We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Frank backs away slowly from the group " Holy... are you girls infected? Look, I'm just heard strange stories out of this area and doing a story to get back in the journalism game. And for this handy weapon, well an acquaintance of mine showed me this awhile back and I spruced one up from some boat house apparently owned by loggers (strange I know) after I was attacked by some strange... things. Frank's watch beeped and mr. west produced a cartridge of Zombrex from his pocket. He took out the needle and jammed it in his neck. " The name's West by the way, Frank West.

Carmen sighed a bit as she scratched the back of her head. "They're only really paranoid. We've had our fair share of dealing with psychos... That weapon still seems a bit... impractical, but if it works for you, it's not my place to judge. My name is Carmen, by the way. What stories did you hear? "

Carmen sighed a bit as she scratched the back of her head. "They're only really paranoid. We've had our fair share of dealing with psychos... That weapon still seems a bit... impractical, but if it works for you, it's not my place to judge. My name is Carmen, by the way. What stories did you hear? "

Roxy's hissing stopped but she was still on all fours, staring at Frank with obvious distrust.

All sorts of odd tales. People disappearing, deranged gangs of thugs, even a little magic or voodoo in this area. Now that I talked about myself, may I ask what you young ladies are doing here?"

Having not heard anything overly violent going on, Milly poked her head around the van and observed the scene. Since she wasn't terribly hungry, she was able to ignore the blood on Frank's clothing for the most part, about as much as one could ignore massive bloodstains on a man's clothes. She couldn't really think of a decent answer to Frank's question, so she stayed quiet.

Roxy's hissing stopped but she was still on all fours, staring at Frank with obvious distrust. She seemed to pause a bit as she saw the man jab something into his neck. "...What did you just inject into yourself...?" She slowly got back up onto her legs again, still giving Frank an untrusting stare.

Carmen scratched her head a bit. "Well... our friend here collapsed after we had come to this diner to eat. As for the explosion... your guess is as good as mine..."

"Let's just say I have a nasty infection. By the way, what attraction was Carmen talking about?

Roxy looked over, raised an eyebrow. "...Is it contagious...?" She asked, taking a few steps back.

Carmen pointed over to the scorch mark on the ground from the portal exploding. "All I saw was some person in a robe and then he disappeared in a small explosion..." She explained calmly.

Nah, you don't have to worry about it. So, where were you gals headed?

Carmen looked out toward the sky. "Well... we were going to hea-" She was cut off by the sound of a loud explosions and a couple of gunshots afterward. The sounds seemed to be coming from the west of the group somewhat.

Roxy growled a bit to herself before looking toward the area and seeing a bit of smoke rising. "....Guys.... are we gonna check that out or what?"

"You aren't, huh?" Greed questioned, following Maine with his eyes as he moved. "You know, that's odd, 'cause I could've sworn I saw you back at the battle a while ago." he remarked, furrowing his brow.

With Azimuth having pulled out of her mind, Erica moaned softly as she regained control of her body.

Suddenly Otto walked up to the area Roxy was in. He had gone for a walk some time ago and was just returning.

Laguna jumped a bit when he heard an explosion. "Woah? What the-" He looked at Roxy. "Yeah. Something's goin on." He went over to Erica, offering her a hand. "Need some help?"

Milly cringed a little upon hearing the explosion and gunshots. "It might be that guy again." If someone finds out we didn't actually get rid of him, we might have to give all that money back... She remarked as she started meandering over to the source of all the loud noise.

Still highly desprientated, and not fully in control of her body, Erica didn't initially register Laguna had said anything to her, or even extanded a hand. Only after a while did her eyes move to him. With another groan, she reached for his hand and got up with his help. "Ugh... Thank you..."

Roxy looked back at Erica and Laguna and nodded a bit. "Alright... we need to get moving somehow..." The group would see a few cars driving recklessly away from the scene, some going so far as to crash into the buildings and even running some fleeing people over. The gunshots continued before another explosion was heard.

Carmen casually followed Milly. "I doubt he'd have a reason to start destroying things so casually. He may be powerful, but he's not a total idiot." Roxy sighed a bit as she observed. "With people driving like that... I don't think driving there's gonna be a good option..." She stated as she followed, picking up her pace a bit. She looked over at Otto, looking exasperated and stopped. "Woah... Are you alright...?"

As Milly continued on, she'd see people all running away as they were screaming in horror. She wouldn't be able to see the source of all the commotion just yet.

"No prob." Laguna smiled, helping her up before guiding her along to where the others were going. "Something's going on. Explosions, gunfire..."

OoC: Presuming Erica is gonna need some help moving for a sec or two. @Nail, tell me if I'm wrong.

"Yes. Do you know what all zee commotion is about?" Otto asked as he looked around him.

OoC @Gear: Nope. You're right.

Erica was about to ask what was going on when Laguna explained the basics. Just when she was about to ask further, Erica noticed the people wounded in the chaos. "I have to help them!" she urged, still somewhat limping alongside Laguna, albeit regaining control quickly.

