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Athenus was enjoying a nap when she was violently awoken from it by a sudden and rather instant stop had sent her through a wall and into a hallway.
"fuck...." she compalined, getting up and seeing that her body had punched through a very thick amount of metal. "thank the goddess above that i'm part angel." she said then got up, a bit sore from the experience. Looking around, she noticed that most of the crew members were thrown out of the ship. then it kicked in that she hadn't seen her brother.

"Icarus!" The demi angel shouted and ran around the ship. "ICARUS!" she shouted then tripped over Adel. "Who the...."was all she managed to get out.


"Wait, What-" Was all Adel was able to get out before the Ship crashed thanks to Icarus's piloting skills.
He too was thrown around the room, smashing into the bar before part of the steel above him came crashing down on top of him, trapping him.
It was then that Athenus tripped over his leg and nearly slipped on the blood pouring from it as a result of the crash.

She looked and saw Adel trying to lift up the rubble off him.
He then frozen when he saw the Angel in front of him, both literally and figuratively.
"....Am I dead?...."

"thanks for the compliment." Athenus said, using her un-natural strength to use their combined stregnth, pulling the steel off of Adel. That's when she looked back and saw her wings were out. "Oh, sorry about that. I am an angel, but i usually don't let my wings form. Must have been a natural defensive instinct, and explains the reason i could make a hole through one in thick steel plate with my Body." The angel said, letting her wings dissipate into the darkness.

She offered her hand to adel. "The name's Athenus, you would be?" she asked.

They followed the line and eventually came to a big open and square room. "See, nothing will-" was all May got out before a massive set of doors opened on the opposite end of the room, a horde of mantis men charging out of it, clearly pissed and angry.
"well... shit..." she said and aimed the rifle, beginning to fire into the horde crossing the room.


Adel strained loudly as the pair of them pulled the rubble off from on top of him.
He groaned loudly afterwards, it was clear that the crash really did a number on him.
"Adel...My Name is Ade-UGHHH!" He said as pain shot through his system.
It was then he saw his leg, the kneecap completely broken and bleeding out.
"...Oh...that's not...good..." He said as he attempted to stand, having some understandable trouble doing so.

Icarus stirred awake to see someone with a warm smile, he groaned
Selena was a bit offended
"No silly, it's me" she leaned in very close Icarus saw her and gave a tiny shout
"What the hell? wait, How did I get here He tried to get up but Selena place her hand on his chest and made him lay down.
"You should relax, that was an awful fall you took your lucky I was around." she was smiling softly, Icarus wasn't an idiot he didn't know what this witch was up to but on the other had, he was alone, he may need some help especially if he did really fall.
"Well I have to find the others we can regroup and- argh" he Clutched at his left eye.
"Oh dear you must have hurt your eye here let me take a look" she reach forward but Icarus tensed
"My sister already looked at it" he said gritting his teeth form the sting in his eye.
"Your sister doesn't know a thing about magic." she then very gently removed his hand and looked she could see the corruption in his eye.
"Oh dear, you were attacked by a demon and a bit of poison got in your eye, you are part angel, you gotta be careful with demons, here I can make it better" she placed her hand over Icarus's eye. He flinched, but a warm feeling spread from her hand she was laying very close to him. Soon the sting went away and the back poison had disappeared from his eye.
"There all better" though this was a lie of sorts, the corruption had been fully stopped and placed deeper in his system, Magically sealed away but that didn't mean it would stay sealed.
Icarus tried to get up but he was shaky from the fall Selena took his arm and had him lean on her
"Your need to rest for a bit, lets get you somewhere safe" she said as they made their way not the jungle She had a plan with her prince this close and without that vile sister to get in the way... it would be very to gain his trust indeed.

"oh godess..." she said looking at his knee. Taking a knee, her dress becoming stained with his blood. She put her arms underneath his body and warned him. "this is going to hurt like a bitch, but i need to get you to the med bay." then lifted him, only struggling a bit with all of his muscle mass.

"Come on Adel, keep talking to me. I'd rather not have you loose consciousness, even though i know you probably won't. What are you doing here?" she asked him, making her way towards the med bay.


"Rising Dawn...My father.....was a crew member..." Adel said as they navigated through the ruins of the ship to the medical bay, the amount of blood he was losing was worrying, a major blood vessel must have been hit.
"...My father....wanted me...to...." He said, started to to drift off slightly, causing him to slap himself in the face to stay awake.


