Serial Killer Round 49: Carnival of Fear. The killer is dead. ROUND OVER

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Another night, another victim.

The killer has chosen, check your inbox.

Bye bye priest. How we hardly knew thee. From ashes to ashes, dust to dust. :/

No divine intervention for the priest, it seems.

MinimanZombie has shuffled off this mortal coil, send in your votes.

I wish someone would just up and die right now... 'cause we could do with a lot more business here in the JIB.

I'm still waiting on my sandwich, cat.

Will this senseless violence ever end? Will the killer finally be caught?

The mob has taken a vote, and one of you is to be lynched. Check your inbox.

@staika: Well, damn.

@RaNDM: Looks like I'll have to call in the small guns.

@staika: *gasps* You treacherous fiend!

Well, there's only a few of you left, and Terratina wasn't the killer.

Terratina has been lynched, waiting on killer and medic.

@RaNDM: How dare you use those! That means I must call in my own......


The murderer is unrelenting. He has chosen another

The killer has chosen, check your inbox.


@staika: *laughs as squirrel swipes hairpiece*

Well, I told the recently deceased of their unfortunate medical condition, but they haven't posted a death. So to release you all from the suspense:

EriktheOrange is dead , send in your votes

Only four players left. Will the killer go all the way?

The suspense is killing you.

Four players.

And I'm pretty sure two of them are entwined.

So...pick well guys. It'll be the last chance.

Oh shit, It's getting real now.

*grabs popcorn*

This is gonna get good very soon.

This is still going? For heaven's sake people!

@Jak23: Oh hey, you're just in time.

Is it bad that after all this time I still just copy and paste the tags to format these posts?

The mob has chosen, check your inbox.


Sorry I'm late, Y'know they got the new season of Louie on Netflix now? Anyways...

*jumps out of seat*

So the killer went down.

*sits back down*

Well now I can live again, dammit I liked the jib.

Aha! I knew it! Took me a bit, but I knew it all along! Totally did!

At least the double vote helped anyway! So I can take credit for that!

Anyway, desert, are you interested in GMing the next Round? It is a rather important one, being the big 5-0.

@NeoAC: Definitely. I'll have to go over the other rounds to see what hasn't been done yet and hope that my ideas aren't crap. :P


For a while there, it seemed like it would never end.

@deserteagleeye: An impressive round. Here's looking forward to-

I wandered over by the pendulum ride where I saw RaNDM G and Wafflesandbacon. I sat in front of them on the ride as we started swinging back and forth. Unfortunately, it seems the two of them got sick as I felt disgusting mess fall down my back at the peak of our swing.

Oh, you son of a bitch.

@RaNDM G: lol I wasn't sure if I was being clear enough that it was much more than just vomit.

@desert: I could care less over my eyes and buccinators. You knew I had a severe nut allergy going into that ride.

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