We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Welcome to WAOA VII(We Are Our Avatars VII)! I hope you enjoy your stay in this wonderful mad land of madness. And remember, I am its god! God, I tell ya! *Awkward cough.* Oops! Went a little crazy over there, sorry about that. Anyhow, this is an open world RP.(Meaning Players are free to do what they want and go where they want.) I like to give people a lot freedom,(Assuming they follow the rules, of course) and I hope this thread succeeds on that. For the vets(The people who played the first three WAOAs), it will feel like a true sequel to the classics. Less linearity, less time bubbles and less waiting for the god damn GM to come! More freedom, more paths and (hopefully) more fun! To prevent confusion, you will refer to me as the Thread God(TG for short) and people who work for me are called the co-Thread Gods. (Co-TG for short)

Thread Gods

Dirty Cop James funs:
I am Dirty Cop James Funs, or Dirty for short. Also known (but really referred to) as Fair Cop. I'm the guy who runs the thread and who makes sure problems are dealt with. Also I am the nicest person here,(Shut up, I am!) so, naturally, I have the highest tolerance to the shenanigans you wacky people pull. I'm also helpful in giving constrictive criticism, so don't shy away when you need some pointers.

I am TrilbyWill, more commonly known as Trilby and, very rarely, known as Will. I've been around since the first thread, and I GMed the second.
I'll be here during the day for West/North European users, and, on occasion, at night.

I'm known as both Drakmorg and the Crazy Cat Lady, the latter due to an obvious obsession with cats and cat-related things. I'm also known for oftentimes lacking opinions, and for being the longest participating member in this particular series of threads. I have been tasked with running this operation during the hours that typically coincide with the afternoon/evening for the North American timezones. I will do my best to try to ensure that this is an enjoyable experience for you all.


The premise is simple.
Your character is your avatar.
They have the same powers, personality etc.
Additionally OCs (Original Characters) are allowed, just find an image for your avatar that best represent them. But remember to make sure they fit the rules.


Be warned. Doesn't detail everything that happened in previous WAOA threads, so feel free to edit that bitch!

We have a chat group, pseudo chat RPing ahoy!

I am not joking about the pseudo RPing. Anyhow, this is where we... I don't even remember what we use it for anymore.

We have a recap page!

Much like the codex from WAOA VI, this is where put important summaries and recaps. To know more about it, click the link.

Act in character
This is the most important rule here, even OCs should follow it.

You have to contribute to the plot in some way
Either by adding to a conversation, fighting, getting past obstacles (picking locks, hijacking cars etc)or whatever moves the plot forward!

You control your characters ONLY
You can't use other players' characters. UNLESS under two conditions:
1- the character is plot-necessary, but the player is unable to post (must act in character. If you are in this position, it would help if you asked another player beforehand to take over your character).
2- If another player allows you to use his/her character.

No Over-Powered Characters
-Characters can't instant-kill other characters (killing should be pre-decided)
-Characters should be weakened if they attack too often.
-Characters shouldn't have too many different combat moves.
And please try to explain powers simply. You may be a genius on your character's universe, but other players may never have even HEARD of them before.
-If your character is already OP, don't worry. You can nerf him/her.

Your character(s) can still get injured
While killing is still pre-decided, injures on the other hand are not. Your character can get beaten, stabbed, poisoned, mutilated, and may even lose a limb. You get the idea? Good.

No excessive posts
Just saying
"Dave opened the door and turned on his torch. He looked around and saw the desk, with the plans on it."
is good enough. We don't need a few paragraphs about his thoughts and feelings, and an accurate description of the room and plans.
Still put some effort into your posts; saying X Y-ed Z is not good enough here, or anywhere to be exact.

TGs' word is law
The TG's final decision is, well, final.
-If you have an argument with another user and I say "knack it off," you will knack it off!
-I can veto any decision a co-TG makes, but they can also veto me if they all agree on something.

