Doomsday Arcade: Episode 18

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Nicely done chaps. Again, great stuff.

Shane Hamstra:

George Palmer:
what the...huh?

Didn't you understand that Mario was taking his lifelong failure of never being able to keep his woman safe out on Toad? I mean, the symbolism is bleeding through the screen. Obviously Mario feels inferior, so in return he is making a mockery of Toad so he can make himself out to be a more powerful man. Behind his facade of bravado, Mario is really nothing more than an ideal he perpetuates himself to instill fear in others.

Umm...Yer...That was exactly what I was thinking.

The time stop was hilarious. Great episode. I love how twisted this show has become.

Curse you 2 weeks between Doomsday Arcade!

Quite good EP, didn't really catch any blatant references.
Agree with some of the earlier posters: no storyline progression (ok maybe minimal, with Toad and them with the ominous voice) and sadly short.

BUT I can see the amount of effort it takes, so who the fuck am I to complain?! Keep em coming!

No not Bob Hoskins!

Surely he has atoned for the sins of the Mario Bros films...

Toad is gonna go all Gigyas on everyone, I can't wait.

I wish it was the same kind of RPG land Shanks was thinking about.
Another really funny episode guys. I just wish we could've seen Toad snap out.

Any one notice at 2:58 Mario is talking to someone on the TV? He says "Yes sir" then it shuts off when Luigi comes in. From the looks of it it looks like GMan, could he be behind all this?

Fat Man Spoon:

Awesome video. The part with the wizard stopping time was hilarious.

Aye it was. I was like: "ARGH! I hate you internet for stopping the vi- oh, right."

Caught me out as well.

And the Bob Hoskins line was class. :)

Okami dude. the dog was Okami.

It may just be a feeling, but is Mario taking orders from Anonymous?

Good ep, but I think a little more bulk was needed in this one. It just didn't leave my mouth watering for more like the last one. I think that means your winding down and getting into the final stretch or something.

Great episode, that's for sure.

A bit too short though. But good special effects.

Joke about time stopping was the best one yet xD. I actually got surprised (and kinda scared xP).

The rest of the episode was... weird. Is toad that weird voice? :P Or whatever I don't want to know xP.

I think it would be hilariously brilliant if Toad was the leader of the resistance. xD

A bit short, but still a good episode. Good job guys~ <3

The time freezing was fantastic. Such a perfect emulation, but somehow I picked it up... and I did laugh.

I'm thinking the lesser game characters are gonna rise against the main ones, ie: toad and the goombas vs mario, the ghosts vs pacman, space invaders vs that tank. So it will be like the games are happening again, like it's their destiny

You know the problem with a progessing story is that it has to end, and if you have too much progression then you have to stretch it out

Possible ideas to consider for later episodes, need for speed race, starfox dogfight, mortal combat fight, call of duty shootout, splinter cell base infiltration

Toad is seriously going to kill Mario and Luigi.

Oh and the video buffering/stop time thing, seriously got me on that one. Brilliant!

Was I the only one that could only infer one thing from this video, which was "wtf"?

Ankle sprain made me laugh so hard I nearly choked on my crisps.

I have no idea what Okami is, I just assumed you never pet a burning dog ;)

I saw the stop time thing comming, still worth mentioning you're an editing master though since for a split second I ever second guessed myself.

I think toad will get revenge on Mario the only way he knows how... by telling him his princess is in another castle.

Ohh jeez they are heading to RPG land next. I can't wait for the turn based battle scene.

The Bob Hoskins bit was great as was the Nickle and time stop joke.

It could have been a bit longer espicaly when you take opening and closeing credits into account.

"What about that squadron of Jedi you sent to Bob Hosknins house?"

Yeah, that bit made me laugh alot. That someone that "Mairo" wants dead?

was there anyone else who realized that mario was watching "Anonymous" on T.V. when Luigi walked in?

Liking the new haircut ^_^

i liked the i can stop time thing,
bbt only 5 minutes?

I smell Toad pulling a coup.

absolutely loved the bob hoskins joke.


Poor Amaterasu...

My favourite bit was at 2:20. Very funny stuff.

the voice asking them to come to it was that of the main goblin in overlord

holy crap that was funny as hell :P, loved the "hes clearly evil" "no im not" "huh" almost monty python, or maybe thats just the accents.

holy crap that was funny as hell :P, loved the "hes clearly evil" "no im not" "huh" almost monty python, or maybe thats just the accents.

Lol I thought that as well!

that was a surreal episode even by their standards but still awesome

... they used to be longer and more intersting. Well you guys are better than everything else here anyway =)

Time stop; good
Toad about to crack; good
Taking down Bob Hoskins; great!

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