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Hellosh laughed at the man."Funny! I accepted death before you ever did! My father was a great man, he made me strong. If he didn't, I wouldn't be here mocking your naive nature. And children aren't sent to the battlefield, only those like me. Only those who are worthy. And my life wasn't all war, I had something to fight for. And that thing I used to fight for is far greater than protecting some worms you do not know or care about." Hellosh said to Drayven.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying? Dude, even if there doesn't seem to be an end, if you're protecting someone you gotta give it your all. You can't stop trying."

Tophat tried to keep its temper as it spoke to Hellosh, though it was difficult.
"The best anyone can hope for is to leave the world a better place than it was when they arrived. Until then, I will not accept death."

Carmen simply turned toward Hellosh, sighing a bit. "By war-addicted clone, that's exactly what I mean. There's a difference between teaching someone how to fight and defending themselves... and turning them into some sort of fanatic like you."

Drayven shook his head slightly.
"You contradict yourself." He said to Hellosh simply before turning to Laguna and Carmen.

"One culture that I know of does train all of their people to fight. The orcs introduce all of their children to martial discipline at a certain age. There are not very many of them however, and their way of life is far more... primitive in most cases. Their arts are far more focused on their militaristic tendencies, but they also have a terrible reputation among the races of Mer and men, and are almost always ostracised. Even then, there are those who shun that way of life and go to study in more civil professions. There may be something to a mandatory period of military service, but it does not suit everyone. And I would hope never to see a day where everyone is left with no choice but to fight or die against an overwelming foe." Finishing his explanation, he glanced at Hellosh again, his face and voice betraying no emotion.

"I fought for my family above all else, then my liege, and then the people. Do not slight them so casually." He said evenly before turning away again.

Dromeaus tightened his bite, groaning in pain as the fist struck his chest. On the second blow he twisted his head and ripped savagely away, the flesh of Rex'es face giving way before the vicelike strength of the Argonian's jaws. Tearing free he half leapt, half stumbled away, clutching his ribs and wheezing in pain.

Rex gritted his teeth and put his hand over his face as Drom pulled it off. Blood poured before he took a knee and took a few breaths, not being able to move just yet due to all the pain. As a result, the lightning around the man began to spark white, even more deadly than before. He staggered a bit before starting to growl a bit, charging himself up. "Such. A. Fucking.... PAIN...."

Carmen put a hand to her chin for a moment before nodding. "I see... Balance over brute strength is something preferable overall."

"Wow... sounds like they got a tough life. And if some of them wanna split off from being warriors, I say go for it."

Dromaeus's thin lips peeled apart, giving Rex a good view of his own warm blood dripping between the triangular teeth. As he did so he fumbled under his heavy fur wrapping for the pouches concealed inside. Drawing out a translucent, pale yellow bottle he bit out the cork and upended it into his mouth. A moment later, the colour faded from his body, his outline became faint, and then he vanished entirely.

"I do believe so. A force made up of professional soldiers dedicated to the protection of a civilian population is a formidable force. And if they do their job well then they will not have to worry about falling short of recruits. Orcs are made hardy by their brutal life. But not as many of their young survive into adulthood as those of my own race, or yours."

Hellosh glances at the hat. "Funny enough, I made my kingdom a better place after I took control. Crime died, along with those who oppose me. I honestly don't know if my citizens love or not. But I know this: They fear me, they fear so much that they wouldn't dare to steal a loaf of bread. Now there's peace, and now I await death." He said to it.

Hellosh looks at Drayven. "I fought to succeed my father's dream; I fought to earn his respect. But Fighting doesn't solve all my problems. For one example, why protect the weak if you can make them strong? Teaching them some basics of battle will do them more good than being some idiotic knight in shining armour. If you die, who will protect them? And sometimes it's better to let them fend for themselves." He said.

Rex stood up, still clutching his face. He calmly closed his eyes and shifted his headphones down off his ears, allowing him to listen a little more to his surroundings. The white lightning continued to spark around his body as he waited.

Carmen sighed a bit. "Rule by fear only leads to rebellion. No matter how powerful you may be, you won't be able to withstand an entire nation on your own."

"If they fear you, you are no good king."
Tophat said to Hellosh, getting up and leaving.
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"You'd think these orc guys would have better childcare in place if they wanna have a strong military."

