Escape to the Movies: Splice

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Thanks for advising me to go see this terrible ass movie Bob.

This film really was awful. I don't know why Bob didn't mention the terrible acting, the poorly written characters, the very, very confused development of themes and well, the ludicrous science.

As a movie reviewer you really should have a handle on these things, and mention them if you intend on giving an actual, honest review. You liked it, great, happy for you...but don't recommend a shitty movie, and forget to mention, or outright lie about the quality of its content, just because you think its better than what else is out.

I'm betting that the other two movies you posed against it were better, mostly because they weren't shooting for some prententious Freudian bullshit in their films, and probably contained at least semi-believable characters.

Absolutely awful film.

I'm sorry but while it was good at bringing the science to this it was so unbelievably predictable. It's a Murphy's Law movie where anything that can go wrong will go wrong. So while you may have liked it I look it as either I'm a psychic or this just has no surprises. Also the ending completely makes no sense with the character's development.

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