Escapist News Network: Snobcon 2010

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"That's how you listen to nickelback, you gotta make out with dudes."
Oh man, that's so cash.

Superb as always, LOL I didnt realise That was how you listened to Nickelback!

"Listening to Nickleback is a lifestyle choice I just can't get behind" One of the funniest lines, not said by Yahtzee, I think I've ever heard on The Escapist... WELL DONE LADIES!!!

Ah that was good. Although saying that feels redundant, as it's good pretty much every week.


Im glad i read the comments cause i wasnt sure if those were Grahms sweet tat's or it he was just wearing a really tight ed hardy Tshirt.

Regardless, funny as ever and sums up how Nickleback makes everyone feel.

Does anyone know if those tattoo sleeves are actually real? I'd take it for granted that they are but I've seen loads of fake tattoo sleeves about.

Psycho girl is hot!

Snobcon....what a name; sounds like a place where the 1337 go to troll eachother.

I lost it with Jeremys look right to the camera.

One of your Funniest Episodes...Put that sucker on the best of!!

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