Children of the Gods: Arc 2 [Game/Closed]

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"Huh? Don't tell me, the water's off or something."

Just what are you insinuating? And why do you look so... concerned? Do you think I'm poisoning you or something?

"The water is fine, don't worry."

And just what did you notice? I don't look sick, do I?

Of course he didn't. But still, she had noticed something, and that bothered him. He gave her his most refreshed smile, and put the water down again. "How's the trip treating you?"


"You look a bit unwell."

She didn't. But he figured she wouldn't like it if he pointed out what he was about to. Besides, he thought it was his responsibility, as a doctor and a surgeon to be.

"I mean, you look pale, almost ill."

"I mean, you look pale, almost ill."

Andrew was now all smiles again. And now was pointing out the obvious. How annoying. 'Annoying Andrew, it even alliterates." She mused. To her, the string of sentences just sounded like he stumbling or something like that. Grasping for a lead, or even changing the subject quickly to disguise something. Her reply was as quick as his constant zig-zagging.

"So?" She questioned, forcing Andrew to explain himself further.

He could always end this conversation as well. His choice. Not like she cared.


He hadn't expected her to reply with only a single word. Still, at least she hadn't ignored him yet. With a bit of a worried look, him almost frowning, he gave her the explanation she seemed to be asking for.

"Well, I'm just worried, that's all. I don't like seeing people being ill, without doing anything."

Besides, I don't mind that annoyed look on your face. You might be trying to hide it, but it's clear as the day to me.

"You should probably drink some water soon. If you want to sleep, you can lean on my shoulder, although I can't promise I won't move." Andrew sounded like he cared, his voice wasn't that loud now, so that Etna was the only one who could hear it completely.

I do hope I sound like I'm flirting with you.

He was trying to give her a large amount of mixed emotions, yet appearing the same on the outside. To everyone but her.

I'm taking way too much delight in this. But, right now, I don't care.

It was nice to know that Andrew cared about her that much. She just replied with, "Hmph." Then turned to the window. Perhaps watching the scenery scroll on by would distract her from the bumpy ride and the annoying people in the van. Well, at least one of them, anyway. Sooner or later they would arrive. Sooner or later she could get away from annoying Andrew. Etna could even pretend that she just wanted to talk to the other people here or something like that.

Aria settled back into her seat after chiming in on Able's question, bouncing her head off the rook of the van once was enough for one trip. That and she had nothing really to add to the conversation, and really she just felt so out of place in all this, every one else seemed to more or less, be at some semblance of peace with this 'demigod' thing, she thought about asking one of them about it, but then, doubted any of them had an answer that would make her feel better, so she just stared out the window and into the outback.

Which looked a lot like parts of Texas to her.

Steven gripped his head. This ride was becoming a disaster, the driver was drinking and most likely didn't have a license, the people in the back were chatting like crazy about skin tones, and that big rock didn't seem to be coming any closer.

Maybe being a demigod wasn't so much of a blessing as he thought...

Aria had stuck her head up between Nicole and Able to answer Able's question, though she quickly settled back into her seat. Nicole glanced back at her as she started staring out the window.

"So you seem to be feeling better today, got a handle on the whole demigod thing yet?" she asked, "Must be rough finding out so late."

They were all in the car together, what better time to get to know everyone? Some of the others had started their own conversations, like Andrew and Etna, whereas Dan had simply gone to sleep. Steven meanwhile was trying to keep them from crashing, or at least sitting next to Prometheus looking worried.

"So you seem to be feeling better today, got a handle on the whole demigod thing yet? Must be rough finding out so late."

Aria turned her gaze back toward the voice "Err.. Nicole right? I donno know how I feel, or whys it's bothering me, not like it's going to make my life better, or give me a family to go home to. Just a better sounding title then 'witch' is all it really amounts to." she replied, straightening up to look her in the eye

"Err.. Nicole right? I donno know how I feel, or whys it's bothering me, not like it's going to make my life better, or give me a family to go home to. Just a better sounding title then 'witch' is all it really amounts to."

"Yeah... what happened to your family? If you don't mind me asking that is," she said, I can't believe people would call her a witch, I mean I know parts of the south are a bit backwards but even so.

