237: Getting Back in the Game

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There might actually be something to this gaming as a cure for depression business. O_o Why hasn't anyone done any research on the matter yet?!

I 100% agree with this article. When i had similar relationship problems the only thing that took my mind off it and taking out my anger elsewhere was to put in Gears of War 2 and proceed to beat the &*%* out of the Locust Horde. Something about the 1-2 punch and Torque Bow finishers just seemed right. And low and behold, I got over it without too much grief, all thanks to gaming.

Yeah, I hadn't played CSS for half a year after meeting that girl, and then one day it was over. I just jumped right back into CSS again and "pwnt some noobs".

Girls are overrated.

Fuck it, I'm gonna go play some games.

Good to hear things are on the up. Best of luck, mate.

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