Name Game: #5

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Haha, first comic to get me laugh out loud this Sunday.
Good work.

Heh, the t-shirt gave it away...

OMG! I worked at an EB Games for a year or two. This is TOTALLY THE TRUTH!!! You forgot the 'Caring but Clueless Mothers' archetype though. Oh, and the Jr. versions of the White Boys with access to parents accounts. The ones that want GTAIV but can't get it due to age restrictions, and the parents that come in angerly afterward asking why their son was so upset.

Don't work in a game store but I work in retail and I've seen people similar to these.

"I'm here to buy a wireless." (Pause.) "Well, do you have any?"
I glance at the wall of Bluetooth, cellular, and wireless networking devices. "A wireless what?"
"I don't know, he told me to buy a wireless! Where are they?"

People who know better than company policy is a favorite of mine, much like driving nails into my genitals is a favorite of mine. My personal favorite was the guy who tried to return something with no packaging, missing parts, and no proof of purchase. Then he insisted we should return it anyway (full refund, natch) because I was the one who sold it to him so "I knew him". I reminded him that I was the one who told him NOT TO BUY IT because it didn't do what he was asking. And I still needed the receipt and the rest of the components. Got an interesting stream of profanity out of that one.

And then there was the old woman who basically accused me of molesting her grandkid. What I really did? I said there was no returns on anything physically damaged. The kid bought the wrong thing and broke it (PCI-E vidcard for an AGP computer, used tin snips or something to make it fit). He went running to grandma and made some seriously messed-up accusations.

Wait...was that a Canadian five dollar bill I noticed?

Anyway, I've actually seen quite a few of these in my time browsing the local EB games, which is both humorous, and slightly scary.

Took me a while to see who it was, but then I cracked a smile. And it looked like this: :D

Sir Kemper:
Wait...was that a Canadian five dollar bill I noticed?

Anyway, I've actually seen quite a few of these in my time browsing the local EB games, which is both humorous, and slightly scary.

Graham and Paul are from Vancouver. They are Canadian eh?

I had a good cackle to myself once I clapped eyes on "Those Two Guys" :P well done!!

And your portrayal of parents is bleeding edge accurate- particularly the aggressive asshat pricks that feel that they have every right to take their shit life out on you.

Ahem... sorry... been having a long week at work :P

I'll be keeping my eye open for this strip in future!


See how many of these folks you recognize.

Well played!

As someone who used to work at a GameStop, I know all of those. Except... well, us.

I actually had to check that you didn't live IN Victoria, because there are local employees who would have seen us embarrassingly purchasing Eternal Sonata. Nice touch with the Canadian money, too.

Why thank you, kindly.

I actually wasn't sure if you guys would even see this. Glad that you did.
No, I'm not in Victoria (all the way over in New York actually), but I could pretty much imagine the pain on your faces while buying Eternal Sonata... Every time someone buys it I always chuckle a bit under my breath as I ring them up. I can't help but think of scenic Tenuto and it's gravity defying flower petals.

The errand running girlfriend looks like an androgynous man with a lisp and a Hispanic accent.
Go figure...

And for those of you who enjoyed seeing Graham and Paul done up this way you may also enjoy (or remember) this...

Very funny and nicely drawn too.

That last panel was awesome. I didn't see myself in their but then again its dam hard to categorize me lol.

Greatest caricatures of paul and graham i've seen. Though the only ones, still AMAZING. =P

One good reason would be some



If you show the box, you aught to have the game, unless its a "coming soon" kind of deal. Otherwise you're just being evil. (I once couldn't get a used copy of God of War 2 because of this crap.)

It's a SHELF holder, not a garuntee of copy. The copy boxes are UNDERNEATH the box, or stored behind the desk.

And all of these stereotypes are 100% accurate. Though the ESRB believer and the hopeless virign seem like the least annoying customers.

Yeah, but those evil bastards wouldn't even let me buy the box. I told them "well, if this box is the only merchandise you have, I'll take the box. I won't have the game, but I'll have the box. That way people can visit me and think that I own the game, when really I don't. See, I like tricking people for no good reason." I even offered five bucks for it. No dice. Unfortunately most game store employees know just about five sentences in total, and half of them are about online surveys.

Also this all happened years after God of War 2 came out. They had no good reason not to have a copy of it in the store.

One good reason would be that a shitload of people bought it from that particular store? just a hunch though xD

[OT] Anyway, I'm probably "Obviously stolen" trade-in guy. Most of the time I buy mildly controllers and other things from people and fix them up :D

I remember doing this for work at the cinemas I worked at. And one for the gas station. and one for the dairy queen. and one for the mall I worked at (I did alot of under the table/summer jobs since i was 13). i have something like a fully 2 in 3 ring binder full of these kinda things somehwere around my house from just the theatre job.


Those last 2 look like a dangerous bunch...

They're trying to buy Eternal Sonata with Monopoly money, clearly these men are on the FBI's watchlist...

I enjoy my monopoly money
are you sugguesting that every canadian is a secret agent?
if so AWESOME! I have always wanted to be a spy!

aaahhh LRR!! that is awesome
like every frame it got better and better, and I was sure the second to last would be it (cuz I work at a bookstore and we get the occasional hobo questionable person with high level college textbooks) but naw ^^

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