Stolen Pixels #203: While You Were Sleeping

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In Baldur's Gate 2 you wake up from having been continuously tortured for a while. That SORT of counts, though it's more similar to TES openings.

Um... wut?

Daggerfall begins with you being sent on a mission, then getting stranded in a cave after your ship wrecks.
Morrowind starts with you being unloaded from a ship as a prisoner and going through "customs".
Oblivion starts with you in jail, then you follow the King when he uses a passage in your cell to sneak out of the castle.

Granted I haven't played Arena, so maybe that's the exception, but otherwise none of the TES games start with you anywhere near being tortured.

I was refering to being in captivity with no immediate explanation. Not the whole torture thing. I had only heard from hearsay that TES liked to have you captured/being released/trapped at the beginning of their games. I only played Oblivion and neve really got too far into Morrowind.

Edit: Repaired the quote fail.

In Tales of Symphonia, Loydd wakes up in school, while being scolded for sleeping in class by Raine... which is a valid calamity.

Shamus Young:
Stolen Pixels #203: While You Were Sleeping

Somebody got up on the wrong side of the Alpha Protocol bed.

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Portal, Half life 2 and Dragon Age

The Journeyman Project did this way back in 1992. At the time I thought the protagonist was kind of slow-moving and confused. Now, nearly twenty years later, all my mornings are like that.

Not to be picky but for Mass Effect 2 it would be more appropriate to say: "Oh no!! I just returned from the dead and someone's trying to kill me!! Guys? Can I please have break?"

It was also, kinda, done many years ago in the "Voice of the Whirlwind" novel.

'Hero' wakes up in a cloning facility but is years out of date because his other self forgot to update his brain scan

Am I a bad person for thinking that this would have been infinitely more humourous (if a little racist) if the main character were hispanic?

Oh man...Shamus, I love your work. :)

True, it's either that or starting in a viechle going somewhere (farcry2, half life2, crysis,etc.)


That really does prove nothing good ever comes from being woken up.

Unless you, ye know, save the world or something afterwards......

Which doesn't always apply. Gordon woke up late to work and the world hasn't been the same since.

Doesn't halo 2 start with you getting out of cryogenic sleep only to have your space station under attack?

I don't recall Cerberus being a terrorist organization so the Mass Effect 2 panel is incorrect. they never do anything terrorist like except fight for humanity.

Final fantasy 3/6 is the worst I can think of... Wake up brainwashed... Then 5 minutes later wake up again with amnisia and soldiers trying to kill you... Poor terra! Then mid game Celes wakes up from a coma after the end of the world.

Halo CE: woken from suspended animation because the Pillar of Autumn is under attack.
Halo 2: The Covenant interrupt your medal ceremony, which is ok because you didn't want to be there.
Halo 3: You fall from space and the UNSC find your body in the jungle. Which then wakes up.
Halo ODST: You crash your drop pod and wake up several hours AFTER everything in the story has already happened, and spend a few hours trying to figure out what went on while you were snoozing.

Presumably in Halo Reach you will crash your ship into the final boss during the opening cutscene, pass out for a thousand years, then wake up under a statue of yourself in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. When then blows up.

Dragon Age (human noble) - you wake up in your underwear during an attack. It doesn't have the amnesia issue, but it does cover the opening of chests and the equipping of armour and weapons...

Well, this isn't a game but it predates most of those games-

The anime Blue Gender started off this way.
So did most of the Alien movies.
I think one could make the argument that FFX sortof started off this way. In the 'it was all a dream' sense. No underwear though.

In "The Experiment," a little known game out of what i believe was a UK developer, the main char. awakes to a seriously messed up scientific installation. Of course, the player is monitoring the charachter from behind a security camera, but since you don't know what the hell is going on either, it is basically the same thing.

Breath of Fire.
Even before you get to the first scene where you wake up to see that the shit has hit the fan your DREAMS are telling you to wake up because, well, because the shit has hit the fan.

The first thing you see after starting a new game, even before you see the main character are the words:
"Wake up warrior!
Disaster has struck!"

You don't get more "wake up to a calamity" than that.

probably already said but Morrowind, u wake up and... "Im on a boat!!!".
Halo: CE wake up and... "Im on a spaceship, Its under attack!!!".
Halo 3 wake up and... "Im in a crater!!!".
Halo: ODST wake up and... "Im in a sparcly decorated office apartment!!!".

I like that bungie stick to the same patern


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