Apocalypse Lane: Episode Two: Poker Night

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You've gotta love well used word censoring. One of the funniest things I've seen a quite a while.

I thought this was funny.

After Last week, I was hesitant to watch this one. I didn't watch it until the day before the next episode is released, for Pete's sake!
But really, I found this much funnier. I actually was chuckling out loud in my office when the zombie got going with the story! Very funny. Well, to me at least. I see there are a few others here who weren't as impressed.

I'll be watching tomorrow's episode with a bit more hope for the series!
Here's hoping this week wasn't a fluke!

I'll give this series 2 more episodes. If nothing changes - I'm out.

than he snuck up behind me with a hockey stick and bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

i laughed my F*$#ing ass off.

It's like if Fallout 3, The Oblongs, and The Squidbillies made a 3-way baby.

I love both shows and I've sunk at least 154 hours into the game. Probably got a little inspired. :)

It's slightly better than the previous episode, so it was watchable. Atleast this one made me laugh for about 5 seconds. The show still needs alot of work.

screw the cynics, I liked it!

I can't help but laugh... maybe because it is four in the morning, maybe it's because the old three minute censor joke, but this brightened my night.
I think it will be awhile before this thing takes off, but there is definately potential here.

Jon Etheridge:



"HEY! It's a gay person, but hes a ghoul.

I just noticed that,its called WILLY thats abit disappointing,I thought it was some horrible maned 17 year old girl or something,the fact its another gay high pitched...thing is a real let down.

Hey, what was that chicks name in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? :)

I am asuming Willy,otherwise that would of been quite an irrelevant thing to say.

P.S credit for reading the comments,a fair load of it too.

Franky and Cuddles are great characters. Laughed my ass of when frank started telling his story ^^. The others seem more like filling in the story's at this point.

This series as a whole is kinda hit or miss, but I do like this episode. And yes, Willy's story at the end still makes me bust out laughing.

i think the zombie thing used to be a regular female human but the H-bombs ( as mentioned in the lyrics ) turned her into a man-zombie-thing

still one of the best Apocalypse Lane's to this day. I love it. keep up the good work lads.

just re-re-re watched it and holy rooster i cant stop laughing, pure perverted comedie gold

I laughed out loud when cuddles droped his cigar. very good second episode.

Despite what people say along the lines of try a few first, this justified all my thoughts of the pilot and then stripped away the last of my stomach lining.

Hahahaha.....NO, bad, low quality comedy.
I would rather be subjected to the stick animations of first time flash users on newgrounds, then watch another episode.

The beginning was a bit slow but I couldn't help laughing when that zombie started telling it's story. Better than lasts weeks but could still use some work.

Big second. I had trouble keeping my eyes open because I was laughing so hard. Fantastic series, a shame that I didn't try this sooner.

This is the episode that got me hooked to the show. Keep up the good work, guys!

lol, with a corkscrew and a two by four

Ah man. I regret not watching this show now! It rocks!

I watched the news ones and was like "meh." so I came to watch the old ones and I actually enjoy them

Oh....my....god.....that was HYSTERICAL!

Jon Etheridge:

Shane Hamstra:
"I'll raise you this saltine cracker." "Damnnnnn!" Those are high stakes.

"Two potatoes, rice and an egg." What the hell? Jon, can you give me a little insight on that.

Love the new theme song!

Hahaha. That was one of those spur of the moment improv lines. Those dudes from New Hot Times knocked it out of the park with the theme song. :)

LOL I gotta admit this episode made me die laughing XD

WTF Does willy do with his men?!

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