Rebecca Mayes Muses: Ghostbusters

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it weird i like her videos but cant put my finger on what i like about them.I think its so different from most of the gaming world shes like the angel of gaming.

I love these songs. I wonder what she'll do next.

I like this and I have no idea why. Maybe because she's channeling the spirit of Imogen Heap. Who is alive but never mind that.

But, yes, lovely. Nice bit of Friday evening chillout.

Know that I think about it, your right. There is some thing about her music that reminds me of Imogen Heap. Most likely that dream like feek in there voices.

Not enough humor, imo. But I cant say it was bad, because it wasnt.

It was quite good! I preferred the Sims 3 if I'm being honest as I felt it had more hooks.

I like this and I have no idea why. Maybe because she's channeling the spirit of Imogen Heap. Who is alive but never mind that.

But, yes, lovely. Nice bit of Friday evening chillout.

Definitely channeling Imogen, I love her music, and as soon as I read your post the light bulb went off and ding! Great comparison :D


Awesome song, I love this stuff.

Was that a church btw?

churches have ghosts? they need some busting.
great song though, not quite as good as the first, but still up there.

Yeah the first one was catchy and amazing, this one was just amazing. Which i guess is still good.

Gotta agree. As much as I like the idea of songs inspired by games this didn't really feel different or unique. To me it's just another easy, uninspiring soft poppy song. But that's just me.

This was not what I expected when I clicked on it (having not seen any previous videos of her) but I found it hauntingly sweet. I agree I would have liked a bit more movie / game referances though. Looking forward to hearing future songs!

Oh my god. It's a pretty girl with a guitar, singing about nerdy stuff. This fits my exact demographic. Where do I put my money? I feel like I just had sex.

I have to agree with this. I try to watch these videos, but I just find them to be boring and annoying. What exactly is the point of these videos?

Also, am I the only one that thinks she isn't that attractive?

A nice little song
by a really cute girl
Even if not long,
makes my insides swirl

You have an amazing singing voice! I really like your music so far.

Very pretty. It's not really funny, but the Escapist has plenty of humor. I'm not a big fan of this type of music, but I liked it anyway for some reason. I agree that the video wasn't too great and had too much pouting. Most people look nicer when they smile. The lyrics didn't flow too well, I found, but it's still a great song.

I'm part of the minority that liked the Sims one better... this one was great, though. You're very talented.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit I've occasionally started humming the tune from the Sims video while watching people going about their day. But then I remember it's nothing to be embarrassed about and embrace the madness.

This is a good one. It's one of those cases where you can't really compare it to the first in the usual way, since it is a different game and a different sort of song with a different sound. So I'll just say, I'd give the edge to the Sims, but if I could I'd have both on my iPod.

Seriously, download links! MP3 me!

hum...I'm torn. I have to admit that you have a good voice and being able to play a banjo makes you awesome, but I just haven't majorly enjoyed your songs so far. I'll keep watching, you could surprise me later on. As for right now...just don't know what to think on this series.

God, I bet she's freaked out by total strangers commenting on her looks.

or flattered. When you think about it, if someone says you look great to your face it could very well be due to the fact that you are face to face and saying anything else would make the person feel like a prick. However, all of us here on the internet are pretty anonymous. I'd say you could get more truth out of these comments than you would ones irl.

May not have made sense, but I felt like saying it.

P.S. I would have to agree she is very easy on the eyes.

Lovely, but that's about it, the problem is the first video in my opinion was so great, I watched it plenty of times, thus the second one had to meet many expectations, and it just didn't, at least for me. But now that my expectations balanced out, the way is clear for the next one, can't wait already :)

Oh, also: There are more songs by her, just google her name a bit.

Lovley song and she have a good voise for singing, keep it up!

I guess it was pretty good, but I can't help but say I'm kinda disappointed with this one when I compare it to the first one.

But then again, this has already bumped all the other shows and got second place right after Zero Punctuation.

nice song to chill with when doing designs. Keep it up, Ms. Mayes

Damn she's cute.

The song was pretty good, but I thought the last one was better.


I also feel compelled to say that ms. Mayes is quite easy on the eyes.

Not going to disagree with you there, she is easy on the eyes indeed. Another good one, but I didn't notice the subtitles until about half-way through, then I knew what she was saying.

Sure she's got talent BUT I'm still not keen on this feature. I'm not sure what we're supposed to get from it... is it a satire, a commentary or just a plain sing song?

This was another amazing and touching song! I love the diversity this brings to the site! Looking forward to next Friday now!

I actually finished this week's video, maybe due to me enjoying Ghostbusters a good deal.

A huge improvement over the last one, not saying it was bad, but you really stepped it up and sold it for me this time.

It's pretty good. I was a bit disappointed, realising that this wasn't gonna be a comedy show, but it's still good.

I'm gonna repeat my sentiment from last time, not nearly enough quality in the writing for that to be the only pull (not to say that it's bad, it's just not incredible), she's eye candy and she'll have to get used to it. There's a reasonable chance I won't bother watching he next installment, but then again, I get bored frequently.

She has a beautiful voice but her type of music just doesn't respond with me.

Oh well.

(Yes, this means I didn't like it)

That was quite good. I also felt bad for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in my youth.

The idea of the song was good. Thanks for adding the subtitles, they helped me understand what you were singing about in the Sims song as well. I think the video could have used fewer unnecessary pouty facebook/myspace shots.

My opinion, pretty much. The style looked more like a college freshman video project doing a lipsynch video to their favorite song. I just don't like this style of music anyway, so I won't hold that against the author.

Ohhh, Goldie locks is back, not scared off by the first wave of comments, I think she will make a grand addition to the escapist.

Aw... a sad sad song... I liked the first one better. It was a bit more "alive". Never the less it still was good.

I guess we're supposed to like her because she's pretty? Not much else to go on.

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