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After they split, the Spartan went towards the dock; by himself he had to watch out. While he was certain he could fend for himself, being alone would increase the chances of being ambushed. Looking around he needed to find passage as he knew the last pilot that was in the shuttle Luna brought them in wasn't going to bring him back.

"Are you the Spartan?" a voice rang from behind him, and he turned to see a Human. First Human he had spoken to from this dimension.

Jastis nodded, "I am indeed."

The man walked past the Spartan, "Aria told me you were coming. She told me to give you a lift to your ship."
"Thank you," the Spartan responded.

"Think nothing of it. Just follow me and we will be off. While we're off, please contact your ship. I rather not be blown out of the sky."

Jastis once again nodded and he followed the human to a shuttle very much like the first one he had rode here. Once inside and after a few computer checks of the shuttles system, the shuttle rose up from the ground and was off. As they flew through the void of space as soon as Jastis could he opened the COM channel to the Blade.
"XO Smith, this is Spartan-015," he began.

"Spartan-015, this is the XO, I read you loud and clear, what do you need?"

Jastis looked at a screen which showed them nearing the blade, "I am coming back in a shuttle. So when you see a shuttle nearing, do not shoot. I am a alone. 'Tohai, Tau, and Luna are back on Omega handling things there. Please get everyone back in the briefing room. I will quickly explain and get us moving."

"Roger that Captain, I will get everyone there."

After that the COM channels turned off, XO Smith spoke again but this time to Amaya, "Amaya, please get everyone who can to the briefing room and make sure no one fires on the shuttle nearing the ship. The Captain is coming back."

Tau unhinged his second scout and assault drone, letting them unfold and become combat ready. Then, after Voh entered, Tau looked to Luna. "Are we to provide a distraction so Voh can use his cloak to pick off the Vorcha? My drones can provide fire support for our squad as long as we are not overrun."

Amaya, in her holographic form on the bridge nodded. "Ofcourse." She responded to the XO and sent out a message to all but Erik and Gideon. "The Captain is coming back and he wishes for all to gather in the briefing room." she sent out.

Then the A.I. responded Gideon. "No problem. I'll have the schematics done in no time." the girl said before adding erik into the conversation. "Ok, Gideon and Erik, the captain is returning and would like everyone to report to the briefing room. However, i could just link you in via the comms and let you participate that way if you wish to continue helping me." she said to them both.

Luna counted thirty seconds and then responded to Tau. "We're dealing with the korgans above, so we'll need a combat drone for support. The reason i chose that for us is because, the odds are that there's far more many vorcha than they let on and a capable head to manage them under the boss." She said.

When the geth led an inquisition to how she knew this, Luna looked back at him. "Because this is exactly how i'd set up an operation, given the chance to." she responded and went over to the small door, pressing herself up on the right side of the frame and gestured for him to do the same, but on the left.

Then she opened comms with both of them. "Ok, Voh, once you hear gunfire, begin slaughtering everyone you see, feel free to do engage how you please. Tau, on three we breach. Take care of all of those to the left, i'll take those on the right." She said then mouthed the numbers.

'One... Two... Three!'
Turning and kicking the door completely open, she quickly tapped off three startled vorcha and began to lay down cover fire on the first krogan up above while advancing towards cover in the form of a few smaller crates.

Voh listen to Luna as she told him what was going to happen. Grabbing his energy blade hilt as he was ready for battle. As soon as he heard gun fire Voh went into action. Charging at the two closest Vorcha as they were paying attention to the gunfire. He was right behind them as he active his blade and does a quick slash against the two aliens. Easily slicing through their barriers as they were slice in half.

His features were shown once he attack as the next Vorcha saw him and his eyes were wide in terror. Voh chuckle evily as he stab the Vorcha through the chest and lift him up in the air. He then throws the Vorcha down to the ground like he was trash. It was then the Vorcha was snap out of their confusion as they start to open fire. Voh quickly actives his cloaking again and rolls out of the way. Only hitting his shields but they held. Decking behind one of the crates as he switch from his sword to his Carbine.

The Vorcha were now searching for him, keep their guard up as they try to find a slight slimmer within the air. Voh look over the cover, still invisble as he took aim. Wondering how strong their shields were as he place the cross hair over the Vorcha with the flamers. Though he then stop and reconsider it. Lightly chuckling as he grab his plasma greande and throws it at the flamer. Sticking at the tanks as a hissing sound was heard. He quickly duck as the Vorcha behind the flamer saw and shouted out loudly

"What is th-" was all he could say before the expolsion happen and the tanks blew up as well. Causing a much bigger explosion that kill the small group. Though their were more. Much more and Voh was going to have some fun as he quickly duck again.

