Five Great Movies About Videogames

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Movies about video games aren't necessarily always bad, it's the movies based off of video games that seem to disappoint every single time. Those are some great ones you got there, though.

Not necessarily. The Resident Evil movies were brilliant, as long as you don't try to fit them into the canon of the games. Which is silly anyway because they are specifically set in an alternate continuity. But yeah, the Resident Evil movies were great. And I really enjoyed Final Fantasy: Advent Children, though admittedly that wasn't based on a game per se, but rather it was an extension of the story and a sequel of sorts. And aside from being waist deep in the river that flows through the Uncanny Valley, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was also quite good.

My point is, that films based on games aren't necessarily bad. People turn around and say they are because they draw too many parallels between films and games, and gamers maintain that films based on their favourite games can't be good because the mediums of telling the story are completely different. But if you just take an objective viewpoint and stop comparing the different ways of telling the story, then films based on games are generally at the very least not that bad.

Although Uwe Boll is still a crap film-maker.

Trust me when I say, I look at game adaptations with an unbiased view. Unfortunately, everything I've seen has been nothing but crap so far. The first Resident Evil film was okay at best. I couldn't even begin to compare it to the games, because I could never get a handle on the mechanics enough to ever enjoy them. What I saw was a mediocre story, that eventually spiraled into a poor attempt at a series. The second RE film was by far the worst, with the third taking the story into such a ridiculous direction, I don't plan on wasting my time with another one, despite how many naked Mila's they can fit into it.

The Final Fantasy: Advent Children movie I never actually saw, but I will say the Spirits Within was a decent story, if you don't look at it as a Final Fantasy movie. I guess my point is, where they've tried to take the actual concepts (not just use the names for a completely different, unrelated story) from video games, it has fallen flat. Max Payne was a joke, Hitman was alright, but looks like it should have been a Michael Bay film and really had very little to do with the Hitman games, much less a story about an anonymous assassin, and hell even the Super Mario Bros. movie way back when was more of a joke than anything.

The problem with these movies, in my eyes, is the direction taken of "Lets make this more Hollywood". Kinda hard to expect them to do something different, I know, but one thing about gaming is that the stories are not your typical Hollywood cut-out stories, which is part of what is so compelling about them. If they could remove these elements that every single Hollywood movie seems to require, then I think we'd see quite a bit more success.

Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree with your Uwe Boll comment. That practically goes without saying ;)

Perhaps I'm just a fan boy or on drugs but the Silent Hill movie wasn't terrible to me... It was actually quite good and captured the atmosphere of Silent Hill.
Then again the movies mentioned were before my time so I'm just a young whippersnapper.

More Fun To Compute:

It's one thing if a film is weird, but another if the plot goes nowhere other than a BIIIG STORY TWIST that almost seemed like a excuse for the plot going nowhere.

A big story twist that whole movie was a foreshadowing of. Right.

And if the Dialogues are horrible.

Which is a very accurate aside about how horrible the dialogue is/was in games.

And it proves to have as much knowledge about videogames as other films have when they show a kid wildly swinging around a Playstation 2 Controller with 8-bit "boop-be-doop" sounds (Made even worse by the constant "I'm a Game Designer!" Lines).

It is a science fiction film so of course the technology is nothing like real technology. eXistZ is about drama management AI and virtual reality that is as convincing as reality. Two technologies that people who are into games should know about but are not even attempted by most games and may not even be technically possible to do well in 50 years time. The film is about players dropped into a realistic dramatic role playing game having no idea what they are doing. They say stupid things that they think their character's might say, "I'm a superstar game designer, guh huh." They have inconsistent and bizarre motivations that would have a dungeon master rolling his eyes and the game AI struggles to cope with them.

I like Cronenberg, but for things like Eastern Promises, History of Violence and The Fly (one of the best horror movies ever made). But even when you compare it to stuff like Naked Lunch, eXistenZ is STILL pretty unremarkable and tame.

It may not be his best film but it is still a lot better than the best of the rest in this narrow criteria.

I just watched eXistenZ and I really liked it. Some of the writing and execution felt a bit off, but you could explain that as it being set in a game with poor writing and execution. It's a great art film, but I can understand why people don't like it. I prefer it to The Last Starfighter, personally. Jude Law's in-game Canadian accent was priceless.

In Limbo:
Jude Law's in-game Canadian accent was priceless.

I'm not a big fan of Jude Law but what I did like was how at the start of the film I was thinking his accent was Mary Poppins terrible then at the end he was using a normal accent.

Exisistenz was one of the best movies I have ever seen. Very creepy and screwed up but amazing.

I'm frankly surprised that this one hasn't been mentioned...

It's a sort of proto-Matrix, with a video game character gaining self awareness and realising that a life in which everybody wants to kill him and he has to go through dying horribly at every turn (and respawning to be killed again) sucks balls. Thus, he asks a bunch of hackers to delete his programme from the big corporation's servers.

The directing pedigree is unquestionable (Gabriele Salvatores won the '91 Best Foreign Movie Oscar for "Mediterraneo"), and it features some quality acting, especially by the great Diego Abatantuono as the game's increasingly despondent protagonist. It has a distinctly very-near-future-cyberpunk feel in the vein of Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days, which, to me, is a good thing.

It's not a masterpiece by any means, but gamers should definitely check it out.


the Wizard?

these are terrible movies

seriously, mortal kombat would have been a much better choice, I wouldn't call it good, but it's miles better then these two pics

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