The First Blight: Curse of Dumat [RP/Closed]

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It took her some time to realize she was back. So filled with anger all she could focus on at first was why Thaedrin wasn't on the floor bleeding out of every orifice he had.

A key clanking against the floor brought her back to her senses. She looked at it, then to the blood mage, and then to the elven man still strapped lifeless in the chair. Sulahn'nehn knelt to pick up the key, but did not rise again until she'd completed a prayer for the poor man's spirit. "May the Creators guide you to your resting place in the Beyond."

Without another word, she unlocked the door and stormed away.

Thaedrin stayed on the floor, maybe for hours, before he was able to stand well enough to get himself to his room in the barracks. Ghil, meanwhile, had spent Sul's training hours testing Ulrin's unarmed skills and drinking. Still, she had retired at an appropriate hour. Now, but for the men on watch, the fortress was quiet and empty.

She would not have wished that experience on anyone. Anyone who wasn't Thaedrin. He could suffer as many horrific nightmares as she could dream up. Even with the aid of a demon, she did not think it would be easy to lay still long enough to close her eyes just yet. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs until she lost her voice. But the halls were empty and upset as she was, she could not rob so many Wardens of the sleep they so deserved.

Instead, the elf wandered the halls until she found a nice, good place to sulk and have a cry. The training hall was empty and that would do. She sat in the middle of the floor, shuddering. The laboratory was still so fresh in her mind. A dummy snapped under the weight of her magic. The Wardens would be lucky to have equipment come the morning.

Ghil slept, as the night before, upright and in her mail and breastplate. Sleeping, actually, might not have been the most accurate term. It had not been restful. In her dreams, and underlying them, was the Archdemon's call. Dumat's orders ranged from simple destruction to disturbing darkness. It was typical, she felt, of a magister-caused catastrophe.

'Damned Tevinters.'

When she slid down, she noted the elven girl's absence with a frown. After a quiet pause for wondering, she shook her head and strode out of the barracks towards the mess hall.

Ulrin's time spent with Ghil left him perhaps more sore and bruised than their time fighting the darkspawn in the burning tower. He had hoped that the day's events and the extra training with the barbarian would have worn him out enough to sleep soundly. However the elven rouge found himself awake to odd hours wondering what happened to the other of his kind that had been taken away by Thaedrin. He already didn't trust the blood mage, and wondered if she would still be with them in the morning, or if the Constable had done with her as all humans do. When he did sleep the only thing that came to him were images of the Darkspawn bearing torment and destruction.

When the call to rise came Ulrin stumbled up form his bed wondering if perhaps Sulahn'nehn was right. He had thought death was an appropriate punishment for his crime, but the Creators must have granted him life to endure this sentence.

'I hope she is still alive...' He dressed and made his way to the dinning hall expecting to see the two women together as usual.

She jolted awake, sore from falling asleep on the stone floor. There was every intention of crawling to her bed that night, but she never made it. A few of the pratice dummies were in disrepair, but most of the room remained as it should. What sleep she had was disturbing at best. The elf groaned, dragging her feet to head to the mess hall.

Arriving late, she saw her fellow new recruits but made no effort to greet them. Instead she sat slumped over the dish she filled with food. Was it too much to hope Wardens had a day of rest? She needed at least a two do clear her mind.

Early to bed, early to rise. Komnenos found himself awake in the middle of the night. His bed was a bit cold with companionship, but perhaps it was his own fault for not wearing any bedclothes. Still steaming mad, he knew he would get no rest. Eschewing his uniform and armor, Diocles threw on some civilian trousers and a ratty tunic. Perhaps he'd find Ghil and give her that fight she wanted. Better to check the mess hall before sneaking into the women's barracks.

Ulrin watched the female elf enter the mess hall and begrudgingly slump into her chair. He glanced up at Ghil and then back to the other frowning. "...You do not appear to be int he best of health, Sulahn'nehn... Perhaps, after you eat, you should return to your bunk and rest."

The rogue watched her, trying to determine what Thaedrin could have done to her to exhaust her so. No he could imagine quite a few things he could have done, but he was sure anything he thought was tame compared to the horror of having to be in the company of such a man all night.