"What about you? when was the last time you where on Earth?"

Murphy laughed nervously; he hadn't expected to answer that.

"Uhm, I think it's been about six years. Five, six years. I've been pretty much constantly deployed since I joined. Since I've been with ONI I haven't been back, I know that much."

It hadn't really hit him until then just how long he had been gone. There just hadn't been time to think about it.

"The Captain is coming back and he wishes for all to gather in the briefing room."

Amaya's voice came over the comms.

"Oh fantastic. I wonder what wonderful news and gifts he brings." Murphy looked at Sarah. "Shall we?"

"Yeah, be nice to know just how boned we really are" Sarah replied as she got up and put her Helmet back on "See ya down there." she said as she took of to the briefing room.

As Luna counted towards the breach, Tau charge his pistol to deliver a more lethal punch. When Luna reached three, Tau rolled over the corner and shot one of the Vorcha with the charge, killing it instantly. The other Vorcha were stunned for a moment by the surprise, making them perfect targets for the drone, which darted beside Tau and mopped up what remained.

With the Vorcha clear, Tau directed his assault drone to open fire on the Krogan Luna fazed as she moved to the crate. By putting a large amount of firepower downrange, the Krogan was forced down and Tau join Luna by the entrance to the crate maze.

"No problem. I'll have the schematics done in no time." Amaya said before adding Erik to the conversation. "Ok, Gideon and Erik, the captain is returning and would like everyone to report to the briefing room. However, I could just link you in via the comms and let you participate that way if you wish to continue helping me."

"Jastis, I mean the Captain, probably wants to see us all in person for this debriefing. Perhaps we can help you out Amaya with the modifications to the two ships once we're done, unless of course we happen to get called away to something else straight after. What do you think Erik?"

The explosion awoke a fairly large number of vorcha who had bee sleeping in the crates. The doors on the crates burst open and around 40 vorcha flooded the area. While he was looking in the other direction, something bumped into him. The vorcha that had bumped into him quickly let out an alert to the group. Soon, the area around him was swarming with all of the Vorcha, swinging at any open space of air they could.

A second krogan ducked into cover until his barriers could build up, then he got back out and began to fire at them. Luna looked at Tau. "i'm going to try and flank him, cover me. I'll try and throw him down and let you finish him off. I'll suppress the rest of them while you climb up. Go." she said then counted down two three before dashing for the side.

Voh was surprise so many were asleep. 'So much like the Unggoy' He thought to himself. As he was prepareing to shoot some of the advancing Vorcha he felt something bump into him. Turning around and see the puny thing let out a alert. Kicking the creature away as he ducks and rolls out of the other reach. Trying to find him within the area.

He put away his Carbine and grab his Energy sword. Turning it on and ready for the advancing hordes. The first one to come close to his area was stab and Voh lifts him into the air, giving away his position for a second as he appear out of nowhere to them, then throwing the Vorcha at a small group that form to look for him. Knocking them aside as he felt another one grab his sword arm from behind. Growling as he easily lift the Vorcha up with the arm and punches his gut hard. Making the Vorcha grasp for air as Voh finish him off.

He ducks and rolls away from the horde of soldiers. Trying to stay clear so he doesn't get overwhelm by them. He sneaks off from the area and reposition himself a good distance. Pulling out his Carbine as he starts to fire on the group that was still looking for him in the area. Killing one within four shots, the first two getting rid of his shields while the third penetrate the head, and the last round went right through the head entirely. He kills another Vorcha and got another sheilds down before they could return fire. Some cover fire while other charge. Voh cloak once more to get around them and to get behind the shooters. Watching his back as he stays out of the group hands as best he could.

Tau found Luna's plan wasn't properly utilizing his drone proficiency to proper effectiveness. However, since Luna was already executing her plan, Tau obliged, with his own alteration. Without waiting for Luna to Throw the Krogan, Tau had his scout drones fly over the beast's cover, hitting him from behind. Now caught off guard, the Krogan tried to shoot at the scouts, but was shot in the back by Tau, who had climbed the crates in the intervening time. With the combined firepower bringing down his barriers, the Krogan was no match for the assault drone, which delivered the killing blow.