She had to admit being a demigod was a mixed blessing, there were the benefits of course, being faster stronger, special powers and such. But it certainly wasn't an ideal situation family-wise, and those powers weren't always a good thing. She remembered how she had started to wonder if maybe they were cheating, if she was no better than someone taking drugs to perform better. Of course meeting a fellow demigod had helped her with that, made her feel like she was working for her success again, but Aria hadn't even known their were demigods until last night.

"Yeah... what happened to your family?

Aria rubbed her upper arm a bit, she still didn't like talking about it, but figured there wasn't any harm in telling her. "I donno my real dad, but something musta happen, cause when Freya visited me last night she said she thought I was dead. As for the people who raised me, my adoptive, and quite frankly awesome parents, they died when I was fifteen, car accident with a long haul semi, the driver feel a sleep at the wheel and drifted into the oncoming lane, and a few months earlier, Gramma and Grampa passed on, they where like ninety though, so it was just their time, still..." Aria said, the memory's still stinging her "So I don't got no one waiten on me back in Texas"

"So I don't got no one waiten on me back in Texas"

"That's horrible," Nicole said, she could hardly imagine being without family in what seemed to have been an almost hostile community "I'm really sorry, I wish I had more to say than that." I'd hug you if I could, but the seat is in the way.

She had always had her dad there to support her at least, she didn't want to think of what it would be like if he were to die in some accident. She also wondered at what could have possibly caused Freya to think Aria was dead, had her father lied to the goddess? Or was there more to it, she supposed Aria likely had the same questions.

"I'm really sorry, I wish I had more to say than that."

"Thanks, I still miss em, they where always there for me, always loved me, no questions asked, even when my powers started comin in" Aria said, getting kinda depressed, before shaking her head like she was trying to she the feeling off "I try not to dwell on them being gone though, I remeber all the good times, like Grampa teaching me how to shoot and hunt, or all the charcoal I made while Mom was teaching me how to cook, or all those fishing trips with Dad" She said, brightening a little at those memory's

When Andrew had been ignored by Etna he had decided to let her be. After all, it was hot in the van, and if he thought so, then Etna had to be the same, if not worse. Not letting her rest would be too much of a jerk thing to do for him to justify it with her dislike of him, and rude answers.

We better not have to keep riding in this thing. I almost wish it would just break down already.

Nicole and Aria had started talking, although he had no reason to say anything. It was then Aria spoke about how her whole family was gone, her real father unknown, her adoptive parents dead in a car accident, and her grandparents who had died natural deaths. He didn't know whether or not he should say anything, minding his own business was probably a good idea, but would someone get offended by sympathy? Not to mention, how was he supposed to react to hearing this? Sad? He didn't feel sad, sure, it was tragic, but stuff like this happened all the time.

Still, her family died.

Nicole seemed to have handled it well, but empathy wasn't Andrew's strong suit. It was things like that that tripped him up, he never knew which feeling to have or how to show it. If it had been a recent thing, like a death in the hospital, he would know what to say. But this was different, a different kind of tragedy. It needed a different response. Aria continued, talking about remembering good times, obviously getting emotional due to the topic. He gave her a sad smile, he still didn't know what to do. However, he didn't like seeing people sad.

You imbecile, just say something.

"It's good you have something to look back on, at least. I'm sorry for your loss."

"I try not to dwell on them being gone though, I remeber all the good times, like Grampa teaching me how to shoot and hunt, or all the charcoal I made while Mom was teaching me how to cook, or all those fishing trips with Dad"

She nodded, that was a good outlook to have if nothing else, not like moping about ever solved much. Andrew soon chimed in from the row in front of her with agreement to this.

"It's good you have something to look back on, at least. I'm sorry for your loss."

"Yeah, better to remember the good than dwell on the bad," she said, she wanted to offer condolences but that had already been done and offering to help or be there to talk to seemed somewhat silly she's dealing with it well, not much I can do. Probably what gets to me about this, not being able to do anything.

"Thanks, both of you" Aria said, smiling a little "Maybe there's a chance with my real Dad, probably best I don't expect my real mom to ya know, be a 'mom', we'll see I guess, depends on what happened with my real Dad I guess." She said, wiping a tear from her eye that started to well up. "What about you all eh? Who's waitin on you all back home?"