Garrus only got a glimpse of the newcomer before he was thrown across the room. His body smashed into the bar and flipped over it, right onto Thialfi. As the ship went down, he rolled and tumbled, all the while trying to grab onto to something. Soon however, the force of the ship sent Garrus and Thialfi sliding into a glass panel that broke from the stress put on it. Both of them fell through leaves and branches, getting caught up in vines, on the way down. It may have stretched his muscles and gave him a few bruises, but the branches and vines slowed him down for the landing not to hurt as much. The foliage gave way, and Garrus and Thialfi landed on the ground with a thud.

Garrus picked himself up slowly, while holding his head. And I thought a hangover headache was bad. He rapidly blinked his eyes to get the fuzziness out of the way. He looked around to see if anyone else made it,"Is everyone OK?" He asked while taking a few shaky steps.

The Guy

The Guy watched as the huge metal doors opened and a horde of mantis men came pouring out. "Now we get to have some fun. He kept the rifle slinged over his shoulder and instead pulled his chain belt from around his waist. He pulled at the chain from opposite ends and fire started burning all over the chain. "Alright insect freaks, let's dance!" The Guy soon started using his chain to whip the bug freaks in the face. Chunks of meat and burning flesh came flying off with each strike. Some had the chain wrapped around their necks and their necks being subsequently broken. The Guy put up his hand as one mantis man came up to arms length, and the guy summoned forth a ball of fire that incinerate the insect from head-to-toe. The lab experiments-gone-wrong kept coming however, and the guy was wondering if there was going to be an end to them.

"He wanted you to what Adel? to join the crew? to sabotage us? make friends? start a family? get drunk off your ass?" she asked him, kicked the medical bay's door off its hinges and rushing inside to set Adel down on a table.
"You might feel a bit of pressure." she said, organizing his leg and putting a splint on it, to stop it from moving. Then, she looked around for a needle and thread, rushing to try and find one.
"Keep talking Adel!"


"He...wanted me...to join....them..." Adel said as she found a needle.
He could only watch as Athenus tended to his wounds, gazing at her for what seemed like forever.
"...An Angel...." He said to himself, finding it hard to look away from her beauty.
At least until a pinch of pain managed to break his gaze.
"Heh....Dark Angel..." He chuckled as he recalled Icarus and all the crap he gave him before the crash.

in the same place Garrus is, a blast of magic hits a large piece of steel and sends it flying across the room "uumm bloody hell" David said picking himself up and using his staff to hold himself up not realizing he has a large and sharp piece of steel lodged in his side and is bleeding out heavily "i'm alright how about you Garrus, you ok?" he relying to Garrus

Selena managed to Find a small cave and began gathering fronds with her magic to make a sort of bedding she then got him to lay down
"Your heavier than you look" she said
"Chain-mail underneath my clothes" he replied
"Your in pretty good condition, good thing be a shame for that face of yours to get all cut up," she smiled as she began to have Icarus lay down she wrapped placed his woolen cloak over him, she had her cauldron creating a brew, this potion had an extra effect that during it's boiling period the fumes would induce sleep, unless you had recently ingested the antidote. Icarus was trying to stay wake "I ave to find, the others, my.. sister"
"Your not much good to them if your this beat up, Besides if they really care they'll look for you." Icarus felt that the girl was being honest.
"What's your name? I'm Icarus."
"I am Selena" she said she was sitting beside him her hand on him, she'd gently rub his cheek or brush his messy hair away from his eyes.
Once he's asleep I can use my illusion magic on him, I Don't have enough power to control him, but I already saved him, I want him so badly, She licked her lips he was laying there, her little prince it was as if she was in a dream. She leaned over close to him
A small kiss won't hurt she thought and pressed her lips on his cheek, Icarus stirred and she sat up, smiling. He placed her right hand on his forehead he was definitely asleep which meant it was time to use her magic

"Yeah, that's what i am." she said, plucking a hair from her head and threading the needle with it. She sewed up his leg then did a number of handsigns. "Katon gokayou no jutsu!" she shouted, then used an extremely tiny and small flame thrower from her mouth to cauterize the wound.
"You shouldn't bleed out now." she said to Adel, sitting by the bedside.
I hope icarus is ok... i know he can handle himself. I should really give him some room to breath...

