Unskippable: Resonance of Fate

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I think it's really funny that I was thinking "She's falling WAY to fast, even if he catches her she's not gonna live." exactly as Grant launches his little speech on terminal velocity.

Sigh. I remember hearing about this game a while back and thinking "Hey, that sounds okay! It could be okay and a JRPG at the same time!"

And now I see this cutscene and realize no, it can't be. It's just more schizophrenic, melodramatic nonsense and bullshit.

Da Joz:
That was funny but they are starting to repeat a lot of their jokes.

I Don't think having a few running gags is a bad thing really.
Like in the Dante's Inferno one last week there was a crow and I was actually surprised that they held back on their typical 'Russell' joke.

OT: How exactly were they falling for that long?
It boggles the mind!

Wow, that cutscene made absolutely no sense. How can a city be that tall? Unless the lack of oxygen made the builders stupid enough to keep going until they died when they reached the vacuum of space.

hilarious as always, but what the flip was going on??? the games the review make no godd@mn sense. (I realize that is usually the point, but still, what is that game about???)


Alex The Rat:
What the devil!

Please tell me that 1. The less feminine looking guy (the one who can't read) is just like the kid in Sixth Sense, or 2. They're all actually heavily involved in drugs and the whole opening scene was a metaphor drugs have destroyed both their lives without them really noticing or caring.

It's a Japanese game, I'm sure some female deity saved them

Sure, but in this case the female deity is a metaphor for the irresistible seductive qualities of heroin or crystal meth!? Anything to convince me that this game isn't exactly what it appears to be!

I don't know why, but that reading bit at the end reminded me of Samurai Champloo:

Mugen: [Takes journal] HUH?
Jin: What is it?!
Mugen: ...I can't read.

Can you go to jail if you break the laws of physics?

lol really funny wtf with the intro what happened to them.

So its a game about free falling?

and yeah don't go over anything like 300 feet you could break a nail with jrpg physics in motion.Also why did graham say feet I thought he was Canadian?

Maybe it's just a cultural thing and you just need to be Japanese to get the cutscene...

ahh who am I kidding...I don't think that was supposed to be make sense. There's probably an unwritten rule about JRPGs not being able to make sense until the second play through.

A very good episode this week. I don't know if it was the material for the episode that was good or that you guys were just really on your game, but I got a better then average laugh out of this one. Kudos.

See this is what can happen when you use the portal gun outside. You end up falling endlessly from the skybox. No wonder GLaDOS tried to keep you inside...

Ok, so the girl was expecting to die at the stroke of midnight anyway, and so decided to suicide spectacularly instead of whatever else was going to happen... except that it didn't and that's why she's all surprised (while they're still falling to their deaths). And they were in a city somehow flying above the clouds, because I can't imagine how else they'd get that particular view after falling so far already. After that, all I can say is WTF.

(I haven't played the game, these are just my impressions from the cutscene.)

So, he swung up, caught her, flew up to the clock, fell below the clock, then got over the clouds, then fell past the clock aga--


the guy sounds like robin from teen titans...

The jumping girl is not the same one as the blonde girl on the couch, by the way.

A funny episode indeed! :D

Actually, yeah, she is the same girl.

Good stuff! I really loved this game. I was 65+ hours into it and on chapter 15(the last chapter I believe) and my son deleted my profile along with saves to every game I ever played. NOT COOL. He's only 3 though so I can't stay too mad at him. I wasn't starting that shit over that's for sure. Awesome Unskippable. Great game.

Okay, I did a little bit of math on this. Let's assume that these two wacky kids hit terminal velocity at exactly 2:00 in the video. They hit the clouds at about 3:23. Stratocumulus clouds typically form at around 7,000 feet.

These two nutjobs fell about 21,000 feet before even hitting the cloud cover. If they hit the ocean (sea level), they'll have fallen 28,000 feet, which means that their little golden-glowing home was FOUR MILES ABOVE THE GROUND. For comparison, the tallest building on Earth, the Burj Khalifa, is around 2,700 feet tall (barely half a mile). The very top of Mount Everest is 29,029 feet.

