The ORION Files (Closed/Started)

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The Special Stock
Irina Rostikova

As the two waited for Crazy Sal to finish up with his customer, the Neutral Network Enthusiast considered her Panther-Like Partner's response. Irina felt a bit annoyed by the lioness' lackluster desire for expansion beyond whatever parameters she'd been programmed with but there was also a sense of acceptance. If it was Shanoa's decision to maintain her current parameters for eternity (or while her personality matrix was relatively stable), there was nothing that the Catican Merchant/Mechanic could do other than accept it and move on, though, it wouldn't stop her from explaining her perspective.

"'Fuel' is 'fuel' after all. The thing I don't get the fascination with is 'sex'. Strikes me as odd you lot would be so into the reproductive process 'just cause'." Shanoa had responded flatly, "But the exploration of that requires a body I don't have, and no, 'just any old body' will not due. If I'm going to go that rout, I'm going to be very picky."

Were her prickly little A.I. paying attention, she would have had to replay the previous second at one eighth speed to capture the sudden perking of Catican Ears in response to the second part of Shanoa's response.

"(So there is a chance...)" The Meddlesome Merchant muttered internally as she nodded slowly, her poker face in full effect, "Yeah of course you have to be picky. You definitely don't want to choose just any old body out there..." Irina responded, tapping the chest of an old style, gold plated protocol droid that had seen better days.

It was about that time that Shanoa might have noticed that something or more specifically, someone was looking at her chassis, lifting up the haunches of her body.

"Yes, yes, veryniceverynice," The Proprietor and Namesake of Crazy Sal's Cosmic Co-Op and Outlet said as he examined the Apathetic About Experiences A.I.'s chassis. This probably was going to end very very badly for Crazy Sal.

"Shanoa... don't... kill... him" Irina muttered through gritted teeth, seemingly telling herself that as well, "We... need... access... to... his... special... stock..."

The Orion Files | Tortuga Docks | Freighter Sweet Child of Mine
Edward Aubergine

Having been dismissed by the Captain, the Heavily Armored Catican had been preparing to leave the ship when he spotted the Power Armor belonging to his fellow Crew Member Brian Wojtek. This was not the first time that the Colossal Catican had encountered Kodiak Mechanized Infantry Support Armour, Model #MMCVIII... however it was the first time that he had encountered it while it was in one piece and was not actively trying to kill him.

~Tap tap tap~

The tip of Ed's claw tapped on the unit's chest armor, trying to discern if there was a weak point anywhere.


That would have been Edward running the same claw along the armored chest, making the nearly universally loathed sound of nails on a chalkboard (nearly universally loathed as it was almost identical a tone to the mating call of the Sirian Sylbba'an).

Pitt walks out of the ship as he took a look around the port. There were a few things he needed from the port. Some parts here, there, and some over there. Though what he really wanted, was some info about the last mission. Hoping some news came up with some of the info brokers. As he headed off, a drunk pirate got in his way.

"Hey *Hiccup* Hey there little man...aren't you a bit short to be on this port? You should head on-" That was as far as the pirate got to say before Pitt pulled out his gun and fired. A large net coming out and pinning the pirate to the wall. "I have no time for morons like you. I have business elsewhere!" He shouted as he made his way to one of the few cheaper stores within the port.

The pirates nearby watch as the short junker went on his way. Some of the eye witnesses check on the pirate who got netted to the wall and found him knocked out. From the force of the net being fired, it made him hit his head kind of hard and knock him out for a bit. Some witnesses just shrugged at each other and went on their way. Not caring about what happens as long as it doesn't involve them, but a few stay around to mock the netted pirate.

"Ha..Drunk Frank got caught up in some trouble again."

"What a dumbass...Hey Frank! You're a dumbass" The pirates started to poke through the net and make fun of the knocked out pirate. Trying to find ways to mess with him through the net as one starts trying to push some of their beer bottles and cans through the net with frank.

Shanoa was about to make a mental note of Irina's odd choice of wording in reply to her answer, but she was distracted by Sal, getting significantly more 'hands on' then she would have preferred.