Ghil's brows knit together in an emotion approaching concern. She pushed her own bowl of porridge out of the way and leaned near to her to speak with a lowered voice. "Soola?" The barbarian woman glanced at the plate a moment before shoveling more meat onto it. "Eat now, you will feel better."

Diocles strode into the hall with an uncharacteristic frown, and he seemed somehow unsurprised to find the new recruits there. He walked closer to them, giving a small wave.

"You're all up late. Not accustomed to the nightmares yet?"

"As if these Wardens would let me have a peaceful rest." perhaps it was the lack of sleep, but bitterness still rang in her words. Suddenly there was more food on her plate, and then more, and more. She looked to the woman. Awfully nice of her. A reminder that all humans were not complete blighters. Just the one shining example of all that was rotten, Thaedrin.

Sulahn'nehn mumbled a thank you, slowly eating her meal. Maybe she could rest after breakfast.

She only gave Diocles a look. He had no idea about the nightmares she had.

Ulrin turned from her to Diocles. The human insisted upon befriending them, than he should at least be of some use to them. "Diocles, Sulahn'nehn is not well. Is there not someplace she can rest and be allowed to recover herself in peace?"

Ghil shifted to look at Diocles past Sul's shoulders.

"The blood mage took her away last night. She did not come to bed." She turned her attention back to the elf girl, expression softening, "I had wanted to teach you to polish my armor... This is not acceptable to happen again, you should have used the punches I taught you on his idiot face."

"..Mm. There are some fairly comfortable, and always empty, storerooms more than big enough for one to sleep. Smell of burlap and potatoes though. Only other option is to bivouac in the field."

At Ghil's words, his frown turned into a glare.

"Ughh. Thaedrin. That bloody son of a bitch. I was unfortunate enough to spend the evening with him, I.. Actually. I probably riled him up some. ... I apologize if he took that out on you, Sul.. You should have heard him, though, he, he.. I mean.."

Growing increasingly irrational, he pointed accusingly at Sul, giving her no context for his next exclamation.

"We are just friends! Just.. Comrades, that's it."

Ulrin looked up questioningly at the human for his last outburst. He seemed to have suddenly shifted to a different conversation, however his idea of the store rooms did seem like a decent one. "Sulahn'nehn, please eat up. We will find you a store room to rest in before the commanding officers come around." The rouge nodded to her.

The quizzical look was shared. She did not know what he was on about friendship and camaraderie for. "Yes. Well, whatever you decided to say to him did not help his sour mood. This may be rude, but I'd like to say that if you find yourself wanting to press him, please think about exactly who will be punished for it."

She cut into the meat, mumbling about Thaedrin. "I am eating. Please stop telling me to do what I am already doing. Sorry. I am...cranky."

".. Yes, I understand."

Diocles took a slow breath, forcing himself calm again.

"I understand. In the future, I will ignore his barbs entirely. Or failing that, I will slit his throat."

Ghil snorted. It might not be a bad idea. "...What are we to do this day? Will there be more darkspawn, more repairs?"

Diocles would do the world a service if he were truly capable of doing such. She was being a bit of a hypocrite, taking things out on those who only showed concern. If and when she felt better, she'd do something about that. Once she'd finished eating she got up from the table. "I think I will go find a place to sleep. Excuse me."

"Or perhaps official combat training?" Ulrin returned to eating his own food.

"I do not know, Ghil, it depends on how the investigation went."

Diocles gave Sul a guilty look.

"Of course. Do you need assistance?"

She cast her eyes downward. Diocles had always been nice to her and here she was being nasty towards him. Even if her mood was still sour, she could try to be civil. "Yes. If you have the time." She gestured for him to lead the way.

Diocles started the walk silently, but soon found himself singing one of the bawdy's bards songs under his breath. Coming to a locked door, he took only a brief glance to either side before picking the lock. It took him less than a minute, as if he'd had practice on that particular lock. Hearing the familiar click of success, he stood and gestured for her to step inside, a currently abandoned bedroom intended for visiting dignitaries and magisters.

