Doomsday Arcade: Episode 11

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That was serious lols. Nefarious, what a guy. I too thought is was shanks from the future at first.
And why was he drinking an empty beer

Your response to video game addiction being about commander keen 3 had me rolling. I was exactly the same way. Great episode.

I just noticed these series and I must say they're funny!

good call with the "mind controll" thing!

My progenitaly stored underlings imploded when I paused the video.


Subliminal overload.

Oh that was quite beast. Plenty of jokes and a nice dash of swears and excellent combo.

That Nefarious is one mean mama-jama, he killed the mentror figure, that's serious stuff.

Hehe, going from strength to strength, as always.

I like this one better than the last.

Took ages to appear, but was absolutely awesome, I didn't really expect much from this show at the start but damn was I wrong...

Aaaaaaah, did anybody else see that? (said with Peter Griffin's voice) that's why they call it "Doomsday Arcade".

Don't normally comment on vids but had to this time.

That was just plain brilliance in a can. You could watch it again and still notice new little things that would make you laugh!

This has leaped to the top of my list of fave series on the Escapist. Keep it up lads (please!).

It was funny, but it's very difficult to hear what they're saying sometimes.

Yes, yes I did. I saw what you did several times.

Also, nice Mario frame.

this is ment to show u wat thay do not know yet this is wat make this so good.

we want more now!

My my...this series just keeps getting more and more awesome. All of the references and jokes only a gamer would understand are awesome, mainly because they're snuck in there in amusing ways and not just thrown into our faces.

And did no one else catch that Colonel Nefarious seems to be working for a man named Mitchell? As in Scott Mitchell?

Makes me wonder if we're gonna see any Ghosts.

Such a great episode, it's gonna suck when this series ends. But, then again, I'm interested to see how it ends.

Jesus H Christ. They're the same age as me.

Hey I was 5 in 1996! We are the same age!!! Nice work boys!

Oho ho! the plot thickens!!! It is a cunning as a fox how as just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University


12 parsecs joke eh? Does this comes from Blue Harvest? (The Family Guy: Starwars episode)

Way to break my cover pretending to be studying by making me start giggling to myself while watching this. Excellent work as always team.

Wow, they really could have advertised this better; I just found it now!

EDIT: I really enjoyed this episode, especially the jokes about the continuity errors. Can't wait for more!

haha great but my fav ep is still portal or l4d ep

ok...make fun if you have to but i didn't "see what he did there?"...what's lot 1337...hopefuly it's from a game i just didn't play because if it's obvious and i missed it i'll feel really dumb...great as always...i don't get all the jokes but i'm old and american so...glad to see you didn't forget about laser or "lasor" cat though...still waiting for "whisker's on kittens"...that bit killed me

epic. can't wait for part two. <3

Shanks is an absolutely awesome actor.

Shit just got real =O

Quite an entrance by Lund.

*after watching the entire series through a second time*
Wait a minute... is Nefarious "the Man Upstairs"? Because that would make a lot of sense, except for the whole advanced portal technology thing from Episode 6. Unless a secondary protocol built into Polybius opened a portal to the real world...
Or something.

You should totally sell those red and black ties, there awesome

You should totally sell those red and black ties, there awesome
Your wish is my command ;)

That was...wierd. Funny, but wierd. Specifically the strobelight rave thing.

Is that your dad or someone else?

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