May began to pull the pins on a number of the grenades, then tossed them into the floor of mantismen. There were a few seconds of silence before the lemon vacuum grenades exploded, taking large chunks out of the army.


Adel fought back the urge to trash in pain as she basically took a blowtorch to his knee, his hands gripping the side of the table, the metal bending from his fingers digging into it.
Once it was over, he let out a low grunt of pain before letting himself fall limp on the table.
"...Icarus....you are a fucking shit pilot...." he let out as he looked over to see Athenus sitting beside him.
"Thank...you...Go on...I'll live...." He let out before letting his head back and went about getting some rest after his ordeal.


"Is everyone OK?"

"Yessir!" Thialfi popped to his feet, he was one of those types who seemed to not get hang overs. Thank the gods for that, he held out his hand. Mjolnir flew to him, landing in his palm perfectly. His naked palm, with no iron on the gauntlet... Thialfi looked around, nobody within punching range for that stupid mistake. No lightning or throwing, it would seem.

"What happened and why do I smell so bad?"


"It's days like this that make me think that god is indeed fucking with me." Rori raised his rifle, the recoil was lessened from his enchantments, but it still jumped when he fired. He sprayed into the air for a moment, feeling himself draining. He released the trigger, and aimed at the group. Anticipate recoil, breath slowly...

"Fire." He let loose a salvo of hellfire, the impacts were shallow but the fire was certainly hot. He watched as several mantis men were introduced to the concept of fire. Several quickly burst into flame, slowling down the ones in the back. Guy was certainly doing better, though, and that annoyed the hell out of him. How could a Demon to better than the recipient of a Faustian?

He quickly switched back to the staff, watching the jaws slam shut as the rifle swung to his back. He raised a hand, feeling the mana, and transformed it into a small black ball. He threw it to the ground in front of them, where it turned to a black line.

"Line of Warding... Never thought I'd get to use that one."

Athenus sighed. "Fine. I'll go get the others." she said and walked out to a broken window. Creating her wings, she took flight.

Athenus had flown around for a few minutes and eventually came upon the trio standing around, one of them seriously hurt. "Is everyone ok-whoah...." she said an rushed over to david. "You have a massive peice of metal burried in yourself." she then cleared away some of the leaves on the ground. "carefully lay down and i'll take care of you." she said.

The mantismen stopped coming out of the doors, but there were roughly 2000 of them in the room. May kept throwing grenades and popping the heads off of them as fast as she could. "there's just no end to them!"

Icarus awoke he found To his discomfort that Selena was laying right next to him. He had however recovered from the fal and began to scoot away she stirred awake
"Oh sorry I guess I just got a little tired myself." she said Icarus got up.
"I really ought to look for my friends, Ummm I might see you later, but well you know how the others are" he smiled meekly and flew away.

Once he flew away her smile faded
"Shame but he'll be back and with every return he I'll have him closer nd closer until" She laughed to herslef relishing the thought.
Selena began to finish her brewery
"Perhaps I should craft a little love potion" she mused

Icarus flew around calling out his sisters name
"ATHENUS! ATHENUS!" He shouted loudly looking around for his sister.

HEaring her brother calling for her, she shouted out to him, sewing up and repeating the same process on David's side that she had done on Adel's leg.


Getting a reply he flew into the medical bay which had a large broken window.
"Is everyone ok- oof" he was interrupted by his sister hug tackling him
"We're in some sort of jungle when I was flying back here I thought I saw some sort of ancient city but I'm not exactly sure. How is everyone? we should get our-selves healed before leaving the ship." He looked around his eyes were fully healed there was no sign of corruption, meaning he could see perfectly and had no more pain, in fact after rwsting he was in great condition despite the fall.

"i do? oh shit i do, oh god no it's happening again, i'm dying again damnit not again it hurt so much last time please i don't want to die again" he said looking down at his wound then falls backwards to the ground in shock he throws up but instead of drink or food he throws up blood

"We're not all fine." Athenus said while sewing up David's insides. It took her a few minutes, but then she cauterized the wounds and had him all fixed up to the best she could. "David, that's the best i can do... i think i stopped the bleeding..." the demi angel said then looked at her brother.

