asks.
"Yeah, his spellbooks are in his robe pocket." Nansane says.
"Good. Ellen, is his beer bottle full of that Battary Acid."
"Yep, He made a bit of Scrumble earlier, Filled in his hat." Ellen says.
"Good. He said he's ready before he knocked himself out, so I'll just slip this in..." He says, slipping in a small little note, a memory-stick, and a few misc items, along with a dress.
"Was the deodorant necessary?" Ellen asks.
"Yes, I'd rather he doesn't spend half his time stinking."

"Do not concern me. You should treat the others, It's a knights duty to bear wounds for the less fortunate. No matter how bad they are"

"No, I'm fine. It's just a little mental strain. It'll pass in a minute." Jessica replied to the doctor and she continued rubbing her temples. "I think some others are looking for her in the wreckage." If there's any justice in this world, she'll be dead. She answered Tedd's question. She wasn't really in the questioning mood, so she didn't ask Tedd about who he was.

"Thanks...What's your name?" Tao asked as she did her best to lean into Ness.

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