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He was glad the XO couldn't see him roll his eyes in disbelief, but the amused snort he made got the point across just as well. "Sure thing sir." Erik replied, his voice heavy with sarcasm. "Just like the whole deal between us and the Covies was a minor misunderstanding..."

Lifting his M6 from his hip he gave it a once over to make sure it was good to go. "Whoever these guys are, until we know their actual intentions, please keep behind myself and Spartan Brandford."

The restraints came off almost as quickly as they went on. Murphy didn't agree with Jastis' decision, but decided to not press the matter, as his rage was mostly directed towards the Elite who had caused the incident in the first place. He would address that later.

Murphy had never bought into the idea of "glorious battle" like some did. It seemed the Marines were especially guilty of this. For Murphy, war was simply his job. He was very, very good at his job. And because of that, Murphy hadn't been back to Earth in six years. At first, it had been "fight so you get the big boat home", but it had become nothing more than his job. That was a huge reason for Murphy's demeanor - he was making the best of what he had. And what he had were minimal possessions, no real home other than ships that he would be assigned to for short periods of time, and friends who were all now dead or MIA. Rather than sulk, Murphy decided to go back to form.

"Jesus Christ Jastis. If you'd told me she was your girlfriend I wouldn't have done a bag and tag. Now you're making me look bad." He cracked.

"It's fine... You just might want to invest in better restraints here. I could have broken right through those wristbands." She commented, gesturing to the wall with a dent in it.

Then the asari looked at murphey and the captain. "I understand why you did what you did, but i was only responding to thirty years of commando training and service, and another twenty of mercenary work ontop of that had taught me to do." she commented.

"Ah, yes, Sgt. Kerrigan, if you would be so kind to head out to the hanger to help greet the incoming party, that would be much appreciated. More security never hurts." The A.I. chimed in over his coms.

"Ah, yes, Sgt. Kerrigan, if you would be so kind to head out to the hanger to help greet the incoming party, that would be much appreciated. More security never hurts." Amaya remarked as she chimed in over Gideon's comm unit.

"A welcoming committee huh? Guess our little show attracted some attention from the locals. No need to fill me in on whats been going on in the past couple of hours, been listening in on the open communications chatter, things been going like crazy ever since the ship stopped shaking." Gideon remarked, trying to lighten the mood a little as he left the room, dropping off his fire extinguisher to a passing technician.

"I'll be down in the hangar in about a few minutes, just need to acquire a Vacuum Suit from the armoury, and I'll be down there soon as I can. Thanks Amaya." Gideon then added as he turned off his comm link, and arrived at the armoury soon after. Whilst he had been trained in their use, and even went on a couple of missions that involved them; Gideon never fully got use to wearing one, found them a little tight on occasions, but then again, comfort was less of a concern when it could save your life in space.

Despite this whole diplomatic process probably not resorting to blows, Gideon's time in the ODST taught him to always be prepared, so he grabbed his M7S Submachine Gun and both his pistols after he removed his armour to put on the Vacuum Suit, which to be honest, felt a little more comfortable from when he could last remember. Getting the suit checked and cleared, he headed out to what remained of the hangar, and upon arrival, saw that the two Spartans from before and another man were already there.

"So, any idea as to whats going to be heading our way?" Gideon asked as he moved closer to the group.

"Apologies for the intrusion. Staff Sergeant Kerrigan, we was at the briefing before this whole calamity happened. To cut a long story short, Amaya sent me your way as additional security, in case things went south."

"So, any idea as to whats going to be heading our way?"

"Some one from this Quarian-Geth alliance, what ever the hell those are." Sarah replied "Aliens probably" she added setting her rifle to 'burst' and doing the rather odd thing of moving it to her off hand, the reason for this was made clear shortly after, she pulled out her Plasma Sword, but kept it off until she needed it on.


Jastis looked at Murphy, "things got a little out of hand there for a moment. You were only doing your job."

He ignored the girl friend comment, he found that part to be... weird. He then turned back to Luna who had explained why she did that and cocked his eyebrow, "exactly how old are you?"


"Welcome to the party Gideon. This is sure to be an interesting first contact scenario. At least I think... apparently they know of Earth already, but think its run by the 'Systems Alliance', whatever the hell that is." The XO greeted the ODST.

"I'm a hundred and seventy four, why do you ask?" She asked him. "Asari can live to be over a thousand years old. I'd be more than happy to transfer biological data on all of the races in the galaxy to some form of device you can look over at your leisure." The Asari suggested.

