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Kojammies... that IS a good pun!

She wants to marry the hat!

Dantes de Doslunas:
I believe it is time to get as many fedoras as possible. Yahtzee, I hope you're open to competition...

Fedoras? No no no, son. Fedoras are overdone now; you've missed the wave. You'll have to use a bit more strategy than that.

As for me, I'm rocking out the Woody Harrelson Zombieland hat.

If a book is a type of game, I'm in! Quick, take my money before some other modest game designer snags it!

The New DS also sounds like fun. What could be better than a more embarrassing way to play games on the go?

For the uninitiated, Kathleen and Graham are in a relationship, which is why Kathleen swooning Yahtzee is awesome XD

Yeah, Yahtzee taught that all men must wear hats and swear unholy blasphemys to get the ladies.

Well, the fact that he's got that accent and is well-read and literate doesn't hurt either.

...and he's cute...

So far, I've counted six people who got the end joke without outside help (myself included). Four to go to reach the coveted ten. Hey, maybe we can prove them wrong and find an eleventh person!!

I wanna play that so called "book"!

This continues to be an impressive and funny series. Keep up the good work


Yes, the english language has two scales to use when naming large numbers, one is the short scale that gives a new name to every term 1000 times greater than one million, while the long scale gives a new name to every term 1000000 times greater than one million.

So Short scale:
10^6 = million
10^9 = billion

Long scale:
10^6 = million
10^9 = Originally "1000 millions" but can now also be called milliard
10^12 = billion

Predominately, English speaking nations use the short scale, while other countries uses the long scale.
For more information in the matter, please refer to Wikipedia:

I did check wikipedia, but the Spanish version of the entry on the "one million", else I wouldn't know by hart the other languages that use that numbering system. Now that I think of it itīs kinda usless to go on and say "this system is wright", it's like saying "this (mine) language is wright"...
There is no way I can say something like that and not be biassed.

It just bother me all of the differences the USA has to have in measure units, itīs a pain in the ass to watch a movie and being mentally translating all of the units, or to try and make a DIY form an English based web page, or to go to the hardware store and have to say EVERYTHING in inches, (btw, what the fuck is up with that? we DONT'T SPEEK ENGLISH, why should the hardware store assume we can messure by something other than metric system). Not to mention the countless times I've seen mistranslated things(especially regarding the billion thing) on subbed movies.

Kathleen Yahtzee DeVere Croshaw
Square Enix pedo bus
Yahtzee text adventure book video game

Do girls find Yajtzee attractive???

so is there relly gonna be a yahtzee book?

so is there relly gonna be a yahtzee book?

Yes. Go to search at the top of this page and type "ben yahtzee book." That will lead you to more info.

Good show. I don't know what it was about but i enjoyed the show very much.

You can count on my money!

ha, $0.01 does not equal 0.01cents

awesome as always!

Geez, they still don't get that fake news programs aren't funny when you take it completely seriously. You don't see John Stewart with a straight face the entire time, do ya? Good to know when the release of Yahtzee's book is.

This isn't based off of someone like John Stewart. this kind of thing is based off of a Canadian show called "This Hour has 22 Minutes" a parody show that mocks politics much like this one mocks gaming news. They deliver it with a straight face as well. I always love this humour, as it seems more subtle and sometimes the grain between truth and joke becomes very faint. That's the kind of comedy I love. In short LLR you guys are my heroes.

Awsome episode! Did I spot some bears there in the background in the FFXIII segment? :D

Maybe the best episode ever, if I can say so myself. And I can. Next time, give Mr. Croshaw a mike though. ;)

I couldn't hear Yahtzee talking.

That girl needs to shut her face because she is annoying and not funny.

Bloody great guys but uh......

Kathleen yahtzee DeVere Croshaw?...........

Doesn't have much of a ring to it, to be honest.


For the uninitiated, Kathleen and Graham are in a relationship, which is why Kathleen swooning Yahtzee is awesome XD

Isn't that a bad idea? What will happen to the LRR crew if they break up and things get messy?

Ah, and who says Yahtzee has problems with the opposite sex? He he.

aah MathNet. I loved that show when I was a kid...
Parody of DragNet, but never watched it.

As Yahtzee appeared on the screen, I was laughing already. What do you bet we will never see that book in Spain? I don't care if it's not translated, actually, translating the book will kill the humour out of it. I guess Amazon is the last resource.


I wonder what system those come out on...

That all aside - Yahtzee looked all kinds of uncomfortable.

LOL that's the way i react to Be... err Kathleen!

lol, Kathleen!
also, my sisters!!! :P

Ahaha, I know I'm late on this, but man, the "Snake What happened, Snake Snake?" Garnering no response was great! Ya'll are just amazing, the whole LRR team make some hilarious videos!

As the 8th person to get the Square One joke, I felt it was necessary and proper that I post so. Awesome and massively hilarious.

I know this is an old thread, but since this episode aired off and on I've had 1 Million is Big popping into my head, luckily it is awesome like the rest of the songs on that show

I can totally understand Kathleen's infatuation with Yahtzee. After all, I'm totally infatuated with her and think she's beautiful. <3

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