Zero Punctuation: The Conduit

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[quote="Zukonub" post="6.130510.2860302"]Since when has Secretary been obscure?
That was the first thing I thought. I suppose for the under 18's though, it would be.

Yeah Wii bashing like always, I liked the Conduit, tho.

Anyways, something that came to my mind is something completely different.
In this Video (and like so often all over the intarwebs he used German at one point, by showing "und natürlich" on the screen.
I had to laugh, since I'm German and I have no problem understanding all that stuff.
How ever, what jumped to my mind is whether you non-Germans do actually understand it most of the time, and whether there is any reason for you to use German all the time, and is it actually for the Lulz?
Certainly I've not seen some one use Norwegian or Polish in that way and to that extend.
Well anyways, kind of stupid question.

God I love Tex Murphy.


This review has thoroughly proven to me that even if the best game ever was released on the Wii, Yahtzee would hate it. I couldn't even finish watching this review because of all the bullshit at the beginning, especially about the controls. Hey Yahtzee did you know you can *gasp* Fully customize the controls? You can shrink the dead zone so that you DON'T have to aim to the edge of the screen to turn. The graphics actually are very good for a Wii game as well because everything is Bump Mapped, something no other Wii Game has. The reason for the "Wall panted cities" was because who gives a fuck what's outside the window? Why waste polygons on something pointless when you can put them into the actual level itself?

The Gameplay is your standard run and gun cliche ridden FPS which isn't a BAD thing. The game has a very Perfect Dark feel to it which was the intent from the start. Also keep in mind that for the most part this game was entirely independently funded, they whole game was nearly complete when Sega finally stepped up to produce it.

I gotta say it, but Yahtzee no matter what game comes out on the Wii, you will hate it. You are nothing more than glorified Wii-hater with shallow arguments. You continually complain about the controller which is one of the best ones around but it's "different" so you don't like it.

I dare you to play a Wii game such as Metroid Prime 3 or Punch-Out!!, but you MIGHT actually enjoy it...can't have Yahtzee enjoying a Wii game can we?

His No More Heroes and Super Mario Galaxy Reviews disagree with you, buddy.

Awesome review, first Palin joke about the debate made me lol.
Then it started to ware thin but still awesome overall. I don't think I've ever not liked a Yahtzee review though...

I'm a wii owned and I have to say Yahtzee is completely and utterly right in this review. The game was bad, graphics (though I don't normally complain) were bad, contols good (to a point), story shocking and all in all just plain bad.

There are no real good FPS out for the wii, with the exception of metroid, which isn't that good. It doesn't even feel too much like a metroid game. It failed to capture that essence of what a metroid game is until right near the end of the game, a solo mission planet explorer. I didn't even feel compelled by the alien species, unlike in the other 2 games. The only reason I played this was to see prime die and die hard and now I'm horrifically off topic.

The conduit shows in my eyes how games should control in fps mode on the wii, save for the wierd thing where you can't look all the way up. All a developer needs to do now is do it. And well. It's not like it can't, take a look at nightfire on the Gamecube, a less powerful console. That is a hellofa pretty game for it's time and the conduit should be more than capable of looking like that. Then whack in a nice story and job done.

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Loved the quick Tim Tam reference in there! Love them!

a friend of mine bought this game and is pissed at me because now every time i watch him play and it starts dbeep dbeeping i bust out laughing

lol i played this game at a mates and it is SO BAD! what he says about the turning and the camers and it is so broken

remember the sequel that came out that according to this review wouldn't?

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