I'd be more than happy to transfer biological data on all of the races in the galaxy to some form of device you can look over at your leisure. The Asari suggested.

Murphy took a step forwards towards Jastis.

"Given the results of our 'share our feelings' session, let's hold off on that."

Murphy said this because he was not only worried about things getting out of hand, but he wanted to make sure that if there was a trojan in the file transfer, it would be on a drive completely separated from the mainframe. There were several "burn" computers stashed in his compartment that Murphy could use to make that happen.

"I'll grab one of my personal drives for you to load the files onto. Just don't touch my porn." He said to the Asari. He reached out his hand to her. "No hard feelings, just doing my job. Training, right?"

Voh left as soon as the spartan let him go and he close the door behind him. He was going to head towards the hanger with the rest of the crew but decide against it. If the blue female reacted that way, what about these new comers. He decide to wait outside and ask the commander what he should do.

He didn't want to start anything already. He lean against the wall as he growls. Wondering how the covenant never met this race before or any race they have encounter. He also wonders what the Spartan saw when they were mind melding. Seem to have took a bit out of both of them. He moves away from the door just incase she was the first to leave. Not wanting to scare her again and she hit him with something else. He moves down the hallway a bit where they will be heading to the bridge.

"Porn?" She said grabbing his hand and shaking it. It gave just enough time to let him think she didn't know what he was talking about.
"If you think you've seen porn, then you're wrong. we've got stuff in this universe that lets you feel porn while watching it." she said half joking, half serious. "Though, can you find the big guy and tell him i'm sorry. he startled me when i just came out of melding... bad time to make an appearance on his part. I'm actually intrigued by him and would like to speak a bit to him. Find out more." she finished.

"Porn you can feel, huh?" He turned to Jastis. "We don't have this because...?"

Sometimes Murphy wondered if Jastis had a sense of humor, or if they removed it at Spartan training.

"Yeah, I'll talk to the Elite and pass on your dinner invite. After I run his ass over the coals."

With that, Murphy pulled the drive he had inserted in the console, and left in search of Voh.


Jastis sighed, "that wasn't the most professional discussion ever had..."

He shrugged and picked up his helmet from the floor and placed it back on his head, "how about we leave and find another room. You showed me much. I need to talk about it."

Voh saw murphy was heading his way. Grumbling a bit as he waits for the human to be close. "I assume you are here for what happen in the room. Correct human?" he ask as he looks down at him. Easily towering over the human. Knowing he over reacted a bit but he was train to put down threats permanently. He has no idea what she could do and didn't want to found out while it was use on him or his crew.

Tau spent a short amount of time in the cargo bay of the Tashya before he went to the hangar to depart. In the bay, he assembled items that he believed would either increase his ability to assist the humans aboard the Blade, or his chances of survival. Putting all these items in a medium-sized crate, Tau then moved, with assistance, the crate onto a shuttle.

After a quick preflight check, Tau took off, leaving the open hangar of the Tashya, and headed towards the Blade. In transit, he tested some simple maneuvers he thought he might need for a quick escape, as he was unaccustomed to flying. However, he didn't keep his welcoming party waiting for too long, and soon pulled the shuttle into what was left of the Blade's hangar, parking it with the exit in front of the crowd.

Leaving the cockpit, Tau took a quick moment to check the contents of the crate before re-sealing it and exiting the craft. "Greetings, Humans." Tau began, letting them see he was unarmed, as was usual contact protocol. "I am Tau, chosen emissary for the Tashya, and, by extension, the Quarian-Geth Alliance."

Sweet merciful crap, what the hell is that! Erik thought, as Tau stepped into sight. Stepping slightly in front of the XO, he raised his left hand, palm up, to motion for the...whatever it was, to stop. His right dropped to the butt of his M6.

Luna nodded, confirming what jastis said. "Well, i work in an environment, while one half of it is professional, the other is far from it." She said and gestured for the Spartan to lead the way.

Amaya was busy doing scanns of everything, and of of them was of the bio readings on the new alien on the ship.

Opening a com channel with Jastis, she gave him the details. "Sir, the party has just arrived and their emmisary isn't organic. However, it does appear to be moving on its own and acting as an intelligent being at first scans and looks. I'll keep you updated." she said to him.