Athenus was splattered with blood, more of her dress and body was covered with it than not. In her eyes was a look of sadness. "I tried to find you... i did, but i had to sew up Adel's knee, then David's side..." She said rather sad and hung her head low. "I... i've never seen carnage like this Icarus... even with all of the training..."

Icarus bit his lip he then saw the healing array
"Hang on I think I can reactivate that" he sent a bolt of electricity which activated the healing arrays white lite with a few bits of green energy flickering shined on Adel's and David's injuries they felt a slow bit of energy return to them.
"That should help us get better, I'm umm sorry" he said looking down a bit ashamed."


"Alright, I think everyone is accounted for" He then looked towards Athenus who looked like she was going to break any second. "Athenus, it's going to be alright; take a deep breath and relax. Everyone is going to make it and everyone will be fine. Once you've settled down, try to get yourself cleaned up." Garrus then walked over to the console that controlled the robotics of the operating tables. "OK, let's see if we can't get you two back into good condition. He tapped a few controls and watched as robotic arms began to dance around the two's wounds. One tool snipped the rather poorly done stitching to get it out of the way, while another disinfected the wounds. Garrus looked down on a view screen and saw x-rays of the injuries: Adel's was the better of the two, only being the kneecap. That would heal faster, though unless Adel uses magic or gets a replacement kneecap, he won't be running at full sprint anytime soon. As for David's, however, his gash was deep though luckily no major organs were damaged. However, a major artery was cut, and the machine had to reopen the wound to mend the artery. The machine put that portion of the side under anesthesis, and reopened it. It quickly found the broken artery and reconnected it with a synthetic piece. As the machine pulled the tools out of the wound, it tried to amend the cut flesh as best as it could. Finally both wounds were given proper stitches and cleaning. "I think that's all we can do for now. They both need to rest for a while before they can start to walk somewhat normal again," Garrus said as he powered down the machine.

Icarus put his hand on Athenus his sister was clearly under stress.
"You did everything you could sis, We can give these guys time to recover than we can find out where we are. Lets get you cleaned up and then lay down in the lounge your probably a little roughed up from the crash"
"Wait but, what about you? How come your doing so well?"
"Well I kinda took the time to rest a bit before I started searching for you also I had my wings extended when I was falling so I went farther and was falling very slowly." He got his sister into the captains quarters He was a little unsure, if Athenus was going to break down crying or something in her might snap, he hoped to the goddess she had no way of finding some sort of trace on the witch on him.

Athenus just sat on the side of the bed trying to figure things out.
"A nap is more important than your sister? and you don't have a scratch on you despite crashing through the helm's glass... Icarus, i find it hard to believe you as much as i want to..." she said and looked at her blood covered self. HE could see that behind her eyes, there were gears turning and working to think of something.
How can i protect him if i can't even keep tabs on him... i'm such a horrible sister... she thought, then just broke down crying.

Batter had drifted off, and was awoken by him being thrown across the room. Now, he had one of the worst hangovers since-

"Ffffffuck. What happened..." He stood up and scanned the room, rubbing his forehead and finding blood. Everyone was gone except for Thialfi and some other newcomer. He'd have to deal with that later. Right now he had to find out what happened. He stumbled across the room towards the Norseman. "Thialfi. Where is everyone, and why did the ship crash?"

"Thialfi. Where is everyone, and why did the ship crash?"

Thialfi was about to wander off, but luckily someone was there. He heard some commotion - somewhere else in the ship the angels were yelling each others name in a way not very platonic- but decided to shrug in response to Batter's question.

"No idea! Though, I think that Witch has something to do with this crash, it's just too damned convenient that we let her go and we get screwed further!" Thialfi growled, of course it was the witch! Witches were bad luck, evil, bad mojo who cursed people.

"I'll follow you, I forgot to put the iron back on my gauntlet though. No lightning."


Adel tried his best to rest after his ordeal, but his past ensured that wasn't the case.

"-Subject is responding well to the new Serum-"

"-Can't believe you've been here for your whole life-"

"-Ooops...Does he need that organ?-"

"-Surgical Procedure No.1099-"


"-I have no son..."

With that last Quote, Adel shot awake from his nightmare, falling off the table in the process as his mind slowly calmed down from his recurring Night Terrors.
Once his face hit the ground, he instantly remembered his situation, namely the Crash and the Angel.
...Sadly, this has got to be my least eventful episode... He thought as he tested his knee, the quick fix Athenus did helping him a lot.
He then got up and raided the medical cabinets, past injuries like this he had to tend to himself so he was able to work on top of the job that she did.

