We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Rex simply rolled over as he heard the headmaster's voice. Small sparks came off of his arm. "zzzz...."

5 mech-type targets would still be visibly electrocuted from Rex's last attempt at improving.

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Having expected to have a chilly reception after having flown a dragon into the pallace grounds, Loki was looking around and spotted the airship heading towards his location. "Our welcoming party reveals itself. It would be best to stand here and recieve them, lest things take an unfortunate turn for the worse." he commented as he looked up, stepping out of the fountain.

Rita nodded at Loki "Let's hope they aren't trigger happy..." she stood hands at her sides, making no sudden movements or anything that could be construed as suspicious/aggressive

Etho begins to fly back up to Winterhorn, and back to the entrance, looking at the two guards.
<Etho> hey, you wouldnt have a map, would you? Etho said, a Jetpack and some Magic Boots of the traveler on.

Ardimas appeared in front of Loki. "State you business." He said with a stern look. He didn't exactly seem pleased to see these people arriving in such a fashion.

The airship slowly moved over their location.

Anna bent down and poked Rex. "Hello? Are you okay? You seem to have been training in here." She stopped and felt his forehead to make sure he wasn't running a fever.

Anna would feel that his body temperature was normal... well, for a demon, So she'd feel that his forehead was a bit warm. Rex mumbled something unintelligible before slowly rising to his feet. He lazily waved toward Anna looking a bit ragged. "Uh... hi. I'm fine, just worked myself a little bit. No big deal."

Ness was still snoozing a bit.

Bryce awoke, and slowly scooted discretely over to sit next to Vanessa. "hey, Ness. Wake up. Wakey wakey."

"Are you sure? You feel a bit warm. You might have caught a cold. Allow me to use my healing magic on you and you may feel a bit better." Anna said to Rex with a smile.

As a reminder:

Savranth jumped back using his High speed magic and allowed the pillar to obscure him. When it subsides he's holding his pistol in his left hand, lightning still coursing through his body, and proceeds to fire multiple shots at Yukino in rapid sucession taking advantage of his high speed magic to facilitate this.

Turning back to Tribly, after knocking down Felina's mech, Athena sees him throw the grenade and uses the water magic to redirect it into Legaian forces, where it explodes in a white flash. "Thanks for the assistance."

Nybeth's soldiers having broken all pretense do manage to shoot a few more, but are quickly decimated as a result, being shot up by the others.
"What is this? Some sort of Xiphatian bewitchment?"

The Golems continue their assault on the Mechs.

Meanwhile, Felina gets slowly to her feet and flies off into the air. "You brought this upon yourselves!" Several small compartments open up and fire missiles down upon the Xiphatian forces.

A shot rings out as a soldier dies. The sound of the shot comes from the East.

Xiphatian Forces
56 Soldiers
6 Golems

Legaian Forces
41 Soldiers
2 battlemechs

Loki looked slightly confused when Ardimas appeared before him out of nowhere. Either that was some form of teleportation, or I may yet not be the only person well-versed in the arts of concealing one's pressence. Recomposing himself, Loki said, "Our business here? We wish to speak with he who bears the crown." he answered, then looked back up towards the airship overhead. Why does that vessel approach still?

Nybeth's soldiers all fall down and stop moving, as is to be expected of people when they are shot repeatedly.
Hearing Felina's noisy declaration, Nybeth looked up into the air at her. Seeing the missiles, he could only assume they weren't anything pleasant meant for him. He ran for them as fast as he could, leaving the other Xiphatain soldiers to follow his example or get hit and die.

Jessica was still adjusting Ness' fedora, trying to find the optimal position for it to sit on her head without being either uncomfortable or making her look undignified while she slept.

Seeing as she had slept for about a minute, Ness opened one eye in slight annoyance. "...May I please get some sleep, Mr. Logan? I need to let my head clear a bit." She laid still as Jess kept trying to adjust her fedora. ...Huh. ...Maybe I should've taken it off.

Since the real Yukino was on the roof, she couldn't help but notice Felina's mech go up and fire on everyone. Not bad... She leapt high into the air, keeping her sights on Sav as her clone skillfully spun its scythe around, deflecting Sav's shots. It returned the favor by slashing the air and sending a black cutting wind toward him. "Hm? Is that all?"

Rex scratched the back of his head slightly before nodding. "Well, I'm a fool, so I don't really catch colds. But... if you insist, go ahead and use your magic." He put his hands into his pockets and waited.

@Nybeth: That's certainly 'doing something' about the missiles.

Trilby shrugged when he accidentally killed a group of Legaians, and drew his lightning wand. It started to pulse with electrical energy, until Trilby flicked his wrist, and launched a bolt of lightning at Athena with enough energy to, at the very least, disorient her, if it hit.
He then followed up by lobbing another incendiary grenade at Athena while she would be either distracted by dodging his first attack, or stunned by the lightning.

