Zero Punctuation: E3 2010

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Another funny review by Yahtzee. I also liked Rebbecca's track at the end. I'm not too sure why so many complained about it.

This reminds me of what Movie Bob said about Gamer. Gamers, an insecure bunch. As Yahtzee so pointed out. He hates the idea of gaming merging with a larger population. That someone besides the niche nerd core might actually enjoy the same things Gamers like. Since when was more people in gaming a bad thing.

This complete over reaction to motion control is getting ridiculous. I'm not sure if he was parodying how fanboys are reacting to this, or if he legitimately agrees. If so, his reasons make him sound pretty petty.

Even so, pretty funny overall, if not somewhat concerning.

Another funny review by Yahtzee. I also liked Rebbecca's track at the end. I'm not too sure why so many complained about it.

EDIT: sorry, i double posted by mistake


How did he no mention Portal 2?
I thought we'd finally get a "Woohoo!" out of him...

Because he hates sequels. Mostly because even if the sequel improves things from the first game, it has an inherent lack of originality by virtue of being a sequel.

But still, did you see the trailer for that thing? By sequel standards, it looks really promising. Adds to the original without rehashing it, same glados wit, new mechanics, and they've promised no cake-lie jokes. Sure, there is potential to suck, but I'm willing to get hyped about it anyway.

Let's all hope this motion control rubbish goes away soon. I'm one of those people who plays their video games while lying on my bed.

Nice E3 view, have to admit (I'm a 360 owner) that I don't really care about motion controls. I played EyeToy for PS2 and thought it was a mess of annoyance and pulled muscles and arguments as everyone shouts at everyone for getting on their part of the screen and we all fall out. Didn't like the Wii controls (pulled 3 muscles in my shoulder after playing Wii sports for the first time, Boxing can be painful even when it's not real) because the buttons seem to be put all over the controller and we all kept accidentally pressing them doing things we didn't want to do.

Kinect seems a bit pointless to me, why buy Kinect sports when I can buy FIFA 11? Kinectimals was for 4 year olds and I won't be using Kinect features when playing Fable 3.

PS Move looks like a Wiimote having a comical idea, I don't have a PS3 anyway and I never felt compelled to buy one (apart from after finding Heavy Rain and wanting to play it, then I bought Mass Effect 2 and forgot all about it) so it doesn't really affect me.

In favour of motion controls is the bit in the party where the kids want to go on the console and the adults have had a drink too many so want to join in, they can't understand the differences between each button or stick so they wave a piece of plastic about to convince themselves they're having fun when all they're really doing is making people who haven't had alcohol pity them while waiting for their turn to make Nintendos shiny lights spin in front of your face while everyone goes, 'Cor!'


Let me get this straight, you have only made six comments since December 2008 and by now you should know that saying "First" will equal the wrath from the other Escapists. Bad form my friend.

Splatterhouse? Fun?

That has "giant turd" written all over it!

honestly... Well at least I know i wasnt the only 1 waiting... havent watched it yet but this came up at the top on the side and it showed 2 replies, so for some reason i felt compelled to see, even though I knew no1 could have watched it yet... so sad, and yes, this is your fault yahtzee, but well i love you anyway <3... but really would some1 pls explain to me what the point of posting a first comment that says first is... seems very retarded, even for the escapist, but anyway as for the actual subject (no ur not back in school, but this is an actual subject), I remember when I used to love E3, I've never been as there's a small pond, and something I hear is called an "East Side" between me and it, but like any good magic it only works as long as you dont look look too closely at what's happening, so ill just prepare myself for it to be spoiled by the incorrigable Yahtzee, oh and the general degradation of gaming as an industry and a convention as a whole... and yahtzee <3

LOL Bumfluff. 10 points to anybody who gets that.

the only thing that comes to mind is "Father Ted"
edit: I really agree with the controller stuff I mean I dont want to flail my arms about like a mad man or have to stand like im holding a gun in a crouched position for the entirety of a game. Oh and yes carbon monoxide for the win.

The Cheezy One:
that was good
i was thinking "yeah 8 mins long" so a bit disappointed in that regard. also ive already seen that song

No offense, but that song at the end really sucks.

Legend of J:
They added that crap on the end

I only get a half of episode so you show that fucking shitty music video.

Who let that awful song in to the end of the video?

Brilliant come back, Yahtzee. Bravo. :)

Nice, but was hoping for an actual reply to the song >_>

I only get a half of episode so you show that fucking shitty music video.

Are you brain-dead or just bad at math? 8 min - 3 min for the song = 5 min... or about the length of your average ZP. Pro-tip: if you're going to abrasively complain about something, you should make sure your complaint is at least valid.

As to all the other song-haters: get a grip.
a) If you thought about it for half a second, you would've realized that the Escapist was almost definitely going to put the two together.
b) Feel free to hit the fucking pause button and not watch the song. It's not our fault you didn't, so it's kind of retarded for you to bitch to everyone about it.


OT: On the positive side- some tasty jokes in there-- for example, I loved the bit about the Kinect name, and about Raiden bitch-hood. On the negative: not all the people who work at MS are soulless automatons; alot are, but not all. And I disagree about the name 'Move' for the PS3 motion controller-- it's weaker than Kinect. It sounds like the schmucks in Sony Marketing were sitting around looking at the thing and saying
"The Ice-Cream Cone Controller!, maybe? Yeah... I got nothing."
"Well, what does it do?"
"Uhhh... it lets people control the game just by moving."
"There ya go! MOVE!"
"Oh fuck, that is so goddamn simple and lame, it just might work!"
"Well, let's do it, because it's cocktail-o'clock!"

