Serial Killer Round 49: Carnival of Fear. The killer is dead. ROUND OVER

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@Schizzy: That would be too ironic, to get MURDERED in MURDERVILLE? Please no one would name a city something like that in hopes of a murderer showing up. Don't be silly.

@staika/Schizzy: "Sorry folks, already trademarked it."


@RaNDM: You speak as if that means anything to us. We are not the most upstanding gentlemen here, we do not care for your laws or copyrights.

@staika: "You'll care when I stamp it on cardboard girl's face."

"No please not the face!"

@RaNDM: So we'll get her a new face, the beauty with working with cardboard is that it is interchangeable. As long as you have duct tape of course.

@staika: "All the duct tape in the world won't be enough to put her together when I'm done."

@RaNDM: So be it, know that not a single tear will be shed. We can always replace her with more cardboard people, we know how to now.

@staika: "Wow, you piece of shit."

"Woah, hey! Language!"

@staika: Sounds like an idea that, buddy. Ductboard® - Duct tape-reinforced cardboard. We'll be rich!

@RaNDM: Yeah... you keep cardboard girl. We're too busy being dead and getting rich to care.

@Schizzy: "..."

*throws ball of yarn*

"Must... resist... urge..."

*Willpower fail*

*Jumps off the JIB to chase ball of yarn.*


"That never gets old."


"Ach don't know what in the bloody 'ell is goin' on any moor!!"

Calm down people, lets take a look at what we do know. We know someone's dead but we don't know who. So the next logical step would be to find the body of the dead person and poke it with a stick of some kind.

"What kind of stick?"

A stick made out of wood, or a similar type of material. As long as it can be used to poke something then it should be good enough.

"I think we need to be more specific on what kind of stick we're talking about."

*produces checklist*

"Will the projected length of the poking apparatus be over three feet in length?"

"It should be around 3-5 feet in length. Any less and you'll get too close to whatever you're poking. Any more and it will be awkward to poke with and generally hard to use."


*checks off*

"How will the poking apparatus be powered? By hand? Gasoline?"

"By hand. Gasoline powered sticks would be hard to calibrate the power to the optimum strength. It might get a little too strong and poke deep holes into the corpse. That'll ruin their resale value of course."

"It'll also be a legal nightmare if the corpse in question isn't a corpse at all."

@RaNDM: You, sir, are my new best friend.

I'm gonna watch Bravest Warriors 'til my eyes bleed.

Or gets poked by a gas powered stick.

We won't reach fifty at this rate.

Yeah...we should have had the announcement for who was killed over two weeks ago. Game is dead in the water until we move.

So move.

I messaged razer. Just waiting for a response.

*Pokes RaNDM in the eyes*

@Schizzy: How does one poke a ghost in the eye? Is such a thing even possible?

@staika: "Very simple, considering we're both dead. All you have to do is get your hands on them and-"

I grab Schizzy by the back of the head, and smash his incorporeal face into my very corporeal feeling knee.

@RaNDM: *claps*

Very good demonstration there, it all makes sense now. We ghosts can harm other ghosts. BUT WAIT! When the killer dies, he could technically kill us. Thus making an endless loop of the killer killing people since he as a ghost could kill us again and again.

"I always assumed killers never reach ghost form. You know... Them dying last and all."

I'm still not dead. Just confirming.

So it's almost been three weeks since the last update, Should there be a time limit before we have someone take over or start a new round? I think it's been long enough now.

@RaNDM: That is a possibility, but we will never know as we are just ghosts and they never tell ghosts anything.

We're gonna need a ghost to be our ghost host to host as a ghost. Someone decide who's it gonna be and we'll send all of our votes to that ghost host.

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