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I believe these tournaments should be sponsored under one organization. It'll make the match-ups less of a hassle.

The ending stinger was great, btw =D

If there were jokes in here, I didn't get them. Maybe that's because I don't play and don't know anything about fighting games...

I liked the Virtua Fighter guy, but why not have him go against Princess Peach from SSBB? That would have be pretty awesome... Granted it is easy to be a critic when you are not under the deadlines you guys are under..

That was fantasic, they made an internet argument into comedy gold!

Ahh, I haven't played any fighting games in a while, but this made me laugh hard. Especially the stinger.
And I'm seconding the person you should've called one of the DoA guys. No one pays attention to them, anyway.

Don't fancy the Ninja's chances, all you have to do is duck and he's done. - even ends up hitting the wrong guy in the end.

Soul Calibur 2 and Blazblue are the only fighting games I've ever really enjoyed for any length of time.

Sol badguy vs Raphael

would be a cool match to see


Highlight of my day.

I understood none of the referances, still prety funny though.

This one was pretty good, I'm just sad my favorite fighting game was never finished and therefore never referenced. "Thrill Kill" for the PS1, thank god for emulators.

Also, I'm glad I got all the Mortal Kombat references even though some of them I would've never gotten if I hadn't watched all 3 Mortal Kombat movies, so I guess I got some use out of those horrible movies.

Damn. I wish I was into fighting games, I didn't get any of the jokes in this.

Really? I haven't played fighting games seriously in years, having bought Street Fighter 4 as the first real title in years (Got Super Street Fighter Two Ultra Turbo Hydrogenated Oil Remix, too), and I thought most of the jokes were fairly basic.

Also, "Blanka's Cousin" or whatever. LOL

Onyx Oblivion:

I'm a Blazblue man myself, now.

Only got the Street Fighter references and the Soul Blade/Calibur references.

Never liked MK/Tekken.

That said, booking for these events in even weirder when you get the Vs Capcom games into play.

If you will, may borrow some of your lines?

I'm a Mortal Kombat man myself(because of all the blood, gore and brutal fighting).

Only got the Street Fighter references and the Soul Blade/Calibur references.

Never liked Blazblue/Tekken.

That said, booking for these events is even weirder when you get the Vs Capcom games into play(man, how many of those were there? gotta wiki-it).

Yeah don't screw with Dana White and no one called Ryu? Graham I must stress the praticality of exclusive contracts.

GSP:En outre tous minous de toute façon

Of course george

ofcourse they wont be able to get ruy the guy is to overbooked

You do realise that the 7th of August is a Saturday this year?

Yep. Whoops.

Ah that was a good one guys! I loved all the fighting references in there. I think that's the first time I've ever heard you guy's say "fuck" in one of your sketches ever.

Just wondering but when does unskippable come out? It's monday and everything.

Protect the planet, render posters, don't print 'em. ;-)

Two men in the real world matching up fighters from different video game worlds, and facing a dilemma from characters flaking out. Nice premise. AND NOW WE FEAST!

Thanks for a tight sketch, guys. Well-realized characters, great set design, solid props, and snappy dialog.

This fight.... Is amazing! Suck it Shang-Sung!

...I can't believe I got all of those references.

This is great.

...I can't believe I got all of those references.

Same here, I understood almost all of thos references myself, guess I should kiss any chance of a sex life out the window eh?

"This fight... is amazing!"

Damn you for not showing us the awe-inspiring wonder of ancient graphics going hella crazy in a martial artist exhibition!

Well I didn't find it to be 'haha' funny, I really like the premise and that was enough for me to like this video

Too many underground fighting tournaments lol

The Austin:
This fight.... Is amazing! Suck it Shang-Sung!

ALL the references?
There's two SUPER level obscure ones.

Would it really be that hard to find a replacement for Guile? Not like Remy's doing anything these days.

But now I'm wondering what the rest of the card was like if that was the main event (awesome as it was.) Dan Hibiki vs. Jigglypuff? Sektor vs. Prototype Jack?


The Austin:
This fight.... Is amazing! Suck it Shang-Sung!

ALL the references?
There's two SUPER level obscure ones.

I actually didn't get most of the references, I managed to figure them out, but as for fighting games I usually stick to Soul Calabur.

(And I think you meant to quote the guy right above me, he's the one who said that he got all of them)

Still, great video, you guys are hilarious.

Awesome script! One of the most creative ideas I've seen so far. Congratulations on a job well done!

Why can I never quote properly?
Does Chromo hate the quoting system?!

I even preview my posts to make sure.

I KNEW there will be a positive stinger! There has to be after such terribly depressing episode :D.

Great job as always guys, keep fightin!

Fun stuff--well done.

lol this was awesome, 5/5

I feel like I missed a lot here. All I really knew was a few characters from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. The bit about the industry being unable to sustain so many underground tournaments was funny, though.

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