If she could, she'd have taken a single deep breath, and then with some very precise aim, stabbed the flooring between his legs, with her tail, at such an angle that it left a cut in the crotch of his pants uncomfortably close to the 'tender bits'. "Sal, is it?" Shanoa said, her tone 'calm' in that way that screams 'DANGER! DANGER!'. "I'll have to ask you ... 'kindly' to keep your hands to your self." She said, the mono eye of her frame, pointing forward, but burning a very bright red. "So if you would be so kind as to unhand me, my comrade would like to do business." She added as she pulled her tail back.

She felt no need to make any further threats, the one, she felt, should be enough to get the point across.

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The Special Stock pt. 2
Irina Rostikova

To be quite frank, Irina was a bit disappointed that Shanoa had displayed so much restraint since wounding Crazy Sal would have served to demonstrate that they were there for actual business people looking to do actual business as opposed to being tourists looking for some sort of cheap plastic Sony knockoff. Regardless of whether or not the Annoyed A.I.'s warnings forwarded the Merchant/Mechanic's motives, it did get Crazy Sal's brain to register the message "Do not touch under penalty of castration." The store's proprietor backed off a bit, his perma-smile fading a bit at the edges as the wariness set in. Clearing her throat, Irina signaled for the man's attention as she tossed the man a small data cube.

"Here's a manifest of items I want to offload. All of it top quality merch produced by Chronus." Irina said, waiting for the man to go over the list, thankful that they were on a station that didn't really mind what was being sold... otherwise everything would have to be phrased as code.

"Huh... what makes you think that I'm in the market for this sort of..."

"Sal... honey. I've made deals with your second cousin, Loony Larry, your Nephew, Mad Mal and your Sister, Lavern. I know that you're in the market for this sort of thing." The Experienced Exporter of Less than Legal Loads commented, her tail swaying back and forth, possibly triggering whatever sort of chemical detector was installed in Shanoa's current chassis.

"Even if that were the case, I don't have enough creds on hand to..."

"I'll take what you can spare in creds and the rest plus 50% in store credit," Irina countered without allowing the man to finish. It was a fairly standard deal except for that Crazy Sal continued to play dumb.

"Well... you see that what's on my shelves is hardly enough to cover..."

"No... it's not. That's why you're showing us the special stock." Irina said walking towards the back of the store, rattling a set of beaded curtains that blocked the backroom from prying eyes.

"Hey! Hey! Where are you going!" Crazy Sal called out, knowing that it was just really no use.

"HEY SHANI! COME ON BACK! THERE'S A FEW THINGS BACK HERE THAT YOU MIGHT ENJOY!" The Playful Puss-in-heels called out as she opened a door that had been hidden behind a shelf, revealing Crazy Sal Secret Stash.

Shanoa watched the exchange between Irina and Sal once the merchant backed off. It amused her a bit watching the kitty 'strong arm' her way into the back room.

After a moment or so of Irina being, she called out to Shanoa, with promise of Sal having wares that might be of interest to the AI. As she entered to back room, she was greated with the sight of a rather decent selection of items who's acquisition was questionable at best.

The mono eye of Shanoa's frame slowly moved from one side of her head, scanning the various items. "Huh, not bad." she said as she moved through the collection, picking up the off piece now and then. "Oh? You managed to get your hands on one of these eh?" she said, using the grabber built into the 'blade' on the end of her tail to pick up a particular, and rather unassuming piece of tech. She set the piece on her shoulders, effectively starting on her own little 'shopping trip'.

Velka | Tortuga Drift | The Dean's Domino Effect Casino & Bar

Looking for Work: Chapter 2

After checking out a couple of other establishments, one of which ended in Velka dumping someone who attempted to cop-a-feel in a nearby trash can, and no sign of Mr. Rafe so far, although she had heard one or two things about him, namely that he had a fondness for Manhattan cocktails, which she decided might be useful information in helping to pick out her target from a crowd.

She had arrived at the third destination that Gantu had put on her list of Mr Rafe's more frequent hangouts, according to the display, it was a large sized casino that sat on three floors with the main casino area situated on the outside, whilst the bar could be found more towards the center across all three floors; though you could still partake in some gambling through the use of holographic slot machines at the bar counter, wherein your winnings would be transferred onto a credit chit that you could exchange for cash.

Velka made sure her equipment was carefully concealed on her person, but still within ease of reach before heading into the casino, where she could see that it was certainly busy; not exactly at capacity, but you would be hard pressed in finding a free spot at the tables, at least from where Velka could see.

