Avatar Adventure Reboot, Old School, Heroes VS Villains (always open. make a sheet and play)

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"...At the risk of sounding cliche...He really did start it..." Adel said as he got up from the couch and limped away, glancing at Icarus as he did..
"Just know this. Stop thinking you are all high and mighty. If you were, you wouldn't be down here with us mortals, would ya?..." He said, declaring the confrontation over as he walked over to the strange knight.
"....Friend of yours?...Thanks Cylon." He said as he took the wooden leg from the knight before sitting on the ground and breaking it into a smaller size for this cast.

"....Friend of yours?...Thanks Cylon."

The knight only stared in response, hatred and resentment clear in his eyes. Kariya frowned, and the knight walked back to his side, on the slanted and broken couch. Kariya was too terrified to move off of it, though he wouldn't admit it to these people. Berserker stood, silent but full of hate...

"He's my servant. I summoned him, and he'll help me win the Holy Grail War." 'For Sakura...' "Tell me, is there a way out of this place? I need to be somewhere else..."

After silently traversing the jungle for a while, Garrus reluctantly decided to head back to the ship, believing that the person got away. Upon returning to the ship, he saw that the stranger was flat on the ground; as if his armor had locked up or something. Seeing this his gun and himself both lowered in disappointment, Damn, all that time wasted. Now I feel like an idiot.

Garrus walked into the ship and saw that Athenus was sitting in between Adel and Icarus all three with a sorta mean look on their faces, "Did I miss something?" He then turned and saw, yet again more people he has not yet met. "I'm gone for a few minutes to track someone down, and there seems to have been some kind of confrontation and guests are over, you guys should have called me. By the way, there's a 6' long set of armor with a person inside it on the porch." He then turned toward the black armor and sickly-looking kid, "My name's Garrus, what's yours?"

"My name's Garrus, what's yours?"

"Kariya, this is Lance- Berserker." Kariya quickly corrected himself, and smiled towards the weird alien looking thing. He summoned a being from history who might not have existed, and he had bugs in his blood. Who was he to judge people on appearances? Besides a normal person.

Berserker went with his usual routine, a low growl of hate. He took a step forward, he seemed to double and triple randomly, like a distorted image. He looked a bit like a hallucination, as he charged forward slowly. Then, suddenly, he was gone as one of the veins on Kariya's face burst open, pouring blood and a few insects on the ground. Kariya quickly went to the fetal position, as the black mist dissipated.

'Dammit.' Kariya coughed up some blood, before getting up and moving out to the hallway. He knew there'd be a bit more, then he could retry the greetings.

Read her visor.
She knew if she waited much longer those outside may try to pry the suit apart as scrap metal.
The gargled speech of the alien outside seemed to be the same as the one from before, could this have been his doing?


Oh well, we'll find out soon enough, perhaps it'll be friendly. The frills on its head is some resemblance to Chozo, it could be a subspecies maybe?

100%,DS#11-0----------------------------------- ONLINE...
The visor booted up and two new things were apparent here, firstly, her map was back, and it read about an item of importance 23 cliks southeast of here, ''Of course, why else would I be here'' she said quietly. The second was subtitles below her HUD. The bird-alien's speech read: ...Garrus, What#~s yours?
No translation software's perfect she supposed.
Samus twitched her fingers, good, the suit was movable now.

Quick as a flash the boosters on her backs self-righted her and she set her arm cannon to stun at the others, ''State your names, ranks and intentions'' she barked.


"....You going to put down that weapon first?..." Adel asked as he finished his splint on his knee before getting back up.
"God, so many people are so jumpy. Guess that's what happens when you crash. *Sigh* Name's Adel. Now point that gun at someone who isn't me." He said, not in the mood for a fight at this moment in time.

Why is he so calm and collected about this, he's acting as if this is a regular occurence for him, judging by his attire he's clearly not federation, ''And your rank and intention? Also this is a cannon, not a gun, difference is... notable'' she told him, her arm still in aiming position.

as David walks along the corridor he hears one of his old names he used to use being shouted "better see what's going on" he said sighing and walks on, he enters the room everyone is in he sees another robot with it's back to him pointing a cannon at the others "State your names, ranks and intentions" she barks as David is surprised she's a woman.

He sighs "dammit here we go again" he said quietly stepping forward and placing his staff on top of Samus's arm cannon "lower your weapon, we're all either neutral or good and we are friendly as well" he said gesturing her to put the cannon down "hey guys, don't ask why I've only got the bottom half of my clothes on, it's hard to explain" he said looking at the others and then back to Samus

''I came to this planet to carry out a mission, what I'm looking for is 23 cliks south-east of here'' she told them, lowering her cannon, ''Why are you here and how did you all get here? that goes for the bird as well.'' she questioned. With luck these ones are honest if not, well I'm certain that none of these supposed civilians will pose a threat.


