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The creators of loading ready run have done it again


Not all DJs look like that....

You're correct, all DJs BUT the two guys in Daft Punk look like that. Haha.

Some DJs do try to look good, but DJs, by far, dress very casually, and we all tend to have messed up hair because we're taking very large headphones on and off throughout a set.


OT: Nice, should be interesting to see where this goes.

I was going to say I didn't find it really all that funny, but I actually laughed out loud at the Venn diagram of nerd risk groups. So it gets a thumbs-up from me.

It's like phailhaus with higher production values.

I was there. It was a death-zone. I walked out of the Telltale Games Panel, ran into Graham, shook his hand, and contracted the Nerd Flu directly from the source - PAX...
Damn, Graham. Damn...

But seriously. Two days after Pax, I did get a terrible flu - so this is not as far-fetched as it should be. I went to my doctor and he immediately asked me if I was at any gaming expos recently, because 20 minutes earlier he had diagnosed another person with H1N1 who was previously there.

Although, to give PAX a break, I gotta say - they put on a very clean convention. The people of Seattle bathe... Which is hard to say about California.

I watched this right after Hard News but liked this more.

I really liked that! Although... every single actor but Graham had difficulty getting their mouths around the words. Annoyed the hell outta me.

OMG LRR I love you. Make more of theses:)

Eric the Orange:

YES! I'm completey safe. No idea what 'ODST' stands for and I don't indulge in any of the contributing factors! Result.

Come now, I've seen pictures of you. Your telling me you've never indulged a fierce neck beard.

I have a nice tidy chin beard. I shave and keep clean around it and therefore don't have a neck beard :)

Great first episode; you guys seem to know your stuff. It did alot better of a job grabbing my attention than the first episode of Apocalypse Lane.

Neat, but it might be a problem if it comes up the same day as ZP. I'd rather have something awesome to watch each day than overload myself one day and have a painful hangover the next with nothing to help.

After seeing the diagram I know I'm safe because I'm alergic to cats XD

This probably been pointed out already but the link supposedly leading to Kanye interrupting the pope(on the twitter page) actually works. It doesn't lead to a meme, though.

World of warcraft character level? F%$#.....

Really funny i hope this becomes a weekley show

Good first episode. The girl sounded a bit nervous though. (unless she can't help herself in her pronunciation of Ninja Gaiden)

I think the intro needs some reforming though. Its pleasant, but after watching so many Onion News Network videos, I expect a much more awesome jingle when I tune in to watch some parody news...

Nerd Flu

The Escapist presents, ENN, "news you can watch," with exclusive coverage of a horrible pandemic - nerd flu.

Watch Video

This is awesome, well done folks! I'm not a big fan of the Reliable Source humor and I was fearing that this would be a video adaption of the same concept, but it absolutely rocked.

As a side-note: I know you're also the founder of Unskippable but I don't know if this series should also have the unskippable tag.

fucking brilliant news parody's are always funny i hope this show prospers

Interesting... now there are 3 things i can regularly watch on the escapist =D

dalek sec:

Darn it why is this on Wednesday? Tuesday and Friday both require some quality programming now. C'mon Escapist hibernating like this is really effecting my body. Can't you help a guy out?

I agree, Tuesday is in dire need of a good show and I think this would fit it wonderfully.

You know what this means right? Now we gotta start a boycott group until they either give in to our demands. Or they fly us to thier office so Graham can give us a full tour and send us home with Yahtzee replica hats and T-shirts. All we need now is a name.

All we need now is a name.

E.N.N.? ENN Not Now? Or is that to nerdy and recursive?


All we need now is a name.

E.N.N.? ENN Not Now? Or is that to nerdy and recursive?

We are planning a boycott for a forum. I think the nerdy ship has already sailed.

The opening sequence reminded me of the Colbert report

Should have called it: geek flu.

The opening sequence reminded me of the Colbert report

Thanks! I like your avatar. Suits you.

Should have called it: geek flu.

We went with Nerd Flu for the entertaining rhyme with "Bird Flu".

The update schedule isn't our choice, but we're very happy with Wednesdays.
It's like having the time slot right after a hit TV show, people will be watching anyway, right?

Brilliant new Video Series, keep this one going guys.


Should have called it: geek flu.

We went with Nerd Flu for the entertaining rhyme with "Bird Flu".

It's just not quite right.
The nerd is a more brainy variant, while the geek is just very much into a particular geeky hobby.
The nerd flu would need something other than Halo ODST. Come to think of it, Halo isn't very geeky either.
Anyway, the nerd flu would work better among PC gamers.

this idea is sheer brilliance it like the onion only with video games fucking sweet... I love this.

Yes, more Graham- and this time Kathleen is on there too! Awesome. I can't get enough of you guys, you want to start up several more shows?

So I see loadingreadyrun has combined with the escapist a bit more, great job. The nerd flu virus story actually made me depressed it was so well done.

Orakel der süßen Töpfe? wtf...

Ouch, I guess I need to stop playing Magic: The Gathering.

Hey wait a minute! What about Warhammer 40,000 players? That's not even ON the list!

Wow, I think I've contracted Nerd Flu with a slight case of Senioritis.

Great new series to look forward to, hopefully it will maintain enough news to be considered weekly rather than having to re-hash some older stories. Though I guess in a pinch you can take real news and make it gamer related.

Regardless, I did like the ENN episode, I look forward to seeing how it holds up over time.

Ahh good stuff. Finally news that tells us the important things instead of rambling on about politics and earthquakes.

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