What in the hell is that thing .. Sarah thought as the 'creature' approached, though as it got closer she got a better look at it Wonderful, more fucking aliens, how long before these ones try to kill us I wonder she thought bitterly, thankfully she'd be trained well enough to NOT act on her emotions, which at this point where telling her to 'kill it'

Even though Voh towered over him and easily outweighed him by... a lot, Murphy wasn't intimidated by the Elite. Murphy had killed his fair share of them, several with his bare hands. Those had been fights Murphy would have rather not been in. But he and Voh were on the same team, and Murphy came to address a teammate, not a rival.

"Damn right I'm here to talk about that." His tone and posture held an eerie calm. "I don't know what the hell you were thinking, but dropping your cloak like that was a move better suited for some teenaged jackass, not a member of an elite war fighting unit."

Murphy's gaze on Voh was focused, but his tone was like that of a teacher addressing a student.

"Now, I don't give a fuck what kind of power trip you're on, but you'd better get off it fast. You got lucky this time. We have no idea what the fuck is going on, or even where the hell we are. That means you put your team ahead of yourself and your dumbassed scare tactics. A fuck-up like that could easily get us all killed. So unless you're planning on fucking everyone here, you will put an end to these goddamned kiddie shit and start playing with the grown-ups. Am I understood?"

Murphy knew he was hitting the Elite's pride, but he didn't give a shit. Voh needed to understand that guns blazing wasn't always the best course of action. He had addressed him soldier to soldier, and hoped he understood the easy way, without a Captain's Mast and stint in the brig.

Voh watch this human talk to him like a teammate and giving him a talk down about his actions. Growling Voh was slightly annoyed. Not because Murphy wasn't wrong but there were a few things Voh needed to explain. Voh look down at the human. Speaking calm as he states

"It was not a power trip. Or something reckless. Before you came in, she said she knew someone else was in the room. She felt the presence" He said as he continue his story. "I did not believe she would have reacted that way. As well as WE do not know what she is capable of. She seem to know a lot about humans but we do not know of them. Does that not strike you odd human? Plus I am train to kill threats. Not capture but killed. With her powers she could easily taken us out. She could have hurt the Demon with that mind trick of her and use that powers to slam me into the wall with you behind me. Though I am sorry for the way I overacted, it shall not happen again. And understood"

He then pause before adding "Anything else you need to tell me?"


Like the Spartans and ODST, the XO was too shocked at what he saw, It wasn't organic, it was some sort of robot. Which of the two races in this alliance was this being from?

"Welcome to the UNSC Blade, I am the XO, Smith. Currently our Captain is meeting with an Asari. Will you follow me Tau?"

"You didn't know how she was going to respond; that's exactly why popping out with your sword drawn was dumb shit idea." Murphy took a pause to let this sink in before continuing, "Look, I don't know you. But I do know your training, and I know that the majority of you aren't knuckle draggers. That means that on this vessel, and as a part of this team, you're going to have to act like the Elite you are. You are not new to this, you are not a dumbass. So don't act like one."

Murphy's calm demeanor and diffusing of what could have easily been an encounter that led to blows screamed that he had done this time and time again. What Murphy didn't reveal was that he had been on the receiving end of the "dumbass" speech quite a few times. It was just a part of being in the military, especially special operations.

"The blue chick wants to talk with you though, and apologize for kicking a table into your face. I suggest you apologize to her for trying to rip her face off."

Murphy turned and walked towards his compartment, praying Voh got the message. He too was trained to kill. Well, he was trained to do everything. In a way, he was envious of the other crew members. For them, war was cut and dry. There were good guys, and there were bad guys. For Murphy, the lines were blurred. He wondered what they would think of him if the others knew that he had hunted down and killed defectors, broke into prisons to murder POWs who had - or were likely to - give valuable information to their captors. He had sabotaged ships in which there were mutinies, causing them to drift off course and into the waiting arms of an asteroid or nearby sun. If a captain decided that he was better than the fleet and become his own Admiral, Murphy was there, ready to end the potential threat. In the shadow war, there were no clear-cut rules, much less enemies. Sure, he had done plenty of direct action against the Covenant, taking down high value targets, planting bombs in installations, and flat out waging a war clandestine war of terror. It had been savagely effective. But Murphy had never seen them as "bad guys". They were just targets to neutralize.

When he reached his compartment Murphy opened up a crate and took out a burn drive that was blank save for fake files with tracers in them. Opening another crate that contained clothes and personal things, Murphy reached in and took out a baseball. It was smudged on one section from where the bat had made contact with it. It was a home-run ball from a Chicago Cubs game. Murphy would never forget that day.

But now was not the time for reflection. Now was the time for action. So he put the ball back in the crate, then set off in search of the Asari.