"Don't have a Rank. My Intention is just trying not to be blown away by assholes with "Cannons". Are you done yet? Just put the damn thing down before you cause a fight." Adel sighed as Samus treated them as if they were terrorists or something.
It was then he heard her say her mission.
"Well, Go on ahead, we ain't stopping ya. What you looking for anyway?"

"We're all from different universes. Think of this as a cross roads. Each of us are here for one reason or another. As to why this group is specifically gathered in this location, were the heroes . The good guys." Athenus chimed in on the couch. "I'm Athenus, Dark Pakistan extrodanair. But in all seriousness, please lower you're weapon. We're really not in the mood or condition to fight right now..." The girl said to him.

the crow flys over from a mountain of rubble and lands on David's shoulder "well I arrived by falling out of a portal which teleports me across time and space at random and as for the Crow.....well he crawled out of my mouth, weird i know but anyway from what Athenus has said we are here to beat the bad guys" he said trying not to sound awkward and actually tries to sound friendly

''I just came from the planet Aether, Dasha Region, Kor sector'' she explained, ''On my way back to inner Federation space I wound up here. Not entirely sure how, perhaps you could shed some light on what's going on here?''


"...I...think you are asking the wrong persona there...Ummm...Did you timetravel? Just it's only 2013 and if Mankind had some Space Federation, I think we could know about it..." Adel said, figuring that it was the most likely cause of her being here.
Then again, he might be wrong.

Kariya held his breath as people passed him, he didn't cough up too much blood today, which was a miracle. He did get up to listen to the armored woman asked how she got here. He picked himself upa and shuffled to the doorway again.

"2013? It's 1992... wait you people are from the future?!"

"well i'm from the year 1202 so to me everyone here is from the future, hey are you alright?" he said replying to Kariya seeing he was bleeding from the mouth *probably something internal* he thought

"I'm Icarus, Depending on whom you ask I'm either a half angel or a Demon Lord, I prefer to be called the former.
I'm known as the Dark Angel, We crashed here and There's something I intend to investigate once I'm healed it may be the reason we crashed in the first place."

At the knowledge of finding out it was a woman in the suit, you could see a noticeable twitch in his eye. He turned around and watched her lower her arm-cannon, "My rank and name is General Garrus Vakarian, and I guess since everyone is saying what year they're from, I'm from the year 2183. I was on my way to check some new communication equipment on one of my people's colonies before I found myself here. And what they said about the good guys and bad guys is true."

''Well, dates will be useless then I suppose considering all of you are leagues behind me timeline-wise,'' Samus turned to Garrus and read the subtitles below her, ''Oh... and sorry, translation software, don't mind me it's just this new thing here only translates it to text,'' she shrugged, ''Alright, so you're all the 'good' guys, what's going on here then? There's another team' or something?''
If her ships in orbit above then it was probably a wormhole that she slipped through or something, that would explain the ship leaving me here temporarily, automatic protocols and whatnot...

Double Post...

Icarus was tired, admittedly he couldn't actually fight Adel, He was just trying to prove a point.
"Speaking of Villains that witch form earlier is here, when we've recovered I'd like to find out what she's up to. She's up to no good so we can't leave without finding out why she'd come to this jungle.
Suddenly Samus's Visor got a an update
Warning: A massive energy spike has occurred, reasons unknown source has been located
Her visor showed a rough location whee the energy signature had come from, it was somewhere in the junglem, in some sort of ancient pyramid

''Good to know civilization's out there, hope it isn't phaazon or space pirates though'' she mumbled, leading them through the dense foliage and slicing through the branches with her plasma beam.

Kariya was about to answer the mage, but a sudden pang hit him. Magic, pure and simple. It was dead in his time, but he could recognize it out there, through his command spell...

Kariya sat upright, and made Berserker materialize without his usual haze. The black knight turned to face Kariya, towering over him. Kariya issued his mental order, and sat back down.

'Find the source, bring it here.' Berserker nodded, and one could sense anticipation in him as he sprinted out of the place, at speeds beyond human. Kariya coughed up more blood, and a few insects. It would be a long day...

Icarus followed the two using his cane he could slowly feel a strange energy overwhelming him as they got close to an ancient pyramid,
"That's where the thingy will be" he said as he got closer he felt a strange sensation, he felt like his energy and been restored already, his wings suddenly appeared he had been trying to regain them this whole time.
"I got my wings back how about I fly up and get a look?"


Selena could see the signs of a group approaching, she used her crystal ball to scry realizing it was the heroes but at least her prince was there, she could turn this very easily to her advantage.
"Yes get a little bit closer my prince, you can feel it's power can't you? ALl I need is to get you closer nd you will be all mine." she laughed evily

Athenus was following her brother closely. "Well, i'll fly with you then." she said and ascended with her brother. The two looked around. "Wow..." she said, taking in the appearance of the table. "That's... a temple.."