Applying a quick dressing and bandage, he then began to limp his way out of the ruined medical bay and looked for any other crew members.


Meanwhile in the Old Aperture labs as May and Rori fought the hordes of Mantis Men, The sound of gunfire began to echo thought-out the ruins.
The Pair of them could see the mutants fleeing, racing right past them as they attempted to avoid whatever was shooting at them.
"Executing Execution.exe." Viscus said as he marched towards then, stomping the remains of the Mutants.

"This Facility is now under the control of the Viscus Mark 1. Evacuate or be terminated."

May turned to find the fighting machine controlled by viscus standing there threateningly. "Whoa whoa whoa whoa.... don't shoot. she said throwing the weapon down, knowing it would have no effect on something like that. "We were forced to be brought to the laboratory." She said and slithered back a little. "I value my life, but i'd rather not just be thrown out into the world again."

Rori was mildly impressed by the show of force, the gunfire sounded so welcoming to his damned ears. Though, he was a bit suspicious of the mantis men running away... He stood in front of May, and spoke to the robot, Viscus.

"Would you show us the way to the exit? We'll leave when May is ready." Rori turned to her, and looked her in the eyes. He crouched down, and cleared his throat, murmuring to the girl.

"Er, I'm sorry, but I think we need to leave here... If you need food, I can make it, if you need protection, I will offer it. Please come with me and we can explore the world." Rori held out his hand for her. The words were something akin to his Faustian contract...


Viscus began to identify the beings in front of him as the "Subjects of Interest" the former owner of the labs had listed.
"...Directive Changed: The Previous owner labelled you "Persons of Interest". Why did he do that? Answer or be eliminated." He threatened as he began to download their files.
If this went well, he'd have soldiers for this battle with Roxxon.

Should I tone it down or what?

"Well... we're not the most natural of people..." She said responding to the robot. May then responded to Rori. "Well, we can't run now, can we?"

The files:

May Dusa:

The subject is a snake/human hybrid, has shown signs of supernatural abilities such as turning people to stone. human portions of bodie have shown snake like abilities.


Human with possible underworld connections. Keep watch on.

The Guy:

Mascot of the heavy metal band 'Disturbed' Has some how come to this realm and is capable of rather profound amounts of destruction.

Many of the notes were rather brief as they had all been killed while observing them.

Samus woke surrounded by rubble, she pressed button on the side of her arm cannon, changing it to plasma, a few short bursts of fire and she was loose.
Now to find where she was. Samus checked her radio signals. Dead. Looks like the gunship won't be lifting her out anytime soon.
Thankfully most of her suit's functions were still operational, except the morph ball weaponry but that's hardly a necessity.
After a bit of trekking through the rubble she discovered an info desk, so logically Samus scans it. Her ship is safely in orbit above this planet and this relatively primitive wreck she was stranded is in the middle of a dense jungle.

The bounty hunter doesn't remember much from the crash, probably a result of a concussion, however recent logs on her visor indicate a possible Metroid presence on the planet. Adjusting her arm cannon to safety mode, Samus continues down a small corridor away from the wrecked area.

Icarus Felt awful for making his sister cry. he immediately hugged her his wings appeared and closed around them.
"I'm sorry, sis I'm sorry."
He sighed he'd have to tell the truth
"I'll tell you the whole story," Athenus looked up at him
"When we were crashing I was being thrown around I saw the Window something in me knew how to handle it I remember my lightning coursing through my body, focusing on my right arm I let myself fall used the fall speed to get a bit of momentum then upon contact I released the energy, The glass shattered into so many tiny pieces they flew past me like bits of dust then I spread my wings planning to fly, but then I accidentally clipped my wing, my eye was still being pestered. I crashed and fell unconscious when I awoke -" he swallowed but she deserved to know
"The witch from earlier was there I don't know how or why but she was there, she helped me she fixed my eye, That demon infected my eye, she used her magic to heal me. She wouldn't let me leave immediately though, I was injured from the crash and she helped me, but she let me leave, I'd rather we just left her alone, as long as she doesn't do anything suspicious."
He looked at his sister he hoped she felt better she really hoped she wouldn't get mad, he really didn't want her angry.

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