"well, I just figured out a way to get us out of here discreetly. and besides, its not like you need sleep that much. 8 hours is more a suggestion then an actual rule. actually no Caesar, 8 hours is the recommended amount of sleep for people that don't have to keep you entertained all day. Ass." he slowly pulled out a credit chit, and played with it, flipping it between his fingers.

@Trilby: He's a wizard. Arrows give him a hard enough time, what's he supposed to do about friggin' missiles?

Jessica gave up in the task she had given herself. She laid Ness fedora back the same way she found it and went back to sitting by herself with a sigh.

Ness sighed before sitting up and looking toward Bryce. ...This ought to be good. "What do you have in mind?" She asked as she readjusted her fedora and sitting by Jessica.

OoC: Oh sorry, didn't realize the show was back on the road!

"Don't worry, we're friendly." replied Rita to Ardimas, momentarily taken back by his teleportation

Savranth quickly holsters the pistol and holds up his left hand to form a shield to defend against her attack. Lightning strikes the ground near him, his eyes nothing but cold contempt for Yukino. Seeing the real Yukino drop down he dismisses the clone as trash and quickly dashes for the real one slashing at her with a a series of rapid, inhumanly fast and powerful slashes, lightning channeling through the blade.

Seeing the lightning and the incoming missiles, Athena forms a thick barrier of ice to protect herself from both. The grenade is does little to the thick shell of ice.

Felina's missiles, not being prevented from hitting hit several locations sending many soldier flying and demolishing a Golem.
She quickly drops from the sky and charges at Nybeth with her energy blade.

A shot rings out, the sound coming from the South-West.

The remaining Golems disable the last of the mechs and turn to the Legaian soldiers.

With Felina's aide the Legains begin to take a foothold and reform their ranks to push back on the Xiphatian forces.

Xiphatian Forces
45 Soldiers
5 Golems

Legaian Forces
35 Soldiers

"You wish to speak to the King? A bold request. On what grounds?" Ardimas asked Loki. His panther features revealing no sign of his intent, though he didn't seem pleased. "Friendly... Which is why you made no formal announcement and just landed in the courtyard?"

The airship stopped over their location and hovered in place.

"Very well. Hold still." Anna said, placing her hand on Rex's forehead, channeling healing magic through his body.

"well, you know how Yukino did the cloning thing? I think I can replicate it, since I got some beginner lessons in magic from a friend. On top of that, Caesar and I can code a temporary virus that would give you cloaking for a few minutes. After that, I just flip the coin, creating an invisible version of the portal I've been using, and we can pop up somewhere else, once you've explained the delicate... Political balance I seem to have missed here." he stretched, and looked over the other occupants with a mistrustful eye. "course, we can't let them stumble into the portal. WAOA frowns on citizens discovering they're in one of an ever expanding number of universes."

Trilby scowled, then ducked down, started circling again so that Athena wouldn't know where he was, and began to set up his Gauss rifle again.
He loaded in an explosive round, then aimed at a Golem and fired.

"Well if we weren't friendly why would we land like this? It would be sure suicide if we attempted any sort of attack, not to mention we had no way of making any formal announcement and had no other method of coming here other than a Dragon, tamed by my master here." responded Rita

Yukino smirked as she delicately hopped to the side of each of his slashes. He was nearly as fast as her, and she seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit. Since the clone wasn't dispelled, it runs up behind Sav and parries one of his strikes while the real one jumps up and launches a spinning roundhouse toward Sav's face. Black mist formed into a drill around her feet, threatening to pierce any sort of shield thrown to block it. "I've gotta say... I really like that face of yours~..."

Ness blinked blankly toward Bryce. "Even if it's temporary, I'd prefer not to come in contact with that virus, Mr. Logan, nor would I want to attempt portal hopping in such a confined space. However, I can inform you of the politcal and militaristic standpoint of this world." She then proceeded to do so, telling Bryce most of what she knew about it. The religious cults that may be involved with Valenchiern, some of the officials she had met, the fact that no one knew who fired the 1st shot, and that Legaia hates magic, Xiphatia hates tech, etc.

Rex didn't seem to register anything happening to him as Anna's magic went through him. "Thanks, miss... uh..." He paused as he waited for Anna to introduce herself.

"In addition to what my companion had said, How, pray tell, would you suggest I had made a formal anouncement when any normal means of reaching this island was lost to us? No ships of seither sea nor sky were available to ferry us to this place. Because of this, we opted for other means." Loki answered in responce to Ardimas' remark to Rita. "But to answer your question, I posses information that might prove valluable in turning the tides in the favour of Xiphatia. I have reason to believe it will be detrimental for the nation's war effort should what I have to say go unheeded."

OoC @Yukino: So good to find some one who has a passion for eating faces too. :D

Having regained some of his spell-casting ability, Nybeth stood his ground against Felina. He cast Petriburst again, this time timing it to intercept with her when she came in to slash at him. A burst of gas would once again spew forth from the earth in front of Nybeth, attempting to turn Felina's mech mech into stone as she got close to Nybeth. 2

Jessica smiled a little at Ness sitting back up and next to her, though she was obviously still greatly unnerved by what all was happening.