Kariya felt healed while he limped behind Icarus. He began walking using his two legs, and his leg and arm didn't feel so useless. He could even feel the insects within chirp happily, as they moved around and caused his skin to shift and twitch heavily. He smiled genuinely for the first time in 8 months, everything just felt... better. This was the effect of true magic. He didn't even feel the drain Berserker put upon him anymore, though he was aware he was still around.


Berserker felt... calmed. He slowed down, and came to a full stop to look around. His inner pain subsided, his thoughts even felt returned. He felt like a knight, rather than a dog for once. He took a look around, with his renewed eyes, and took off his helmet, letting his long purple hair fall to his shoulders and on his back.

He tucked the helmet under his arm, and continued walking towards the source of the magic. His master heard it was a witch, so it was good for him to take the lead. He had Magic Resistance D, and Protection of the Faeries. He didn't know if he'd been picked up yet, so he continued cautiously, prepared to use anything as a weapon if he needed to.

Icarus and Athenus looked at he Pyramid
"If It's a temple then that means someone used to worship whatever is in there, either because they admired it or more likely because they feared it."
He looked around
"I'm going in there there's something I have to see."
he dove down and entered a small chute deactivating his wings, he could hear Athenus yell his name and was likely chasing after him.

Inside the Temple
Selena was getting closer but she'd have to stall the others and ensure that she could be alone with her pine. There was a secret passageway, though it was hard t reach unless you could fly, excellent.
But she'd have ti ensure that clanking knight didn't interfere luckily a good binding spell would handle him.

David walked into the temple with the others and sees the Pyramid "well i just hope they won't try to sacrifice us to their god or kill us for trespassing" he said stabbing the ground with his staff and casts an earth spell "all aboard those who can't flyor don't have anyway of getting up there" he said as a platform he was standing on slightly started rise

Kariya rolled his eyes, but stepped onto the rock platform, waiting for it to rise. He was a bit suspicious of the one who ran off, to the magical artifact probably. Or whoever their competition was... Kaiya gulped, he hoped Berserker would be okay...


Berserker followed his senses, it was rather easy. He'd not felt magic this potent since Merlin... He began jogging, feeling another magic individual going for the artifact. Berserker crouched down, scanning the ceiling. He found a weakpoint, and ran under it, springing up and through the hole, saving a few more minutes to get to the thing. He smirked, and ran again. He was given an order, and it would be most ungentlemanly to not follow it to his best ability...

Athenus dove after her brother, pulling her wings in close to herself, diving through the chute. when she got to the bottom of it, thwe kunoichi let her wings unfurl and she glided through the tuneel to where her brother was. "Damnit Icarus... don't run off like that. we need work on the buddy system. don't run off without me..." she said.

Icarus sidhed, his sister was right but he could feel the power, whatever was down there it was calling to him drawing him in.
"Sorry sis I can't help it, that thing down there it's calling to me."
"Really Icarus? an ancient artifact laying dormant for goddess now how long and now it decided to wake up and send messages to a random half angel to come hither?"
"A half angel unlikely but then again I'm not just a half angel am I?"
She stopped, she wanted to object but there was something about what her brother said that seemed to ring true.
"We need to know what we're dealing with and I suspect I know whom to ask, she won't be hard to find either."
"The witch, She's probably down there, she herself said she wanted me, and if sh'es here there's a small chance that whatever is in there she needs me to activate it or more likely she wants me to have it."

Deep down
She had reached the bottom of the pyramid, she could feel the weapons power radiating now, it was not yet fulawakened but soon it would be a massive stone sarcophagus lay as the center of the room but there was no body inside ancient runes inscribed, Translating it was difficult but do able
Seek you the world? Seek you power? Does your soul despise Peace and thirst for more?Does your sould cry for destruction and conquest? We grant you power to ruin the world. The power of darkness. Evil spirit of magic trident. You are the King of Darkness
She smiled this was it all she had to do was open the lid. placing both hands she began to push, she tried as hard as she could, but the lid didn't budge an inch, Flustered she tried to use her wand to force it open but still the lid stayed secured.
"The ancient ones were more cunning than I would have guessed, It must be sealed by magic, If that's true then only one worthy to wield the trident can open, but how to get My prince alone."
She'd have to find him. With a wave of her wand she became invisible unable to be detected she'd have to find her prince.




"Icarus, you'll be insane if you think i'm letting you charge in there head first. And i can feel it as well, i'm feeling but a slight pull in my mind from it, but i assume that's just from using dark Excalibur to heal you so much." she said, activating her sharingan. "Listen,we're not going down there without the others, ok? I want all of them to be present so we can take the bitch down." she said, standing right infront of him, blocking his path from further own the tunnel. "Mother said that i'm destined to bear the curse of hatred, but i still don't know what it means, or to find out... Icarus, please listen to me. I don't think there's anything stronger than our love for one another as brother and sister, our family."

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