Milly became greatly uneased as she noticed the large amount of people blatantly fleeing the scene she was approaching in such a frantic manner. She took a more cautious approach, slowing down her pace and hiding herself, covering her body with shadows to make herself drastically harder to see.

"I you think you're ok, go ahead." Laguna said. "But don't push yourself too far, alright?"

Maine growled an affirmative, but with an angry undertone as he was reminded of the Tau.

Roxy continued onward eventually moving ahead of Milly, with a determined look in her eyes. She looked back at Otto and shrugged. "We're going to go fi-" TShe was cut off by something white darting out of nowhere and seemingly pegged her in the face, sending her sprawling into the streets. She struggled to try and get the white thing off of her and it made snarling noises as it began to bite her repeatedly. "Agh.... Get it off! GET IT OFF!"

Carmen had been lagging behind a bit and didn't try to make a move to assist Roxy just yet. Most of the pedestrians that had been fleeing had cleared the streets aside from three other people. The people were also pounced on by the white things and screamed in pain as they were nom'd on.

Otto was greatly surprised by what was happening, but he moved to help Roxy out.

"Yeah, thought so. So why'd you shake your head, then?" Greed asked, then, as an afterthought added, "Oh, and if you can write, write your answer with the blood, or something. Not like there's a lack of that."

Erica shook her head and let go of Laguna. "I am well now. But I think I might need help in freeing the people who have rode their metal carriages into a building." she remarked, striding towards the nearest wounded person, while looking around for who appeared to be the most critically wounded. Lagging behind a good deal, she didn't notice Roxy and the three other people being attacked.

Frank was snapping pictures of the commotion and the white creatures when he saw Roxy pinned with a white creature on top of her. Frank kicked it off and impaled it with the paddlesaw. Frank then extended his hand to Roxy and asked are you OK?

A popping noise, similar to the one that sounded when Una appeared, occurred within the nearby vicinity of the group's battle. A tiny one-foot EMily appeared, floating in the air much like the projection of Una. The appearance of the catastrophe at hand immediately had her attention.

"Looks like that undead thing in Dallas was just the beginning." She floated around to find out where everyone was.

Laguna nodded. "Right. I'll go on ahead." He went to where the people being attacked by the white things were. "What the heck are these?"

OoC: @James I'm not sure how big these things are, so a paddlesaw may be overkill.

Milly screamed as the monstrous creature planted itself on Roxy's face. She growled at the disgusting creature and tried to tear it off of Roxy's head with her massive strength.

With the little thing being ripped off by Milly and subsequently paddlesawed to death, it made a small death squeal as red blood spattered everywhere, sending the creature's shredded guts and organs flying everywhere. Roxy wouldn't be able to answer Frank as she was hunched over, clutching her face, obviously in pain. Carmen sighed a bit as she looked at the bloody mass that might be able to be called the creature's remains. "Ugh.... At least leave enough for someone to identify what the thing attacking us is.

Soon enough, in the distance emerging from the flames coating the streets was a small formation of small bunnies, all rather cute looking, but all armed with rather sharp looking weapons. One in the back was armed with a bazooka, three were armed with chainsaws and the rest were armed with knives, all of them dripping blood. They all seemed to be in a perpetual state of glee, some bunnies have blood stains on their mouths, as they slowly hippity-hopped their way closer to the group.

Carmen seemed to stare at them for a few moments before taking a more serious look and extending her wings. "You all.... deal with this... I'm going to find their ringleader and hopefully end this..." Without another word, she flapped her wings and flew off, narrowly dodging a bazooka shell fired off by the artillery bunny.

OoC: Grouping time or are we going all at once?

OoC: @Dot I would say group.
@James: You know how grouping works?

Laguna stared at the incoming force, shocked as his brain tried to process what he saw. "...killer rabbits?!"

@Dot. Do grouping.
As for combat, I don't know what I can do right now. Seeing as how I agreed with myself making a non-combat version of my OC. Although, since it takes less energy to project EMily than Una, I could probably do something in the way of combat. Although it has to be limited.

EMily floated over to Roxy.
"You alright there?"

OOC: Grouping is good.

"Those are no ordinary rabbits." Otto said to Laguna as he tried to get Roxy to her feet so he could get her away from danger.

@Slenn: Ah, right... I guess you could have your avatar stick with Carmen to try and find the summoner, but I'll still have to put you in a group. Otherwise, I'll more than likely get confused.

@Dot. Mmmmkay. That could work. Although I need some prompting of some kind so that EMily has an impetus to follow Carmen.

OoC @Dot: Grouping, definitely grouping.

Rushing towards a person who had been run over, Erica crouched down infront of him and inspected the injuries upon finding he still lived. She laid the man down in a stable position, laying on his back, then began lightly pressing down on areas to look for broken bones, none being imediately appearant.

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