Etho continues to look at the guards.

Bertie exits the inn, and see's the battle, and looks around.
"Oh look at this."
He see's a few folks, walks up into the middle of the fray, places a few blocks of TNT , sets it alight, and digs down, into the dirt, then places a bit of minecraftian cobblestone above him, as it blows up, drilling a crater right in the middle of the battlefield.

"Ah. More complicated then last time then..." Bryce muttered, rubbing his head.
@Dot wait, what religious cults?

OOC: Hi everybody. What have I missed?

Savranth ducks under the kick as he moves with his left hand to strike the clone, pushing it back using wind magic and throwing it into a building.
With his position below her, he slashed for her stomach with a vertical slash, Lightning still channeling through his body and his blade. A bolt of lightning strikes near him once more.

Athena's ice shell breaks apart sending shards of ice all over the battlefield targeting the Legaian forces.

Felina flew straight through Nybeth's gas as her mech slowly turned to stone. Though, she now threatened to crush him with her sheer size.

Tribly's shot greatly damaged the Golem, causing the left arm to fall off. Though, it also brought him to the giant's attention as it turned and pulled a rock from the ground and threw it at him.

A gunshot rang out, bringing down a soldier. The sound coming from the North-East.

The Xiphatian and Legaian forces continue to clash neither having a strong advantage.

Xiphatian Forces
39 Soldiers
5 Golems

Legaian Forces
30 Soldiers

"You wish to speak to the King? Lik-" Ardimas stops and holds his hand to his ear. He seems to be listening to something, looking away from Loki and Rita. After a moment he puts his hand down.
"I will escort you to meet King Garzic. But you should be on your best behavior. If you so much as approach him, and I will strike you down where you stand. Understand?"

Ardimas didn't wait for a response. He turned and began walking to the large castle behind in the background.
"And wipe your feet."

"Odd. I may not be a doctor, but my healing magic should be more effective than that. Anyway, I am Headmaster Anna. Were you with the group that dropped off those two girls?" She asked with a smile.

@Wacky: I'm ignoring that due to it not making any sense. There are no more mechs, nor will i just accept that a Golem or a building blew up for no reason.

OoC: Touche... Edited to fix it up... And dangit, but things blow up when Berties around! That's just how it is.
Yeah, I'm getting rid of it, but still, the principles still there...

Ness nodded solemnly toward Bryce. "I'm not sure where your 'last time' was, but yes... this isn't something that's easily solved." Turning to Jess, she placed a hand on the catgirl's shoulder. "Jessica... it'll be alright..." She turned toward her with a faint smile. "Maybe you can ask me a few more things you're curious about to help pass the time?"

The clone promptly exploded as it got thrown into the building. Yukino's smile increased immensely as she brought her scythe up to block Sav's slash. The lightning seemed not to phase her, as all she did was give a psychotic, unblinking stare toward Sav. The slash shoved her back quite a bit, but not without her sending a large salvo of explosive projectiles in Sav's direction. Some... headed toward the Xiphatians.

OoC: @FPS: Religous cult ruins on south west corner of the continent. Ness was going to head there after checking on Cassia in Granite Pass... well until @Silver fucked everything up.

Rita waited for Loki to walk ahead of her. She would wiper her feet before entering

Envy started to head into Holadino

@Dot, you can still take her there, she can accompany Indiana Envy later on


Trilby rolled to the side to avoid the rock, still holding onto his rifle, then he loaded another explosive round in and fired at the Golem again.
Once the shot was fired, Trilby put the rifle away, and backed off to a safer spot. When he got there, he took out his sword and the long black wand he had used earlier. He slid the wand into a small hole in the base of the sword, and the blade turned black, and started to glow purple.

You are quite the obnoxious one. I will have to have you disiplined when the time of my corrination comes. Loki thought as he turned to Fafnir and tied her reins to the fountain, then went to follow Ardimas, not giving an answer to any of his remarks. Once he entered the castle, he would wipe his feet, not because he was obeying Ardimas, but rather force of habbit. Although since his boots were dripping wet, it would make little difference.

"We have maps that are sold in the stores, yes. But I can't alow you onto the college grounds if you don't know the password. So, the password, please." the guard answered Etho.

Nybeth, thoroughly surprised that Felina didn't retreat from the petrifying gases, had little other recourse to avoid being slammed into by her than to dive to the side. His delayed reaction had resulted in his legs getting pinned down by Felina's mech as it fell over onto him. "I require assistance!" He shouted out through the pain of having his legs crushed at the remaining Xiphatian forces as he desperately hoped they weren't all deaf fools. 1

"Sorry...I just can't help but panic in these kinds of situations." Jessica replied to Ness as she stared straight ahead at her knees. Glancing over at Ness, she said, "Alright. Um...what kinds of things do you like to do? Like, what were you actually hoping to do on your break, instead of stuff like this."

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