Guitar Hero: Rock Opera

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So as an avid player of Guitar Hero / Rock Band games, I can tell you how much time I actually spend watching the awesome graphics subimposed beneath the fret board, and the answer is not a whole lot. All of my concentration has to be on that fret board otherwise I plink away into nothing. I could... see how the regular melee could work potentially, but honestly the idea of having to pay attention to a fight and a fret board at the same time makes me side with the "This is a terrible idea" or the "You're trolling your fans. From under your bridge. With you business cards" side.

I'd love to play Brendon Small's "Franz Kafka Rock Opera" and "King Arthur Rock Opera" in Guitar Hero

this is a great idea for a game! but we have to be able to create our own guys/girls, we should have a choice between using regular gibson/fender guitars or customising our own, and maybe famous rock legends should roles in the game like in Brutal legend.

you should try and send this to Tim Schafer

I prefer Gitaroo Man to any Guitar Hero game

Actually, Yahtzee's boss fight part pretty much sounds like the way Gitaroo Man played.

I would play the absolute shit out of that game. Someone get on it.

If that game were actually made, I would finally give in and buy a goddamn guitar controller.

But it will never see the light of day, so I'll stick with my real instruments. Phew.

The idea sounds really, REALLY cool and all, but for some reason, the combat kind of sounds like a real time version of wild ARMs 4's HEX battle system to me... of course, that system was really awesome, inventive, and stuff... meh, who am I kidding? I can't come up with more epic idea... really awesome stuff, Yahtzee.

I see I'm not the only one that was somewhat disappointed that it was impossible to play Brutal Legend with a rock band/GH controller.

Heh. While putting off sleeping, I read this little article and now I've been thinking of a possible narrative.

It seems to me that the perfect ending to the game would be the cover of Devil Went Down To Georgia from GH3. So, fittingly, the game should be set in Georgia with the final boss being the devil. I still can't complete the bastard on hard but that's another story.

Any road, from this, we can work backwards. The PC, let's call him Dick for ease of reference, is part of a rock band that aspired to be a Metallica or an Iron Maiden but never made it. Think of chaps from Spinal Tap if they weren't famous. Now, after a woeful gig, Dick steps outside and starts to think he's too old for this. He chucks his guitar in a skip and storms home. The band shows up the next day for practice saying he left his guitar in it's case at the venue. Dick, purplexed, opens the case to reveal a golden guitar. He plays. They're awesome.

Now, I'm getting bored so I'll make this quick. Some churchy people are getting some bad vibes from the guitar and Catholics are fuming. An organisation like Iscariot XIII from Hellsing (only with more minions and less sort of invincible) rock up and your band hole up in your transit van. Shit happens. You defend yourself against the accusations. The devil shows up, shit hits the fan and he challenges you for your soul like the song.

Bang. Out of the park. If you excuse me, I'm going to watch some more of James May's programs of BBC iPlayer until I fall into a coma. Hopefully I'll slip out of it in time for uni tomorrow but I won't be making any promises to my lecturer.

Yahtzee, this weeks' video was a welcome respite from the jabbering you do otherwise. I liked the subtle way you poked fun at America's major civic buildings and monuments. To be honest I only understood the humor when you blatantly called out the Washington Monument the 'cock and balls.' LOL

Your 'Rock Opera' idea is totally shit though. Check out to see some ideas that are better than yours.

I'm sure that this has been said a couple hundred times by now, but I would really like to see this game. And, since we already know that Yahtzee secretly rules the video game industry (*cough*), odds are good that we will get to play this game someday. ^_^

"By now you're obviously thinking this is the greatest idea for a Guitar Hero game ever and I am a visionary genius deserving of investment and/or worship"

+50 fire tributes
Achievement: Epic Design Document unlocked!

::snip::video lol::snip::

better hit up the motor forge for some troll repellant

I'd so buy that game.

You know, i'd acualy play that. It sounds badass. I dont really like music games like guitar hero and rock band, just seem boring to me, but this idea sounds fun ^^


At first I was "Eeeeh..." about the combat, but then I imagined it right, and now I'm like "Yeah".

What's funny is that the one of the reasons Activision dropped Brutal Legend in the first place is that the suits wanted to incorporate it into the Guitar Hero franchise, plastic instruments and all, and Double Fine refused. Apparently Anglo-Australian misanthropes and souless, franchise-abusing execs think alike.

I would seriously buy this game. Although, I would be interested in seeing how the movement-control scheme would work...

Maybe you could merge a Guitar Hero controller with a Wiimote. So you could turn/swerve by leaning forward with one leg, sort of like the lead-up to an epic guitar solo.

Which will, undoubtedly, be the focus of the game.

If that's not a great video game idea then Brokencyde is an A-Class faux metal band who should be worshipped as musical saviors.

There's definitely some potential in this idea. (I post this comment in the same way I would sign a petition).

is yahtzee serious or did i just miss the too subtle note of sarcasm of irony?
if not and he is being serious ... really? this is just another amateur idea that will never see the light of day like any number of genius ideas that nearly every gamer has come up with

Sold! Do I make the check out to Yahtzee or The Escapist with Yahtzee in the memo area?

This sounds like a neat idea, making me wonder if the game ever came out, I'd perhaps care to buy the console & CO, but not likely, other then that, it sounds like a scavenging use of the guitar most people already have, so I guess, "why not?"

Actually, I thought Brütal legend would give the option to use guitar controllers (comes to show how unoriginal game designers are).

nah sorry im not feeling it

you just had to get the drummer joke in, didn't you? :P

That actually sounds....awesome and pretty epic. I would probably buy that.

is yahtzee serious or did i just miss the too subtle note of sarcasm of irony?
if not and he is being serious ... really? this is just another amateur idea that will never see the light of day like any number of genius ideas that nearly every gamer has come up with

It is just another amateur idea because Yahtzee is nothing more. He is an amateur and because of this he can dream.

Pretty much everybody has had an idea for a game but there is a reason why in 99% you don't see a game based on that idea: you don't think it will work/it won't be as good as other games (there is a word for that but I can't remember it. Nirvana or Placeboy syndrom I think).

sounds like 'The SPirit Of Rock' to me

i thought it was hlarious :P

If done right, that would be a great game.

That's true, but the trick would be doing it well--otherwise we would end up with another Mirror's Edge, an interesting experiment into new territory which ultimately fell flat on its face.

Sounds fun. though some of the mid-level stuff could use polish (How to move outside of the van, how to manage the side/sub-quests, etc.), but it's a wonderful way to take a seemingly niche controller and employ it in an innovative way. Reminds me of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, that one Gamecube platformer that used the bongo controls, only more awesome. And more awesome than kung fu gorillas is pretty damn awesome.

I'd tap play that

If it becomes real, I'd play that anyday :D

There's just one thing missing, Yahtzee, and I don't know if its been stated already:


btw: Mr jigglephysics was an amazing line.

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