We Are Our Avatars XI (Open)

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Candace held her hand out quietly, occasionally making little beckoning gestures with her fingers.

The dragon faerie came close and made a glittering sound, then sat down on Candace's hand.

Candace gave a small smile. "Got him." Her usual smugness was tempered by genuine softness.

"Do as you please" Dalahar said. "I'm getting ready to move. We shouldn't stay here much longer "

"Huh. Did not expect that." Dala said. "What do you want to do now? It can blink out of this plane at any time."

"Well have proven that I can hunt magical beasts now, have I not?" Candace asked, moving her other hand close to attempt to pet the small dragon.

"I need to go grab Reinhardt anyway."

The faerie dragon made a glittering sound, and let itself be pet.

"You have only proven you can be friendly to a friendly animal. Which is a good thing, but does not really have much to do with hunting.
You could ... try taming this one."

"I thought you disapproved of taking things across dimensions."

"I do, but this ... this one can cross dimensions itself."

"So no harm then?" Candace asked.

"I honestly doubt you can use it for much more than petting, and it probably will vanish if you want to show it to other people, but yes - no harm."

"It's a start. Thank you." Candace said with a hopeful smile and as large a curtsey as she could manage without disturbing the tiny dragon.

Dala smiled. "I did not really think you could be friendly to it, or it would be interested in you. But it's nice that this is the case."

"Thank you, I think..."

"Ehh ... before I bring down the mood again or anything, let's just head back. Or ... well, what do you want to do now?"

"Meet back here when you find him. We will gather together to move off" Dalahar said, even without autosenses he would have heard the small girls hushed whisper.

"Well I've proven I can get magical monsters, can not? Let'sgo for something bigger."

Dala frowned. "You completely failed in hunting, though."

"Well this little fellow begs to differ." Candace pet the dragon again.

"You did not hunt it, it basically chose to come to you. Maybe because it found it funny how you fell from the tree."

The pet dragon made a content sound and pushed its head against Candace's hand, liking the pets.

"But I still got it!" Candace pet harder.

The dragon blinked out of existence as it did not like the hard pets.

"Oh, yes. Completely."

Candace looked at the dragon was, dejected.

The dragon blinked back a few seconds later, and sat itself on Candace's head.

Dala laughed. "I think it more does what it wants."

"Will you just let me have this?!" Candace pleaded with Dala.

"You can have the faerie dragon. But there's a good reason why I chose it - because it is not as dangerous as like all other magical beasts. That I know of."

"Do you doubt my skill?" Candace asked, a bit hurt.

"You literally forgot a net or cage or anything. Why should I not doubt it?"

Helena sat impassively as a rather morbid looking Gilson and equally gaunt Imogen delivered their report on CA.
"The crux of everyrhing was simple. CA was ready for live testing.

"Good" Helena said "I have the ideal targets"


Sarah read in a few books while waiting on the others to finish themselves. Then she yawned.

"Any news from the world?" she asked in the general direction of Ella and Dalahar.

"You admit yourself that a cage would not help here anyway." Candace pointed out to Dala, reaching up to pet the dragon on her head once more.

"Well, there are things to catch them. But you did not even think of the ones in regular hunting. So sorry if I don't trust you to be able to catch one - not to mention that I don't want you to die, and you would, most likely."

"Fine. I'll get some rope before the next expedition." Candace told her.

"Nothing but what I already know. I imagine looting of the dead will begin shortly. Unless regulated, there may be some xenos-scale clothing on the market" Dalahar states.

Research facility
Helena and tombstone had been far to busy to pay much attention to the anomaly that was Sarah's drone that was still lodged in her Triton strike ship. She would be delayed. She was leaning against the wall in the control room. A dozen technitions were interfacing with work stations as they monitored and streamed information to CA. This first deployment was heavily restricted, the frame of CA was active but much of its processing power was almost lobotomised due to the risk involved. This was a raw combat test. Helena wanted to see the capabilities for herself.

Imogen sat in the station beside Gilson. She was still rather tired and grim whereas Gilson was seemingly more excited, eager to finally see CA in action. "Desert Island is leaving the theoretical stage." He announced "14:34 local time. Project Cast Away: active. Deploying"

Fitted in a disposable laugh system, Cast Away was fired from the base like a missle to its destination

"I have an idea. You fight me. If you can beat me and tie me up, you can deal with magical beasts."

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