Spoiler Tags
One little note:


This RP is probably going to contain at least minor spoilers from character universes, like references to who lives or dies in Berserk or what happens in the most recent Bourne book or film. Please don't react negatively: it might affect the character in a big way, and you could end up confused as to why the character is acting 'out of character' from your perspective.
But that's not what I want to talk about. USE SPOILER TAGS FOR VIDEOS, PICTURES (Unless they're small) AND LARGE AMOUNTS OF TEXT

Things you should know
-OOC means Out Of Character. Use this if you want to ask a question or make a suggestion.
-Use @[player name]: to address a player specifically in OoC comments.
-OP means over-powered.
-Use italics for thoughts. [*i]text[*/i] without the *
-To use coloured text: [*color=Any colour you want]text[*/color] without the *
-To use named spoiler tags: [*spoiler=Something you want to name it]text[*/spoiler] without the *
-To use images: [*img]Image url[*/img] without the *
-To use YouTube videos: [*youtube=Insert video code] without the *
-If a player missed a few pages, please give them a summary (a few lines explaining what you did since their last post).
-If you have to leave, either kill your character or put them On A Bus (give a valid reason for them to leave, ie they fell into a temporary wormhole).
-From time to time, we get in major and large group battles. At those times, the person controlling the battle will ask for who is getting involved. Once everyone confirms, they will assign those people into two or more groups, and begin the battle calling for that Group's reactions. Once those players have replied, the person controlling the battle will react to all of their posts and move on the the next group. This continues until the conflict is resolved.
Participants are not to post a reaction until it is the turn of the group they are in.

Posts MUST Make Sense
-If it isn't from your character's universe, they don't know what it is.
-If you break this rule, the nonsensical post is retconned.
-For multiple characters use different coloured text or reference their names when speaking to distinguish between them.

The universal shift

This is a new mechanic for GMing, subploting and random encounters. Everyone is allowed to use it, but not everyone should use it. It's a serious tool and should be handled with care.

-What is the universal shift?
*The universal shift is simply a shift in the universe. A random wave that brings other universes in.

-How can I use the universal shift?
*There are four types of shifts: Expansion,deletion,replacement and coexistence.
*Expansion: Expansion is where you expand earth with other universes, thus earth becoming bigger. It also counts when you add items in this world. This is the most recommend.
*Deletion: This is where you delete a part of the world or a certain item. Warning! This highly not recommended, and only use it when you have to.
*Replacement: This is where you replace a world or item. Also, this is not recommended as well.
*Coexistence: This is where you make an item or world coexist(Or combine) with another.

-How SHOULD I use the universal shift?
*Use it when you need to. It's highly recommend to keep its usage as moderate as possible.

-What is the biggest object I can summon?
*A whole universe, but that's not recommended. I say stick to using small objects,(Like a building or a town) and use medium/large objects when you need to. (Medium is as big as a city, and large is a small part of a universe.)

-What if I misuse it?
* Then I and my co-TGs will retcon what you have done. If you misuse it too often , Then I will remove your ability to use that feature.

-What counts as misuse?
Deus Ex Machinas. The Uni-shift should be never used for Deus Ex Machina or anything similar to it.

Main plot
When you're GMing a main plot-line, it's highly recommended to have another user to cooperate with. Also, make sure other users are done with their plot lines.

Anyone is allowed to do a subplot, assuming other users are interested in it. Also, they are (Usually) short. It's nice to have them when the GM is not around, so we can avoid filler.

Random encounters
Random encounters are random encounters. What is a random encounter? It's something that does not come from the main plot nor the subplot, are short, easy to solve and random.

Overthrowing an under active GM
It's self explanatory. When a GM takes too long to do a plot line, (Looking at you @Nile and @Rak!) we change him/her to a more active one. Use this rule when we necessarily need it only!