That must be a wonderful world, where people living four miles above the planet's surface don't die of hypoxia or exposure.

Bert is sad there was no Eternal Sonata reference.
But otherwise a dang good episode. There is some weird architecture in JRPG's.

So how DID they survive that fall?

Good episode as always!

"oh, gee thanks"

I see what you did there, Paul ;)

This looks like a mix between red riding hood, alice in wonderland, and peter pan...

Gotta have Nolan North in your game! He just made it in to this unskippable

So this is why the Japanese need to work on their story telling skills. NOTHING MAKES SENSE!

Wow, if it had ended after the director's name it would have looked like a feature short film. Ten golden bears in Cannes! They give bears there, right? Sparrows?

I thought they'd comment on how the last scene is so detached from the rest. After that huge thing on the top of the kilometer-tall city center they apparently switch to Central Arkansas.

so how big is that bilding/ lol mythbusters "should look in to how broken his arm is."

Haha good stuff. The Aladdin bit make me laugh more than it should have.

BTW how did you guys NOT do a Nathan Drake/Nolan North joke ?

As I was watching I actually asked out loud "just how big IS this city?" about a second before one of you said "Wow, this is a really tall city." And likewise with the question of how badly broken his arm would be, although I was thinking more along the lines of how badly broken HER ribs would be.

I love it when what I'm thinking matches up with what you guys say.

In other questions, wtf was that opening about? Seriously, what the heck just happened?

Haha, this was really great -best commentary in weeks, thanks! :D

"Dont go jumping off any more buildings unless theyre under 300 feet. Crazy kids"

Really good episode. I laughed so hard at that bit

I was so excited to see you guys do Resonance of Fate! It's really a great game. The characters are just brilliant. I'm only about 20 hours in, chapter 5 so I can't say exactly what's going on with the ups and downs in this scene and I especially have no freaking clue about the very end when they go through the clouds, but even still.

Great episode, great game to feature. Probably my favorite since you did The Last Remnant. Wish you would've included the menu video with Vashyron and Zephyr, though. That's got some pretty good Unskippable material to work with.

It'd be awesome if you were to continue this one, but most likely not. xD Aw well.

I hope at least one of you is actually playing the game though! The gameplay takes a little while to grasp, but the story and characters (especially the characters) are worth it. Oh, yeah, and gameplay's fun too. Once it finally clicks on how the heck it even works. xD

Funniest Uskippable in a long time. JRPGs are almost too easy to make fun of sometimes.

alright, i want to play this game justto find out what the fuck was going on.

I have to say, considering how far off the radar Resonance of Fate is proving to be, I was surprised to see it featured on this week's Unskippable. Fun video. Entertaining as always.

It appears a lot of people are confused. Understandable, given the ridiculous nature of the cutscene and (at times) the game in general. Just to clear things up a bit, though, the entire game takes place on this thing:


That opening cutscene takes place at that bit on the top, named "Chandelier" because...well, three guesses as to what it resembles when it lights up at night. Still with me? Anyway, Chandelier is the only section of the city located above the clouds, so naturally, falling through the gaps would eventually lead to falling down through the clouds to one of the levels below.

Also, effeminate hero boy and suicide girl fell past a clock tower on their way down because Chandelier is built in 3 levels. The clock tower belonged to a lower level. Yes, I know, but vertical cities can be confusing. Wow, are you still reading this?

A lot of people seem to be confused by how this ties into the story, and I don't blame you. Resonance of Fate isn't exactly one of those games that spoon-feeds every single plot point to you and tells you you're a special little boy, but the story does get going after a while (and I do mean a while) and when it does, all the events in this seemingly senseless cutscene fall into place.

Except for how those two survived the fall. I don't think that's ever explained, but I'm not some caveman who screeches and panics every time some little thing goes unexplained. Sometimes, kiddos, not every aspect of every detail is handed over to us. That's our opportunity to use our imaginations and mentally weave a web of meaning where there may be none.

As for how they survived the fall, I like to think ponytail guy set up a giant trampoline on his roof.

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