"Thanks, both of you. Maybe there's a chance with my real Dad, probably best I don't expect my real mom to ya know, be a 'mom', we'll see I guess, depends on what happened with my real Dad I guess."

Andrew was about to say something more, but she wiped a tear away from her hear. She was tearing up. Andrew did his best not to seem surprised, just nodded.

Is she crying? Is it really that sad?

He hadn't ever lost anyone like that, nor had he ever been someone to cry. Not even when he had lost a patient he was tending to, an old lady, had he started crying, or even felt the need to do so. At this point, it was more the fact that he still felt out of place, rather than what she had told him, that bothered Andrew. Luckily, Aria asked a question before he would have to say another thing about it.

"What about you all eh? Who's waitin on you all back home?"

He wasn't fond of talking about the details of his life, apart from his future career. Still, if it could make this whole situation pass, he'd pour his heart out.

Well, not that extreme. But some details at least.

"Well, right now, no one. I don't have any siblings, and I'm not talking to either of my parents at the moment. Even if I did speak to my mother, my father is someone I've seen 2 times, and hardly talked to. He just came around recently, and we don't really get along." He should probably give some more details, but honestly, he didn't know what he could add without seeming ungrateful or even tactless.

Ignoring dirty looks from Stephen for drinking lightly, Prometheus stared forward at the approaching rock. To the left of it was the small tourist hub; a few buses surrounding a small, one-story building. Tiny figures moved in and out, some departing from the group to get a closer look at the navel of the world. He failed to understand why they congregated away from the monument they came to see.

"Probably a bloody gift shop..."

A sudden shadowy figure whipped in front of the car, knocking it, causing Prometheus to slam on the brake and turn the wheel. Hard. His glasses had fallen to the bridge of his nose, and his breath was panting. His voice was grim and serious.

"Stay here. Don't move."

Prometheus slowly opened the door and stepped out. They were at least another hour or so from the people, even though they were within plain sight.

Checking the front of the van, there was a cloven hoof-print in the center of the grill.

"What the he-"

Another shadow flitted behind Prometheus, throwing him a good length away from the van. He lay there dazed, and the shadow atop him took form. Others quickly surrounded the car, a small group, but incredibly dangerous.


"What about you all eh? Who's waitin on you all back home?"

"My dad mostly, got some friends back at school and back in Iowa as well though," she replied "I've known my mom since I was little but she's never around much."

She was about to say more when the van lurched to a sudden stop, Prometheus looked worried and exited the van, telling them to stay inside. Then something hit him hard, sending him flying before jumping on top of him when he hit the ground. Goat legs and human torso with goat horns, it was fairly easy to recognize them though overcoming her surprise was another matter entirely. Satyrs? What the hell... Would've never pictured them to be a threat. Nevertheless they were clearly dangerous.

She felt afraid, it wasn't right to be trapped in this metal box and she pushed past the others to try and reach the door to open it. She reached for the side opposite where Prometheus had gotten out, not like she was about to put herself near that thing if she could help it.

"What the he-"

"Wha-" Dan awoke, and smacked his head into the seat in front of him. He groaned, getting out of his seat and rubbing his forehead. He saw the Satyrs around them, and took off his backpack. He was very nonchalant as others went about what they were going to do, he pulled out his spear.

The spear was in three pieces, connected by a bungie cord type thing. He connected the pieces, twisted each one to keep it in place during the action that was about to occur. When it was ready, it stood as tall as him, and was a solid gunmetal grey, with a bit of leather on the parts he would grip, and a symbol on the spear head. A simple, silver Valknut.

"Alright, fighters go to the front, everyone with support magic in the middle, people who can't fight in the back! If we can't take on a bunch of drunken goat men, what chance do we have against the god? Take up arms, this battle'll quick." He pushed his way out of the car first, gripping his spear tightly.

Aria listened to Nicole and Andrew, and was about to reply when the van came to a sudden stop, she looked out side to come face to face with something ugly "What the hell is that?!" she said backing away for the creature "More over what's it want?"

Pans? Goatmen? What are they doing here in Australia?

Well, it was a bus full of Demigods...