Now, with the immediate area clear, Tau took cover on the other side of the cover used by the dead Krogan, his drones taking cover to. "Local overwatch established." Tau spoke over the comms to both Luna and Voh. "This platform will cover Luna's ascent. Should Voh require assistance, my drones are at the ready."

With an area now left open by Tau's absence, A bunch of vorcha split off of the pack, roughly 12, making a mad dash for the recently abandoned cover and set up shop there to fire on his exposed rear flank. A few were hit by his drones, but soon the others were targeting them. Then, from down further on the crates, a heavy machine gun emplacement opened fire on his cover, eating away at it quickly. It was heavily defended, but looked as if it had been practiced being set up with cover. His drones wouldn't stand a chance with the distance it was away.

Luna was forced by the vorce to smash open a crate and get inside of it, to use it as cover. "Nice going Tau, you got us surrounded!" she said over the comms.

The Vorcha formed a ring as a new one came into the area, decked out in better armor and shotgun on his back. "What scum is chewing up my goons from the ssssss-shadows?" he demanded to know. "Come on out you coward and fight me!" he shouted and formed duel omni blades, one on each arm.

The vorcha left a ring in the middle of them, showing their leader respect for his challenge to the unknown foe.

Voh watch as the ring was form. This could easily be a trap, though Voh thought that it was an actually duel. He hasn't had one of those in a long time. Feeling a sense of honor as he silently appears within the ring and decloaks. Facing his challenger as he stood tall, towering over the Vorcha.

The energy blade was already lite and hiss as the tip was touching the ground. He waits for his opponent to make the first move. Hoping he wouldn't risk his teammates as perhaps he can cause chaos within the group if he kills or defeats the leader in combat. "Luna" he ask within the comms. "If I kill this Vorcha, will the group flee or perhaps give up?"

"Alert! Combat taunts not suited to remedying current situation!" Tau crouched by the corner of his crate to provide some extra time before his cover was eroded by the machine gun. Now able to focus on those who were behind him, Tau's body seemed to be doing something...odd. "Activating emergency photonic drones." After he spoke, Tau's headlight turned off and his body went limp. At the same time, Tau's projector turned on, and several holographic drones flew out of the device. They landed around the Vorcha that flanked him, and while there weren't as many drones as Vorcha, their shocks, combined with their sudden appearance, kept the Vorcha off guard. With the scouts and the assault drones now clear to fire, the group was soon exposed and wiped out.

When the Vorcha were gone, the holographic drones disappeared. However, Tau's Geth platform didn't reactivate, and his drones were still pinned down by the machine gun emplacement on the opposite side.

Looking over at the ODST, Erik shrugged. "Might as well go." He replied. "God knows I could use a rest. Zero gee, genetic engineering and high-tech kit aside, that fucker is bloody heavy." He said, motioning towards the Pelican.

Pushing off from where he was, he glided over to the exit. "Let's go see if the boss-robot has found a way to get us unfucked."

Murphy followed Sarah to the briefing room. As they went, he deactivated the detonators on the explosives. He would pick them up and store them later.

Arriving in the briefing room, Murphy opted to stand, having been sitting for a while. Pulling out a protein bar, he began to munch, waiting for Jastis' entrance.

Sarah just leans against the wall and waited, she had a bad feeling about what The Captain was gonna say, but she figured that was only cause of how many aliens where involved

Looking over towards Gideon, Erik shrugged. "Might as well go." He replied. "God knows I could use a rest. Zero gee, genetic engineering and high-tech kit aside, that fucker is bloody heavy." Erik then said as he motioned towards the Pelican. He soon pushed off from the wall and began gliding over to the exit. "Let's go see if the boss-robot has found a way to get us unfucked." Gideon had to smile at that last remark as he began to float towards the exit himself.

"Yeah, whilst its been fun floating about the ship, I can certainly do with giving it a rest for a little while, see what the situation is like for us outside. Hope the Captain and the others managed to impress the locals. Give me a while to get changed out of this vacuum suit, and I'll head to the debriefing room." Gideon said as he grabbed a hold of the entrance, and felt his feet making contact with the floor outside. He quickly headed back to the armory to get changed into his regular gear, and then arrived at the room, where he could see that Sarah and Murphy had already arrived. Noticing that there were several chairs situated around the table, Gideon sat down and waited for Jastis to return with news.


