Unforgotten Realms: Episode 42: Birthday Beatdowns

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Um yeah, er, right good episode I guess.

Sucks that Eluamous and Schmoopy have to deal with Timmy the Super Nice Guy all the time now.

was it actually your birthday? if so happy birthday and lol at timmy his laugh just makes me laugh and FPS's ftw :P

A nice change for once. I hope they get back to questing soon.

Wow, that was a pretty good episode! I laughed so hard, but the team fortress 2 thing got old after a bit, Happy Birthday Non the less! :D

Man, I've missed the "Once upon a time... in a grand,grand old land..."

Wow, you were mopping up as a Heavy there. But don't forget to give credit to your medic for your awesomeness, too!

Hm. Now I feel the urge to play some TF2. How odd.

I thought I ran into a guy on TF2 that sounded like you do. I know now that it could have been you.

Brilliant ep :D loved the fps.

Happy Birthday, w00t TF2 kicks @$$!!!

I love it, one of my favorite episodes to date... probably number 5

Nice episode! love the whole serie!
You deserved that break, Happy B-Day!

Good episode I guess, I'm not much of a FPS player but good job. And happy birthday. How many kills did rob get by the end of the day?

The house is our home and stay in the house, OOOHHHH SPY!!!!!!!!!!!

LoLz thats all there is to say.

Happy Birthday.

Way too much TF2, there shouldn't have been more then a minute or two at most.


I don't like FPSs, and never played a PC game. Why do I want to now play TF2?

Back in the house!

Not the best episode but it's the mans birthday. He should get the week off to play Team Fortress 2

Happy birthday Rob !!!
it's cool that you take a week off for your Bday.
but hoping that next episode will be epic as always

oo I forgot I must stay at the house.

Wow...this series never ceases to amaze me...Well gratz for another year...er Happy Birthday Rob!

punchin da wall, punchin da wall, punchin-a punchin-a punchin da wall...

The episode itself was rather "bleh" and almost certainly a phone-in.
On the other hand, I was cameo'd so I dunno if I should complain.
And now I want team Fortress 2 even more.

EDIT: and if it the man's birthday... well then kick ass and take names.

yaaay happy birthday i havent watched yet but it was awesome yaay go team go lol just watched great episode get back in the house back in the house DIIIIEEE back in the house screw the fans back in the house

Happy b-day and back in the house XD
I thought that Duglas will be Timmy the Ev... Super Nice Guy.

Worst episode ever.


Happy Bday Rob ,good you took a week off.
Well no offense but i understand why the episode is 10 minutes long >.>.

A few words: PUNCH AT THE WALL!!!!!!!

Ha ha i loved this episode and if today is really your birthday then happy birthday, and man you own at TF2.

Tomarrow is my birthday.

this was going to be the high-light of my birthday, but it sucked. happy B-day tho.

first of all... HAPPYZ BIRTHDAY ROB!
second of all... you whiney fans shut your gobs you ingrateful whiney bitches, its his birthday and it was funny plus you suck donkey dick!... im probly gonna get banned for this... Yay?

... return of the uuuunnnnniiicorn power intro oh how i'ved missed thee xD

Man, Timmy is a regular now? Didn't see it coming.

And, er... happy birthday I guess, SirSchmoopy

I WOULD have complained about it, and more, but it IS the writer's birthday I guess, and the TF2 footage was a pretty funny addition.

One thing though, you grabbed a healtkit while a medic was on you, as a medic, I must say, NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.

happy birthday =) nice way of giving us fans the finger lol weirdly enough i really enjoyed that episode.

Not a big fan of this episode, but anyway, happy birthday!

It's was different to the other episodes.... but it was freaking awesome!!!11 commenting games like this is just cool... Hopefully someone get's what I mean

Great EP. I'm going to go buy The Orange Box right now!

Haha, nice twist with the 5 contest winners/believers there, really didn't see that coming. Also, SHOCK!!, Timmy is now a regular character rather than just a once-in-while-evil-mastermind/10-year old. I guess this also means that Douglass doesn't grow up to be Timmy the "Super Nice Guy" after all... Unless Timmy(the new teacher one) is from the FUTURE AS WELL!!


Rob, you have very good taste in classes.

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