Escape to the Movies: Zombieland

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*sigh* They already spoiled me that thing with .... *Sigh*

The part Bob didn't want spoiled was the scene in Hollywood when they realize Michael Jackson was also turned into a zombie and starts dancing with a bunch of other well-choreographed zombies. Then Woody Harrelson starts dancing with them while periodically killing off each one of them until its just him and Michael. It was a great scene.



This week MovieBob revie..what the..NO NO AIIIGHH!! *uuughkkk*..braaaaiiiinnnnss..

Watch Video

But is it better than Shaun of the Dead?


I decided before seeing this movie that I would watch Shaun of the Dead first, and for the first time. I saw it last night, and tonight, I saw Zombieland.

In human nature, we are naturally inclined to like the first form of media that introduces us to the genre in the first place, compared to any sequels, remakes, or any other adaptations on the subject. Usually if you see the sequel to a movie that you've seen, it doesn't always instill that fresh, exciting feeling of delving into something new and different that you got from seeing the first one, so it doesn't seem like an as memorable movie.

That's usually why most people like the original of a series the best, such as Jurassic Park. The fact that I liked this better than the first zombie parody movie I've ever seen might say a lot. But, to each his own I suppose.

Just seen it. Brilliant. The only thing I will say is that there was room for so many more references than they put in, and some of the product placement was way beyond blatant.

I don't hate the taste of coconut, it's the consistency!

I LOVE ZOMBIE MOVIES!!! I'll definitely see this one too!!!

Sheesh, this movie stunk.... It started off really good, and continued to be awesome, up until they met the girls. Then it all went downhill.... WHat a jip...

I watched it. It was great. And it had my favorite Metallica song at the beginning.

Is Bob going soft, or are good movies coming back to style?

Just to prove my British media fixation that the picture at 1:17 is from 'Sean of the Dead'.

Yeah that's right I went there...

Your reference to Krillin about to kill the bejesus out of Vegeta just made my life :D

My only problem with zombie movies is the peoples choice of shot-gun.
I mean... correct me if I'm wrong but don't all these movies take place in AMERICA.
Home of the automatic-anything?!

Where's my automatic shotgun?


and my shells that can puree a brick?


Thanks Bob! Just started watching your videos, but like all of the superb content on the Escapist it's well writ! I do also love that you used Falling Down for this review. I recently had a friend of mine watch that film and he was engrossed in it and its depth while his roommate complained about it since the thematic elements were utterly lost on her. It was at that moment I felt like the biggest misanthrope in the world for her not grasping Falling Down and any of its superb representation of the John Q. Public that's just fed up with taking what life has dealt him archetype while still having soul enough to have its own nuanced subversion.

Double cap.

that was a really good movie

lol at the dragonball z picture

good review, i loved this movie.

i'm a horrible wuss when it comes to horror, so when my sister & her friends put it on what little i watched of it was awesome XD they left before it finished though so i turned it off :P

This turned out to be one of the best zombie movies I've ever seen.
If not THE best.

I loved this movie, I just saw it the other day...and yes, the best part of the movie was AWESOME

I know an Oklahoma National uard Col. Who got pulled over in texas with a sawed-off shotgun, and 2 USPs, one .40 and the other.45. He looks a lot like Tallahassee but with better teath.

Fact: Zombieland=WIN

Reference to Falling Down

Very freaking Win!

Sometimes I feel like Moviebob was one step away from becoming a school shooter.

oh wait this has Emma Stone oooo :D Emma Stone

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