Escape to the Movies: Drag Me To Hell

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Hey Everyone,

I'm not normally a fan of modern horror films, but I thought DMtH was great. The gross-out humor and the climax really made it worth the effort to sneak into the theater.

Yay, Moviebob got his own place at the escapist. Congratulations! I have been a devouted follower of your Game Overthinker films and really enjoy your work.
Getting some on a weekly basis is really a treat.

Keep up the good work.

Hey, thanks man for reviewing this. I really appreciate the heads up a week after it was released. REALLY helpful. Thanks a lot. Seriously. Thanks.

My advice:
Buy a better quality microphone and use some tone alteration in your voice beyond the occasional, and somewhat odd, extreme basal tones that have been computer edited.

Oh yeah, don't use the cunjunctures so much between paragraphs; it will make the review flow btter.

I absolutely hate movies where they put jump scares instead of actually scary things. I could make a movie filled with things jumping out. It takes a real artist to have you afraid to go to sleep at night.

Only movie to ever really do that to me was Arachnophbia when I was little. Living in Georgia at the time + a story about poisonous spiders = good luck have fun trying to sleep.
While I love the Evil Dead flicks, I never thought them to be scary, they were cheesy and fun and that's why I loved them. However scary? Nah. DMTH doesn't really seem to have the same level of cheese that Evil Dead did though. If that's the case, I'll pass.

The sound is wonderful, but when you notice the sound becoming really quiet after the 2nd spook out scene you just know that another is coming after each silence.

F.E.A.R. had this exact same problem. I'm not sure how anyone thought that was scary.

Reviewers seem to like regurgitating the idea that this was Raimi's return to top form, so I was *really* looking forward to seeing DMtH. Unfortunately, what I got instead was something flabby, plastic, and, I thought, pretty forgettable, with an easy handful of missed opportunities and some pretty tepid set-pieces. I didn't hate it, but my hopes were certainly dashed, and it was discouraging to know that THIS is the sort of fare that passes for a solid return to Evil Dead-era horror.

Nice review, though I disagree with the conclusion.


I friggin' loved this's a blast as long as you don't take the plot too seriously. I'm sick of how the horror genre has degenerated into a bunch of torture porn movies, so this film was refreshing and enjoyable. Nice review Moviebob.

Quoted for truth! I also loved how it takes the piss out of gory flicks by scaring us with everything EXCEPT gore. Watching her barf cockroaches centipedes and maggots all over that girl was much scarier, grosser, and cooler than watching someone get their limbs torn off. And the sound design was excellent!

I wish there was an easy way to get to your older reviews, I went from your Recent Articles column on your profile but that only goes back to the Wolverine Trailer. This is my new favorite video series on Escapist, congratulations!



... Is it just me, or are his reviews more entertaining when he likes the movie he's reviewing?

I agree, it's too easy to go the Yahtzee route when a film is mediocre or just plain bad, I actually enjoy the nerdlove when it's shown. In fact, I might just watch it again.

It's much better the way it is, in my opinion. When he first started releasing videos it was very obvious that he was just trying to just be Yahtzee for films, and the Escapist is not big enough for two people who do nothing but swear and rant. While I still think he needs to find a style of video that differentiates him more from Yahtzee, I've enjoyed this review and his review of Up! far more than I did any of his earlier ones, because he's managed to find his own style of reviewing.

He reminds me of a Yahtzee that tends to like most things he sees, rather than dislike. And that's a good thing, in my opinion. The style is good (simple pictures, fast pace, etc.), but the way it's presented is different (optimistic, different subject matter, etc.) enough that it doesn't feel like a clone.

I like Escape to the Movies.

MovieBob.... Please stop making videos... They are horrible...

I'm certain he's glad for the constructive criticism on how to improve his style you provided, as it will help him greatly. Every artist loves to have someone tell them how to improve on their work, rather than, say, be a useless mouthbreather that causes the higher lifeforms among yourselves to weep with misery (for we are the same flesh as you).

Oh, wait, quoted the wrong post. Nevermind.

so..... when? WHEN will we get more escape to the movies?

Thought you could slip some Stargate music by and get away without nobody noticing huh? Gotcha! :P

Movie Bob, I really don't know what constitutes as a good movie in your books, but 'Drag Me To Hell' is far from that. If anything, I would rate this better as a comedy because of all the inherent stupidity throughout the film. Screamer tactics died out a good ten years ago; if Sam Raimi thinks we aren't expecting that, he should stick to directing 'Spider-Man Whatever-the-hell-number-we're-on'. In fact, all horror movies are like that in a way; they rely on sudden sounds and shock tactics that try to throw you off when you least expect it... but we've seen so many of them that it's desensitized us.

If you want horror, stray away from 'Drag Me To Hell'. They should think to name the sequel 'Drag Me To Bed'.

I completely agree with Movie Bob that this is an amazing movie. The funny thing is that after watching it, I was thinking "Hey this reminded me of Army of Darkness" (that's The Evil Dead 3). And indeed, after doing a bit of research it appeared that they were done by the same director. I was so thrilled to see this horror subgenre reborn! What's even more awesome is the they're working on a sequel/remake of The Evil Dead which will be released in 2010!