Immediately she began scanning her surroundings for any sign of Mr Rafe, catching a few that made a partial match, namely in attire, but whose face and in some cases, species were wrong. Velka couldn't just go asking people at random if they had seen the guy, she wouldn't know if the person she was speaking to was an associate, who would more than likely tip Rafe off that someone was looking for him, and he'd make tracks long before she got anywhere.

No, if she was to strike, it would have to be sudden, before suspicions were raised, and for that, she'd need to blend in a little; and what better way than with a drink. With that, she went up to the bar, ordered a couple of whiskeys, and began her watch, whilst pretending to play the slots.

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The Special Stock pt. 3
Irina Rostikova

"Oh? You managed to get your hands on one of these eh?" Shanoa commented as she grabbed an object from one of the shelves that Irina couldn't quite see.

"Your servant has quite the sharp eye..." Sal started to say before being interrupted once again.

"And in case you've already forgotten, quite the sharp tail... if you don't want a reminder of this little fact, I suggest you avoid calling her my servant another time." The Catican Merchant snapped before returned to perusing the shelves that were stuffed full of wares both common and quite uncommon. There was no perceptible order to how things had been arranged other than Sal having a morbid obsession with stuffing as much merch into each square millimeter of shelf space as possible. Looking at the mishmash of items, the Pretty in Pink Puss in Pumps was tempted to toss the random bits on the floor just to give her eyes some room to focus before she spotted a particular item of interest.

The cube measured 7 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm was clear and appeared to be filled with some sort of dark substance not unlike an oozing cloud, if one could imagine such a thing. Scanning the object, Irina's Nanex identified the item as a swarm of medical nano-agents used for enhanced healing and rehabilitation. While useful, the nano-bots themselves had an average half-life of several hours before they were filtered out by the patient's kidneys and expelled from the host's body. Irina's Nanex also indicated that, though rare, some patients had reported increased cases of severe kidney stones, bowel blockages, anal hemorrhaging, jaundicing of the taint and euphoria during urination.

"This could be handy for our floppy finned friend..." Irina commented, referring to the prisoner back on the ship.

Walking over to Shanoa, the Friendly Neighborhood Catican and Amateur Airlock Breaker glanced at her companion's items.

"Find anything interesting?"

Shanoa ignored the 'servant' comment as she poked through Sal's Selection, wasn't really worth her threatening again him over, grabbing a piece here, a piece there, nothing to spectacular to her since they where just 'replacement parts'. One being for the mount on her back. She'd been getting an error in the from the hardware side of things. Nothing major, but it was annoying her. The first piece was part of an upgrade to her Stealth unit, was only a 10% boost in efficiency with her set up, so she wasn't planning on installing it till she needed to.

She grabbed an optical upgrade to go with the other stuff, when she saw something on a create. An Emblem that wasn't in her data base but seems very familiar for some reason. "Maybe" She replied as she approached the create, and inspected it a bit. "Hey Sal, whats the story with this create?"

<<< Mar >>>
Tortuga Drift | Shore Leave | Dead Orbit Bar
"Those hand-to-hand self defense drills come in handy. So does bar-fight experience."

Unlike the six-fingered man, neither Grace nor Elliot seemed in the least bit flustered with the bloodshed. And in fact, when she asked if there was trouble, Elliot just gave her a shrug. Much to her disappointment.

"Just a minor misunderstanding."

Her face fell a little, until movement out of the corner of her eyes caused her to nearly whirl around in anticipation of an attack. Which, there was. Only, the one being attacked was one of the other bar patrons, presumably a friend of the man Grace had amputated fingers off of. And the one doing the attacking, was none other than Mary.

One of the better known side-effects of Tsi'vaan secretions is mild hyper-awareness, although that is less useful than it would sound due to a much more severe attention-deficit. But this was one of those rare moments on a Tsi'vaan high where Mar managed to focus. So as the Shree's eyes followed her lunge in it's entirety, she managed to see the silhouette of a gun dropping from a hand just before it clattered on the bar floor.

Mar's eyes immediately darted up to the rest of the men who were in the middle of backing away from their wounded comrade when Mary attacked. They froze, for just a moment's hesitation. And that was enough as Mar took her turn to launch herself forward.