That was hilarious, at least motion contollers are good for something and that is to make fun of

I've never been mad at Zero Punctuation ever, but god damnit, I'm half way through "A Tale of Two Cities" and I loved it and now it's just lost a bit of it's allure. Thanks alot you dickhead.

Very good, although Rebecca Mayes is annoying as fuck, not funny at all.

And here I was sitting hopefully watching the video length, waiting for a surprise ZP. So much disappointment.

A little surprised he didn't mention Portal 2, but... i'm sure he will get around to it in time. :) Overall, another funny movie that kicked the butts of some stuff I honestly don't care for.

I just hope nobody gets the idea to try to add motion controls to PC games. >_>

ok, so we get less yahtzee and another glorious opportunity to immerse ourselves in lazy rhymes and week needy vocals, "wit of a bloodhound" are bloodhounds known for their wit? if the had to write a song about an orange it would maybe become more amusingly tenuous.

please refund us the missing 2 mins or so of this weeks review u sly little fox yahtzee, no cutting corners on my watch. i want the enthusiasm i had when i thought this weeks zp was 8 minutes long fulfilled.


What was with that song at the end? was she trying to be funny?
But eh as for E3, their was some cool stuff. All the focus on motion controllers was pretty annoying though.

Dear escapist : Please shoot that rebecca woman into the sun. If I want to hear shitty pop music, I'd go anywhere but the internet.

Dear Yahtzee : I was kinda hoping you'd do a retroactive review of deus ex in lieu of the 10 year anniversary.

1) What the hell has everyone got against Rebecca Mayes? Stop hating on a talented musician! If you hadn't noticed the song was about Yahtzee, hence why he put it in his show. To be honest, deep down I was kinda hoping that he would have reviewed that at the end instead of just let it play, but there you go.

2) Awesome vid Yahtzee, although the idea of "Video Game Puberty" is kinda scary, as it always leads to awkward sex, something which I doubt video games could take...

3)I know it's been mentioned already, but where was portal 2? Still torn about it I suppose, after all it's a bit hypocritical for a man who disbelieves in sequels and who commented that the shortness of Portal 1 was one of it's good qualities to then positively comment on a video which shows about 3 seconds of true game footage. Yeah, good luck with that one.

Another bloody Kid Icarus too. Can't forget that, Yahtzee.

He had a picture of it in the stack of Nintendo remakes early on. At least I'm pretty sure that's what the angel-boy image was over there in the game pile.

When I realized it was the song tacked onto the end I was hoping there'd be a brief Yahtzee-song-reaction afterward. Ah well. What'd he think of it? The world may never know.

I come looking for thoughts on Portal 2 and I'm left unsatisfied and frustrated.

Oh Yahtzee you cock tease.

Pretty much true about motion control as a stupid gimmick that companies need to get out of their system. The sad part is that there's nothing really to look forward to outside of the PC because they're too busy masturbating their motion controlers.

Also, why add the song at the end without any sort of clever/cute response?


I like Raiden.

Great as usual but I am surprised that you didn't mention Portal 2 at all during the video.
I am curious as to see your opinions on it, I hope It'll get mentioned in Extra Punctuation. :D




Rats. I was hoping to say that. >__<

i was also going to say that :(

That song was the best episode yet.

I'm kidding. It was cool, though.

I've never been mad at Zero Punctuation ever, but god damnit, I'm half way through "A Tale of Two Cities" and I loved it and now it's just lost a bit of it's allure. Thanks alot you dickhead.

You sir, are quite incredible. That's a compliment, by the way. Kinda.

couldn't agree more with the controllers comment; there's nothing wrong with them at the moment, and who wants to have to jump around all the time when they're playing games when you can sit on the sofa? On a random note, does anyone else automatically think of full metal jacket whenever they see a drill sargeant's hat?


I was so disappointed when he didn't mention some of the games I am looking forward to. I wish he didn't spend nearly all the episode talking about consoles, instead of the actual games.

Portal 2,
Mortal Kombat,
Kane and Lynch,
Assassin's Creed,
World of Warcraft. (Not sure, but I thought they talked about Cataclysm)

Though I never get tired of Zero Punctuation, I was indeed expecting more about E3 but you also have to take into accound you can't squeeze all of E3 into, say, five minutes. We'll probably see stuff about all the potentially good next week or later on.

And as far as the "Love Song for Yahtzee" video went, I was also expecting a retort to that. Don't think he'll take it sitting down..Well..You get the idea. Plus it's not like Yahtzee fans haven't already slammed the video. Like I said above, I'm sure we'll get a very interesting reply in the next few weeks.

No Portal 2?

I was expecting Yahtzee to have some snide remark about blemishing the original's greatness or something to that effect.

The video was more or less what I was expecting (except no mention of Portal 2). I was a little disappointed to find that it was a song that tacked 4 mins on to this, but it was OK I guess. The "Oooohhhh, didja catch that, guys?" made me lol.

Also, the song was mixed by Ed Wood!? Oh... wait... it's Ed Woods...

No, I thought something interest would come at the end.

Watching Yahtzee tear through yet another E3 is always enjoyable to watch. Hopefully he'll expand on and include the games he missed in next weeks Extra Punctuation..

Also, I listened to the song at the end hoping for an opinion from Yahtzee. It never came.

Yea, I'm in the same boat as everyone else that expected and wanted 8 minutes then realizing theres a shitty song at the end. =/

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