Escape to the Movies: Toy Story 3

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I just watched it and thought it was great, great story, great villians, great drama, great comedy. The 3D wasn't that good, the characters were just on screen level and the background in a deeper level, nothing popped out of the screen.

Dirty Apple:
For movies featuring children's toys, Toystory has always had a sharp, hard edge hidden under all that plush. That's what made them relatable to the adults "forced" to go see them with the kids. I'm glad to hear that it gets an appropriate send off, and since I'm the one with childlike whimsy in our relationship, I'll undoubtedly make my wife go see it with me.

As a side note:


WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BRING UP THAT SCENE FROM THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER?!?!?!? Do you know how LONG it took me to forget that!? DO YOU?!

I'm not sure what The Brave Little Toaster is, but I sure as hell remember Artax and the Swamp of Despair. Man, was that rough.

God damn you ;_;


Maybe it's because I'm becoming more heartless or maybe it's because I read all the hype behind it or maybe it's because the theatre was full of loud, obnoxious 6 year olds who wouldn't STFU and it took me out of the moment, but I wasn't nearly as emotional at the end of the movie as I thought I'd be. Oh it was an awesome ending and the movie is still a must see, but compared to the ending of Wall-E, Toy Story 3 felt more like a soft blow to the stomach rather than a sharo stab in the chest. But that's just my opinion.

I can't help but have a great deal of respect for you Bob, as well as good movie critics in general.

Like all those in your profession, you take the time to point out the good parts of a movie, as well as rip apart the bad. You share with us why things worked out, and what could have been done to save a film. But what REALLY sets you apart from someone ranting hysterically on their blog, is that you are willing to admit when something works as a whole. And THOSE are the reviews we as fans truly look forward to.

"District 9", "Up", "Iron Man" and now "Toy Story 3", you are never too proud to admit when you've gone into a theater and seen something of true creative craftsmanship. It's when you take the time to show us all that there are still great story tellers in the world, we gain from it in so many ways. Not just by helping us decided what to do over the weekend, but what kind of mindset and emotions we can experience from something as silly as talking toys.

I, like so many others, grew up with Toy Story 1 and 2, so I can say that Toy Story 3 was aimed directly at me. And as you pointed out, it hits it's target spot on. The continuous shifts from high to low points was nearly exhausting. By the time the credits began to roll, I felt as though I had gone through every adventure with these guys, because that's exactly what Pixar was trying to do. They weren't trying to sell products or get us to "drink our Ovaltine," they wanted to take us into the world of childhood and hit us upside the head with a truly touching story.

And they did it with flying colors.

So I wish to say thank you for giving this movie the proper admiration that it so deserves, thank you for allowing yourself to be humbled, and I will gladly join you, Movie Bob, in saying THANK YOU to Pixar for making the best three-part movie series since Lord of the Rings or Back to the Future.

Bravo, sirs. Bravo.

This was an alright movie. It did get pretty fucking dark at the end though, which freaked me out cause I had absolutely no warning before I saw it. Oh, Totoro doll ftw ^_^

Ok, late to the party here. That's what I get though for wanting to avoid the crowds...not to mention waiting for a day when my girlfriend is off from work so we can see it together.

Anyway, I agree: Toy Story 3 is GREAT movie! Pixar can really do no wrong. Even more importantly, they managed to bring their level of quality to the third installment in the series; a place where many movie franchises begin to falter. That in itself is an achievement. The movie truly ran the gamut of emotions, and I welled-up at the end as much as the next guy. It really was one of the best films of the summer.


I felt Bob was really overreaching in making the film series as a whole, and this movie in particular, as a metaphor for mortality. Granted, it's there if you're looking for it, and it is pretty easy to find, but I didn't feel it was as played-up as Bob thought it was. While there is a sense of finality in the movie, it's not the bleak one that I felt Bob was kind of hinting at. In fact, I found the ending of the movie to be very sweet rather than sad as some others here found it. So when I was welling-up, it was more tears of joy than sadness. Yes, the book is closed for good as far as Andy is concerned, but Woody, Buzz and the others will go on and find much love and happiness with their new owner. And while it does leave the possibility open for further sequels, I was glad that Pixar was kind of saying that this was as far as we walked with these characters, and anything else would just be open to fan-speculation. And that's how I prefer most franchises to end, frankly.

So yeah, I agree Toy Story 3 was great, but I thought Bob was really overthinking it. Then again, that is kind of par for the course.

The film was magnificent. Brilliant beyond belief. Also this is the first time I will ever say 'good review' to moviebob.

Good review.

I'll admit it. I cried. Excellent movie, best I've seen all summer.

Oh lord...he just HAD to mention the quicksand/horse scene from the never ending story... :'(
Moviebob you're a bad man....

Yeah, I was 5 when the first one came out, 9 when the second one came out (second film I ever saw at cinema's, first being Bugs Life) and I'm off to University this September, so this film has unintentionally made itself even more emotionally moving than it was to begin with.

This has always been a beloved film series, so it's good to know I'm gonna enjoy it.

Same thing here, now I'm not sure if I want to see it any more(well I want to, but I'm afraid to... I mean we're talking about my childhood here, and all that sentimental stuff)
+ I've yet to decide what to do with my old toys(left them in the attic for over half of decade, but I'm not sure if that's a fitting end to them...)

I guess I can be proud that was one of souls in the right age group to be able to follow this movie from childhood to its final stand. Great movie, Great review, Keep it up!

The scene where everyone cried was the

Has Pixar ever made a bad movie?

Bit late to the game people but it just came out in the UK today and I have to say it was pretty spectacular!
I do think it started a bit slow however but the last half was one of the best things I've seen in the cinema for awhile (that was a lie, I saw inception Saturday :p).