"GET OUT!" Steven yelled before opening his passenger door, with 1911 in hand. While he didn't have direct offensive magic, the gun was ranged so decided he should stay in the back with the other magic users, which sounded like a good plan as anything.

Steven took aim, prayed the goats weren't bullet proof, and fired.

The van stopped, and Prometheus was attacked by something that looked like a satyr. Which it probably was, thinking baout it. There were several of them.

Andrew would have been afraid, but he only knew how to deal with situations where things could go very wrong with an almost scary calmness. He knew he couldn't do much against them, nor would he try, but he'd have to get out of the van in order for other people to get out.

"Alright, fighters go to the front, everyone with support magic in the middle, people who can't fight in the back! If we can't take on a bunch of drunken goat men, what chance do we have against the god? Take up arms, this battle'll quick."

What use is staying in the back when the damn things can just jump over people?

Still, it was a good as plan as anything else right now, so he followed Dan outside. After all, not doing as everyone else did might be more of an hindrance than they could survive. He took care to step aside from the door, and leaving room for all the people who would be in front of him. He couldn't help but to look over at the satyrs, and lower his head, so that he wouldn't get spotted by them. Looking towards Dan, and the others who were exiting or would exit the van, he couldn't help but feel that they were...

Human shields.

It was a chilling thought, really. But as long as they didn't die, he'd do his best to patch them up. He could hear the sounds of a gun going off.

Who is shooting?

It was Steven, it seemed. Andrew just sighed, hopefully this didn't mess up the whole thing.

Remus had sat quietly throughout the duration of the trip. As he did, he listened carefully to the girl Aria as she talked a bit about her past. He felt especially saddened when she brought up the death of her parents. Remus couldn't imagine how difficult it must be for someone to have lost their family. Growing up he didn't have many people close to him, only his mother and uncle, yet he loved them with all his heart. For Aria to have had everyone she knew back home die must have been an agonizing feeling.

As he was about to open his mouth to speak, the vehicle came to a sudden pained brake. While at first thinking that the halt had been the result of Prometheus foolishly drinking while at the wheel, he became concerned when the god spoke in a grizzly tone. "Stay here. Don't move." Watching carefully as Prometheus stepped out of the truck, he was shocked to see a shadowy figure suddenly jump out and assault their driver. Remus' mind immediatly entered an alert state and he felt his body sharpened in response to the nearby danger. He was surprised to see Nicole suddenly dart across to exit the vehicle. He was almost as surprised to see Dan, who had been asleep seconds ago, suddenly shouting commands like a general. But while the former sight panicked Remus, the latter calmed him.

Obeying Dan's shouts he wasted no time running out of the van to meet the mysterious threat. His senses sharp and his fists clenched tight, Remus scanned the area with the alertness of a predator. He recognized the foes as being Satyrs the moment he got a good look, remembering their images from books on mythology he used to read. Remus stayed close to the others, while keeping an eye on Prometheus as he lay dizzy from the sudden strike.

I guess this whole thing is kind of like the myths and the movies. Abe thought to himself as the others placed their bets on what waited for them at the rock. Now that she said it an oracle seemed like the most likely option, though he really hoped they wouldn't be so awkward as to try and make them 'Prove their worth'.

He fell back into his usual habit of sitting back and listening as the conversation took shape around him. aria seemed to be really opening up to the group as she told the story of how her god-mother I guess I should just say mother? had appeared to her and how she had lost her adopted parents and the way she had been treated. The idea that someone could even be called a witch in this day and age. Was she in the bible belt? I mean I hear parts of America can be crazy but... Jesus... He did his best to convey some sympathy to her, though he couldn't be sure if she saw or understood it.

The bus trundled on apace through the seemingly endless flatlads and- Shit! Prmetheus had slammed on the brakes, jolting everyone forward violently and knocking half of them together in the cramped conditions. Their driver uttered a warning and went outside to check on the situation. [/i]Did we hit something?[/i] How could he even do that out here? The next thing he saw was Prometheus being sent flying from where he had been and shapes circling the bus like blurry sharks. Oh god...