"As I have already told you, my eldest son is in training to fight for our house just as I did before. And when he comes of age, my younger son shall do the same." Drayven replied to Hellosh. "And my mind is a keener weapon than any sword. You on the other hand, hide the edge of your own intellect very well with all your braggart's pride. As for your ways of dealing with your people..." He chuckled dryly.

"A leader loved by his people can command their absolute loyalty, even onto death. I wonder, what would you do when your people fear the enemy's swords more than your whips?" As Laguna voiced his concerns over the Orc children he shrugged.

"However well they take care of their children, they are conditioned to be violent and competetive. The strong survive. Those who suffer from any weakness are usually ground beneath the heels of those stronger, and forgotten by their elders who did not value them so much."

Dromaeus circled around Rex slowly, crouched low and cross-stepping silently. He nocked an arrow and caressed the flight gently, before raising the bow, drawing the string with a swift, smooth motion and loosing it.

As Drom smoothly shot the arrow, it pegged Rex in the leg. The man seemed not to be bothered by it as he sighed and transmuted his gauntlet into its gun form. He calmly squeezed the trigger as the gun was obviously beginning to charge up. So if it was at that angle... then he was somewhere around.... He seemed to look around the area Drom had shot the arrow from.

Dromaeus knew better than to stand and fire from one position, and had already rolled to one side. Now he nocked another arrow and drew it back. Raising the bow he drew in a long, deep breath and sighted down the arrow, aiming just below Rex'es jawline.

"That doesn't really sound like a good idea. Leaving people behind is never a good thing, and you never know what those kids might be capable of."

"The statics disagree; the major drop in crime proves it. But thanks anyway." He said to Tophat.

"Rebellions only happen when you punish the wrong people. Criminals die miserable, citizens live happily. If you think I am some fool who hurts others for pure shits and giggles, you are wrong. What proves my clam? I spent years ruling Bitemark and not a single rebellion happened." He said to Carmen.

Hellosh simply glanced at Drayven "Tell me, have you saved an entire country? Have you made any improvements? Have you ruled a country to glory after it was absorbed by pure chaos? Feel free to mock me; I wouldn't care. I didn't take command because I wanted, I took it because nobody else would." He said to him.

With Rex's head turned, he managed to see the arrow as it flew toward his neck. He calmly spun around, grabbing the arrow with his free hand before aiming where the arrow had fired from with his gun and firing a large white beam in that direction. Afterward, he coughed up a bit of blood and started charging another shot.

"Yet." Carmen simply replied. "Your demeanor suggests you hurt others for your own amusement, but I'll lay that motion to the side for now. The moment you make a small misstep in your judgement of executing people, they'll have your head. And tell me, do you publicly execute these criminals?"

Drayven nodded, looking rather regetful.

"And this is why I would not see all races assume such a lifestyle. It is too brutal. Why do those born without the physical strength or the aggressive tendencies of his peers deserve to die and be forgotten? It is our artists, our historians, who record our exploits and achievements for future generations. Warriors do not create. If they do not protect those who do, or learn to follow a new path as I did, then all they are capable of is destruction." Hearing Hellosh'es continued boasting and challenges, he exhaled long and slow, the first sign of exasperation he had shown them.

"Your idea of 'improvements' are clearly very different to mine. And I have not saved a country, no. I never would have even if I rose all the way to the top of the Aldmeri chain of command, though I may have destroyed one. I chose a different path because it was the right thing to do."

Dromaeus gasped in shock as Rex grabbed the arrow. When the human spun and raised his gun Dromaeus threw himself on his belly, letting the shot pass over his head. As he scrambled up, his potion wore off and he shimmered back into view. Lunging at Rex he swept his shield out to knock him off balance and deflect his gun barrel before bringing his sword across to slit open his belly.

"Speaking as an ex-soldier, yeah, it's not always it's own reward. You gotta fight for change, or something you believe in, or to protect someone. Fighting for it's own sake is just slow suicide." Laguna looked at Hellosh. "Hey, I DID save a country, and I ended up ruling it. And I didn't have to make people afraid of me."

"I said for 'pure' shits and giggles. I obviously do enjoy harming others, but I only limit myself for those who deserve it. Being a king is a job, and I do my job quite well. No seriously, get a better person and I will abdicate my throne. And yes, I always execute in public. But before you assume that's all I do, I also build public hospitals. A lot of them, in fact. I did it mostly because my mother was a medic, and I felt that building them is a great way to honour her." Hellosh replied to Carmen.