I do feel old...geez, has it really been that long?

...I cant believe they decided to revive the francise after the terrible second film, and, it dosnt look like things have improved

What's wrong with the second one?

But every time I heard about a new Pixar movie in the pipeline, I would always look at the concept and think, "that doesn't look good at all." Luckily, I was proven wrong each and every time... Bravo, Pixar. I will never doubt you ever again.

This was me when The Incredibles came out. I saw the teaser for Monsters Inc and thought, eh, this looks okay I guess. Turned out to be thoroughly charming, and Boo is still one of my wife's favorite characters in the history of ever. Then I saw the teaser for Finding Nemo and thought, eh, this looks okay I guess. Another one that impressed me more than I expected, and I found to be very visually provocative. Then I saw the teaser for The Incredibles and thought, oh come on, they don't even look that realistic any more! They're going backwards. It didn't occur to me the comic-y look was a design decision, nor did they tell me that the writer/director was the same guy who did The Iron Giant.

After that, I automatically want to see every Pixar movie, no matter what, until they prove me wrong. A movie about talking Cars with faces? Let's go see it! A rat-chef in Paris? Bring it on! A man who floats his house away on a bazillion balloons? I'll buy the popcorn! And now, having also seen Toy Story 3, my blind faith in them remains unshaken.

I thought it was interesting that Bob mentioned Brave Little Toaster, since the climax of this movie reminded me very strongly of the climax of that movie (it's different enough that I'm not spoiling anything by saying so), and because that was the movie that John Lasseter originally pitched to Disney as a way to move animation towards full CGI... before he was shot down, promptly fired for his audacity, and then went on to do that whole Pixar thing while Disney made Toaster anyway as a traditional style project. Go watch it again and listen for Joe Ranft (Lenny/Heimlich/Wheezy) as the appliance shop owner.

Yeah, i'm not ashamed to admit that my emotional threshold was reached during that film, especially, during the incinerator parts. It's good to know that there are still films that make you think and aren't just mindless explosions. Bambi's Mums death, Muffasa's death and the sinking horse in that one film will stick with me forever though (I don't recall the part your talking about from brave little toaster. Was it the original or the sequel?)

the sinking horse in that one film

What film was that? It's bugging me now xD

It's nice to see a 'kid-friendly' film that isn't afraid to be a little dark. I think it'd teach kids to be more sensitive, or at least realise that the real world is more than rainbows and fluffy bunnies.

From a Pixar Wiki:

Heavy stuff, man.

The scene where everyone cried was the

It damn well was for me, and it was a weird 'holy fuck' adrenaline filled crying as well. A feeling I don't think I've felt before.

That was the movie i was waiting for all year. Only movie i wanted too see, and it was worth it. I LOVE this movie. When i was young i loved the original toy story movies (hell, i still own both video games and got a buzz lightyear toy), but i am excited for Toy Story 4. I know that will NEVER happen after this masterpiece, but i can dream... right?

Yeah Seen it Yesterday, Brilliant Film. I managed not to cry during the Film, but its all the emotions are coming back to me now.I grew up with these films and to know they are over forever is really sad. This Film just pretty much told me that my childhood is over and its time to move on in life, bit of a heavy blow to take.

I saw this with my girlfriend and after this review, I was hellbent on not crying haha. The ending is emotional and touching and shit but it's not like overwhelmingly sad. Pixar really are geniuses though; I saw the first one when I was about 5 years old and now at 17 I saw the last one. Great series. I normally hate kids movies now but there will always be a place in my heart for toy story, man.

Absolutely brilliant film- loved it from beginning to end. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to be brought up watching toy story to then finally see its conclusion at the end of my own childhood. I think that's why it hit me so hard. Still, though it's one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time and you can tell pixar's budget's gone up with the beautiful animation - especially in the earlier scenes.

I put off watching this review until I saw the movie and Damn! I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about the end

As Bob said thank you Pixar for ending this is the best way any movie franchise could have


The scene where everyone cried was the

Well the cinema i was in it was a different scene

Such a good movie, Earth-shatteringly good! During the scene of that "fist pumping heroism" that he mentioned I was ... I can't even describe how I was feeling without risking being put on probation!!!

Toy Story 1 was the first film I can remember... Wahhh!!!

I saw this movie recently. I saw the ending. I had heard it was meant to be heart wrenching. I was warned I would cry like a child. I didn't. Neither did my girlfriend. Neither of us thought that was a sad ending.

I recking it was a case of we had both heard so much "I came out crying" that we expected more, because I think if a lot of people go back and watch it again, they'll see it's not actually that sad.

Quite frankly, a funeral at sea is how a brave series should go out. Eulogy should always be: "They went down, fighting."

If the end of this is anywhere as good[and bittersweet] as I'm expecting[I expect my last shred of innocence to transcend my mortal coil], then it is a most fitting ending for a show about childhood[was NEVER about toys].

Toys don't talk or go on adventures. Children do...And sometimes, the best kind of adults do too.

Pixar is a studio I can trust to do a film justice. So I'm endorsing it while I figure a time for me to view it.[Did 'Carry on, My Wayward Son' play?]


seriously though, Toy Story, and Pixar, kicks ass.

i must be an emotional mute because i found nothing in this movie sad

i must be an emotional mute because i found nothing in this movie sad

Don't worry I didn't find it sad either but then again I didn't even cry during Titanic so could be emotionally dead when it comes to movies.

I watched this movie for the first time today while babysitting and was trying desparately to avoid blubbering in front of the kids. Great movie full stop. :

Im not wasting my time writing any mile-long explanation incase there is an interest in such an ... explanation, but Toy Story 3 is complete crap by almost every standard.

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