Zero Punctuation: Darksiders

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While I thought the review was funny, I didn't really find any similarities between this and God of War.

I still found it enjoyable though.

Wow. It seems like Games are taking after pop music more and more. there's nothing wrong with reusing ideas, but it seems like they built their entire game on ripping off others.

He forgot to mention that Mass Effect 2 was coming out soon in his "oh this will be a busy start of the year" spiel... but I guess that doesn't matter because it's not like God of War

A portal gun? Did they think they were going to get away with that without anyone noticing? Talk about game design on a whim.

Good review.

One of the funniest reviews from Zero Punctuation I've seen.My stomach literally hurted from all the laughing :D

"I am a monster truck that walks like a man!"

I haven't laughed that hard at a Zero Punctuation in a while. Well played.

Well, I suppose I should be glad I am not buying that game...
Still, a good review, as always...
*Le Sigh*

Ironically, I think you and a number of other people in this thread should go back and watch Yahtzee's "Mailbag Showdown" video, and listen intently to the bit about letting critics decide whether or not you like a game.

Incidentally, I bought Darksiders, and I personally don't regret it. That's not to say it doesn't have it's flaws (especially when it's "borrowing" from so many games), but I still enjoyed it. I also laughed hysterically at what Yahtzee had to say, not because I disagree, but quite the opposite...he hit the nail on the head. I honestly find it funnier when he's ripping the balls off a game I enjoy, because strangely I agree with most, if not all, the things he says about it.

-shrug- I'm strange.

This sounds angrier than a lot of reviews lately. I like it. It's exciting.

" look like you put on a magnetic leotard and fell into a saucepan cupboard..."

Though, it's strange that even Yahtzee compares this game to WoW, when clearly WoW used an already well established art style itself.

Ooohwee! That was caustic. Loved it.

Best Yahtzee review in a while, he's funniest when he's got a good rage going.

Hopefully the bit at the beginning doesn't mean he's going to skip reviewing Mass Effect 2, though.

LOL that was awesome. I'm gonna use that monster truck line for sure.

Ah, Yahtzee has gotten back into the swing of things

I dunno whether it was the "voice-alteration software" (read: COLD) from a few weeks back, but he seemed to be a bit out of it for the last few reviews

This one was back on top form. Well done, Mr. Croshaw

Also, when you complained War had no personality, I initially objected, as the only War I know is the one from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Then I realised you were talkin about the war IN-GAME

Ah, my foolish mistakes, eh?

Oh I'm going to enjoy watching all these games and see if they really are all rip-offs of eachother. Dante's Inferno however seems like it'll get an interesting review though.(going off the demo I've played like 20 times now)

I think that was one of the best ZPs Yahtzee's done in months, if not longer.
I guess I prefer the more traditional review formula of, "Synopsis, notable features, overall impression," but he does it quite well.
There were fewer tangents than usual, but it made the few, particularly the "I am a monster truck who walks like a man" thing all the more memorable.
Still, this seems like he was particularly inspired, or feeling quite on the ball at the time of making this review; sometimes one does just do something better than they usually do.


His heart didn't really seem to be in a couple of recent episodes. But this had an honest are-you-fucking-kidding-me?!-vibe to it.

It was a delicious heartfelt rant. Good show, that man.

That was hilarious! I don't know I thought yahtzee was getting a little below his standards, but this was really great!

love the part with the monster truck and the coral reef! xD

Bought it on Xbox this saturday, played it a few hours on sunday, nearly finished it. Tearing is there, absolutely. Patch, maybe?

My personal downside to the game are the graphics, where the combination of World of Warcraft styled characters (not a fan of that style at all, good to hear Yahtzee agree on that one) and realistic backdrops feels like a bit of a "meh" mixed bag as a whole. God of War/Devil May Cry did much better there, maintaining the same style in geometry and cast consistently.

With that said, though, I enjoyed the few hours I had and plan to finish the remaining hour or so once my sudden passion for hardcore machine language coding has worn off.