"What? Repeat your comment again. You know, the part about you destroying a country." Hellosh asked Drayven.

"Well done." Hellosh stoically said to Laguna.

Dropping the arrow and snapping it with a stomp, he noted Drom lunging at him as the lizard reappeared. He quickly backdashed to back out of his shield bash. The lizard's horizontal slash caught his ribs a bit. Grunting, Rex aimed his gun toward Drom's chest and shot again, this time less strong as the one before.

Carmen scoffed. "Save your people having to see such barbarity, then. As much as I enjoy fighting myself, don't celebrate it by beheading people in front of others. No amount of hospitals or other helpful structures will ever erase the resentment people must feel from seeing people slain before them, no matter how evil or corrupt they may be. Subjects aren't to be made examples of unless absolutely necessary... and even then, they can be dealt with silently."

Dromaeus jerked and coughed as the shot drove the air from his lungs, and his blood began to mingle with the traces of Rex'es in his jaws. He staggered stiffly to the left, before bracing himself. Groaning, he shrugged off his shield, before forcing himself forward. With his left arm he gripped the hilt of the dagger at his belt and yanked it painfully from the scabbard.

Drayven's eyes narrowed.

"I was a celebrated officer in the Aldmer army during the war against the human Empire of Cyrodiil." He said slowly and reservedly. "As we wore them down, I saw things that diluted my will to fight. I wanted no part in what my rulers had planned for the humans, so I resigned my position."

Rex dived to the left to dodge Drom's stab. Just like in those bullet-time movies, he quickly aimed toward Drom's eye before firing off another shot. After landing, he'd roll a bit away from Drom, switching back to his gauntlet.

"I know that feeling..." Laguna's face darkened, just for a split second.

"Yeah, sure. I might change my governing behavior after viewing some statistics. Assuming another country didn't invade mine while I was in God-knows-where. By the way, here's an interesting story: There was this one criminal, let's just say he 'likes' kids. People where cheering me for punishing him, especially the victims' parents. That was my first public execution. " He said to Carmen.

"Elaborate, please." Hellosh asked Drayven to explain further.

Carmen just looked at Hellosh, still shaking her head. "Of course, the parents would be like that. What about the other executions? Do you have droves of people constantly cheering all of your executions like some drove of zombies?"

"Yes, most people cheer me for most of my executions. The others who dislike executions simply do not attend or close their eyes. Anyhow, do you have anymore questions?" Hellosh explained to Carmen.

"What concern is it of yours what the Thalmor and those under their command did in the war against the Septim Empire?" Drayven demanded frostily of Hellosh.

As they spoke, Aethion came through the door at the other end of the room. Unnoticed by his father, he frowned in confusion as he recognised elder Elf's agitation, able to recognise the subtleties of Elven body language as Laguna and the demons never could.

Carmen sighed before shaking her head. "No, I don't."

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The shot shattered the side of Dromaeus's snout and tore open his eye socket, bursting his eyeball like a ripe grape. He staggered back, moving uncontrolled as though underwater. His jaw hung open and his intact eye wide with shock. He somehow remained standing, swaying slightly, before beginning to step forward again sluggishly. He swept his blade left and right, unseeing, his breath coming in ragged gasps. He moved almost aimlessly in Rex'es general direction, sheer bloody-minded savagery keeping him on his feet.

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Laguna noticed Aethion coming in. He waved, then saw his frown. "You alright?"

Rex sighed a bit before stepping back out of Drom's wild swings and aimed toward the lizard's face again. "Good fight." He said calmly before firing again.

"Simple, I am bored and I am interested in your story." Hellosh replied simply to Drayven

Hellosh takes a closer look at Carmen "By the way, what are you?" He asked her.

Dromaeus's head was snapped back by the shot. His arms dropped limply to his sides and both blades dropped from his relaxing fingers, before his body crashed down heavily in the dirt.

"Something troubles my father. What is it?" Aethion muttered to Laguna under his breath as he approached him. When he heard Hellosh press for information on Drayven's past, he sighed.
"Not good. He does not like to speak of his time fighting for the Thalmor."

"I fought under the overriding orders of the Thalmor, a governmental organisation who sought to bring all humans and other races that they saw as inferior under their bootheel. They were ruthless, and would have controlled the conquered people with the same tyranny that you may find familiar. Does this sate your curiosity?"

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