Critical Miss: #5

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Sly little 40K reference there, that's what I like to see.

Kinda wish people would leave off the whole Ebert thing now, the man's entitled to his own opinion. That doesn't mean it has to be the right opinion. Also he makes a fantastic troll... And you know the last thing you want to do with troll is feed it.

Nice ultrajoe reference ^^ lmao

I am dying to see that movie. But only in june 18 on Brazil


Formica Archonis:
Yet another random question. When did the "fix" happen? I never saw the original online and I thought I hit it pretty soon after it was uploaded.

As in the 'fixed' part of the comic title?

Yup, and the various edits to the comic.

i guess a shoe in the ass is as much art as today's "modern art"...

this comic does a nice job in making me chuckle...

Tom Phoenix:
Ebert, I am going to give you an offer you can't refuse. Either the words "games are art" or your brains on the computer screen...

You know, I wonder....are we going to be getting any badges for reading Critical Miss? I mean, I don't care about badges, but it seems like almost every other show/weekly column (ironically, except for ZP) has them.

I thought they stopped the badges for videos/comics.

Escape to the Movies, Doraleous and Associates, Game Dogs and I Hit It With My Axe don't have any.

Anyway, nice stuff. Not the best I've seen but this is shaping up to be a great feature.

Ultra Joe! I miss that dude. That was a great delivery on the convincement. Kick Ass has been teaching people alotta things. Especially gore and children are win.

I like it

Awesome comic mate. Love every installment so far.


There can never be enough ULTRA in your JOE.

I do believe that Joe is Ultra enough.

I kinda wish they would at least introduce the other charcters in the comic properly, the support characters seem to pop out of no where and I'm not sure whether they are going to be important or just a one time use charcter.

it seems like their bringing in characters and acting as if we already know them, when we clearly do not, it's been bugging me since the first comic.

Finally someone on this site gave Ebert what he deserved instead of saying they respect his opinion and want to share a cup of tea with him and be peaceful and so on.

Ya know what...

I think Ebert's comment has been taken out of context by too many people with no free time. Let's read his blog, shall we?

Roger Ebert:
Anything can be art. Even a can of Campbell's soup. What I should have said is that games could not be high art, as I understand it.

How do I know this? How many games have I played? I know it by the definition of the vast majority of games. They tend to involve (1) point and shoot in many variations and plotlines, (2) treasure or scavenger hunts, as in "Myst," and (3) player control of the outcome. I don't think these attributes have much to do with art; they have more in common with sports.

If you can go through "every emotional journey available," doesn't that devalue each and every one of them? Art seeks to lead you to an inevitable conclusion, not a smorgasbord of choices. If next time, I have Romeo and Juliet go through the story naked and standing on their hands, would that be way cool, or what?

Even as a gamer, I have to agree with Ebert's view. A game, no matter how advanced the graphics, no matter the gameplay, can't be put on a shelf and enjoyed by the masses like a Picasso or Da Vinci. They really weren't made for that.

Sorry, when I see the entire thing with Ebert, it kinda bugs me how people rag on him for sticking to his guns that games aren't really high art (which they're not).

OT - The comic wasn't bad... But this one falls flat to an overthinker like me. Once I saw Ebert, it's almost like putting chum in the water for sharks. You can see the punchline a mile away which really detracted me from this one.

Oh well, let's pray for the next one.

i like how this comic is going so far, keep it up

Undead Dragon King:


I enjoy the wanton violence against Ebert. The man spouts his mouth without considering wider implications, it's the very definition of an arsehole. I also enjoy Kick-arse.

Together, I was heartily pleased.

It lacks... charm.

I really want to love this comic(both because I'm a 9th art fanatic and I like the art style) but seriously, there are so many great ideas you could do with a premise like that and they aren't showing D-:

Well, well. I've seen all the complaints on the thread: Tasteless (went too far), bland (didn't go far enough), etc. (Therefore, "tasteless" is the opposite of "bland".)

So I've decided to rectify that with: Choose Your Own Punchline! Simply click on the link below and choose your favorite punchline, while posting about how the others are horribly offensive/not offensive enough.

Best. Superhero costume. Ever.

Having just watched Kick-Ass myself and what it was really about, I'd say this makes her more of a super villian than a super hero hehehe.

Still, she seems dressed for the part. As was said, very nice costume indeed. :)

Does Ebert ever play....a video game?

But i gotta say, i didn't "get the joke" this time, sorry >_<

lol, love it

So a Film-critic got owned by a game-critic who turned Vigilante after she saw an Action-flick ...the subtle Irony has failed to elude me :D

Although that Gerbil certainly did O.o!


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