1800 Hours

The shuttle landed in the remnant of the Blade and Jastis hopped off not before thanking the pilot. After his feet touched the ground the pilot took off. From there he left the soundless space and entered the inside of the ship where the gravity kicked in. Inside he went towards the debriefing room. Just outside the door he watched he spotted Smith and the XO saluted, "I assume you're going to tell us what went down?" the XO asked.

Jastis nodded and they both went into the debriefing room, the XO sat down but the Spartan stayed standing. He observed everyone and then began when they all looked at him. The armored man sighed, "This isn't going to be easy to put. Hell, not even I like this but there isn't much choice with the hand we were dealt. So if you object I won't be surprised. Down in Omega we met with the crime lord Aria and stuck a deal with both Tau and Aria that we would work with Aria and Tau's alliance will also aid."

Smith was first to respond, "That is... something are you sure about this?"

"No, I am not. Both sides are sketchy to me and if they make us do something I don't like... Well we will cross that bridge when we get there. 'Tohai is down there with Luna and Tau finding us a place where we can set up shop. I want everyone to stay alert, any of Aria's or Tau's men step out of line you tell me. Any questions, I'll answer the best I can."

No t for the first time, Erik was glad of the full face helmet of his armour. That way when he rolled his eyes, his superiors couldn't see it. Well that's fan-fucking-tastic... From his position against one of the walls he spoke up. "Since you've had a face-to-face with this 'Aria', and given that we've been told she some sort of crime boss/warlord/what have you...what do you think are the chances of her double crossing us at some point? Also, just how nice do you want us to be with their lackies?"


Jastis placed his hands on the table and looked at the Four, "If you want the truth I will give it. I am not really sure, but we should presume as if eventually she may double cross us. So with that in mind us to all be very careful, are nice to her lackeys, but not too nice. Not enough to make her think we're push overs, just enough to know that we're willing to work together but not to be messed with."

Sarah sighed at what what the Captain was telling her "What really sucks is this is probably the best over all out come to" she said with a shrug "Anyway, how long do you think before Voh gets back to us and we can start repairs? I wouldn't think it'd be to much longer. Never know a Sangheilli to 'take it easy' in battle"

"Let me get this right." Murphy said, not hiding any of his frustration, "We pop into some insane shit that we're still pretty confused about, then you get some FaceTime with a confirmed warlord who wants to use our ship and our resources to fight her battles, all the while, an offer from the standing government is on the table, and you don't even meet with them?"

Murphy straightened up, he knew he wasn't popular, so what was about to come next might mean a fight between him and at least one Spartan, maybe more, depending on how strongly they valued loyalty among Spartan ranks.

"I'm sorry sir, but are you fucking crazy?"


Jastis looked at the spook sending daggers at him and then walked over to the ONI agent, "Murphy, do you need your heard checked or did you just purposely ignore part of my statement? I just said that we also struck a deal with Tau's alliance and soon enough I will meet with them as well. So how about you sit down and shut the fuck up and fucking listens before you insult your superior officer. I made a deal with both factions because truthfully I don't trust either, if one betrays then the other can back us up and if by some chance they both do. Well we will cross that bridge when we get there. Just because Tau comes from an official alliance doesn't mean their hands are clean, they were awfully too quick to lend aid in my opinion. At least Aria had to respond because we are in her backyard."

Murphy looked at Jastis, his jaw set.

"You need to first remember that I don't report to you. You are nowhere on my chain of command."

Murphy didn't know why he had been placed on the ship. More than likely, it was to kill someone, don a vacsuit, then wait for pickup. But none of that mattered now.

"Now if you tell me that this is how we get home, I'll back you up. If this is our best option, fine. Let's do it. If this is the option gives us even a glimmer of hope that one day we'll step out of this piece of shit and stand on earth, fine."

Locking down on Jastis' eyes, Murphy leaned forwards across the table. His voice became low, but seemed like a shout all the same.

"Look, I know you really don't give a fuck, but I have a home, and I have a family, and I want more than anything to see them again. If you tell me this is how I'm going to get to do that, then I will have your back one hundred percent. You turn me loose, and I will do what I do best. I will slit throats, I will topple governments, I will lead mutinies, I will destroy nations. If working for a warlord is what it takes, fine. I will do that."

Murphy straightened back out and crossed his arms, waiting.


