We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"It's alright... We are from different places right." She said with a little smile.

Ness was caught up in her reading, and didn't initially notice Sophia or Grace getting near her.

Grace nodded, "Entirely different dimensions... And... Well, I'm sorta stuck here, for now... I lost contact with Tedd." she said.

"So am I, but I wish you luck in finding this Tedd fellow." Sophia said to Grace.

"We're back." She quietly called out to Vanessa.

Ness looked over toward the two other women and waved a bit toward them before going back to her book. "Ah. Nice to see that you found her some clothes. Thank you again, Ms. Sasha." She responded a bit cheerfully before turning back to the book. Her eyes showed a small hint of frustration at not being able to find anything on artifacts just yet.

Grace nodded at Sophia, and said to Ness, "Need help?" she said.

OOC: So what's happened tonight?

"No problem." She looked a little embarrassed, it wasn't that much of a deal for her to lend some clothes.

Vanessa would find an interesting wives-tale designed to frighten little kids into eating their vegetables, as well as a couple other things that I am rather tired to try and think on the spot for. :P Since really the amount of history books they had already combed through was pretty silly at this point.

Ness simply nodded toward Grace as she scratched her head a bit. "I want to see if that altar we appeared by can be opened like that one near Holadino. But for that, I'm assuming we'll need another key. That Envy fellow has the only one we know about... and I highly doubt he'll be willing to part with it..."

...What the hell...? I didn't pick up a storybook! ...Ugh... screw it. She calmly closes the book and facedesks. ...Hard.

Grace nods, and begins to sift through any book for any inclusion of the word Alter.
After she's done, she'd relay any info on the subject to Jessica, and follow her back.

OoC: I AM OFF TO BED! *Flies into space*

Ness would see a small box bearing a card with her name on it in front of her, seeming to have appeared out of a cloud of smoke.

@Dot: Sorry guy... If I was smart I should have just gone to bed ages ago, but that's not me. But I am serious that the amount of books that you guy comb through is really high.

Sophia was a little startled by Vanessa's headdesk, as was most of the quiet library. "Are you alright?" She asked with concern.

Capatcha: that hurts

No kidding!

@Zeph: Cause we're smart and stuff and smart people read. Now let's go rip cross-nation relationships apart while we plan to make people from different nations breed with each other. :D!

Ness kept her face down for a few moments. Soon, a small sigh was heard, as she sat back up, as dignified as possible before she looked over toward Sophia. "...Yes... It just stung a little..."

That's when the small box appeared in front of her. Noting the puff of smoke, Ness hesitated before sighing and opening the box. "...Well, it's not my birthday, but I appreciate the thought at least...."

Yuki was practicing outside of Tanner's ship yet again.

Ness would find what looked like two earrings. One was a silver "E" that was covered in amethyst of a light purplish color. The other was a silver "H" covered in deep green emeralds. Also, it would be rude to accept a gift without reading the card...

I walk over to Yukino, determined to ask her some questions. "Hey, can we talk...about stuff?" I ask, almost missing the militaristic formality I used to have forced to use.

Ness blinked a bit at the earrings before opening the card and reading it. ...Now... what are these...? Wait... H... and ...E? ...Ah. She smiled to herself a bit as she read.

Yukino stopped momentarily and looked over at Tanner, before wiping off a bit of sweat. "Uh... sure. To be honest, you didn't strike me as the small talk type. What did you want to talk about?" She seemed to be in a good mood again.

The card said, in delicate and flowing golden script,

Dear Miss Sinclair,

These are but a minor token of my infinite gratitude for the services you so graciously rendered to me.

I hope to see you again very, very soon.

Most sincerely,


"Well, it's not actually small talk I'm interested in...I mean, not right now at least. Maybe at some point after we get to know each other and I don't have so much work to do. I mean, I guess I don't do small talk much, or very well, unless you like to talk about psychology or books or...Anyway, who exactly did you 'enlist' with, and why?" I ask, rushing out the last bit to cover up any awkwardness.

Ness noted the fanciness of the card and the earrings and sighed before smiling a bit more. "Well... here I was thinking she was out to mess with me." She mumbles to herself a bit, as to make it not look like she's talking to herself. "I don't know if you can hear me or not now, but thank you for the gift. Anytime you'd like me to come over, feel free to ask." She calmly and carefully tucked the card into her pocket, before digitizing it into her PDA. She then took out the two earrings and examined them a bit.

Yukino scratched the back of her head for a moment. "I enlisted with the General who just took over this town. I was basically already on this side, but I... have done things that have been less than honorable. I enlisted to start a long journey to making amends for what I've done. That's.... about it." Her ears twitched a bit as she looked toward Tanner. "You enjoy talking about psychology, huh? ...We may want to talk a bit later then."

The earrings would be, quite obviously, very well made, very valuable, but otherwise they were normal pieces of jewelery.

I smile a bit. "Right...Sure...Of course..." I say as I look away and rub the back of my head. Already saying too much. Idiot "Well, is there some kind of conflict going on right now then? Can you tell me about it?" I ask next.

"Those look pretty." Sophia smiled a little as she looked at the earrings over Vanessa's shoulder.