Dan and some of the others sprng into action as if they were born for moments like this.They probably were. Still they had the right idea, they were sitting ducks cooped up in the bus. He clambered out behind the others and made his way into the open. Dan was giving off orders, which made plenty of sense, but Able had no idea where he would fit in with them. He tried to think, to just make sense of all this and calm his racing heart. Then something that Dan said about combat to the front, magic to the middle and all that. That's it! Justt hink of it like a video game! His power had always come in handy when he was boxing, he could take a hit better than anyone, and hell he never had to be careful around sharp objects. Oh crap am I the tank class?

One of their attackers answered the question for him as it zipped by in a blur of motion, coneecting with his head on the way, sending Able stumbling but not flooring him. Argh! What the hell was that? Before he could even try and work that out it had come around for a second pass, hitting him in the back as it went. His hand went to the hit instinctivly while the other reached out to steady himself, his feet digging into the earth in an attempt to get some grip. Those punches (at least he thought they were punches) hurt like hell but he was still standing. He blinked the sun and pain back and tried to focus on something when for the first time he saw it clearly.

What the hell is that? Are those goat legs?!

It seemed to have stopped to regard him for a moment from a safe distance. It looked confused... and angry, like it couldn't understand why he was still standing there. When it bared it's teeth, kicked it's back legs and lowered it's horned head in his direction. Oh please don't. Able's eyes went wide as he realised what it was doing. In a flash it was off and any training for fights he had ever had went out the window as instinct and panic took over. One arm reached up to try and act as a barrier between him and harm while the other lashed out, fist clenched as the two of them collided.

Steven watch the goatman suddenly move as soon as he pointed the gun at it, the bullet missing. At least he knew they feared guns.

That one managed to run around and smash into him in the side. Steven felt a rib break. Steven was on the ground. The goatman aimed a quick stomp to his right wrist, most likely trying to break his hand. Steven was barely able to more out of the way, sticking a screw driver into the creature's other leg.

It tried to run, although it quickly fell over and rammed into a rock. Steven forced himself to his feet, picked up his gun, the fired two bullets into the Goatman before turning back to the fight.

"GRAPLE WITH THEM!" Steven yelled out, "Don't let them run around! Get them on the ground and they will die!"

Dan spoke with authority issuing orders, somehow this calmed her down immensely knowing that someone at least was taking charge. What am I though? I've had martial arts training so am I in the front? She remembered the knife from earlier and taking a deep breath she drew it and stepped outside, taking a spot in the front and adopting a fighting stance. I can do this, they aren't people.

Already they were being attacked, Steven was firing shots and one of the goat-men had charged Able who seemed to be standing his ground against it. Before she could do anything another was charging at her, by some lucky chance it stumbled as its hoof struck a rock sticking out of the rough ground and she managed to step out of the way and it crashed into the van, its horns leaving a sizable dent. She gripped the knife tighter, but couldn't bring herself to swing.

It turned around, apparently somewhat dazed and let out a strange inhuman cry before leaping at her again. This time there was no room for thought she just swung. It struck the monster's neck, and she shoved it away, off the blade. It collapsed on the ground, blood pooling around it from its throat. There was little time to think about what had happened, and she turned back towards the fighting the blood on the knife somehow making her more confident that she could do this. She glanced first to Able, ready to jump in and help him with the Satyr, she wondered how much he would be able to do against them without a weapon.

Despite Dan's Orders, Aria hadn't really moved The hell are those?! Monsters?! REAL MONSTERS?! she thought, panicking a little, but trying to stay calm "Stay calm, don't panic, panicking helps nothing" her thoughts continued as she stepped out of the van.

As she stepped she saw one of them charging Able, with no time to do anything else, she put a few shots out in front of the creature, three in total, so it would run into them, she didn't know what kind of damage her attacks where going to do, she'd never used them on another living thing before, just paper targets and bottles. So was surprised when the first one bored through its skull, pretty much taking its face off and leaving the rest of the wound chard black while the other two shots punched a hole in its torso and caught it in the knee, severing that leg completely.

The creature fell over and slid a ways, dead before it even hit the ground, Aria, froze in shock at the damage done and just how easy it had been done.

