Nice Splice

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Thank you for the interview, Bob. I just returned from the theater and had quite the discussion on the way back. Usually, this is a good thing; this time it's a bit different.

I actually appreciate a movie that leaves something behind, even if it's discomfort. It shows me that the movie stirred something inside. "Splice" definitely succeeded in that matter. Still, ultimately the experience was ruined for me because of those completely botched last twenty minutes.
What the hell happened there?
We actually had a lively discussion whether it was a studio decision or they actually swapped the director. Those last twenty minutes felt like a full turn on everything they created beforehand. They did such a good job navigating around all the cliché-laden booby traps left behind by all those films who took the turn down Slasher Road just to arrive at ... this? I dunno, this is one of those times when I feel that the original script must have been horribly betrayed.

This is even more disappointing since the rest of the movie was indeed really, really good. It would have been truly masterful if it had ended just the moment the shovel hit the earth. Darn.

...I might...

Great interview and FANTASTIC film. Very good, though I saw all the twists ahead of time, I still loved every second of it and where it dared to go. Ballsy is a word I would definitely use to describe it :)

Is it bad that I originally planned a date to go see a scary movie?
And chose splice?
Needless to say, it was awkward. Well, it would have been, but instead we went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D!
*Fist Pump*

I'm glad that this isn't a 'troll teh science!' type of film. As for a this year's District 9, I'm not entirely sold. However, it is good to know that some filmmakers acknowledge that the problem with science is human reactions and decisions after after we have messed around in GOD'S DOMAIN.

Surprised to see so many nay-sayers in this thread. I thought Splice was like Species for smart people. AS A MOVIE, it is way better than the rest of the current crop of dross. Confronting content is a good thing. I didn't know it was written by the same guy who gave us Cube, but now it makes sense. And Some of the things he said to Bob in this interveiw should go onto T-Shirts, especially the one about corporations patenting genes... like Johnson & Johnson sticking a flag in your eyeball.

And for the record, I fracking WOULD!

I really can't get over the absolutely disgusting sex scenes. Sure, it's a reasonable movie as a whole, but that's just gross.

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