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Fantastic sketch...

LRR Blasphemy - Everyone knows Paul's facial Hair destroys everyone elses!!!
BTW - funny sketch as always but how long that take to make? If the beards weren't fake (i know matt's wasn't; though not sure about Jer's hmmmm)that must of been filmed over months

You don't have to film it in the order it's shown. They could have filmed the last scenes first then cut some of the beard off.

FAN SERVICE! Excellent episode, guys!

I love this show, but did anyone else notice the changing audio quality?

Funny but it's too much like an old Trojan Condoms; commercial.

That was quite possibly the most intense thing of all time.

At least its a medal for England, a bronze, but a medal all the same...

It's more likely that they grew out the beards over a few months, then recorded it all at once, backwards, shaving a bit between each shot. That way, the set, costumes, etc. would all be consistent, and the whole process would just be easier.

Just sayin'.

EDIT: Oh, wait. That was amazing! Well done guys, major lulz were had.

I didn't see the twist, because I thought that particular joke was that Matt can't grow facial hair. Hah, it's funny because it's true. . .

finger curling?<--really that got a laugh out of me more than the whole episode.

Where, I ask you, is the coverage of the women's beard-growing competition? This is blatant discrimination, sir!

Simply Hilarious! nice fake names of the different teams; also lol at the unexpected ending XD

That was great. Finally the beard growers get some coverage. To long have they been overlooked.

Where, I ask you, is the coverage of the women's beard-growing competition? This is blatant discrimination, sir!

Indeed it is!

Hilarious indeed.

Graham should win by the power of his eyebrows alone

I knew it. I simply KNEW the toilet paper was going to become a recurring joke. I FRIKING CALLED IT!

Oh god i wish this were a real event, i would AWESOME at this

Hans Egan is not a finnish name, you could have put like Tero, Joni or Jaakko, BTW, if this was a real sport, we would so win or become 2, Russia would win probably :P

Funny but it's too much like an old Trojan Condoms; commercial.

Hahaha well spotted!

The twist was too be expected but still very hilarious! Great work guys (as usual)

WHAT! This is an event in the Olympics! Oh come on I have a full grown beard and mustache combo I could've beaten these to. I was cheated!

Anyway awesome once again. CANADA YOU RUINED ME AGAIN WITH SLOW BEARD GROWING TECHNIQUES! Now I gotta pay $2000

If only American beard-grower Alan Winebringer wasn't taken out in the second round. He wouldn't have been cheating like the columbians, I can tell you that!

Oh yeah, and good video. Had me laughing from start to finish.

As a good few people have commented, I gotta say, Paul's totally rocking the full beard harder than he used to rock his Goatee.

He should really consider keeping it.

Also I thought it was a bit weird that every-so-often in the bonus videos I could'a sworn I see Paul working on a beard, I thought it was just a trend the LRR guys were all getting in on, seeing as once Graham had his in place again everyone else started sprouting them...

'Cept Matt, who totally could have a beard any time he wants, but would obviously rather let us think that he's pretty much incapable of facial hair. :P

Kudos to how much effort time must have gone into this.
(I'd say effort, but really, how hard is it not to shave?)

LRR, once again you fail to dissapoint.

Hah, I liked that. I was curious whether or not you were going with a rally driver accent with Hans Egan.

Also.. Hans Egan? What kinda name is that?

I bet they filmed it in reverse. There was an old Rooster Teeth Short where they did that, and just filmed the end first. Then they would just have to shave a little bit, and go back in the story. Great video as always guys.

And Finland takes it in the final stretch, YES! Suck it, other countries!

Although the name "Hans Egan" isn't really Finnish... You could bump into a Hans or two, most likely along the coast (given our Swedish speaking minority, families originating from Sweden and such), but "Egan" doesn't really work at all...

Of course somebody from such a (relatively) obscure country is a fan and sees this, then proceeds to point out your mistakes. :P

Funny vid though, keep it up LRR.

PS: Is Paul gonna rock the beard again? If so, I see some Warriors of Darkness in the near future...

Where, I ask you, is the coverage of the women's beard-growing competition? This is blatant discrimination, sir!

I smell a sequel~! Kathleen, Tally &... Matt again? That would totally work!

This was a perfect end to my Monday, well done LRR! I didn't expect it'd be beards, but man the intense faces of the "competitors" was classic. If I had to name a favourite moment, it'd be the chat with Paul's character. So much "the legendary beard has been long neglected for all these years, finally we have our vengeance!"

Also, that Finnish guy speaks fluent Canadian! Disqualified! =O

And now.. Sleepy tiemz!

haha, that was very silly indeed :P

good episode!

That was... the definition of win.

I want to see more of this fantastic sport.

Damn... Who would have know that Finland would get it's first medal (and gold at that) in Beard growing.

I agree with other posts. Hans Egan doesn't sound like a Finnish name at all. You should have named him into Pekka Virtanen (probly the most common name in Finland) or something. But otherwise great sketch


Great episode, too!

These guys wipe against the grain? What are they, European?

This has now OFFICIALLY moved up into my number 2 spot, replacing Unforgotten Realms for favorite video series. ZP is still da' bomb, though.

"Grad student"


I lost it.

I'm pretty sure all vids should have a bottom third from now on, regardless of whether it's warranted by being a faux-newscast or not.

And now for the question for the ages... A9 or ENN?

And whither yon Thrimbletrimmer?

I could never compete in this sport. My beard takes days to grow and is extremely patchy at best,

Olympic Beard Growing? I'd take the gold home.

funny... he doesn't sound Swedish

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