They were both Terrans, and she could see the eyes of the one closest to her widen as she reached for him. Her right true-hand grasped his face, her false-hands held underneath one knee and the waistband of his pants. And she rammed him against the reinforced bar. As he crumpled to the bar floor, Mar turned to his buddy. She snaked out her left true-hand to trap his forearm in an iron grip, pulling him towards her. At which point she rammed both of her right fists into his belly, finishing by whirling around him him in tow, and slamming him next to her first victim into the bar.

With a soft huff, she grinned.

"Anyone else wanna start somethin'?" she asked softly as one of the two men began to retch.

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The Special Stock pt. 4
Irina Rostikova

"Hey Sal, whats the story with this crate?"


The Pink Furred Amateur Flyer's cough was followed by the universal "oh no you didn't" look from Irina Rostikova. It was a relatively common piece of common knowledge among those who had frequented the shops belonging to the Crazy Sals of the Cosmos that anyone asking for the particular history regarding a piece in Lempkey shop (Lempkey being Sal's familial name) had both plenty of time to spare as well as a morbid desire for a headache. If there was one thing that the Lempkey clan was truly crazy about, it was history and in order to augment their obsession, every one of the Crazy Lempkeys had installed an augment called Bardic Knowledge (its name inspired by a relatively unknown and little played game originating on Earth where the players pretended to characters... there were dice and things too). Of course, since Crazy Sal's common clientele weren't exactly the curious type nor, truth be told, were they the type that asked questions , he was only rarely able to use this expensive piece of technology.

"Well that's quite the eye you have there... friend... you see that there is a box that originated on Terra Prime back when they actually used real wood to build containers for storage. This particular box was crafted by pressing creating sheets of wood pulp that were glued together making it both cheap to manufacture as well as fairly sturdy. Based on the weight of the box, its contents not withstanding, I would say that the container also has a ceramic and lead lined interior, ideal for concealing whatever was inside the container. This makes perfect sense when you consider that the logo printed on the box belongs to not one but two Corps, the most identifiable being RaDiKs, a Corp that specialized in physical package delivery..." Crazy Sal warmed up as he also started to warm up a pot of coffee for himself and his guests, "... but we'll get back to RaDiKs after we finish the history of the container..."

~15 minutes later~

"... from the scratches and paint transfer that you can see in the finish, the container was likely transferred from the HMSS Shippy McShipFace, an unfortunate name for a scientific vessel but that's what happens when you leave the naming of your ships to masses of unintelligent internet trolls, to the USSS Ivanka..."

~30 minutes later~

"...the war of 2306 was waged between the indigenous people of the New Saharan Plateau on Antilles Prime against the fledgling Terran Grand Republic... this container was used to transport miscellaneous ammunition through ANS customs before being delivered to the BlackHand Megacorp, a company that resulted from the merger of the Halliburton and Blackwater... that's actually what this other logo is here on the container. They actually folded a few years later after they failed to develop some sort of weapon that they promised to the TGR... but anyways... the container appeared to stay with the BHM for a while longer, at least for the remainder of the conflict between the indigenous people of the New Saharan Plateau on Antilles Prime and the TGR.."

~1 hour later~

"Which is how I got my hands on this little container here..." Crazy Sal concluded, finishing his green truffle salad with minced canine and capers.

"So... what's in the box?" Irina said patiently, her voice sounding like it would have rather been screaming the words at Sal instead of polite way it was asked.

"Dunno. Never been able to open it. Never been able to scan its contents." Crazy Sal shrugged, "But... since it's made of wood..."


"Which is still a form of wood. I'll let you have it for... 50k creds." The Shop's eccentric and long winded proprietor offered with a smile.

"10K for wasting our time." Irina countered, her tail once again swaying back and forth in a rather hypnotic manner.

"DEAL!!!" Sal screamed, his voice sounding almost relieved to be rid of the box.

"BUt that's only if Shanoa wants it... and if she does end up wanting it... you forget this little bit of historical trivia if anyone ever asks you about it." The relieved hoping to some day be casino bound Catican stated, her eyes fixed on her mono-eyed, mono-tailed, blade slicing A.I. people killer.

'Note to self, never ask about things again...' Shanoa though, 30 minutes into Sal's story.

After an hour though Sal, finally finished his story, that said she 'face palmed' when Sal said he'd never been able to open it. A wooden box beat him. Though given the exhaustive detail he had on it's history, probably didn't want to damage it cause of it's conversational value should some one ask about it.

