WAOA Arena

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"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Hellosh shouted in pain. After a while, his eyes glow red. "Hahahahahahahahaha! This is what I'm talking about! Pure pain, pure agony, pure suffering!" Hellosh said with horrifying smile. "You ignited my lust of battle! You ignited my bloodlust! Now, here's your reward!" Hellosh shouted. Hellosh preforms a tornado of insanely fast attacks. "Hahahahahaha!" He laughs sadistically.

OoC: I am the Anti-Hatchy!

OoC: I am the night hatchy (Am I doing this right?)

Tahril backed away from the manic attacks, brandishing his agoniser and warding off attacks that came to close with his sword.

"Fall creature, your pain is my power" He said darting back on the attack, this time using the agoniser to attempt to tangle limbs and slow Hellosh.

"Hahahahaha! Really? Sadly, it's my power as well!" Hellosh said. Hellosh's eyes glow redder. With great speed, he grabs the agoniser. Ignoring the intense pain, he pulls it with great strength. Thus, forcing Tahril to be close to him. At this moment, Hellosh's strikes reach him.

Tahril releases the agoniser, blocks the strike with his sword and twists over Hellosh's head, grabbing the agoniser's handle once more and landing. This all happened in the space of a few seconds and Tahril was a dark blur of motion. However his shadowfield shorted out when he blocked the sword strike and the dark miasma of shadows began to fade away.
Tahril's teeth were bared underneath his helmet as he felt the pain flow through him, his muscles tensed and grew beneath his armour, pushing the barbs and hooks within deeper into his flesh and he let out a cry of delight.

"Ah, I could drink from you all day until my hair is black and my skin youthful."

"Thanks, but I don't swing that way." Hellosh swings his sword towards Tahril with great speed. "Come on, you little pup! Attack with your full hateful might!" Hellosh shouted while attacking, his strikes increase in speed again. "Attack, attack, attack! Hahahahahhahahhahahah!" Hellosh laughs as his eyes glow redder and redder, and his muscles grow stronger.

Tahril would have none of this from such a cur. Hellosh was fast and his blade carried more weight but Tahril was definetly the faster of the two.

He lashed out with his power sword in a flurry of attacks faster than the human eye could track, using his agoniser to distract and tangle his opponents sword while his own sword danced around his opponents guard, slashing and stabbing.

Hellosh bleeds intensely. This man is stronger then I thought. Hellosh saw an opening in Tahril's attack, and blocked it. Hellosh then immediately jumped back, preforming an acrobatic back-flip.

Now there's a distance between them. Hellosh takes a defensive stand, awaiting Tahril next move.

Tahril watches his foe. He was sure he could eventually out melee him but he risked injuring himself then. That risk would exhilerating however and he would claim dominance over another creature. He looked and his power sword, the weapon was not suited for fighting such a resilient foe and he sheathed it, drawing instead a short, brutally designed sword. He pressed a glyph upon the weapon and virulent venom began to run through the weapon and he charged his foe.

Let's see if this tactic works Hellosh spits out blood. Hellosh awaits the right moment to attack. When Tahril charged, he exploited it "HERE!" Hellosh preforms a powerful and fast horizontal attack, in hope it would hit Tahril.

A supposed vulnerability was the best way to lure a political opponent into a fatal position. This was true upon the battlefield. Every fault in Tahril's attack so far had been contructed, part of his machinations for this fight. His labrythine mind filled with counter-attacks and various other routes of attacks should certain situations arise. Like a great machine his mind ticked over the milliseconds of the maneover.

He had left a gap in his defense that would entice a horizontal slice to sever his torso from his legs. This attack came as predicted and Tahril slid underneath the blow, his cape dislodging from his shoulder and drifting over Hellosh's face. out of the role the wrapped the Agoniser around Hellosh's sword arm and dragged the weapon faster upon its current path. Once the weapon had over-extended he drove the venom blade into Hellosh's shoulder and twisted the weapon and the hyper toxis began to flow. Releasing the short sword he rolled backwards and yanked the agoniser downwards to drive Hellosh's longer weapon into the ground.

The effects of the poison seemed to cause Hellosh great pain. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He shouted. Then, he started laughing menially. "HahahahahahahahahahhaKekekekekeehhehehehhemuahahahhaha!" He sticks his tongue out like a wild animal. Hellosh runs to Tahril like a furious hell hound. The moment Hellosh seemed to attack him, is the moment he took off his cloak. While Tahril was distracted with the cloak, Hellosh grabbed Tahril's sword hand and holds him in place by biting his neck. Hellosh then thrust his sword at him, causing him to bleed deeply. Afterwards, Hellosh throws him way from his sword. As Hellosh slowly walked to Tahril, the poison started kicking in causing Hellosh to fall on the ground. Hellosh heavy breathes, not seeming to move.

OoC: Sorry for taking so long to post. Been busy. By the way, Hellosh's sword greatly weaken a dark/evil being healing powers.

Tahril groans and pushes himself to his feet before a smile breaks across his face and he begins laughing. he takes his helmet off, his face seems to glow with youthful energy and his white hair is now raven black.

"Truly you were a tenacious opponent but now..." He pulled a cluster of Plasma Grenades from his armour and activated them. "I am done with you" he said with blood pouring from his mouth. His regeneration slowed for some reason but no matter it would kick in shortly. He threw the 3 grenades next to Hellosh and turned away and began to walk towards the gates.