Yeah he makes some good points. To be honest due to the oversimplified combat I thought the game was more like Zelda than God of War but yeah, its pretty derivative.

Should there be a sequel (and the ending really suggests there will be) I'd like more emphasis on Zelda style dungeons and less emphasis on combat since I found the dungeons to be the MUCH stronger sections of the game.

I also liked the worm boss.

I loved this angry review.

Thank you for finally pointing out how overcomplicated character design has become. Character costumes have become so detailed it borders on the absurd!

Watch out, Gabe from Penny Arcade might rage and yell at you for insulting his favorite artist who did the terrible art design for this game and question your credentials as a reviewer.

Also, I enjoyed the review very much. I wasn't really sure why there was so much hype over this game, to me it just looked like a WoW/Anime God of Legend of Zelda game. The portal thing is hilarious.

venting out alot of frustrations over this game eh? understandable since it rips off so many games. heh heh, wait till you play bayonetta which i still don't understand why reviewers praised it so much for "originality" while calling darksiders derivative

What does Bayonetta rip off?

Yeah, I heard that Joe Madureira did a lot of the art and designs for this.

He's a great illustrator, but he suffers from the same problem that a lot of great illustrators suffer from.

When he's drawing something else, applying his crazy style to someone elses idea (like Spider-man or the Incredible Hulk), then he's great!

BUT, when it comes time for him to do some design work of his own, it tends to suck. Yeah, he's good at making it look cool for a few single pictures, but just because something LOOKS cool doesn't necessarily make it a good design.

Mario doesn't necessarily look cool, and yet he's lasted ages. Heck, you could say that about almost every character that's actually been able to stand the test of time.

Eh, I had no interest in this game to begin with, and it sure was fun listening to Yahtzee tear it apart.

i highly disagree with the most of what yahtzee said i still find this 1 hilarious...

People who think Space Marine art is good = told hard.

I fear i may be textually mutilated on extra punctuation for this but i genuinely want to know:

Why are we reffering to these games as God of War clones? Bayonetta is being developed by the same guys who made Devil May Cry( a game about brutally killing angels and demons and harvesting their souls in an OTT manner and spending said souls on buying even more OTT combos and weapons) which came out BEFORE the first God of War. As far as I know the only thing God of War added to the mix was more focus on QTE's and thats hardly revolutionizing the formula....more like shitting in it

Legend of Portal: God of Warcraft
Sounds like a pass on this game

Well, who is a manly game character?

Besides Captain Price, that is.

Don't mess with him, he's been on eastenders...

Ive watched every single one of ur reviews Yahtzee and this has to be one of your best!
It was so damn good i had too make an account to comment how goditwasXD
frikken awesum!

I think this one was the best one yet! But I want one of my friends to buy this so I can laugh at him and point all of the copying out.

January needs moar God of Woar.

well played Yahzee; i enjoyed it and thats what it was meant to do... right?

anyway... all of the points were rational and true...



C'mon the game can't be that bad, it looks good, and BTW the Warhammer 40.000 universe is fucking awesome! Since he dislikes rts I assume a DoW review is out of the question so I'm wating for W40k Space Marine to come out!

His reviews are getting better again. Thank god for this quarter of the year being full of games.

Im sorry, but it is NOTHING like god of war, zelda yes that i cant deny, know what else it's like? Soul Reaver, metroid, any other adventure game you care to name, thats how they work. You run around an open world, getting access to new areas by getting new toys or powers while going through 'dungeons' and slaying big bad guys. God of war is a linear action game, the only similarity is the soul collecting which doesnt even help you buy the same thing. War buys new moves and items, kratos levels up his weapons. The single button finisher move on weak enemies is a GoW thing though. The only problem with Darksiders (apart from the title making no sense) is it's VERY similar to the above mentioned adventure games and it doesnt do anything that new. But it's ok as it's simple and bloody enough to be fun. Having said that, the next 3 games he mentioned will probably have similar faults/pros so this may be a weak arguement.

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