Remus stood steadfast in front of the others, his eyes darting about and his hands ready to strike like claws. He saw Steven take some potshots at the the Satyrs and wished he had brought along a firearm. It would have made a fight such as this far swifter to end. He also saw Able getting tackled head-on by one of the beastmen. The Satyr clearly staggered the mute with its strikes, yet he seemed to nevertheless absorb the blows. His lack of speech was clearly made up for in stout endurance.

Before he could make a move to assist him, Remus' eyes spied another of the goatmen making its way towards him. The Satyr had brought its ram's head down and was charging with ferocious speed. The boy focused his sights on the incoming foe, taking a deep breath and clenching his right fist. "Steady,'s just like hunting..." he thought, trying to ease his nerves inflamed by the sight of the charging beastman. "Stay calm, and wait..." The Satyr was barely a meter away from slamming into Remus when the demigod acted. His right arm flew up and struck the side of the creature's head like a sledge. A sound like stone cracking roaring through the air, and the Satyr toppled over from the mighty blow. "For the right time to shoot!"

As the dazed Satyr attempted to pull itself back up, Remus heard a friendly voice shout out. "GRAPLE WITH THEM! Don't let them run around! Get them on the ground and they will die!" Before the creature could get back on its hoofed feet, Remus grabbed it by the horns. The Satyr attempted futilely to push its ram against him, unable to due so due to the tight grip on its horns. Remus responded by lifting the creature up into the air and slamming it back down headfirst. There was another loud cracking noise as the Satyr lay crumbled on the ground, ichor leaking out of its shattered head.

Prometheus rubbed his temples as his sight returned. The Satyr had caught him totally off guard, and his body was momentarily racked with pain. It had been a long time since he had been in a physical fight. Propping himself up, he saw the others begin to fight back. They were impressive for first-timers; if a little unsure.

Letting out a low groan, he stood up slowly, the pain quickly receding. Nonchalantly cracking his back, Prometheus eyed off the Satyr that rammed him. The creatures eyes were filled with fury and debauchery, visibly salivating, growling like a wolf.

"Come on then, let's see what you're made of."

The Satyr bellowed and charged at the titan, horns pointed and hands ready to grasp and tear. Prometheus let out a loud bellow, and caught the Satyr mid-charge, sending them rolling even further into the wasteland. Prometheus' previously casual attitude had been replaced by a fierce rage; a primordial strength older than man. The Satyr realised it's mistake, struggling to free itself from Prometheus iron grip. He stood up, holding the satyr by its throat, and it scarcely more than choked up the words.


"Yes. Me."

Prometheus curled his hands, obliterating the creatures neck entirely, allowing the body to slip from his hands, and the head roll onto the ground.

The rage subsided, and the aching of his bones returned. Two large gashes in his side were evident of the goats horns; a pain he would have to ignore for now. He yelled loudly to the group.

"Don't try to run! Stand and fight!"

Dan watched as the demigods all fell in line and began fighting the half goats.

'Are we the bad guys from Narnia?' Dan shook this very very stupid thought from his head, as he continued his surveying. Fast, but if they could grab them they were an easy kill. Remus had even split one of their heads open. Dan couldn't help but smile, this was the sort of stuff he was born for. He lifted his spear over his head, and thrust it into the Satyr Remus downed. He noticed Aria was standing still, a look of fear in her eyes.

She wasn't looking at the Satyr charging her, a malicious smile, salivating heavily. Dan, with the Satyr still on his spear, brought it to bear as he knocked the charging one against the bus, a dull crack coming from his victims.

"Aria, we need you here! Get on the bus if you're afraid, yell if you need me. I'll help you." Dan used his leg to get the goatman off his spear, and turned his back to Aria, looking for his next kill.

Able's fist rushed forward to meet his attacker, the two of them were about to collide with the force of It's on freaking fire! Where the- whata - gyaaah! His mind lost its ability to form words at that point and decended into a series of emotions and senses. Mostly horrified shock and the smell of burning satyr... it didn't smell good. The scorched bone where it's face had once been leered out at him through the flames as the lifeless body slumped to the ground. He simply gawked at it in disbelif. His eyes scanned the area looking for where the attack had come from, his heart pounding in his ears until he saw Aria, she seemed to be having the same reaction. Girls like a gundam or... ironman or..... LASERS! Regular Able seemed to have gone away for a while as any shock or fear he felt about what he saw faded and was slowly replaced by grim admiration. Even the satyrs and the way they moved started seeming noble in a feral way.