"Thank you! I never had a battle as *Coughs* great as this since the time I fought Danrick ! Goodbye!" Hellosh said with a smile on his face. The grenades then exploded, and Hellosh died.

OoC: @Ven That was a great fight! :D

"The battle is over, and Tahril Dravian still stands!"

The Meta could be seen at the gallery, groweling slightly as he stared at Tahril.
OoC: Yes, it was quite enjoyable.

@Dirty yeah! Next time it should mix up the environment and such. We'll see what @Kirke has in store for us.

Tahril sneered as he realised his wound in his stomach and could now start to feel the wound painfully healing. his armour had been scratched. Such an event happened barely once every century. He waited for the gate to open before realising he was being watched. He placed his helmet over his head.

OoC: @Ven Yup! Mixing areas, you say? Well I do like a stealth advantage, so a tree filled area would be nice.

@Kirk Is Hellosh now in a test tube?

The gate opened, letting Tahril through. The Meta growled and left.
OoC: @Dirty: Yep, and his head will regrow first. And it will be concious.
Also, if you want other arenas... I guess I can make some, but for the most part you'll just have to come up with them yourself.

OoC: Looking back at this fight, I should have used this song.

Meh, I'll use it next time.

@Kirke: I've got an idea, you could have a 'Champion' of the Arena which would be entitled to privileges.
Also I was thinking and in my opinion it would be better if the armouries of each character were set to basic stuff, IE: sword, shield, pistol, bow, wand, etc. You could earn money by fighting and winning/giving a good fight in battles which you could use to buy stuff from shops.
Something else i thought might be a good idea is some sort of system which would help add to the atmosphere of the fight. for example; if you had one a lot of matches and were a 'nice' person, sparing the competitors or killing them mercifully, then you would gain the favor of the crowd and they would cheer you on. Sometimes fans may send you extra cash or weapons which you would receive in the locker room. Maybe there could be a place where the competitors meat before matches to trash talk or something, or plan to double team one of the other competitors.
Anyway, thats my ideas. Also did you play the Jak And Daxter racing game?

OoC: Time to test out a species type

There's a small poof in the black, where an odd creature, blank faced, blanked body, featureless in every respect creature appears. It walks out, to his room, seemingly knowing where it is. The Room is blank and featureless, with nothing but Assorted junk on one side, medical supplies on another, and hats on a third. It dons a cap, a four syringes filled with lead, a concrete overcoat, A drug in another syringe, The Needle, an stuffed grim reaper, a bucket, and a moped. It goes to it's locker and grabs a gun, and a sword. He walks into the arena, the arena becomes a medow, with a pond full of fish, and a mountain.

@Wacky: There would be no 'Weapons' and id also assume Armour, in his(?) room. Also "Hello I am Silver, Ill be your Q+A guy for today." :P

OoC: @Silver: That seems too complicated for me. Oh, and every match is broadcasted, there's no actual crowd there. The locker rooms can be used for trashtalk/strategy. And no, I have not played or even heard of that racing game.

@Kirke: Ok. Didnt know that, realy? oh well. Cool. Dosnt realy matter anyway.

A squad of marines entered the arena.
"This is bull. We've already done a fight today!"- Said private Fabian Hobbes, the smartgunner of the squad.
"Shut it, Hobbes. Keep that smartgun ready."
Cpl. Short replied, checking her motion tracker as Ptv. Flanagon glanced over and checked it.
"Nothing. That's way to quiet."
The sergeant, Pete Hampton, readied his pulse rifle.
"Alright people, let's get ready."

It saw them. It's blank face glared at the marines, as it slowly began to walk towards them, pistol in hand. It holds a bucket, and throws it at one marines feet.

@Kikre: Are these generic marines or from something?

Hobbes looked at the creature with disbelief.
"What the hell is that?"
"I have no friggin' idea..."
"It's armed, open fire!"
"Yes sir."
The four marines opened fire while spreading out, taking cover behind trees.

OoC: One marine is armed with a smartgun, which has aim assist based on heat, and the rest are armed with pulse rifles.
@Silver shadow: They're Colonial Marines, from the Alien films.

The creature didn't actually seem to mind the bullets, the bullets just seemed to... Well, The bullets turned into fire as they entered a meter-radius around him, dissipating into the air. Each and every pices of ammo that entered the semi-field dissapated into a flaming gas, bearly hurting him as it dissipated.
"Times to fill you with lead."
He begins to walk up to one, shooting at a random marine behind cover. If the bullets hit, they would seemingly dissipated... As the armor was filled with lead. If it hit a tree, or rock, it would fill every available crevice with lead.

OoC: @Wacky: All marines are behind cover.

@Kirke: Edited.

OOC: Im here again.

Ptv. Flanagon was hit, and was turned into lead. Hobbes shouted out in suprise and fear, while Short and Hampton launced a pair of grenades at the freakish being.

OoC: 'Filled,' not turned. There's a difference, in one, you are a statue of lead, in another, the blood in your body is turned to lead.

The creature watches the grenades fly to him... And when they get a meter away from him... They move thrice as fast, almost as if they were launched from a cannon at it, knocking it. It didn't seem to mind actually getting knocked over all that much, and began to walk to Hobbs, throwing a bucket at ones feet.

OoC: @Wackymon: I thought the armour was filled with lead. Aka, the marine turning to lead. Also, why u no say which marine?

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