Zero Punctuation: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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ssgt splatter:
I was kinda hoping for Brutal Legend but oh well. It was still funny though.

see above post, read pages before posting. that is all.

I agree on the hating kids part, although babies are the worst. Whining crying little shits. And they're always with parents that just tune them out. But babies can't really play games so there aren't any made for them. Not that Yahtzee couldn't find a way to tie babies into a review if he managed to get Shakespeare in a Mario game On the whole Mario Luigi thing I never really liked either. Playing a Mario game before I got rid of that horrid Wii I've realized that Mario games are just so childish and boring anymore and have not the vaguest interest in playing anything that says Mario on it (Not that I can, my newest Nintendo is the Gamecube and I consider getting rid of it and just keeping the classic N64, SNES, and NES).

Awesome. I liked the previous Mario RPG on DS. Although I probably won't get it, since the combat was a bit tedious... Well, just like you said it - after you remembered how to dodge attacks, you are invincible...

This jumping system for Mario and Luigi sounds absoultely horrible for a platformer game, yet still this title seems quite interesting.

The Luigi Bros!

and i agree w/ how kiddie game shouldnt be synonymous w/ easy. some NES "kiddie" games still give me nightmares. Little Nemo comes to mind.

"...apparently they never got around their umbilical cords and can't move away from each other."
That brings out a really disturbing image in my head, but i suppose what "worked" in Super Star Saga is just fine to port to this Mario RPG (albeit i'm sure most people hated that system of control with a burning passion likened to that big ball of gas in the sky). Personally I think mario should be put out to stud before even the dimmest of the masses grows tired of his antics and Nintendo loose their cash cow.

I was under the impression that "One-eyed Demon" was an euphemism for male genitalia.
The subliminal implications of Yahtzee's reviews just took on a whole different nuance.

My first thought when he said that was Chzo, but only Yatzhee himself knows what he meant.

He would look like a younger Larry, wouldn't he? That's it! The two are the same!

Awesome review, I was suprised you did pick this one. Might have to pick it up to play the... strength. Game. Yeah...

Growing up, my family only bought soft and bruised bananas because they were sweeter.

I was the black sheep because I didn't like ripe and mushy fruit. I preferred my bananas still green.

So although I agree with Yahtzee, I think most of the people out there disagree.

"Even with all the crayons in the world, they still can't draw a fucking house"
*Picture of a house*

Yahtzee likes Luigi too? Actually, who doesn't? He jumps higher.

Is it me or Yahtzee gets boring? I know it's not easy to come up with new gags over and over,but his recent Wolfenstein review was simply hilarious - even non-limerick part. This one,on the other hand,was kind of bland.

Other thing: i suppose you beat I Wanna Be The Guy on maximum difficulty.

Other other thing: children may be stupid,but indulging in childish stupidity with them can be pretty entertaining.

EDIT: Also,my post count is 1337. Go me,i guess.

Holy crap the part with moustache-less Mario being Leisure Suit Larry...

Thanks Yahtzee, now I will never be able to see Mario in the same way.

Wow this review is so written i'm gonna have to rewatch it like eight times or something

Luigi doesn't jump higher silly, he just jumps longer :)

That was probably his best in a while, I got a damn good few laughs out of it.

The only reason I haven't bought this yet is because of the fact that the game is really easy. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love Mario and the RPGs are pretty good games, it's just that there's a lot more games coming out that aren't as easy and will therefore last me a good bit longer.

Go luigi!!! also mario does kinda look like leisure suit larry...

I was on the bench about getting this, I played Superstar Saga ages ago and loved it, but never bothered with the DS one whatever it was called...

Nice review anyway

That was neither funny nor entertaining....

Oh well, back to youtube.


An interesting review, and bizarrely close to my own views on mario and Luigi. I always preferred the green one.

Not that I'm going to be buying the game. For one thing I'd need to get a DS as well and the day I do that is the day I can be found naked on a ooftop singing I believe I can fly.

Also, woop first page and all that annoying bollocks.

What's wrong with the DS?

No problem, just not my thing in any way. Then again, my last nintendo product was a Gameboy Colour.

God I hate kids too. Stupid idiotic little squirts with eardrum-breakingly high voices, asking pointless questions every fucking second.

Not a bad review overall. However, I kind of felt that this game, to paraphrase Yahtzee in his House of the Dead review, had already taken enough piss to drown the most open-minded of whores, so there wasn't much piss for Yahtzee to take out of it. Still funny, as always, but when a game involves crawling around Bowser's innards, it's kind of already shot itself in the foot, so why does Yahtzee have to shoot its toes off one by one?

Still, like I've said several times, a great review.

I expected brutal legend...still kinda liked this one

Interesting that Yahtzee isn't the only contributor who prefers Luigi, There Will Be Brawl made him the lead protagonist.

I played the first two handheld Mario RPGs and enjoyed them. The first was tricky... the second not so much but still resisted every move. This one is apparently a lot more easy which is of course casual gamers fault haha! They're a great scapegoat for developers...

BTW great political look at the Mario universe and JRPG incest joke.

I like the social/economic break down of the mushroom kingdom with a cake reference that has nothing to do with portal. Humor like that keeps your viewers on their toes, not that the frequent knob jokes aren't great as well. If I had been more aware of you utter hatred of children, I would have added more child like foes in my Stonking Great Game Design contest entry (shameless plug).

You didn't mention that Luigi Falls slower.....Well at least in Super Mario World 2 or whatever game it was lol.

Bollocks to it being the nadir. It's miles from Thousand Year Door, sure, but in no way does it come close to the scrote-gripping badness that was Partners in Time.

Anybody completely and utterly more intrigued by Bowser than any of the fleshy characters? Seriously, I always thought it would be interesting to play from the view of Bowser and wreck havoc. >_>

yeah i like Luigi more than Mario


What if Boswer had to have sex would have help him get his penis erected and help him ejeculate sperm. That would be a creepy mental image

I expected brutal legend...still kinda liked this one

Oh for crying out loud that's next weeks video he said so in extra punctuation now will everyone stop saying that.

My mate, Blue22, is the elder brother in his family, but he likes Luigi?

Mabye that's a clue that they have an estranged older son in the attic!

A couple more reviews and I can write a book filled with Yahtzee's quotes :D

I lol'd at the crudely painted house :P

I laughed at the stuff about kids.

And support characters are awesome. I rarely like the main character.

Ony two people banned this week? The Number is falling of idiotic "Firstz!"

Anyway, I'm interested to see how much traffic this video gets in comparison to his (arguably) better column...

Wow, he really dislikes kids.

Once again an interesting, amusing but totally useless review. My thanks Sir.

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