Jastis walked back as to try and ease tension, "I want to get everyone back home but currently we aren't in the position to actively pursue that. Currently we have half of a ship in turmoil. I will meet with Tau's alliance when I can but currently if we're stuck in Omega we better make good with the locals so we don't get burned. We need to get the Blade fixed before we can move on."

He then decided to answer Sarah because it seemed as if he ignored her, "I don't think Voh will return exactly. Most likely the ship will be moving into some dry dock or sort to get repairs in Omega. We will meet back up with him when that happens."

"Apologies, I meant when are you expecting him to report in, I figured he wasn't returning to the ship till it was docked." Sarah corrected, then decided to add her two cents "As for the issue with this Aria person verses signing up with this 'government', six of one half dozen of the other. One isn't really any more trust worthy then the other far as I'm concerned"

Gideon was listening to the debriefing, looks like Jastis was able to score some assistance with repairs to the Blade from this 'Aria' person, which must of meant they were Luna's boss, and it appears that Murphy misunderstood what Jastis was talking about, which spawned a brief argument between the two. He was glad that he'd been keeping quiet throughout the meeting, didn't want to get put into the firing line.

"As for the issue with this Aria person verses signing up with this 'government', six of one half dozen of the other. One isn't really any more trust worthy then the other far as I'm concerned." Sarah said as she presented her opinion on the matter, and Gideon had to agree with her.

"The lady, I mean Sarah is right. We'll just have to make do with the best that has been given us, but watch our back all the same; who knows when the locals around here will try and take something of ours. Captain, care for an update on the Blade? We've managed to get some work done whilst you've been gone on your little diplomatic mission. Might just give us a bit of a chance should things go south."

"Hmph." Was all the vorcha said before spinning into the Elite, his blades moving in a motion meant for attack and defense. The rest of the vorcha were nervously cheering and holloring on from the sidelines, hoping that their leader would triumph.

The Turret was getting closer and closer to Tau's drones with each shot it fired, assaulting the cover and chewing it up. Luna used this time to sneak out the other side of the crate as the gun fired away. She jumped across the small space of open air and climbed up the opposite crate. She got to the top and threw out a push at the encampment. It slammed into the gun and caused it and its operator to fall back, giving tau some time to recover. "Tau, recover and get down fro there!" she shouted through the comms.

Voh block the first strike seeing how strong this vorcha was. Able to hold his strike back Voh quickly jump backwards incase the vorcha was smart enough to do a follow up attack. Not caring for the cheering as he chuckles himself. Enjoying the fight as it been to long since his last sword fight. He charges at the vorcha, though as his oppentant swings, Voh does a quick roll under it. Barely missing him, and once he gets back on his feet he quickly turns around to finish off his for if he was quick enough.

The lights on Tau's body began to brighten as the power redistributed into motor functions. "R-re-reactivating..." As Tau tried to get back into the game, his drones took the chance to open fire on the machine gun emplacement. While they were too far off to accurately hit the gunner, the sheer amount of fire they flung downrange was enough to keep the guy's head down while Tau recovered.

Once he did, the Geth jumped down from the platform and regrouped with Luna, his drones following after their controller was out of immediate danger.


The Spartan nodded, "I didn't even know you did some work. Well then if you don't mind, please update me. It would be good to know now so when we begin working on the Blade that we know what needs the most work immediately."

"I didn't even know you did some work. Well then if you don't mind, please update me. It would be good to know now so when we begin working on the Blade that we know what needs the most work immediately." Jastis said with a conscientious nod, sounding almost intrigued as to what had been done. Gideon coughed to clear his throat before speaking.

"Well sir, both Amaya and myself have been going around to various points of the Blade to help Amaya get reconnected to the point defense weapon batteries, as it appears that Amaya had trouble sensing them after the slip space jump. As Amaya pointed out to me when we began, they'll become useful should we get attacked. There is also the matter of me and Spartan Erik recovering some ships that had got caught during the jump. Apparently Amaya has some sort of plan for them."


Jastis was pleased with the ODST's update, "Mhm... Good work. Am-4Y, may you please inform me what this plan is you have? After such do you think you can open a connection with 'Tohai so we can get an update from him on their current status."

Sarah just leans against the wall, and waited for the meeting to adjourn, she really didn't wanna hear about all the 'fun' Voh was having while she was stuck on the ship bored out of her skull, though Gideon's report was interesting, and she wondered why she never got the call to help up with moving the ships, but mentally shrugged it off, didn't matter since it sounded like they had it under control.

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