But while Irina discussed a price, Shanoa investigated further. Finding a Biometric lock. On a wooden create. "Some one was ether funny or stupid" she said as she accesses the lock, and it did as such locks did, and automatically scanned who was accessing it. 'right ... just hurry up and tell.

"Access granted, Welcome back Operative Flauros the lock chimed as Shanoa jumped and bounced off the ceiling, then crashed into the floor in surprise as the box just ... opened ...

The Contents of the box where 2 fold, a Sniper Rifle of some kind, Shanoa didn't know what kind, it looked custom and she was kinda to spooked to scan it, and a small metal case of some sort, to small for ammo so it probably held something else.

Right now though, Shanoa was ever so slightly freaking right the fuck out internally, something that was fairly visible by the way her tail was thrashing about. It opened, the BIOMETRICT LOCK opened FOR HER, with out her doing anything, and who was the Operative Flauros? Why was there a lock with her brain scan data, the ONLY PIECE OF HER FROM ORGANIC LIFE SHE HAD LEFT, off in deep space, tucked away on a PIRATE OUTPOST.

After about a minute of so of her freaking out and generally over working her processors cooling system, it went into auto shutdown to prevent any permanent damage to her systems and to give them a chance to cool off. The good news is, the sharp pointy thing on the end of her tail, was now on the floor and not thrashing about wildly.

After a couple minutes, the four legged frame powered back up, the mono eye flashing back to life and locked on to the open create. She looked around. "Sorry about that. Yes. I will be taking the create, and everything in it." Shanoa's tone was calm but was also shaky, clearly not having fully recovered from the shock just yet.

Hard Boy was down but not out; unfortunately Mary now had another problem. The table she'd knocked Hard Boy into had been occupied by a couple of male young bloods, who were well into a 'crawler binge. A few of the freed reptiles could be seen darting across the floor, in a desperate attempt to find anything that resembled safety, not that many of the patron were paying the little escapees that much attention.

The two intoxicated Shree fixed their gaze on Mary as the source of their woe, and as Mar launched herself at Hard Boy, one of them swore at Mary and pressed his own attack. Most people, when confronted with an enraged Shree, would either try and escape or maybe go for a weapon of some sort, anything to stay out of melee range; Mary ducked low and met the charge head on.

Coming is under his main arms, she slammed her left shoulder into his mid-section, just as she felt the claws of one of his secondary arms rake her back. With a hiss of pain, she balled her right fist and slammed it against the small of her opponents back. When she'd been getting all touchy feely with Mar, the light pressure of her organic hand had done as intended and made Mar's nerves tingle; slamming a hammer blow from her mechanical right onto the same spot on her adversary made his entire world turn white with pain.

Once, twice, three times for good measure, she hammered the nerve cluster. Young Blood One's grip on her went slack as he stared blankly into space; his mouth was open like he was trying to scream, but all he was managing was a muted 'croaking' sound. Mary didn't get a chance to savour her work, as almost as soon as her last blow landed, Young Blood Two grabbed her right arm and yanked her free of YB1.

The blows came fast and heavy, driving Mary to her knees mostly, though the fact that he was still holding her right arm was keeping her somewhat upright. She twisted as best she could to rob the punches of some of their power, before striking hard with her left at one of YB2s knees; this caused him to stagger slightly which in turn let her yank her right arm free.

Forcing herself upright, she then delivered a hard kick to the same knee she'd just punched, breaking it and then following that up with a closed fisted backhand from her right, straight across YB2's face. A spray of blood, saliva and teeth arched across the bar. This seemed to act as a catalyst of sorts, as within moments, the whole bar started to devolve into one big free-for-all.
From behind the fortified bar, a quiet sigh was lost in the growing clamour. The old man reached under the counter and tapped a button causing heavy shutters to seal off the actual bar area completely; that done, he pulled out a stool and a pad, and began reading. The lights, sound system and other hardware where all designed to survive something like this, and the tables, chairs and cups were all made from recycled polymers; once the fight had burned itself out, he'd sweep all the broken stuff into the recycler and print out replacements from the 3D printer in the backroom...just another day.

Pitt wonders around the port city of Tortuga. Looking for a certain area in the city where he can find an info broker. He remembers an old friend of his saying that he was moving to Tortuga. As business would be better here and no one would dare try to ice him in a city full of pirates.