"GRAPLE WITH THEM! Don't let them run around! Get them on the ground and they will die!" The call went out from the group's gunaman. Remus seemed to have the same idea as he lifted one of the creatures into the air and slammed it back down like a ragdoll. The whole thing seemed to happen much slower as adrenaline coursed through his system.

"Don't try to run! Stand and fight!" Cried out the titan, his rumbling voice somehow seeming older, more primal.

Something moved in his peripheral vision and Able turned to see it, another salivating satyr was bearing down on him. They didn't seem as scary as they did before. He shifted his stance and hit it with an iron right hook. Cracking it in the temple and sending out a sharp cracking noise as one of its horns splintered and fell away and the satyr was sent reeling. It stumbled and reeled back around on Able, blood dripping from its head and it eyes full of murderlust as it roared out in fury and fell on him, its claws lashing out at his torso, ripping into his shirt as it tried to dig into his skin and failed. This was one way to grapple he supposed but what now. Then he saw the broken horn on the ground next to them and it was clear. He grabbed out with a free hand as he tried to push the goat off of him until his scrabbling hand found what it was looking for.

His arm sprang round as he drove the broken horn point into his attacker's eye. The satyr stiffened, freezing up as it's blood started to pour out onto the presently prone Able, it's twisted face looking down at him in suprise, a string of saliva dangling from its mouth towards his face. He rolled the body off him and staggared to his feet. The adrenaline seemed to be leaving him as reality began to catch up with him. There was blood on his hands and a horn, he was holding a blood soaked horn. He didn't even remember pulling it out of his kill's head. My kill... The words rang in his head. No! Not now, freak out later! Get back to the group, help the others!

He shook his head, as if he could rattle himself back to his senses and ran to rejoin the group. It wouldn't pay to get caught on his own again.

Aria nodded "Sorry" she said quietly, and started paying attention to the battle again, she was still scared though, she took a breath and teleported a few yards away from Dan, and looked for a new target her self, only to have another one charge her rather loudly from behind.

Aria teleported a few feet to the side and let it whoosh past her, it turned, charged again and again Aria dodged with no difficulty "Why do I feel bad, about killing that other one?" she thought after getting a good look at the mindless expression of this current creature, leading its blind charges into a rather large rock, at which point it started yelling obscenity's at her, after it got up from bashing head long into it. "They ... no ... to compare them to beasts would be a disrespect to the animals, these things are less then that" she though as she sat atop the rock, her 'fear' fading away, and being replaced by contempt, for it and every one that ever looked down on her. "I've seen enraged bears with more nobility then you, creature!" she spat back, firing a larger blast down, catching it in the gut, just below the sternum and effectively cut it in two as it lower half fell away and its upper half fell forward, the charred remains of its back bone flopping to the ground "I am a Demi-Goddess you disgusting creature," charging another, larger shot in her hand as she stood up on the rocks edge "And garbage like you WILL RESPECT THE TITLE!!" she shouted, throwing the flame like sphere at her already dieing foe, the blast taking the form of a spiraling pillar, though only one about ten feet tall.

Aria couldn't help but smile at the blacken earth and glass that marked where the creature had been, she'd never used her powers in anger before, and she'd been lieing if she said she wasn't talking to ever single person that spat 'witch' at her as an insult when she said what she just said. Aria took a few more deep breaths, as her last attack had winded her, and 'ported back to the van, the roof to be precise, where she took up a 'sentry gun' like role and scanned for more targets

Most of the goatmen had been killed, although the few that remained didn't seem like they were giving up. One was running literal circles around the group, possibly hoping that Steven or one of the others with ranged attack would shoot another Demi-god. Because of that, Steven kept the gun in his hand, but pointed at an angle to the ground. At one point it jumped onto a rock, and changed directions, straight at Steven.

He didn't have enough time to bring up the sights, but fired a few times as he raised it. One of the bullets impacted the beast's leg, sending it tripping forward, but at the same speed and still directly at Steven. It pushed Steven down to the ground, the goatman bleeding BADLY from the leg. One of the goat's hooves smashed Steven in the face, breaking his nose. The gun was knocked aside again.