This one goes out to the Raimi's and Movie Bob: Hail to the king, baby.


The movie reminds me of Thinner, except the reason for the curse is more realistic than you driving along whilst your woman gives you a BJ and you hit someone randomly on the street at night.

While you can brag about that IN hell, still is too otherworldly to get attached to. Not to say Thinner wasn't a good movie, it's enjoyable.

I jump way too easily...

you actually made me jump at that "Boo!" part.
No joking, man.

Did you seriously have to do that BOO moment? Now I know COMPLETELY what you meant about the AAH-HAA moment... man...

Eh, I never like horror movies. Cause either way, there's not much entertainment value in it for me.

If the movie isn't scary, it's failed its purpose entirely.

If it IS scary, then wtf? I'm scared! How is this supposed to be enjoyable!

i didnt really enjoy this movie myself.

"We haven't had a horror film like this in a long time. One like that's less interested in psychological trauma, and more interested in just visceral just for fun jump scares of a good ghost story"

My cup of tea is actually more the modern horror films. I like horror films that persue to make you feel unsettled by an eery atmosphere & characters rather than just making you want to laugh or vomit.I guess it's just a matter of taste. I like horror films that are serious and address psychological trauma.

Apparently one of his next big movies will be the Warcraft movie. It's in safe hands, thank god cause Uwe Bell would kill it before the movie even released. It go from medieval fantasy to car races and guns.

I really didn't enjoy this movie. The fact that the violins screamed at you and warned you well in advance for anything thing startling took all the bite out of any possible scares. It tried to be funny and fell flat.

I'm really shocked at how many people are cooing over this flick. I liked Evil Dead but this movie was just... yawn. Not at all scary. Is it so much to ask that a horror movie scares me? Being startled isn't the same thing as being scared. Heck I've got a kitten that pounces me at random and startles the heck out of me that hardly puts him in the same corner as Samara or Freddy Krueger.

I have to say, I was really liking this movie up untill right nere the end. I saw the ending coming from a mile away. Witch really took the wind out of the scenes in the cemitary. I was really hoping that trope would be cercumvented in the end but I was disapointed. Over all I thought it was pretty good, I'm probably going to buy it when it comes out on DVD but I prefered the Evil Dead movies.... Maybe the DVD version will have the alternat ending. I didn't think the girl deserved what she got.

awful awful movie O.o

My god. I can't believe I actually watched this shit movie because of your review. The movie was horrible. Not even just cheesy but absolutely freaking horrible.
It absolutely reeked of Raimi trying to recreate Evil Dead so instead of making a decent or even amusing movie it ended up laid on soo thick I could almost feel him physically nudging me any time anything even remotely linked to Evil Dead came up.
One of the worst movies I have seen in years and I will now view your "reviews" as nothing more than entertainment.


I absolutely agree with your assessment of the fun of the movie (who doesn't laugh at a pretty girl getting viciously gummed by a disgruntled gypsy, i ask you?) but i was disappointed to watch Raimi's recent trend of crap lead actors bolstered by a stellar supporting cast go unscathed. ninety percent of my joy in this movie was watching such a blisteringly terrible actress(the tragically named Ms. Lohman) getting her comeuppance for robbing this movie of a better star-player. Even the posthumous performance of the pissed gypsy stole the scene from this girl! keep in mind we've not even mentioned the performance of the woman herself; Lorna Raver's shift from tragically unwell, helpless old lady into vindictive and supernaturally disgusting spirit of revenge was seamless and delightful to watch. even Justin Long's rather bland supporting love interest carried my attention in it's simple sincerity far away from the animate mannequin we were stuck with as a leading lady. i think, all said and done, we would have been better off with ole Bruce-y in a blond wig and a push-up-bra.
notwithstanding this minor bone needing picked i enjoyed your review very much and look forward to perusing your collection.

Well just watched this film & what a waste of time that was. Other than the childish obsession with 'the gross' e.g. blood, goo, and them going into mouths, the film was just cliché after cliché, with forgettable characters, cheesy score and poor acting from the heroin.
Oh and no surprise, she ends up dying. Considering I was told to check out this film for the "great ending". I'd have said "spoiler alert", but really no need - it was clearly going to end with a pitiful "surprise" ending of the death of the lead. Maybe it'd have been a surprise if it wasn't the standard ending for Hollywood horrors.
Don't waste your time with this film. It's hardly entertaining, scary or memorable & nothing that hasn't been done recently. The only element of horror are a handful of "jump" moments which were done a heck of a lot better in the remake of "The Eye". I think that sums the film up - The Eye does horror/entertainment better than Drag Me To Hell.
Want fun entertainment? Watch a Bay film. Want frat-boy gore horror? Watch the Saws or the new Friday 13th. Want a good horror? Go for something Japanese.

Well originally from what I knew, I thought this movie was going to be another generic hollywood blockbuster with lots of money. But I have to admit, your information and proper context really turned my opinions around of this thing. Brilliant review.

Drag me to hell is the worst movie i ever seen but I still like the review despite that

I fell for the BOO! part. I admit it. That got me.
And jump scares are easy to make. Dead Space's got a whole bunch of it. Doesn't really mean it's a scary film, but doesn't make it bad either.

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