A word to the veterans players

As I said before, this will share the same style of the old WAOAs. The moment I let you all free in this world, is the moment you should know what to do in it.
Anyhow, try to make this a new beginning of series. Try not to bombard new users with references to the old threads and try to play new sets of characters if you want.

A word for new players

This thread is largely unconnected to the previous ones. (Maybe except for a few characters.) You do not need to read the previous threads to join this one. As I said before, this is a new beginning of the series.
You also do not need a character sheet; the only requirements to join is an avatar.

Character bios: As I said before, character sheets are not required. But if you like making them anyway, PM me your sheets and/or bios and I will post it here.
Just remember I don't update more than once a day at most.

Another post here because of the escapist's text per-post limit. Yes, the escapist actually has a text limit.
Anyhow, this is an expansion of the Bio post.

The setting

Untied States of America, Texas, Dallas:

"In the lovely Texan city of Dallas there have been a number of strange sightings, odd people, and outright bizarre incidents in the outskirts of the city. What caused these incidents is still unknown, but one thing is certain: it's something-" Then the television was turned off.
"Yeah, riiiiiight." A man said with a disbelieving tone.

OoC: This is where it starts, this is where it begins, this where blah, blah, blah You know the drill, get yo asses in the thread.

The posting has commence, get ready for a wild adventure.

Torrin fell to the ground, the breath driven from his lungs. His rifle clattered to the ground next to him, and he scrambled for it, knowing the attempt was probably hopeless. Oh Emperor, where is that damned Carnifex, shit, move, mov- grabbing his rifle, Torrin looked up and aimed. He was surprised to find himself in the suburbs of Dallas. Specifically a backyard in the suburbs in Dallas, a place he did not know. He pulled himself up, and poked around, having never seen a backyard before.

Torrin heard a scream come from the house, followed by clattering and rapid footsteps. If his hearing was good, Torrin would be able to make out a woman's voice, clearly panicking.
"There's someone in the back yard, with a gun! Get out of the house, and call the police!"
Two people quickly emerged from the front door, and ran out onto the street. The families living in the houses on either side also came out, looking worried. One already had his phone out, and was calling someone.

Out on the street, near to where Torrin had arrived, there was a flash of light that would blind any who looked directly at it, shortly followed by a thump. A figure appeared, unconscious. She was wearing a black hoodie, which was a few sizes to large. The hood was up, however a few strands of magenta hair were visible, illuminated by a greenish glow coming from an eyepiece over her left eye. The most unusual thing one might spot, however, was a grey tail, poking out from under the girl's skirt.
She slowly opened her eyes, then shielded them from the bright sunlight.
Location: unknown...
Location found: Dallas, TX. Earth.

What the fuck does that mean?

The girl sat up and looked around. All around her, people were stepping out of their houses, muttering.

Tor winced when he heard the woman's yelling comment. He ran to the back door and kicked it in, rushing into the house. He quickly glanced through its living room and kitchen, pausing in the kitchen to grab some food. He then found the garage, and broke the car's driver side window.

With a thud a man in a fine suit appeared and fell to the ground. He appeared to be about 50 years of age or older, but still looked reasonably fit for a man that old. He had short black hair, menacing looking eyes, and had an air of sophistication about him. Picking himself up off the ground he dusted himself off and retrieved his fedora hat that had fallen off during the fall, looking around with a thin frown on his face.

A hobo was searching the backyard's bin for a quick meal, util Torrin showed up. The hobo panicked by Torrin sudden arrival and quickly followed him. He then throw the lid of the rubbish can towards his face. "Drop yo guns, motha fucka!" The hobo shouted at Torrin while throwing trash at him.


At the sound of shattering glass, silence fell on the street. The gathered people began to move away from the house Torrin had broken into.
"D- don't worry. The police a- are on their way." the man who had been on the phone said, his voice betraying his fear. "L- let's all... go back inside. Where it's safe."