Still, Steven was able to grab the other leg and touch the hoof. Biological bodies are far to complex, based more on chemistry than direct mechanical engineering, thus Steven's powers fail to work understanding the working of organs. Skeletal system, on the other hand, was just a series of levers and pivot points, so he CAN understand that and find the weak points. What he found was that this creature had double jointed legs. The bottom joint had a bone jetting upwards that would make it hard to break, the top joint on the other hand had no such protect. It was easy to dislocate the join by grabbing right above and right below the leg and quickly moving in opposite directions.

The goatman cried out in pain, pathetically trying to crawl away from the demigod. Steven got up, and grabbed his gun, and put it against the creatures head. Only did it hit him as Steven was about to shoot the creature like a mad dog how utterly inhumane he was during the fight. The creature could not run, it would die soon if that bleeding wasn't stopped. Also, learning why they were attacked may be helpful.

Steven grabbed the leg with one hand while putting his gun against the creature's head.

"Try to attack me, try to get away, and you die, understand?" Steven said to the creature, who didn't say anything but had become ram rod stiff. If the goatman had understood his words, understood his gun, or just went stiff when scared like regular goats did, Steven didn't know or cared, he holstered the gun and grabbed the leg with both hand to stop the bleeding.

Vera remained near the van, watching the movements of the creatures, trying to get a feel for their movements. It took a more time than she'd hoped to get a bearing on their speed and agility, but once she was able to see how their legs moved, she was able to get an idea of which way they would be going a second later. It was an old trick used in sports; keep an eye on the knees and feet to know what they were thinking.

It was just a little harder when they had hooves.

Once she felt confident in her knowledge of how they acted, she made her move. Calling on her power, she transformed - disappearing. More correctly, she vaporized; becoming the wind. Aside from her normal form, this was her favorite. Being able to fly - freed from almost all physical constraints - was exhilarating and frightening all at once. Of course, it had other advantages.

Spying a pair of the creatures, she embraced her power and moved to unmake them. Slamming into their sides with all the force she could muster, she forced the two together in a cacophony of screams. She maintained the wind, forcing them to remain locked together and pushed to the ground. With any luck, they'd be out of commission soon enough.

She hoped she wouldn't regret the decision.

Andrew watched the fight from afar, taking in as much as he could, while making sure he wasn't in any danger. He felt powerless, everyone else was fighting, while watching was all he could do. Had it been any different if there had been a bow at hand? Not really, the satyrs seemed far too fast for a bow. Still, he didn't think they had even seen him and a bow wasn't very loud, he could have taken at least one of them by surprise.

Am I... inferior to these people?

A difficult question. At any other time, in any other place, he wouldn't even have thought the thought. But now... everyone was useful, even the one that had known she was a demi-god for less than 24 hours. What was up with that?

Is it because I don't know what my power is? Or... do I even have a power?

Considering it further, he was the son of Apollo. Even if he did have a power, it might be something useless. Something... artsy. Or perhaps it was something like glowing. Something that no one would ever have a use for, unless they forgot their flashlight somewhere. And even if he was the one with the medical skills... he looked at Prometheus. who had gotten hurt before. If he had a needle and a thread, he'd be able to fix those gashes quickly. It'd not be perfect, but a lot better than what they had now. All he could do was simple first-aid.

Anyone can do first-aid.

That wasn't true. But chances were, one of these people would be able to. Which meant his presence here was... wrong. Not needed. He almost found himself hoping someone would get hurt in a way that only he could fix, but again, without the right tools, there were little he could do. Not that they seemed to need his help.

Damn it. Why was I even brought here? I could have been in the hospital now, actually helping people. Making the difference I'm supposed to be making. Instead that Zeus had bring me along with the rest. This is not where I'm needed.

Etna would probably point it out as well. Make it a comment on the side. She did dislike him, and he really disliked the thought of her being correct. However, he still couldn't do anything apart from watching, and he kept doing so. Even if he wanted to make a difference, Andrew had never acted on what he wanted to do when he knew he'd be better of not doing it. He would ask himself why he suddenly felt like running out there and risk his life, but the answer would be clear as a day to anyone but him.

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