213: Roleplaying: Evolved

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No, no, no.

Bad direction in my opinion. It would not be evolution. I like all that stuff.. some say that roleplaying shouldn't be a cross between dragon-slaying, statistics and accounting but I disagree. I like the combination of statistics and easy gameplay that the Baldur's Gate series (and later IWD and NWN). If this stuff gets cut out it wouldn't be an RPG anymore, at least for me.

Though that might be a terrible mistake to say:

Simplifying is for console players.

(Yes, I also think the more easy-to-use system in Dragon Age was a dire mistake)

Since this thread's back on top of the pile...

Mass Effect 2. The only thing you get from "leveling" is skill points. Base stats like health and damage improve a bit through upgrades but don't creepy up continually like in other games. Only four different skills per party member is a bit limiting, but, beyond that, nothing of values was lost.

I'm happy to see Bioware put the boots to pointless scaling numbers and I hope they keep doing it.

-- Alex

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