The suited man's arrival caused everyone to halt.
One woman nervously stepped forwards.
"Can someone please explain what in the hell is going on here!?" she asked. A few others nodded.

Kendrik folded his arms within his fortress. He was in a darkened room. A lone shred of darkness parted to form a gigantic cyan eye staring at him.
"Ulairon." Kendrik said.
"Someone has come from beyond the 7 worlds of my creation, many in fact."

Kendrik thought for a moment. "I wonder how....No matter." He waved a hand dismissively. "I'll keep an eye on them for now. Any word on Graigor?"

"None, he has slipped beyond my sight. Cross is on his tail however."

Kendrik thought once more. "He can't stop us alone...he needs help. He'll probably twist me into some evil bastard to get people on his side. I expect Cross to act accordingly."

"I hope so my lord."

The great eye closed into darkness once more and Kendrik sighed and turned to leave the room.


Graigor's head perked up. He felt it, something that came from beyond. Something that could help him right his mistakes. Wrapped in his waterproof coat and his hood obscuring his head, he set off.

Torrin had ignored the hobo, used to his kind. Once the car window was broken, he pulled the inner handle and hopped, only to realize he would need a key. Cursing, he glanced through the garage and front door areas of the house for a key bearing the car's symbol.

Graigor shuffled through the streets, it must have been divine providence that this should happen so close. His eyes alert for any pursuer. He did not notice the darkness slipping from shadow to shadow behind him as he neared his destination.

The suited man, after putting his hat back on, quickly distanced himself from the man breaking into the car. Naturally he was very confused about his current situation, but not getting listed as the armed mans accomplice held priority over gathering information. Noting that the cops were coming he did not intervene, it wasn't his place.

The hobo shrugged as Torrin ignored him. He noticed Torrin's interest with the car, so he went to the drivers seat and he starting pulling and cutting writes till he successfully jury rigged the car. Being a that he is hobo, he asked Torrin for money. "Yo, mutha fucka with the gun, I jury rigged this bitch for ya. Now can ya give me 4$?"

Graigor hear sirens nearby and so slid into an alley. Pearing out he saw a hobo as he was accustomed to wit something he wasn't. A strange man in armor he hadn't seen before. He watched for now.

Torrin didn't have much trouble, as the car keys had been left on the table in the centre of the living room. From this room, he would be able to see the people standing outside.

"Seriously, what is going on?" the woman asked again. A few other people voiced the same question.

The magenta-haired girl's large ears pricked, then swiveled.
"There is a siren approaching, rapidly." The comment wasn't directed at any one person.
"Yeah, that's the cops. Maybe they know what's happening here."

'Baby, why are we here?' Ash asked his latest girlfriend Polly. 'You know I hate Texas. Nothing but a bunch of fat-assed morons.'

'Don't you remember sweetie? We're here to visit my parents!'

'Oh right, your bitch of a mother and the satan-incarnate that is your father...'

As usual, Polly was completely oblivious. 'Oh Ash, you're hilarious!' She said,letting out her incessant laugh.

Ash thought to himself. As soon as I get back home, I'm dumping this broad. He then looked at her, specifically her breats, and gave a cocksure grin. But that doesnt mean I can't make the most of it while it lasts.

Eventually, they came across the ragtag group of drifters. Ash noticed that some of them were armed, so he held Polly back. 'Look out baby.' He said without looking at her.

She then gave a chuckle. 'I'm fine, don't worry about me. In fact, if I were you... I'd be more worried about myself.'

'What?' Ash asked with a curious look on his face. He turned around, and saw that Polly had been turned into a deadite. 'WHAT THE FUCK!?' He screamed; he went for the gun that he now always kept on his person.


But then, the scared look dissapeared from Ash's face, and was replaced by one of annoyance. 'Really? All this time, and that's the best you got?' He pointed the gun at Polly, and opened fire, then reloaded, and opened fire again.

