The Escapist Presents: Game Dogs: Behind the Scenes

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Heh, the masses of critics would do well to listen to what Mr. Pitts says at the end.

"It's just such a fertile playing ground. We're just having fun... screwing around with it."

As such, it is sporadically fun to watch, but mostly I just enjoy seeing how they get it together as a team. I laughed my ass off at "lifelike", and I really felt Sprout's joy with her comment. As a fellow artist (albeit of words), I can really sympathise. You more than deserve it. ^_^

Great, the animations are getting better. That's really my only problem with the show right now so... keep it up!

holy crap. anyone else think jessica fielhauer is hot

At first I thought it was a joke about "putting code in to help animate", cause the insert after it had like 5 different frames for more than a few seconds of the movie. Just tell me it was a joke.

I don't mind that it simply is not as funny (to me) as other toons/shows on the site are, I watch it as story content with some humor and then I think it's fine. I love the style of the drawings and the animation doesn't bother me at all (hey, if it means less time to make, more is tolerable).

If there are going to be more videos on produciton, I'd like to see more technical parts. How actually the look of the characters came to be, how is animation done for the show etc.

First, looks like Romero and Garriot are game makers spoofed.

Okay, as I personally requested such a feature from the good Mister Russ Pitts, feel I should go over this video.

Here we go, wall of text, enjoy.

I really enjoyed this view behind elements of the process and appreciate taking my (and maybe others) suggestion to do so. Actually I enjoyed this more than any of the show episodes (that's not a cheap shot, I did find this to be fun).

Starting off I want everyone there to know criticism of a work is not a criticism of the good people working on it. I know that line can blur when you put so much of yourself into something and find taking things personally. All seemed like great folks who do care about their work.

Onto technical elements as that seemed to dominate this feature. I have never been bothered by the fact that shows on here have a lower budget and constraints. Fine by me, I understand short turnarounds mean cannot spend hours getting a single animation perfect.

Really liked seeing photoshop and drawing as I'm into that (and jealous of set up Ms. Feilhauer has). Was curious as to deeper into thought process (she states "something we like") of character design and what was desired to be portrayed. This breed feels masculine or feminine (ears to me seem major part) and if we do [insert design decision] it shows a specific trait we wanted to convey.

So, frankly from technical standpoint, solid work. Kudos.

Now onto the creative process. I can excuse easily budget issues for technical fine, but writing and humor aren't down to budget. Watching programs like "Loading Ready Run" demonstrates how hilarious something can be with couple of people and a camera.

So, how is an episode of Game Dogs written? Like to see that process of few writers in a room working on creative aspects. "Okay, this episode we need to do this, this is our framework" and seeing how it evolves. What lines come from someone and make everyone say "that has to go in, that's gold!" Or "how would Chet react to this to show humor or characterization"? Then next stage of people reading it in a room, what makes people newly exposed to the script laugh? Did that in-joke that made room of writers crack up fall flat? Was there an unexpected roar off line unsure about?

I was curious as to the decision to have voice actors do separately and never interact with one another. This may be a scheduling issue, not sure. I know it happens in animation and interested how you work with that. Why was the "true" the voice actor (out of several) used? What chemistry blocks can this have to show proper reactions to one another and get across how characters interact on the show.

It is obvious that folks there do care and set out to create something they take pride in. I'm not one to bash for sake of it as I do like this site and content it offers. It can simply be "our humor is different from yours" and so be it. I wish everyone there all the best and again, thanks for giving feedback, humanizes you and almost makes me feel a bit guilty for not liking this show.

For Mister Pitts "Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."

Also, as a side note, if the lead artist, Jessica Fielhauer, reads this was curious about more details of process. I've been self taught ("artist in thee" thread for evidence) on PS was nice to learn how pros manage. If you don't mind about discussing, how you go from sketch to final product, which tools you favor, amount of time expected on each stage and anything else think of. Any help is appreciated.