Tau took a moment to inspect his welcoming committee: two heavily armored humans, one medium armored, and one lightly armored; all of them pressured against the vacuum. They certainly weren't members of the Systems Alliance, their insignia nowhere on the armor. On top of that, none of the armor configurations matched what Tau had in his database, their weapons also didn't catalog.

However, this difference was predicted. Since there already so much contradiction, why would something match up now? After storing the layout of the hangar, Tau nodded to XO Smith. "You lead, I shall follow."

Voh getting more annoyed at this human but his words made sense. He knew he mess up and accepted it. Though he still did not like the way his human was talking to him. Though he has to give him some respect. Not many walks up to a Sangheili and gives them a good talking to. He simple nods after that statement.

"The blue chick wants to talk with you though, and apologize for kicking a table into your face. I suggest you apologize to her for trying to rip her face off."

He thinks about this and nods. "Just make sure she has a translator. I doubt she could understand me." he said as Murphy starts to walk away. Trying to figure out what to do now as he radio in. "Demon what are my orders. Shall I head to the hanger or stay back and let the others deal with it?"


He led out of the room and Luna followed and he was messaged by 'Tohai and responded, "For now, stay. I don't want another incident like the one that just happened."


Smith nodded and turned away from Tau and led them out of the Hanger. Once they were all out, Smith reached to the sides of his breather and took it off. Once he did he continues leading Tau to the debriefing room. Wasn't anything like the interrogation room that the Captain led the Asari into.

No, the debriefing room was much nicer, rug, large table with many chairs, plants and even a minute holographic board in the center of the table with even a screen on the opposite wall to the entrance. They entered in the room and Smith gestured for Tau to sit. At least he assumed the being sat like a Human.

Once everyone was in he chairs, Smith began. "Before we begin about the ship, which I no doubt think you're concerned about or at least interested in. We need to talk about this Geth-Quarian Alliance and this Systems Alliance of yours. Please explain to us."


As they walked he talked to Luna, "Luna, I am going to be frank," he stopped and turned to the Asari, "I don't think my crew is in our own universe or dimension. So much of what you showed me contradict our own history."

Tau didn't answer the XO right away, instead spending a few seconds accessing his own personal database, the visual cue being his optic lens spinning around and refocusing. "The data I have cataloged about Humanity, the Creators, and the Geth, is too exuberant for oral recitation. More specific queries are required for the unit to be able to use inefficient speech to answer."


Smith placed his elbows on the table and hands together, "okay... Tell me of the two races of the Geth-Quarian Alliance are you? And if possible give a brief summary of the alliance. Some history." He already was assuming it was the first one. It sounded robotic anyway.

"I can honestly say that i'm not terribly surprised Mr..." She said then stopped. She realized that she had picked up his name during melding, but it might be freaky to him. "I don't think i ever caught your name. What might it be?" she asked him.

"I am Geth." Tau brought up one of his hands and let a holographic circle appear around it. "To promote better understanding, this unit will provide visual context for your answer." A picture of two peoples appeared above the circle: one was a Quarian in a full exo-suit, which the Creators still had to wear beyond Rannoch; the other was a standard Geth model. Both of the figures were facing one another, shaking hands.

"The Quarian-Geth Alliance is made of two races, or one race and their creation." The image changed to that of several Geth, doing what appeared to be field work. "The Quarians made the Geth to be servants and perform tasks that were too hazardous or tedious for themselves. However, through the evolution of countless upgrades, the Geth developed a form of collective intelligence, which the Quarians feared."

The image changed again to one of several Quarians and Geth, with the robotic servants lined up against a Quarian firing squad. "They tried to end assumed hostilities before they began, and tried to exterminate the Geth. However, the Geth intelligence adapted, and fought to defend itself." The hologram now showed a video of what appeared to be and urban battlefield, with Geth and Quarians exchanging small arms fire over a city street. "During this conflict, the Morning War, the Quarians fled their homeworld and the surrounding cluster, fleeing the Geth and forming the Mirgrant Fleet, a large flotilla that sustained their population for 300 years." A final image: one of hundreds of ships flying away from a semi-arid planet.

Tau paused as he found himself caught in his own calculations, weighing what to tell next and what to withhold. Then, after waving his hand away to disperse the holographic image, he continued. "5 years ago, the Quarians used a newly developed method of attack against the Geth to try and retake their homeworld. This conflict threatened to destroy both races, but through the intervention of a human and his allies, the Geth and the Quarians found 'common ground', resettling the Quarian homeworld together. Over time, the peace between us grew to a government union."