When she was dead, he pulled a giant knife out of his coat pocket and went to work decapitating her. 'Good evening, he eventually said to the strangers nearby. Hearing the sirens he said: 'You better get out of here. If the cops see Army-Boy over there,' pointing to Torrin, 'you'll be going downtown. Skedaddle.'

The suited man walked onto the sidewalk near the onlookers and watched the scene unfolding.

Though focused on Polly, Ash addressed the older man. 'Including you fancypants. Get out of here.'

Gunfire? Graigor hated the primitive weapons of this place. Loud and cumbersome things. He had a place to hide and wanted to get these people back there before he was found himself. He just needed to be sure that he found as many as possible.

OOC: Graigor is just wearing a raincoat that obscures his face with a hood and simple genes. It is not kendrik. I repeat, not kendrik.

As Ash opened fire, many of the people in the street began to panic again. A few passed out, and a few more simply stared, mouths wide in horror.

Two threats detected, one eliminated. Unknown which was the greater threat.
I don't care which is the 'greater' threat!

The sirens were louder, now. The police car was getting closer and closer.

Finished with the decapitation, Ash got up and addressed everyone. 'Nothing to see here folks, just standard procedure. I'm a member of the CDC, I know what I'm doing. This woman had a dreadful disease, it was all I could do.'

'What did she have?' Asked one of the onlookers.


'Well... is it contagious?'

'Um... very probably'

OoC: Alright I'm getting very confused already, I'll brb and let everything in the thread right now settle

Torrin winced at the gunfire, and dug out some golden coins. "Here, thanks, see ya." Torrin opened the garage door and backed the car slowly out of the garage, tucking the keys and some food into his pack as he went.

The hobo grabbed the coin and shouted: "Whoo hoo! I'am gonna eat well today!"

Ooc: gOTta go for now.

'Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go.' Ash ran on down ths street, leaving a trail of multi-colored blood behind him

"Super-Pneumonia? Why haven't we been told before now, if it's so contagious?" one of the braver, or possibly stupider, people asked Ash.
When he suddenly left, the fear slowly left the crowd's eyes.

Graigor stepped out of his alley and rested against the wall before taking a cigarette out and lighting it.

King Kazma pulled himself up from the ground. It was dark out, but there were plenty of lights off in the distance. "This looks nothing like... I'm not there anymore". Gunfire sounded off a short ways from him, instinctively he ducked down. "Not a friendly place is it". Sirens were also blaring now. Kazma took quick notes of his surroundings. The house in front of him would give the best advantage point. A short run and a spring off a patio table got him to the roof. His eyes just peeking over the crest and ears folded low to not give him away. There were people running from something, the gunfire he guessed.

Torrin took a second to breathe, looking over the crowd. He spotted the others. some of these things are not like the others... "Hey, anybody know what planet this is?" he called out to the car.

The girl turned to the car.
"Dallas, Texas. Earth." she replied, calmly.

At that moment, a police car rounded the corner and parked. Two uniformed men stepped out and approached the crowd.
"We're responding to a report of a break in." one announced.
The woman who had first spotted Torrin nodded.
"It's that man, there. He's stolen my car, too. He has a gun." she said, pointing at the car.
The two officers reached for their own guns.
"Sir, please take hold of the wheel, and do not move." one ordered, as they approached the car. Both firearms were aimed at Torrin.

The cops pointed their guns at Torrin. "Sir, step out of the vehicle, drop your weapon and then put your hands behind your head and drop on your knees." The police man ordered Torrin.
OoC: Ninja'd by Trilby. >.<

In the wake of the ruckus being caused out in the middle of the suburban street, a garbage can in the alleyway behind the house Torrin had begun to ransack tipped over. The lid fell off and rolled a short distance away before hitting a fence and toppling over. However, instead of any garbage falling out of the bin, the only thing that came out of it was an annoyed sounding moan. "Too noisy..."

Graigor dropped his cigarette and headed towards the police, pushing through any in his way.

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