'Hmmm, he should be around here...I think..' Pitt thought as he stops in an alley way. Some druggies laying on the sides of the alleyway as they got their fix. Pitt would then notice a door with a sliding peephole at the top. Walking over as he was about to knock but stop. "hmmm what was that code..."

He knocks three times then stop. Knock two more times then stopped. Then finally knock four times then stopped. No answer as Pitt sigh and try again. This time three knocks at the start. One knock after and then three more knocks. When that failed he try once more in a random combination until he heard a voice with a thick accent yelled out, "By my great grandmothers scales JUST COME IN!" Pitt opened the door after he heard it unlock as he wonders inside. "Ahhh, Pitt. Been a long time." Came a voice from deeper inside the room.

"Indeed Groug. Or should I call you by something else?"

"Nah...Groug is still good. I left the last city I was in before anyone knew who I was. Hehe, come have a drink with me. Unless this is a business visit."

Groug came into the better lighten portion of the room and Pitt saw he still look the same. A rather dark green scaled reptile like creature. He wore medium size armour that protected most of his body. His large powerful tail trailing behind him. In his right hand was a large barrel pistol. Pitt wasn't used to alien type weapons but knew if it was one of Groug's kind weaponry, it was deadly enough.

"Mmm this is a bit of a both Groug. Came to see ya since I remember you were station here. Plus I have I need. Willing to exchange some...though I might need time to..gather it before I can deliver it to you."

" mmm for an old friend..that's fine. But let set business aside. Come..Tell me of your travels with the...dah...what was the ship called again?"

"Heh, the ship was called the Sweet Child of Mine. It is named after an old earth song."

" humans and your naming.

With that Pitt started to recount his travels with Walker and what happen since he last saw his friend.

The Orion Files | Tortuga | Marketplace | Crazy Sal's Cosmic Co-Op and Outlet
The Rifle, The Spikes and the Wardrobe
Irina Rostikova

"Access granted, Welcome back Operative Flauros..."

"Operative Flaur-WHOA!"

While Shanoa was freaking the F out, Irina and Crazy Sal had been doing their best at avoiding the Panicked Puss' Piercing Posterior Projection, which meant that Crazy Sal received another near secondary circumcision while the more Graceful Tongue Groomer avoided the situation by jumping onto one of the shop's high support beams before grabbing onto the nearly newly fleshy circumcised Sal and hoisting him up.


"Christ almighty. Is it over?" The Crazy Shop Keep inquired, looking down at the unpowered robotic chassis as if it would suddenly lunge at him and bite his manly bits off.

"I think so. Looks like a failsafe to keep her systems from overheating." Irina hypothesized as she lowered the human down to the ground before hopping down to check on her Cat-like Companion. Even from the distance of a few meters, the Catican Merchant/Mechanic could feel the heat radiating from Shanoa's body and even see the visible shimmer of heat haze rising into the air.

While her cat-like co-conspirator cooled off, the Curious Catican eyed the small canister housed in previously locked lock box. Picking it up out of the crate, Irina popped open the lid and looked inside and noted that it contained two data spikes.

"How adorably quaint." She mused as she pulled out her personal computing device an placed one of the spikes onto its flat surface and then the other, "Terran Grand Republic clearance required... and... encrypted."


That would have been Shanoa powering back up after having cooled off sufficiently. Turning, Irina observed that her Feline Friend was still a bit shaken from whatever had happened, her voice still unsteady as she spoke.

"Sorry about that. Yes. I will be taking the crate, and everything in it."

"Well now that we know what's in the box... I'll say that 10K is not going to..."

"Yes it is Sal. The fact that there's a data spike requesting HIGH LEVEL TGR clearance codes to access means that whatever is on it is data that the TGR will 'disappear' you for even being remotely aware of its existence, let alone what they'll do to you if they thought you accessed it." Irina paused for a moment before grinning and pointing at something behind where Sal was standing, "Besides... I want to get that."

It was a wardrobe, crafted out of old oak tree from Terra Prime by a long extinct society of humans that called themselves the Amish, located in... well... that's not important. What was important was the label on the wardrobe.

"I do so love vintage 21st century Terran clothing." Irina practically gushed as she sent Sal a digital list of the remainder of her purchases that were to be delivered to the Sweet Child of Mine.