"Just call me Spartan, Captain, or Commander. Any of the three is just fine," they continued on until they reached the debriefing room, however he heard voices on the other side. Walking up to the door it slid opened and he stepped in, inside he saw XO Smith, the two Spartan-IV's, Kerrigan, and a robot..?

He was immediately going to reach for his gun but decided to reserve as it must be who the XO was meeting with. "XO Smith, whom might this be?"

XO Smith turned in his chair and faced the Spartan, "Captain," he saluted, "this is Tau, a Geth from the Quarian-Geth alliance. Sent to meet with us from the ship Tashya."

" I assume you were having him explain things?"

The XO nodded, "indeed. In fact he just finished telling us about the Quarian-Geth alliance of theirs."

Jastis went over to the table and placed his hands on it, "going to be blunt. We're... Not in our dimension..."

The XO gave a strange look at the Spartan, "What?"

"Assertion solves contradiction." Tau spoke up from his seat as he analyzed the validity of that statement. "More data is required for confirmation, but a universal displacement theory is valid in this situation."

From the doorway, Tau saw the Asari come from behind, and he recognized her immediately. Luna T'sair, her information sat on the data the infiltrator had built up over her time in Omega. Data Tau requested to see while the Tashya was on route to the Blade. Her threat value was high, and the fact that she was on board made Tau start running new risk assessments.

Sarah had been standing guard in the briefing room, in a corner, but close enough that if the alien tin can turned hostile she could cut it down quickly, having holstered her rifle, in favor of her Sword, in this situation it seemed a better choice, plus, the Geth probably didn't know what it was.

As for what the Geth was saying, she wasn't paying 100% attention, she was more less getting the foot notes, aliens make robots, robots rebel, send aliens to space, aliens come back and every one almost dies, only to be saved by some human. She found that part particularly stupid sounding for some reason, but she kept it to her self.

About the time the Geth finished it's story, the Two entered, as she was now thinking of him, she saluted, but didn't say anything. He and the XO had a sort exchange, in which the Two said.

"Going to be blunt. We're... Not in our dimension..."

"And we have a new winner for dumbest sounding thing said today" she thought


"The Asari, Luna," he turned and gestured towards her and then back to the people at the table, "showed me with her mind melding much of the history of this universe, nothing adds up to our own. Something must of happened when we got close to that anomaly. You can confirm it with the Geth over there, he will vouch for Luna's mind melding and the history of Earth in this dimension."

"It does make sense. Also, considering how much info i have access to; i know that the systems alliance isn't working on much genetic manipulation. They've had some biotic and Ezero work in the past, but thats about the most i can recall." The Asari said before turning to Jastis. "Spartan, you don't have standard Human genetics. I picked that up during melding." she said.

Tau made a few whirring sounds as he pulled up the relevant data for review. "Earth: Homeworld of the Human species, who's recent emergence on galactic level was predated by relatively large community of nation-states. At time of emergence, several nation-states with high economic or military influence pooled resources to create the Systems Alliance, in order to maintain extraterrestrial settlements. The Alliance achieved its current status of Humanity's representing authority after the Human-named 'First-Contact War', a small-scale conflict between the Systems Alliance and the Turian Hierarchy."

Ever since they arrived in the debriefing room, Gideon had been paying attention to what XO Smith and this 'Geth' known as Tau had been discussing. Apparently from what he could make sense of, throughout the early existence of the Geth, they acted as servants to their creators, who were reffered to as Quarians.

However at some point, the Geth managed to achieve some higher form of sentience, and their creators were afraid of that, and so started a war against them, which eventually drove the Quarians from their home-world, and into a 300 year long period of exile on board a large fleet of ships. Roughly five years ago though, both races managed to settle their difference with the aid of a human and his allies and bring their 'Morning War' to a close. Somehow, Gideon found this knowledge rather interesting, it reminding him of old science fiction stories he read and watched as a child.

Eventually however, Jastis and an unknown human looking woman with blue skin arrived in the room. If he was honest, she looked kind of pretty, though he figured that there was something far more powerful beneath that guise of hers; some of the women he knew back home, wherever it was now were like that, pretty on the outside, but could kick like a mule. Jastis soon said something that would probably scare most people.

"Going to be blunt. We're... Not in our dimension..."

"Well I'll be damned." Gideon said out of nowhere. "A whole new universe. Though its kind of obvious given our 'guests'." He then added, talking about of course Tau and the blue woman.

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