Oh Christ! There's quite a backlash in these comments. I think that some of the 'constructive' criticism is too much. The animation style fits the content IMHO. By the way.. is Axel Roma John Romero and Sir Dick the Duke Richard Garriott a.k.a. Lord British? What did I win? Can I get a cookie? :P Oh and the feature creep bit was genuinely funny. Ha ha! :D

So Game Dogs is a parody of the escapist office?
I'm wondering which one Bob represent. It isn't George, is it?

Anyway, great video. Going behind the scenes really encourages to see the show develop.

Did he say the animation was purposefully bad? They can't say its purposefully unfunny! :D

Bouncy-ball computer chair! (when talking about animation)

On topic, very insightful.

Btw, he should never have asked what a furry is.

Axel Roma = John Romano (Creator of DOOM and Castle Wolfenstein)

The Duke = The guy who made Ultima? John English or something...

Also, it's interesting to see what you're TRYING to accomplish and how much you're failing at it. The characters have no chemistry and the jokes are tired. Also the timing of your behind-the-scenes is really bad, what with everyone ripping into the show. Releasing it now is kinda desperate.

I'd say if you really want to continue, cut your loses and reboot focusing on exactly what you wanted to...not this trivial tried stuff.

Well, let's get one thing straight:

I don't like GameDogs. It has potential, but the characters are as lovable and close to home as a polystyrene block on the darkside of mars.(sorry for the yahtzee like analogy, but I can't think of a better way to put it)

As for the jokes, please, for gods sake, scratch 2 shows: GameDogs and Doraleous and Associates, scrape the saved money together and make something good out of it instead. What's good? Well, I don't know, don't you have a list of options?

As for the behind the scenes:
That's an aspect I totally love. It's always nice to see how something comes together. I liked it in Doomsday Arcade and There will be brawl. I would love to see a behind the scenes of Stolen Pixels, ZP or UnSkippable. I also like the "on the office" video's, like the Nerfwars vid. I'dd love to see more of that, since that's something that creates a sense of closeness to the actors/characters/editors.

Caution: Area of Excellence.

I think I'll probably appreciate what goes into the series a little more now.

I think I was quick to judge this series by it's first few episodes. I'll stay tuned, so please entertain me.

Does anyone think that the Duke might be Peter Molyneux?

Obrien Xp:
Bouncy-ball computer chair! (when talking about animation)

Best chair ever.

Also, I'm amused how this topic has essentially become "What measure is a furry?"

Also also, I'm personally enjoying this show. Somewhat. I recommend you guys focus your energy and humor for the actual episodes. Save the conceptual experimentation for preproduction, please.

really you were worried about the technical aspect? really?

Just teach that girl who draws the art how to do tweens on flash(and if you're not using them, then you should, because it looks like you're using them), and get everyone else to help you with the script.

Might actually become funny then.

I LOL'D at the guy bouncing up and down in the background at 2:20.

Stop show "behind the scenes" after like 2 episodes. :/

Hey guys, I watched this some time agao, and now an old project kinda schtick I was working on hit me like a half brick to the skull. Allow me to explain briefly: I'm on DeviantArt and have quite a few acquaintances, and me and a friend kind of wanted to do a short animated show that we ourselves animate, write and voice act with some help from our friends. Problem is, we all live in different parts of the world, even though we all got mics. Me(the main writer) and the animator (who's learning) live close though, we're actually best buds. But anywho, I wanted to ask for advice. Any advice you can give will be taken :3

It's not Hollywood quality (er well sometimes it is given how much many films have been slipping) but I find it good for a few chuckles here and there. I agree this topic has much potential, seeing a parody of the game making community. The "lifelike" animation bit was epic.

"Dogs are incapable of showing emotion,"

Thats preposterous. You obviously dont know the first thing about dogs. Of course they are capable of showing emotions. They are in fact quite "eloquent" when it comes to emotions and body language.

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