Ness smiled a bit wider before taking the earrings and calmly clipping one in one ear: The H in her left, the E in her right. She turned toward Sophia and nodded a bit. "...Yes... they are." The fedora girl silently wiped away a tear as she was overcome by something. ...I never actually got to say goodbye to either of those two. I need to remember to flog Rex for that... Those two... I hope they grow up to be amazing people someday.

Yuki raised an eyebrow. "Yes. In a nutshell, it's a feud between a magic nation and a tech nation. Neither can coexist with each other because when they do, things either blow up or degrade into oblivion. So... they're fighting to take the other down." She giggled a bit at Tanner's shyness as a slight mischievous glint set in her eyes.

"Really...magic. Guess I won't be wanted in one part of this place..." I say, pulling at my course beard a bit. "What's funny?" I ask Yuki, knowing pretty well what she's going to say.

Yuki shook her head a bit, still stifling her giggles. "No.. no... don't worry about it. I just find it cute how shy you're being." In response to his second question, she shook her head again. "Not necessarily. As long as you prove you're loyal to El General, no one should give you a really hard time about using your tech to fight for the magic side. But then again, I'm not saying you shouldn't at least see what the tech side has to offer."

"Someone must really appreciate you to spend money on such a thing." Sophia said warmly, grinning slightly when Vanessa wiped the small tears away. "But if you don't mind me asking, there are letters on them right? What do they mean?"

Ness turned back toward Sophia and smiled. "Yes. ...They just represent two people... I really care about. Honestly, I didn't do that much for them... but I'm really happy they decided to give me these anyway.."

"Right, well, I'm not...really shy. I mean, that's not the word I would use, mostly because there must be a better word. I can't really, um, you know, think of one at-at the moment, but, you know, there's probably one out there, so to speak, you know..." I say, rambling a bit. I wish I could program Buddy to stop me from doing that. "Anyway, I'd hate to end up fighting on the opposite side you're on." I say, trying to move past the awkwardness.

Yuki was struggling not to just burst out laughing, clutching her stomach as she doubled over, snickering. She coughed for a moment as a very bad attempt to cover it up, then resumed lightly snickering as she responded. "R..Right -pfft- not shy, but awkward... My mist... -pfft- m.. mistake..."

She seemed to get a little more serious as he mentioned the war. "You're sure about that?"

"Yeah...yeah......yeah." I say, my cheeks probably blushing now. "Well, should I have a reason to fight against you?" I ask, getting serious again.

"You're really lucky then for someone to just give you such things, I've never really had much in the way of jewelry." Sophia confessed, although a little sad, her tone wasn't envious, mourning or the like. She knew that times had been tough for her family so such things weren't a necessity. She said this with her fingers lased together.

Yuki shrugged while she giggled a bit. "Hm... Guess not." ...Eh... Force of habit to ask that... then to rip their head off...

Ness looked toward Sophia and noted her tone. She put her hand to her chin for a moment. "Well, I still have a decent amount of gold left... Maybe I can buy you some jewelry, if you'd like. How about it, Sasha?" She proposed, smiling warmly toward Sophia.

Sophia actually seemed really surprised by this, she took a moment to collect her thoughts. "I... I don't know what to say. You barely know me and you'd do that for me?" She seemed really touched. "I don't know if I could accept such kindness." She said hesitantly, a combination of being modest, as well as not thinking she deserved such a thing. Deep down however, it was pretty obvious she did want to take the offer.

"Good...good. Well, goodnight." I say with a nod as I walk into the ship to sleep.

OOC: Goodnight.

Yuki waved bye to Tanner before practicing again.

Ness simply nodded toward Sophia. "Of course. Even if I don't really know you doesn't mean I can't be nice to you, right?" She nodded toward Sophia again as she seemed to hesitate. "Don't feel like you're being pressured. If you don't want it, feel free to say no. I won't be angry or bitter about it."

Sophia bit her lip a little, she knew that she did want to accept, but from where she came from and how she was raised, it was a difficult decision. After a long pause, Sophia finally stated her answer. "I... appreciate your kindness, but... I can't take this... It's just too much." She said, squeezing her hand a little.

Ness nodded a bit, still smiling faintly toward the ferret girl. "I understand, Sasha. Thank you for being honest with me." She looked outside and saw that it was pretty dark out. "...Oh... I need to get back to where I was before..." She turned toward Sophia and gave her a small curtsy. "I hope you'll excuse me being a bit sudden, but I need to go. Until next time, Ms. Sasha."

With that, Ness calmly tapped her clip and disappeared in a flash of white light, waving bye as she did so. She reappeared in her room in Holadino on the bed. She slowly flopped onto the bed and looked up at the ceiling for a few moments.

Jessica was laying on the floor of her hotel room in Holadino. Her right arm was laying on the ground in front of her, numerous panels open and displaying the various bits of machinery that made up the inner workings of the prosthetic. Jessica clutched a tool in her left hand, while one laid on the ground behind her. Since her arm was detached, there was nothing to fill the right sleeve of her coat, so Jessica had pinned it back to avoid having it flap around and get in her way.
When Ness reappeared in the room with a bright flash of light, Jessica sat back up, blinking a few times as her ears twitched. When she realized what had happened, she quickly started to frantically scramble about, trying reattach her arm before she could be noticed as having it off in the first place.

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