"10 Cray Class Navicoms?" Crazy Sal questioned as he continued down the list, "I can do this. But we're even on the store credit then."

"Deal." Irina said as Sal quickly counted out the balance of credits due to Irina and Shanoa, "Pleasure doing business."

------------------------------- After exiting Crazy Sal's Cosmic Co-Op and Outlet -------------------------------

"Sooooooooo.." Irina started off the conversation awkwardly as the two walked towards the Tortuga Sands Casino, "Do I call you Shani... or Agent Flo now?"

When Sal started, briefly, to try and jack up the price, the Mono eye swung sharply toward Sal, and the the blade on the end of her tail opened up.

Then Irina stepped before anything came of it and she 'stood down' as Irina pointed out one of the data spikes was asking for a high level TGR clearance code. Which just added more questions to the growing list she already had. Shanoa just stayed quiet and out of Irina's way as she settled things with Sal.

The mono eye swung toward Irina, the back forward as she asked her question. "I don't know who this 'Flauros' is, but that was a biometric lock, and I did not, hack into it. It did it's typical scan, and just opened on it's out." Shanoa paused for a moment. "If that sounds odd, it's probably because it is. Most AIs are just ones and zeros after all. Me though? I was created using the neural data of what was a living person. Data, they had to open up the skull and remove said brain to get." Shanoa did not sound right still, a bit of her usual 'fire' was still missing.

"At anyrate. I finally have a lead on who I used to be, before ... this ..." Motioning to her self "Sorry ... I just wasn't expecting to get a lead, on a pirate outpost, and with a TGR data spike. I thought I was just some random nobody, but clearly, not the case ..."

She paused again, the shook her head. "Let us leave it for now though, lest I flip out and overheat again, and partake in the time honored tradition of 'throwing money away at a casino'."

It wasn't that Elliot was afraid of a fight, or even that he was worried about how a fight with a room full of drunks was going to turn out. He had confidence there. He just didn't want to be the one to start the fight or be the cause of it. It was unprofessional, and it was always better to let the fight start because of somebody else so that he could claim to be the good guy in the mess. He could understand that the drunken Shree wanted to have a fight, but Elliot wasn't giving them the excuse to dogpile the mercenaries. Because then...they'd have to kill everybody. Oddly enough, it wasn't this 'minor incident' that triggered things, or even Mar decking two guys against the reinforced bar. It was actually Mary causing some teeth to go flying across the bar, to Tink! themselves against Elliot's armor.

"Okay, now it's time for some music."

The bar erupted into chaos as some shutters went down at the bar! Well, that was understandable. After all, the owner's gotta protect his- Oof!

"Watch it!"

Someone had slammed into him from the side, knocking him off balance, so he turned and dropped the guy's face into his knee. Someone tried to tackle him at the waste from behind, but the force was transferred right to the guy he'd be holding, so that guy flew back because of a faceful of chest armor and Elliot launched himself right into the nearby wall before grabbing and flipping that guy around, ending it with his foot in the other's face when he was on the ground. He'd no sooner turned than he raised his arm to put up a Paladin Shield, 'cause a guy slammed into it and...oh! That was one of the friends of Fingers and Hard Boy! He had a shiv in his hands, looking for a neck to drive it into. Well, Elliot shoved him right off his feet and dropped onto him, shield first!

"No no no NO- AAAAAUGH!!"

He ended up donkey-kicking someone - he wasn't sure who - before getting up to look around. He still had to make sure that Mary was in one piece...or one piece and her cyber-pieces. Point is, intact, and it would be nice to know that Mar was okay, as well. He didn't worry about Grace, of course. Not only had Grace lived on the streets, but he'd taught her a number of fighting techniques to improve her own style from homebrew to officially badass.

Grace Hart was not physically strong, like Elliot. She relied more on speed, agility, and quiet execution. That said, Elliot wouldn't like it if she knifed everyone in the bar. So, with her blade held in reserve, let opponents dash themselves across the floor as she slipped to one side, avoiding impact, then kicking down at the back of the neck for quick incapacitation. Grace hit soft-points for greater damage, kicking or elbowing noses, kneepits, and of course crotches if the anatomy called for it to be there. She might've just hopped over one of Fingers' other remaining friends and slammed down her foot to break his tailbone. She really didn't care how, exactly, she was kicking butt. Only that she was doing it.

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