Silence was about what she expected, so the singing was...interesting. She was unsure if that was his way of lightening the mood as per usual. She was also unsure if it qualified as singing. But the man at least had other talents to fall back on.

All Sulahn'nehn could think about now was curling up and remaining asleep for the rest of the day if she could get away with it. Everyone else could have their combat training if they wanted, hers had already been done. And not exactly willingly. She prepared herself for the smells Diocles mentioned, so the look on her face was no surprise. The room was an actual room and a nice on at that. She looked to the archer, confused.

"Did you take a wrong turn? Are you sure I am allowed to sleep here?"

Diocles chuckled.

"Of course you aren't, which is why you should get in quickly before someone walks by, and lock the door behind you. It's fine, I've used this bed a dozen times atleast."

"Thank you... I do not deserve it." but she would have been lying if she said it didn't look inviting. She entered the room, just about ready to close the door when she stopped. "I did not mean to be so harsh to you earlier. The constable has me on edge, is all. I hope you'll forgive me. Good night. Or..or good morning. I'm not sure which is appropriate." Sleep was prickling at the front of her mind. She offered up a weak smile before close and locking the door, crawling into bed. Perhaps Sloth would aid her well enough to give her enough peace to sleep.

"Yes, well.. You won't have sweet dreams, so I won't wish them on you.. But you deserve them."

Sighing, Diocles decided to get back to the barracks. He'd best get changed for when the rest of the wardens awoke.

An hour after dawn Trajan Vorenus appeared in the mess, banging his staff on the flagstones, shouting that he expected all new recruits to be armored and assembled in the courtyard within a half hour.

He ducked his head into the womens' barracks and shouted the same order, then made his way to the male, finding Diocles there.

"We're going to have some training in the courtyard, please prepare to supervise. And if you see Constable Thaedrin, tell him I'd like a word."

He began turning to leave without waiting for a response, but then paused.

"Oh, and... where is Susan? She was not in the mess or the barracks. Not fled, I hope. She won't last an hour."

In the yard, Alrik was moving about with purpose, arranging targets and measuring out parcels of ground. Delphina sat on a tree stump stringing her bow, a bowl of porridge balanced precariously on one knee.

"..Ah! I believe she was meditating outdoors after her arduous late night.. Training Shall I fetch her, or let her rest?"

Already having dressed, Diocles began the arduous task of stringing his bow. If he was teaching anything, he doubted it was close quarters combat.

'Susan' remained blissfully unaware of the call to the courtyard or her name being once again destroyed. She lay on the fancy bed, much more comfortable than the ones in the barracks, and curled herself into a ball under the sheets. Sulahn'nehn did not often call on Sloth for anything other than suppressing her talents and lulling those who suspected. But it was an exception she was willing to make.

She did have sweet dreams. No magisters, blood mages, archdemons, or laboratories. Only happiness. The wonderful stories the demon wove together for kept her in a deep, peaceful sleep.

Trajan glanced at Diocles' bunk to confirm that it did not contain any elves. "Fetch her, please."

"..Of course, sir."

Diocles slung his bow across his back, hefted his quiver, and set out, initially heading in the wrong direction, circling around the long way to Sul's new room. He leaned up against the door casually, knocking on it after confirming the halls were empty.

"Time for training, Susie."

Was it a new day already? It had seemed a short time since her lovely dreams began and already something was breaking up the illusions of the Fade. The waking world called.

Sulahn'nehn's eyes opened slowly and then shut shortly after. She rolled over, pulling the sheets to cover her shoulders, too comfy to leave. It was far too soon. No, no. She'd just have to get up for training in a few more hours.

"Nooo..." she groaned.

Rolling his eyes, Diocles knocked again.

"Sul. Come out or I'm coming in, we don't have time."

She took it back. All humans were sleep depriving jerks. She sat up and sighed. So much for sleep. "Alright. I am awake."

Reluctantly, the elf edged out of the large bed and out of the room. She gave it once last look, trying to decide what the punishment would be for defying an order. Not worth it, likely.

She ran her fingers through her hair, getting any knots out, "Training, is it? ...If there is ever a next time for that bed, I request a longer stay."

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