Zero Punctuation: Nier

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Heh Awesome Review, especially liked the German Puns :P

Damn it! Ever since this episode came out everyone keeps asking me "What the @#$% is Nier?". And I don't even know what it is either.

Yahtzee bought a Square-Enix game just because of the label, knowing nothing about it?


was that a pregnant gremlin in the last bit?

Did anyone else catch that he compared the boss to a Wind Waker boss, when the one in Wind Waker was just based off one in OoT?

HA! Nier death-experience lol

As previously stated in the LAST review of this game, this doesnt sound that bad. Even yahtzee said "meh" instead of shitstorm. Since most games are shitstorms, i think ill give this game a try. Yes, its probably tiring or something.....but it has some very unusual....varieties, which is good, which youll find if you try to look some of the characters up. character types....

not that anyones going to read this 5 pages in

Heh, you're in luck, I just randomly clicked on page 4. Aside from that, I really recommend picking this game up, I really liked it.

One thing I didn't like about this ZP is that Yahtzee was wondering wether the boss ripoff thing from Zelda was a homage, which I find stupid because the game literally tells you "The mouth? Such an obvious weak point" and "Where have I seen this before?" If that's not obviously homage...
"Someone should probably call them out on this" about Kainé's lingerie. The game itself makes jokes about that... Really, I don't mind Yahtzee badmouthing a game I liked, but this is just silly.

Ah well, it was still yet another funny ZP.

This video caused me to look up Illdeep, and the costumery was indeed eyebrow raising. I am getting the impression the game might have a Fable vibe to it, with this video being my only knowledge of it.

I was just thinking of Illbleed when you mentioned the masking tape.

I've actually beaten that entire game.

It's certainly something else.

^Illbleed is survival horror. Campy b-movie survival horror, that is.


"Someone should probably call them out on this" about Kainé's lingerie. The game itself makes jokes about that... Really, I don't mind Yahtzee badmouthing a game I liked, but this is just silly.

Ah well, it was still yet another funny ZP.

Yeah .. about Kaine's clothes .. i loved how the in-game characters comment on it .. specially the flying magical book (forgot his name) ... he goes like "as strange as a boorish woman fighting monsters in her under-garments, hah" .. lols .. that book character is really priceless.

Yeah .. and for all the people calling Square on this one .. get your facts straight people .. this game is developed and designed by CAVIA not Square .. square is merely overlooking the development from a distance and doing the publishing .. like many other square games made by other minor studios (Star Ocaean with Tri-Ace and Drakengard with Cavia)

Oh .. and i don't know why yahtzee ignored that .. but this game has -hands down- the BEST sound track i heard in years ... it's pretty damn good.

He used a death rabbit at in the end. Boosh!

Neir death experience BOOSH!

Oh .. and i don't know why yahtzee ignored that .. but this game has -hands down- the BEST sound track i heard in years ... it's pretty damn good.

Oh no, he didn't ignore that. He said something along the lines of "all the while playing the same damn 5 minutes loop which is now playig in the lift of my personal hell."

Yeah, I loved the soundtrack too...

Oh, and the book's name is Weiss. As in white, in German. The other book is called Noir, which is black in French.

I lost all respect for anything with the word "Squaresoft" or "Square-Enix" on the box when they released that atrocity FF10-2 (Well before that really, but 10-2 was the "fork"). I can see this was made by another company, maybe this is the winning formula for them.


Your shiny 20p's are out of date.

Nier death experience,good one.

Sad to say it, but i have started to use "boosh" as a zinger to my friends

Recycles like plane crash survivors in the mountains.

I know I should be used to it by now, but that joke went over the line I'd say.

I won`t be going nier it...

great review as always mate^_^

I'm not sure why I'm commenting here (a comment that's sure to get me flamed by other commenters, but meh), given that what I have to say is already said. Guess repetition's worth something:

Great review, and I agree that I wonder about what NPC's stand in to be so cemented to the floor. Or, in some cases, cemented to a small cart which follows a set track.

Elevators of my personal hell!

well, I guess there's a reason nobody has ever heard of this. Sounds like the straight-to-DVD equivalent of a film.

"The end is Nier" :D

Great review

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Is all i get at the time of posting

Yeah I thought that was going to happen. When you go to find hidden gems, most of the time your gonna find incomplete or badly designed games.

Anyway, great stuff. Boosh!

You would.

And you did...

Worked for me now,

anyways decent review and whats funny yea ive Played Illbleed on Dreamcast xD an alright if qwerky game if you like B Movie humor

Nier-death experience :)

This game sounds like one of the modern "lets make this game to have it all". Pieces are working but they are playing their own game. Well, one more game to not-buy.

Yahtzees last 7 reviews were all sequels. Im actually pleased he reviewed a game nobody really knew anything about. Its the games that nobody really knows about or is excited for that I like to se reviewed. It means I can sit there and go "that game looks alright and its not a friggen sequel" and possibly go out and buy it. Sure alot of the time the games suck but every now and then a good one can be found.

A John Major reference?

Now, that -is- obscure.

Pity he has got an intro now, or he could have used 'my heart will go on'.

Boosh indeed. I like reviews of the unknown titles too sometimes. Yay.

Was it just me or was this one not as funny as the rest? Maybe I'm just tired. The end gave me a smile though =)

I was actually glad to see this one reviewed because I had no idea what it was. I'd seen the name bouncing around and had tried to go to the official website, but then my browser froze up on me at the loading screen, and apparently summoning the doubtless inhuman effort required to try again or check Wikipedia was out of the question. It looks interesting, actually, since I haven't played one of these games since Squaresoft stopped being Squaresoft. (Not out of any particular dissatisfaction with the games or anything, I just think that was right around the time when I started preferring my games to involve a bit more guns and screaming.)

Then again, I thought The Witcher "looked interesting" too, at least enough to pick it up during the Steam annual sale, and that's currently gathering cobwebs somewhere in the deepest darkest recesses of my hard drive. Oh well, that's what rentals are for.

I totally did play Illbleed. That game was surprisingly fun, in between the horribly frustrating bits.

While I agree that it wasn't the greatest game, I do believe it's worth at least a rent. Especially for the music... which Yahtzee apparently wasn't listening to. There are only two areas of the game where there is even a close resemblance to a 10-second loop, while the rest of the game is filled with some of the best music I've heard (it's replaced Chrono Cross as my favorite OST). Ah well, at least the review was still entertaining.

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