LoadingReadyRun: Olympic Beard Growing

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I'm hungry now :(
Yet another win from LRR.

Come on, Hans Egan? Your not even trying. Next time do your homework kids.

Hans Egan. Very un-Finnish. Great video as always though.

No! That was the one event I thought Canada had for sure! We'll take the gold in 2012, I swear it!


"Women's beard growing competition" ?!?
Disturbing thoughts... ewwwww

The clones you have are freakin me out...

Did you ever think it was a German person who is a Finnish citizen?? It happens!

Hans is swedish name not finish. Do your homeworks please.

To all those who complain about Hans Egan not being a Finnish name:
(sarcasm) Of course, people in one country can't have names that are common in another country! (/sarcasm)
Seriously, people! It's not that big a deal. It sounded to me like a generically European name, rather than necessarily being specific to Finland.

Sure, it's probably the case that the team didn't look up any names from Finland, and instead pulled something out of their... hat. But maybe not. Maybe they did, and the names they found were in line with Mr. Egan's. Sure, it would have been cool to have a "proper" ethnically Finnish name. But that doesn't mean it can't be rationalized away (retcon!).

THE BEST!!! I died laughing watching this one. Keep up the great work.

I demand a referee for beard-pulling! >:(
also, great sketch as always :P

VANCOUVER -- Come visit. Please. After this, we need the money.

Weird, random show, LRR, but I like. ^_^

Great job, guys haha "the woodsman" XD

Poor Paul was robbed! Robbed!

still as hilarious as ever xD now if only I could grow out a soul patch at LEAST...

Hans Egan is not a finnish name... XDD

No matter who wins...


Dude... Everyone's missing the point... Hans Egan on the Finnish team? Obvious fake beard? He's a fake Finn! He's not actually Finnish! That was the point! :-D

watching old LRR videos = always a good time :D

I totally ship Paul and his goatee. XD

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